Monday, April 30, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman Duff April 30

Liberals and NDP Announce New Anti-War Coalition

Since the Friday show was definitely among the best since I'm been live blogging the shows, I'm back at it. Will be interested to see how they deal with the Afstan prisoner thing since it was discovered that it was actually Paul Martin who struck the deal with the Afghanis.
I think O'Connor deserves a break anyway (even some BT's have been tough on him). Think for a sec. He takes over the Defence Ministry in the middle of a war, responsible for a toothless armed forces that the previous administration had let decay, looking toward a much more ambitious response to defeat the enemy, in a minority government, and he is tortured by the opposition and media for not getting around to worrying about terrorist prisoners?

Duff - Tali-prisoners, NDP steals another document, Mackay in China, Justie T, BQ got new idea on separation
Newman - Tali-Jack on Afstan, Battle for Agenda
On Duff Lisa LaFlamme says that Kandahar leader says Canucks now allowed in to see detainees.
On Newman - Opps pushing to bring Clean Air Act to the floor of the House. Gun Bill gutted by Liberals, CPC to restore intent. Ralphie Hedgehog says CPC are nazi dictators who hate Canadians. Says Opp will focus on Harper not apologizing to aboriginals for behaviour in residential schools during years of Liberal leadership.
LaFlamme says Afghanis all know everything going on and glad that Canada did not vote to leave in 2009.
James Appathurai of NATO at meeting -- says NATO wants investigation, says the Afghans trying to apply human rights. Afghan is a country being built from scratch and have come so far in last 5-6 years. Lot of work to do - hard building justice system and jails.
Taliban Jack releases document on detainees in Persian Gulf. ONCE MORE THE NDP REVEALS PRIVATE DOCUMENTS IMPORTANT TO NATIONAL SECURITY.
NDP to sign off on Gun Bill to embarrass Grits. Ralphie says they are stinking communists and are moving amendments that will allow them to take credit for more things they never did and wouldn't do if in power.
When did Tali-Jack speak to Karsai when he explained how Canadians would surrender in an orderly manner? Oh yeah, when he was hanging up his coat in the check room when Karsai visited PMSH. Jack can't figure out why none of the other parties ever agree with him. Jack, maybe it's because you're a fool leading an incompetent party...
Newman has his Bobble-head Clean Air Act Panel on. These guys collectively don't have the charisma of PMSH. Enough said.
Newman spanks Jack Bad (but it's good) on Jack's sincerity and how he's faking it on Bill C-30 -- Crack, Smash, Crunch - Noise as Newman crushes Layton's credibility.
Whips on Duff -- NDP war motion being ignored (deservedly) by other opp parties. Redman hasn't coloured her hair for the last week or so. Why? Too busy? Too flustered? Have the Grits fired their image consultants and hair-dressers so as not to appear hypocritical? NDP dude can't figure out why no one agrees with them. Dude - it's because you're in an incompetent party with a fool for a leader.
"We did not do nothing" Bad grammar, Redman. Why didn't you do anything?
Newman on the Dauphin in Papineau. Duceppe says people are stuck with their family reputations.
PMSH beat up for delivering a federalist speech in Quebec.
Boisclair doesn't want a leadership review in 2008. Don't blame him, although knowing that he will lose it gives him a whole year to party around naked in the Assemble
Nationale .
Strategists on Duff -- Joy, Bernie and Gerrard Kennedy (caught in traffic YAHOO).
Joy says Gerrard should get a bicycle (do we know if he can ride one?)
Advice for the Dauphin - Joy says it will be interesting to see the opinion of ordinary Quebecers. Bernie says Dauphin will cause Steffi problems in rest of Quebec. Not a lot of French speaking Quebecers at Trudeau nomination - mostly new Canadians.
Damn. Gerrard is back. Gerrard gets congrats from Duff for stomping over a 3 time Grit winner in Sam Bulte and thereby do his part to spit on Steffi's promise to have 30% female candidates and thereby improve his chances of winning the leadership in 2008.
Newman Backroom Panel: Marceau, Smith, Norquay, Proctor. Newman is great, asks Proctor, "Do you think that the NDP motion will have any effect or do you think that Canadians aren't raving marxist lunatics and realize that Afstan is a war zone and barely out of the stone age." Norquay great - emphasizes that the CPC got stuck with agreement negotiated by Bill Graham. Emphasizes that we will not do what Steffi Dion suggested and bring the Taliban over here to open shishkabab houses.
Duff with Fife and Bellevance -- Battle of Quebec is between CPC and BQ with the CPC holding the upperhand. Fife says Harper has to get new Canadians and Women. Duff says "he's got a whole building full of people trying to figure out how to do that. Bellevance says Jewish community organizing in Outrement for CPC BIG NEWS - GRIT SEAT AT RISK.
Fife says that Jean Lapierre's seat could have been won by the Grits if they ran a fencepost. Duff says that, "some people say that they did." Way ya go, Duff.
Not a bad day - Newman was absolutely vicious on Layton for being a phony. Duff did the whole show with a glint in his eye and had a number of zingers.
The old guys did great.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Gorezuki Paradox

No - not a Ludlum novel coming to a Chapters near you, but a consideration on how Al "Fever Blister" Gore and David "Kooky" Suzuki are destined to never be held accountable for the devastation that they are trying to wreak on the planet.
Russian scientists are saying that we are in the early stages of a cooling period. Almost all the readers of this piece are likely to remember the 70's/80's when Suzuki archetypes were preaching the risks of a new ice age.
Almost certainly, all of you will remember when the death of the ozone level (caused by hairspray and deodorant) would require every golfer to wear a fireproof suit.
Well, these foretold disasters simply never happened. The ozone level is topped up again and the Gorezukis are convincing the weak minded that we are all gonna fry and die, not freeze.
Meanwhile, Al Gore is pocketing something like $25 million a year preaching that the world will end.
The paradox is that Gore and Suzuki and his ilk can NEVER be held responsible when they are proven wrong.
Both will have amassed vast fortunes for the benefit of their descendants by the time they will have been proven to be charlatans.
They can't lose.
Good scam if you can get it.

Gore Calls Harper: Fraud and Liar

Who's the Liar & Fraud.
This from a guy who pockets over $20 million a year by pushing the end of the world, and buys carbon credits from himself (which are likely fraudulent) to offset his personal planet ruining exercise. I don't know what the legal penalty is for a foreigner interfering in a Canadian election. But I think jailtime is involved.
And let's not forget that he narrowly escaped criminal prosecution for election fraud.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 27

I know, I know - I was gonna take a Newman Duff break - but they had some new faces on - Iggy, Attaran, Pink Lloyd and Babs Mac. So I started taking notes...
What did Michael Corleone say? "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in..."
I never said never.

Iggy says Minister O'Connor doesn't have confidence of PM. From whence does this come from?
Duffy says deal struck by Grits less than other NATO participants. Why?
Babs MacDougall and Pink Lloyd on Newman. Babs says mission breaking new ground. All agree our people acting exemplary. Lloyd says we're the exception - lies and says that NATO mission was only to provide protection. Where did this come from? Why doesn't he blame his Grits for striking this deal to escalate war if that the case?
Lloyd says we're not protecting the civilians in Kandahar - lies and says we're not leaving anyone in the villages to save the teachers.
Babs slaps Lloyd on his watch in Kosovo, he makes half assed story to justify USA's unilateral action under Clinton. (which was a good move, just like Iraq is and killing Taliban is).
On Duff - frmr Canadian Colonel Pellerin informs that only 5 of the 30 prisoners interviewed by Globe and Mail were ever in Canadian hands.
DUFF reads Al Qaida Handbook instructions to lie about torture when captured...
Iggy loving Amir Attaran on DUFFY - Spin Speaking Islamic Lover.
Amir (using typical Grit spin) says that then if they are Taliban/AlQaida and have been released, the story is even worse.
Duff says pretty rich for Liberals to complain about deal when it was their deal. Amir says he doesn't want to be partisan (like he is ANYTHING ELSE BUT PARTISAN). Makes excuses for Grits and says Bill Graham had nothing to do with deal on observing prisoners - was Hillier (ohhh - so the Liberals gave UP citizen control of the military). Says how does Pellerin know only 5, says names were not released. Says he doesn't believe it. (Maybe he's not important enough - or trusted enough - to be told.)
Regular poli-mouthpieces on Duffy-- Ablonczy says legal process on Adscam still underway. Duffy got copy of letter from Taliban Jack to get Bill C-30 brought forward this week as private members bill. In this event we will be going to the polls - mid June.
Same story on Newman - Ellie May has her Liberal scarf on - must be using THEIR image consultants and hair dresser. Refers to legally binding treaty on Kyoto - there will be penalties she says by 2008. Yeah. Like we would pay them. Newman says, Ellie May - you and Jethro are tight - are you advising Jethro to get an election?
She wants Harper replaced now! Says she not a very good election strategist (first correct thing she's said).
She wants to be in on the discussions - who the heck does she think she is? I want Doug Henning in that huddle too. She's irritating. Click.
Dosanjh says that the Grits will review options on Bill C-30 - won't dismiss. Want to shame government into action. Diane A says - this from a party who did nothing.
Danny the Dick Williams calls PMSH "Steve" six times. Doesn't want more money - wants all the money. Good. Danny eff off and separate. Not Newfoundland just you. Partition Joe Batts Arm and live there. You're sure to have a great cable signal.
Powers with buzzcut. Scott equally clean cut - like him better looking like his raccoon self. More lies from Reid about Newfie deal.
Powers on allegations in Afstan. "We're at war and an irresponsible opposition is disparaging government." Reid says Martin sent troops to organize picnics and under PMSH Canadian soldiers are dying to suck up to GW Bush.
Newman Press Panel -Russo says nobody wants election (and I agree but the level of ugly debate in the House means an enema or an election).
Red Travers says more reasons for election than last time. Says parties should get together. Yeah. Sure.
Chris Hall of CBC says that the opps could get together and force an election. He might get his wish.
Weston says Tali Jack setting trap for Liberals - private members bill could cause defeat of CPC unless Dion votes against C-30.
Ol' Duke and Miss Jane on Duff - talks about Justie Trudeau. Taber says do you really think that the Grits will let him lose the nomination? Oliver says O'Connor has lost credibility - The General has more credibility than ALL the Grit MPs combined. Says Jay Hill will become Defense Minister. If, and I say, if the General does go, then Jay would be a great choice.

Glad I tuned in - great shows tonight - just when I least expected it.
solid 9/10

"fat," "a loser," "a slob," "not very smart," "disgusting," "a degenerate," "unattractive" "very unattractive,'' "very, very unattractive."

The Star article reads like a Blogging Tories post . . .

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lemon's Update on Newman Duff Report

There will be no election this spring and the phony war that has been fought has been called a draw. Thus it's time now to turn the swords back into ploughshares and begin to farm new fields, rather than harvest fruits of political fancy and place them on the digital shelves. (tad flowery, I know)

Also, with the final onset of spring, a man's fancy turns to.... golf. So often at around Duff hour, a time or so a week, I'll be on the links swearing at the vagaries of a tragic game rather than at the duplicity and hypocrisy of socialists.

With Parliament as it is - jammed up with jousting and pointing lances at the same issues day after day, interminably, day after day, I have discovered that I could write the Newman Duff report without ever having even seen the shows. The same guests saying the same things, with the same beginning, middle and end and with the same fake outrage and self-righteousness.

The shows have become Groundhog Day, with Newman starring as Bill Murray. (Duff as Andie MacDowell??)

As such, I'm gonna wind down the daily dose of Duff and Newman in favour of reports on issues as they occur. This will allow me to put a little more sauce on the grains of food offered by the guests.

I might post a weekly highlights show and live blog the odd show when there is something interesting to say, but for now, I'm going to direct my critical observations on specific issues.

I'll pick up Newman & Duff again when things get interesting.

Thanks to those of you who have tuned in and added to the stories with your comments.

RIchard Gere & The Black Hole of Kolkatta

I wonder if he will mind the maggots in the rice gruel and 3 square feet per person...
NEW DELHI – A court issued arrest warrants for Hollywood actor Richard Gere

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Steve Janke Tracks Down Dion Pay Offs to Eco-Nuts

Steve Janke Tracks Down Dion Pay Offs to Environmental Lobbyists:
Angry is becoming a legend for uncovering the Grits tendency to buy their friends.
And the Eco-Nuts are nutty like... foxes?
You know these guys - they're regulars on Duffy, Newman and other polihack shows.
Well, those serious environmentalists who promise man-made earthly fire and brimstone if the environment is entrusted to Harper / Baird were bought and paid for by Stephane Dion when he was Environment Minister. Here's Jankes record of the goodies that Dion passed out for their friendship:
--- Pembina Institute: $403,240
--- Sage Foundation: $107,000
--- Climate Action Network: $1,783,769
Another reason why they hate Harper? Janke reveals the plans to audit gifts such as these.

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 24

Duff - Akin in for Duff - (Is he Mett as in Mett & Juff??)
Everybody's beating up PMSH in order to support the Al Qaida strategy to lie to journalists about being tortured when captured.
Newman announces that NDP to vote against Grit Feb 2009 surrender date. The NDP want us to surrender now.
Opps want to cancel the transfer of Taliban murderers to Afghan officials. I suggest they transfer them back here in care of the Member from Toronto Danforth. They'd fit in great there - despise western civilization and can get lamb and goat on the grill.
CBC quotes mysterious unknown "critics" about alleged "torture in Afstan". Could they be Stephen Staples and other Marxists? Members of the Grit caucus that are friendly to the Taliban? Guys who want to get let out of jail to behead a few more before they meet Allah? Usama Bin Laden's PR director?
Akin argues with Russ Heibert that Mom and Dad back in Canada are worried about getting sued by Taliban for getting tortured. He argues absolute lunacy!!! Never, ever let him have your job again, Duff. There is no effin way this could happen. The NDP and Grits are betraying our people and giving their support to lying rapists and murderers. Alexa Mc-Doh-na is so washed in NDP claptrap that I can lipsync her.
There ARE no NDP supporters in Afstan with the troops cause the NDP supporters are too cowardly or just don't have any belief system that they would ever risk their tie-dyes on.
Mc-Do-Nut says that WE ARE LOSING WAR!! She is losing her sanity.
iNDeepers are useless, incompetent, cowardly and lazy. There. That's my piece on them. Even the unions don't buy into their bullshit anymore.
Libby Davies, with a jacket designed by Omar the Tentmaker instead of a mumu. Van Loan (also a jacket no mumu) calls the Senate Wonderbra - it holds up legislation.
Akin feels it necessary to explain the Clean Air act and its left wing children mothered by the Grits and NDP.
Brit Minister of State says "Canada's reputation has never stood so high." Calls teh Taliban Philistines, murderers, rapists, parasites. And Steffi Dion wants to invite them over for brunch.
Newman says the cowardly nations won't stand up to fill in when we leave - my idea: let's get them to pick up the tab - say a billion a week to keep us there.
Akin is a waste - he wants to be interviewer and interviewee and the news itself. With Prentice on Marauding Mohawks - Minister directs charge of causing blockades to local shit disturber (Brant?) who is a convicted criminal. Local Band council opposed the blockade. Akin talks way too much. WHERE'S Duff - oh - off on some fundraiser doing some good. But Duff - WHAT about me!!!
Yippee get Parakeet Poulin up next on Duff. My pulse is racing. I click 26.
Back to Newman - voting in the House - Fixed Election Date - Government is gonna reject amended act. New Chief Electoral Officer on (first time) - he'd like fixed dates. Question is - what does he think about Burkhas? Newman describes all the iterations and confusing things the guy is facing. He looks like he wants to quit.
Was on Duff for 30 seconds - Poulin started chirping - had to switch back. Wait - McGrath comments that regardless of how many pets Dion wants to name Kyoto - his record still sucks. And doesn't Steffi even look like a doofus in the ad during what is supposed to be his greatest moment???
Akin brings up defense minister. Poulin "chirp, chirp, chirp" -- is really bothersome. Commie McGrath says that Defence Minister is a liability - this from the guys who want us to surrender and come home to pass out food rations to NDP supporters. Akin craps on Minister O'Connor. Poulin chirps again. Akin blames PMSH for causing loud debate int he House. He is an ass. I will
go wash my face in soiled diapers before I ever blog Duffy again with him on as host. Okay, single square of toilet paper.
Anderson and LeDrew on Newman - Tories gonna vote with Bloc on their motion on Kyoto, NDP with CPC for more war, people wearing brown belts and black shoes - it's insane up there!!!
Looks like Grit motion on Afstan will fail. Anderson says it completes the Grit pirouette. They're for the war, against the war, for the war. Like a Bette Davis movie - I hate you, no I love you, no I hate you, no I love you. Picture Steffi as Charles Boyer.
Anderson wondering wtf NDP are doing on 2009? So was Newman. So are they. Anderson says Greens gonna go to dinner on NDP's messed up position on 2009 surrender.
Bloc Kyoto movement passes unanimously.
Liberal motion on 2009 surrender is defeated 151-134.
Weston says the good thing is that the vote will confuse the Taliban. Weston says not sure if Grit ad an attack ad or a CPC spoof. Anderson explains that 2009 vote will help CPC in putting their position to the public and the NATO foreign minister's meeting in Ottawa this weekend.
Akin tries to compare PMSH political strength with that of Jethro Dion. Puhleeze.
Akin is akin to ...... Well, okay Akin is not akin to a good political moderator. One thing about the old farts is that they know everything is tongue in cheek and a little fun. Akin ain't there yet and may never be.
But, that being said, this was a steady hour of bloggin' with no real dead air. So it gets a solid 7/10.

Dog Bites Man on CBC Morning

I apologize for referring to Canadian hero Roberta Bondar as a dog, and especially for referring to Andy Barrie as a man...
But, this morning Canadian astronaut, photographer and environmentalist (as described by Mr. Barrie) Bondar was on Barrie mostly to plug her photography exhibit on pictures from space.
But then, being as he is, Barrie moved the discussion into the "you are a nice smart person you must love Al Gore and David Suzuki" perspective.
Ms Bondar (who grew up in the Soo and therefore actually lived with nature) described how massive the world is, how huge it is relative to us. Barrie went on the Inconvenient Truth tack and how there is an overwhelming scientific consensus and peer review that there is global warming, but that 40-50% of media reports deny the obvious evidence.
Bondar explained how science is always subject to peer review and no one denies that the world is getting getting warmer. She explained how the debate is not about this, but about how much effect we are having on this.
Barrie almost spit up his granola, but retired gracefully.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What if the Torture Reports are Bullshit?

Canadian media and all the opposition Members of Parliament (and especially the CBC) are all atwitter about the Globe and Mail report on Taliban captives being tortured after being handed off to the Afghani government officials. Since this report is published by an esteemed media outlet, obviously it must be true...

The Globe and Mail published interviews Monday with 30 men who say they were beaten, starved, frozen and choked after they were handed over to Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, a notorious intelligence police force.
No one, not even the CPC Government of Canada, has even hinted that there is a possibility of falsehood in the words of witnesses and self-declared torture victims. Not even considering that they might have just a little bit of vested interest being as they are - captured combatants who caught were trying to kill Canadians.

And no one has even made a peep reporting the fact that the Islamists have learned how to use our western squeamishness against us. The Washington Times did.
An al Qaeda handbook preaches to operatives to level charges of torture once captured, a training regime that administration officials say explains some of the charges of abuse at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.
As is the case in the US, the leftie media and the opposition parties are prepared to lose this war that we are fighting for the United Nations, to ruin our international reputation, and to advance the interests of those who are trying to kill us and the Afghan people under our charge.
Just to try and embarrass the government.
And their best ideas? 1/ Bring them back to Canada (yeah sure, Steffi, they can open schwarma shops); 2/ Build our own prison camps (that would likely not be completed in time before they are demanding we leave the theatre of operations), or, 3/ a better idea (which they don't have.
Meanwhile, they want to execute our soldiers as being war criminals.

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 23

Dion wants to bring Taliban Terrorists Prisoners to Canada!!!
What is this turkey smoking?
Amnesty International and Prof. Michael Byers wants to hold Canadian soliders accountable as war criminals since Afstan captors doesn't follow Rules of Queensbury. (Must be cause they may not be protected under the Geneva Convention.) Click Here for followup on how Al Quaida teaches their people to lie.
You know Amnesty International don't you, they are the ones who demand that abortions be declared a human right. They have long passed their inital mandate and been taken over by Marxist Leninists and their ilk. Why don't they have any stance against cutting off heads? Why doesn't Jack Layton go as ballistic when Taliban irregulars kill children.
Rarely have the NDP mouthpieces been so loud and obnoxious.
AND STEFFI DION WANTS THEM TO BE RETURNED TO CANADA and maybe fast-tracked with citizenship and set up with schwarma shops along Bank St.
Wasn't Steffi's benchmate famous for saying that torture is sometimes necessary? Guess he can be pretty confident that they'll vote Liberal. That is until they actually get to know him. Oh, the Humanity.
The Whips on Duffy - Motion on committing to leave Afstan by Feb 2009. Karen Redman wants to make sure that the Taliban know for sure that they'll only need to hide out for two more years before they can take over Afghanistan again after the Canadians leave. She says that Dion doesn't know WTF he's saying about solving the torture of Taliban thing.
Lot of coverage on Yeltsin - announcement that Stoli is gonna come out with a new brand in his honour.
Susie Bonner has enviro-nut John Bennet on who describes "Kyoto as International Law". Slams likely GOC regulations without seeing them. Doesn't see any value in reducing the growth of emissions (personally with all this bullshit, I'm beginning to like the idea of higher emissions - we should work toward air the quality of Habana's. Of course, post-Kyoto we'd live like Cubans anyway so may as well have their air.)
The Strategists on Duffy - Bernie, Joy & Gerrard - Duff on Steffi on taking in Taliban? Gerrard speaks in tongues and doesn't respond.
Duff quotes - "We may bring them in Canada" - Gerrard uses the "Steffi can't speak English defense".
Joy, "There isn't a Canadian amongst us that believed we will lose so many men (and women)". Well, I'm one. And there's lots of others, including those young people who volunteered to go over there and risk their lives.
The NDPers are for the Taliban and Against Freedom for Afstanis. Period.
They gotta feel kinship to these lonely anti-establishment souls who live in huts and wear sandals. Sort of like the population of Salt Spring Island.
Kennedy pisses me off - he is a two faced, despicable, political whore and shows it every time he yaps his gob.
Uses up all the time so Bernie can't respond to his pathetic false accusations.
Grannie Clampett MacLellan and Reg Alcorn in the Public Accounts Committee - Chair Shawn Murphy helps her obfuscate - she's talking like she knows all the crap and is gonna talk loud and shrill until people stop listening. Looks to me like the Liberal Chair is trying to control the process.
She does the same on Duffy (no government members on panel) talks loud and says nothing. Alcorn says that "they" are partisan but the Grits are not. Annie says that she barely ever met the Commissioner, her predecessor did every week. (See no Evil, Annie?) They both agree that Annie is right and the status quo of promoting from within is the right way.
GG is tired out and her tough job is straining her. Duff shows film of her in Haiti. Too many cocktail parties. Akin says she gets very said and feels emotional over people dying.
Does her theoretical boss, QEII ever miss an event because she's sad?
Norquay is on Bonner - informs CBC that Afstan is a tough place and not like Rosedale or even the Glebe.
The NDP seem to want to have us set up a Gitmo East. At what cost? With who staffing? Will the prison be built by 2009 when they expect us out. I suggest a different solution - not take any prisoners...
Even Akin says Steffi is a loonie.
Duff quotes break ups in the Grit / Steffi love affair. Bellevance says that big probs with Quebec caucus.
Akin filling in for Duff tomorrow - good - I can do other things. Newman will be back.
Good show to start the week Really got my blood boiling over the Afstan mis-representation. Never saw Norquay so loud nor Susie Smith so quiet, nor Dion say anything so stupid. And that's saying a lot.
9/10 from the Russian Judge

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day Establishes Smog Records in Toronto

Today, in Toronto, the Gardiner Expressway is closed.
Now I don't know if this was for Earth Day or for repairs.
But it is Earth Day, and this would be a good day to measure smog effect, because I cannot imagine it can ever be worse.
Some Torontonians likely know that David Miller is Mayor. And some of those who know this, know that he wants to tear down the Gardiner Expressway and replace it with an 8 lane Lake Shore Boulevarde.
And some who know point one and point two know that he also wants to close two lanes of the four lane Queen's Quay Boulevarde and plant grass.
Well today we almost saw what this would be like (the Gardiner was closed but Queen's Quay wasn't). And there has never been so much stalled traffic in my 22 years here. Queen's Quay, Lakeshore. Front St., King St. and Queen St. were backed up their entire length.
A cross downtown trip that normally takes ten minutes took an hour.
Thanks for voting for David Miller, you turkeys.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toronto Birkenstockers and Anti-Americanism

Updated Link - Couldn't find this when I needed it.
We all know that walking among us are virulent haters of America and Americans. Evidence is presented on every thread of every possible story in The Globe.
The latest evidence of these self-loathing do-nothings I found today in Kensington Market - home to surely 80% of all Birkie wearers in Canada.
I bought some corn - looked normal to me. Was a treat obviously not being grown within 100 miles of Toronto.
Didn't think much about it until I got home and found a little sticker that said "US".
I thought why would they bother, these merchants in this little kiosk, labelling place of origin on something as necessary as food.
Then it came to me - they got tired of hundreds of people a day asking them where this piece of produce was from, wanting to make sure that they didn't spend their $1.99 to support the Bush Governments World Domination Plan.
If George Bush was going to dominate the world, wouldn't he start with Canada? Hell - half our people would shut their doors and cower under their desks per their school learning.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Toronto Slums and David Miller and Big Fat Liar Howard

"Tenants from two high-rise apartment buildings occupied the superintendent's office briefly yesterday, protesting an infestation of mice and rats, and demanding a rent rebate for system breakdowns."
"The overall conditions are terrible," said Sarosh Anwar, of the tenants' union ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which helped organize the protest.
"Sanitation in public areas is appalling, and there are holes all over the place, a contributing factor to the infestation of mice, rats and cockroaches."

This must be a slum landlord's building, right? Not.
I mean Howard Moscoe promised to clean these up. And he never breaks a promise.
And David Miller must be committed to providing decent housing for people who need it. Yes?

Never, ever even if you're desperately poor, trust a socialist. Even when he says he's not one anymore. They are by definition congenital liars.

Cut Off Their Money

The Mohawk 'nation' denies that they are Canadians and that they are not bound by Canadian law and that they have a right to shut down CN lines between Toronto and Montreal / Ottawa.
The blockade is associated with their claim of a quarry and condo site in nearby Desoronto. Interesting that the land they always claim has been developed by others into property of value. And that these protests are held on nice sunny weekends.
These acts of terrorism continue to almost eliminate any chance of any form of useful discussion between them and non-natives and our governments. Their actions harm the condition of ordinary people, in a manner much like Hamas and Palestinians.
Yet they continue to accept money from all levels of government - the budget of Indian and North Affairs averages out to over $35,000 per household.
Meanwhile a cowardly provincial government continues to selectively apply (actually not apply) the laws of Canada equally.
Clearly relations between them and us (they claim no affiliation with 'us') have broken down to a point where we (who they claim no affiliation with) should immediately cancel all planned or in process payments to any member or band of the Six Nations. Many of these terrorists are likely not born in Canada and do not live here.
Why should we fund an organization and membership that regularly commits terrorist acts against us?

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 19

Am on late - had friend drop in
Susie Bonner in for Newman- like going into the garage and finding a jag instead of a rattletrap. Likely means there's no story today.
Ralphie Hedgehog can find nothing but bad in the CPC government record. Yup. Bad, bad government - even my hippy neighbour likes Harper. Libby Davies is in her mu-mu. Peter Van Loan should be in a mu-mu.
Alexa admits she doesn't know anything about politics.
Ralphie talks about massive bogus lie - he would know one . . .
Canadian Leadership to Meet the Challenge? I know that Steffi is off Broadway (without a neatness aide) learning how to lead and inspire. But really....
Duff - Jack Layton having party to celebrate new Liberal star candidate.
Doesn't look like much of a star to me. Duff reports odor of maryjane. Seems to have a silly grin for rest of show.
Always wondered what NDPers were smoking.
Newman/Bonner on French Elections - Wine Good -- Politics irrelevant.
Duff - the opps have finally found something - that PMSH has someone who keeps him looking neat.
Has image consultant on - good idea - Cdns expect PM to look neat. Michelle is hardly a babe - she has to be competent - why did CTV suggest she was vivacious and hot?
Duffy admits to using makeup. The Thong Theory comes back into play. Other thought is that if he's this white WITH makeup, he must be like Moby Dick without.
Tim & Scott --- finally - potential fireworks.
Scott uses the Jojo The Psychic line - does Gov pick up the tab?
Powers admits to mustard on his shirt - wtf is on his face?
These guys are way too friendly. Somethings wrong - must be spring.
Scott asks if Bairdo's report means that eventually gorillas will run government. Tim says the gorillas already ran government - when Paul Martin was PM.
"You don't need a stylist you just need a better rhetoritician, (sic)" says Tim. ???
Press on Bonner - Elected Senator playing to base says Weston.
Travers says that PMSH is tinkering, gorrillas will run government with elected Senate. Says you have to abolish or reform - in other words, Travers wants Constitution reopened. Why does The Star get TWO people on the panel? None of them pro-Harper.
Kyoto Bill on Bonner - Travers says that testators that Bairdo chose was strong message. Canadians don't think that government isn't moving fast enough. Really? I don't think that Canadians give a flying fig if they gotta pay $2/litre for gas - numbers are over $1000 / family / year. Once Canadians know this, forget Kyoto - Suzuki would get linched. Susan D says SH not bringing forward C-30.
Back to Dash Riprock Duff - with Ol' Duke and Gloria - Duke says Tim Horton's dad can't be seen as having a personal hairdresser, but don't need to hire someone. EVERONE has one, ie senior politicians with someone to brush off the dandruff. Always has. Shows You Tube video of Steve looking hot and bad.
Deal on Trudeau in Papineau - looks like he's not getting the nomination.
God Bless the sensibility of Quebecers.
Gloria says NDP is a party with no place to go.
Gloria says new poll - not good news for Liberals - 39 to 29 - Ipsos Reid.

There will not be an election. Period.
Tonight was among the best 2 shows in April. Big news on Poll and Justin T getting a lotta whoop ass.
Good on em and Newman wasn't missed. 7/10.
Nudity not necessary.

The Ultimate Separated at Birth

Tip of the Golf Cap to Kate

Harper and Baird Getting Hammered for Kyoto Kost Report

I think all observers, pro and con, were waiting for the GOC to issue an impact analysis of the economic effects of meeting Kyoto targets.
Interestingly, one of the reports showing the potential costs was issued by the Chief Economist of the TD Bank, who was previously famous for being Paul Martin's Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance. He succeeded Grit mouthpiece John MacCallum in the TD job.
Both The Sun and The Post hammered both Baird and Harper for revealing what the ultimate economic downside might be of complying with the program.
Not surprisingly, Kooky Suzuki blasted the report, saying "the government is ignoring the cost of ignoring climate change. First of all, let's stop listening to the goddamn economists," he said.
We'll forgive the fact that Suzuki, as a socialist, likely never has had respect for those who deal in the science of resources. So that's not a surprise.

But these critics of the critics, the deniers of the deniers have never made any attempt to rationalize their arguments as far as the perceived cost to the environment of not implementing a climate change strategy. They continue to spout off that sea levels will increase by 20 feet, that Manhattan will be come a scuba diver's paradise, and that "Dune" will become a documentary. None of Al Gore's public presentations have ever reflected the much more likely effects, nor on any possible beneficial effects of Global Warming, nor any consideration on economic costs.

This should be appreciated as basic dialectic. Thesis and Antithesis. Baird and his people have no responsibility to argue Suzuki's position for him. The climate freaks went nutty with their climate forecasts so they're getting nutty stuff thrown back at them. They started it.

This case is different than most arguments, though - usually the truth is in the middle. The danger here is that either extreme bears unacceptable costs and there is likely not a middle ground upon which both sides of the argument can stand.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let's all send him a copy of "The Wealth of Nations"

The Star
Every two weeks, for as long as Stephen Harper is prime minister of Canada, Martel intends to mail him a book. On his website will be posted a copy of his letter of commendation for the volume. He is also inviting (though probably not expecting) the PM's response.
The first offering, mailed Monday, was Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilych, which Martel describes as a masterpiece with the merit of brevity.
Among other things, he said, the great Russian conveys clearly and concisely the, ahem, pitfalls of "our vain and callous ways
Before Martel starts implying that PMSH is an intellectual lightweight, can he claim Reach for the Top and other smarty pants credentials?

What Do We Think?

What do we think? WHAT DO WE THINK?

We think that NBC are whores of the worst order for acceding to the demands of this pathetic, sick and distorted mass murderer.

We think that their actions will lead to more sick fucks trying to outdo this sick fuck.

We think every effort should be made to reveal him as the pathetic loser he was, bury him in an unmarked grave in an unknown place and never mention his name or acts ever again.
But maybe that's just me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 18

I'm off tomorrow...
Let me know what happened - I'll put up a blank post for comments and discussion.

Duff - Amicable QP today, Elected Senator, Preston Manning, Bryant Shooting at CPC, RCMP
Newman - Long Gun Reg, Grit Ada, Charest Cabinet, Elected Senator

Duff with Dominic Leblanc & Jason Kenney on Clean Air Act and Gun Registry. Just position statements. Nothing new.
Bryant with Newman. Ontario Grit position. Nothing new. Snore. Stock on - says not killing Gun Reg. Please, Stockwell - don't continue this boondoggle, or say you're "improving" it. The CPC are still unlikely to win any significant number of urban seats even if you promise to hang anyone who shoots bottles at a carnival with a cork gun. Shoot the registry - dead, dead, dead.

Pastor Preston on Duff. He's gone blond, what's this about? He encourages Senate elections in provincial elections. Education for training in electoral process.
Newman - on Bert Brown- Ruby D, Rahim, et al. iNDeeper Cullen looks wild eyed and bobbleheaded. Newman asks EDay question - obvious that opps don't want to have election. Cullen takes credit for NDP on Climate Act (reason enough not to bring the thing forward).
Mulroney says Harper doing great and next election will be about leadership.

Duff says heat is off in House: Norquay, Moors and Lavigne - New Grit Ads
Radio ad sounds silly. Geoff says May biggest danger to Liberals. Moor says they're positive while CPCs were negative (now let me get this straight - the Grits say "What is Stephen Harper Afraid of" and the CPC has Iggy say, "Stephane we just didn't get it done." and the Tory ads are negative).
Lavigne says that Grit TV ads show how weak Dion is - that he claims as an accomplishment attending a meeting.
Duff quotes Buzz Hargove - environmental insanity, CPC challenge is to bring in measures to clean environment while keeping jobs. Lavigne says the NDP can do this - sure, their great governing experience allows them to have this confidence. Duff asks how many jobs we will lose? Geoff says NDP amendments will sewer thusands of Canadian jobs. Moors says that Layton looking to take credit for revised Clean Air Act is like he's taking credit for the Internet. Funny.
Suzuki Foundation nitwit says don't cut GST, give billions to Kooky instead.
Newman discusses Quebec Cabinet. Not interested.
Duff with RCMP Accounts committee - Williams, Christopherson and Borys Alphabet from Etob Kingsway. Williams says deputy comm at RCMP deliberately misled committee. Borys says took months to get info and committee has blown the lid off. Says Dept of Justice may have been suppressing evidence. Finding conflicting testimony. Acting Comm Bussin sent out message that whistleblower act will be respected.
Duffy on stylist consultant - everybody has these for heavens sake. Except NDPers - they don't care if they look like bums - kinda fits their rep.
Duff denies he's wearing a thong and remembers Gabor Apor helping Uncle Jed. Bob Fife says all leaders have same. Speaking of which, Fife looks like he had a bleach job done today.
Says all committee members were pissed off at bafflegab from RCMP witnesses. Big heat coming down on the senior horsemen.
Newman - Travesty quotes David Miller on Guns - "let's just get all the handguns off the street." There goes any shred of credibility he had left. Handguns are banned. Period. The ones on the street are smuggled, often through reserves. Criminals are doing this, the guns don't sneak across the border and jump into a gunnies pocket. Easier to blame an inanimate object that people.
I'm pining for Scott Reid... His non-appearances make for very sorry 5 pm TV.
4/10 for revealing the anger exhibited at the Public Accounts Committee on the RCMP.

Va Tech Tragedy Shows Power of Weblogs

Kinsella had a piece in The Post today about citizen media; about how people on the scene became news gatherers and distributors.
A couple of months ago, I wrote on the future of the blog, to the disadvantage of traditional media, particularly when bloggers on the scene became a source of news.
Less than two years ago a friend of mine said in a conference that "opinions are cheap, facts are expensive".
Well, now facts are getting cheap, as more and more people are in some form acting as both reporters and publishers. And opinion is free.
I haven't bought a newspaper or newsmagazine in over a year...
And look at the reportage (facts and opinion) on the events of the last two days...
I know the comparison is biased - comparing the entire blog universe to just the New York Times. But, there is perspective here - the largest print medium outlet on the globe is dwarfed by ordinary citizens.

Should Bad Thoughts Be Illegal? What About Emos?

The recent events in Blacksburg reveal a murderer who was clearly anti-social and obviously seriously troubled. The killer's room mate this morning revealed a person who would not respond in any way to human interaction. I have come across posts on the web that link his personality to that of "Emos" - the latest sweeping fad of millions of teenagers to establish their individuality. I encourage parents of teens to learn more about this trend - it involves much more that dress or style.

There is an undercurrent of debate that something more should have been done to stop the murderer before he acted out what seemed to be his fantasy.

I would like to know how this could possibly have been done. For better or worse, under the law, even diagnosed and evidenced psychotic sociopaths have exactly the same rights as everyone else.

Is CTV Trying to Suggest Something?

Everybody in Canada knows Stephen Harper to be a loyal husband and a fantastic father. He exudes wholesomeness and never once has there ever been even a hint of suggestion of of anything else. When you don't have something bad to say about someone - make it up - I guess. This morning he and his wife will wake up to this (check out the parsing):
OTTAWA -- When Stephen Harper travels, there's a trusted woman by his side making sure his suit is lint-free, his tie is on straight and his coif is in place.[...]
No, not his wife Laureen.
Muntean remains the only person he tolerates tips from. Over the years she has become a cheerful fixture in his entourage, a vivacious blonde that stands out among the tense handlers that surround him.[...}
Muntean eventually struck off on her own as a private consultant, and began a relationship with Harper during the Conservative leadership race.
Every Grit MP in modern history has had a "body person" to make sure they don't have soup stains on their tie. Every politician should. It's close to slander.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 17

Duff - To speak with Jed Chretien. New Poll. RCMP Testimony.
Newman, CN Rail Strike. New Poll. RCMP. Jethro Dion's Leadership Challenges.

Both shows start with update at Blacksburg, VA.
Jethro offered his condolences to victims' families in French.
Henry Champ says people want to know why. Ignores obvious - that the killer was paranoid and sociopathic.
Profs had alerted authorities that he was psychotic - nothing was done. Of course psychotic maniacs have rights to not have their psychosis revealed to authorities, so people die because of the power of courts.
Chretien on Duffy on Charter. Chretien, by taking credit for Charter must also take the blame - passed on too much power to SCOC, couldn't strike a deal with Quebec, built in an amendment clause that no one dares uses, empowered flakes. Yes, Mme Governor General - it is I, Brian Lemon, that places the Charter at Risk.
Now that he doesn't have the ability to loot the treasury, I'd like to have a beer with Jed C. My Grit buddies have always said that he's a great guy, seems like it on Duffy.
Says that Charter should change according to modern democratic society - but placed it in SCOC's hands - why not leave it to elected MPs?
Jed on Jethro - "leader of party that says a leader of another party should be leader". Doesn't mention that the party leader supporting Jethro has about the same %age of support as Canadians who have multiple pairs of birkenstocks. Makes crack about how Paul Martin wanted a 60 day campaign to show more about Harper and ended up showing more about himself.
Act to end CN Rail Strike on Newman. Peggy Nash on panel?? The closest she comes to a railroad is when the trains run through Parkdale.
Jed is much more interesting. Says Bill Clinton doesn't cheat. At golf.
Newman to Blacksburg update. Duff on Charter with Tom Flanagan - former Harper advisor - says Charter has opened ways to go around Parliament.
They shift to Blacksburg update. This is none of our business unless we are related to the Canadian woman who died. What difference does it make if one more politician says this has been a terrible tragedy and his heart goes out to the victims? Why can't I get coverage saying that I don't know these people and have less sympathy for them than I do for the parents of the little boy who died on the 400 in an auto accident last week? And much, much less sympathy than for my friend who lost his wife a few weeks ago. Turn off sound. I have suffered much grief in my life, but I don't care about this. To say different would be a lie.
Turn on sound. Governor says "this is not for a campaign or a fundraiser, those who say different can take their comments elsewhere". Of course he is lying and it is about his re-election and he dare not show less compassion than everyone else. Says grief affecting the entire world. Doesn't mention that the part of the world living in caves in Pakistan and Afstan wish there had been 33,000 people killed.
You might be able to sense that I despise this entire reportage and the way that people are using the deaths of these poor people for their own demonstration of compassion for their own benefit. You would be correct. I am a self admitted cynic, especially on media issues.
Even Newman says that he doesn't know what it really means. Means that Governor has an election in a year and a half.
Anderson on Newman says not time to risk an election, Larue says Canadians not warming for this government. But Steve - they're at 34% and you were at 1.8%? Steve must be chilled to the bone. To Robin Sears on challenge to Dion's leadership - says Jethro's situation can only get worse.
Back to Tom Flanagan on Duff on election - PMSH has always said that he doesn't want one. Says tour of the Harper Bunker was just a show of force - sort of a fly over with B52s. Duff says Gun registry and tough on crime not compatible. Flanagan replies with no evidence that registration has ever had any effect on long guns.
LeDrew says Ellie May / Jethro marriage no big deal. Happens all the time. Newman says, but not in general elections. LeDrew misses obvious - that the Green Party is only a figment - not a real party. What about Doug Henning? Shouldn't HE have a free seat in the house?
Weston says Canadians like gun control on Duff, Decima Poll. Miss Jane says majority not in play, Duff says that Harper won't jump into empty swimming pool like Joe Clark. Worries about Vandoos in Afstan. We don't need to worry about Royal 22nd - they are blood thirsty killers - it's the Taliban that needs to worry about the 22s.
Shows held great potential but were deflated by interruptions from Blacksburg.
Nothing new or loud. 3/10.
More nudity required - think - Duff in a thong.

Psycho-sociopath see, psycho-sociopath do

I posted on this earlier relative to Va Tech and after reading comments, came up with another thought.
I don't think there is any sense that can be made from this or any similar event.
Good parents, bad. Rich, Poor. Korean, Coloradan, Canadian.
Guns or Fertilizer Bombs or Poison.
Are we sensitized by violence virtually all around us?
Do we truly glorify violence?
Do we feel worse if similar violence happens in Montreal or Baghdad or in Lhasa?

There is one thing definitely in common among all such killings.
Those responsible for these murders were exposed to others doing the same.
Such actions were given notoriety and accepted as a way of acting out one's psychosis.
The superimposed coexistence of billions enabled by mass media showed that doing these actions would spread pain among millions.

Psycho See, Psycho Do.

Va Tech, McLuhan and False Grief

At this moment, on virtually every television channel, stern faced beautiful people are trying to find out 'why'. Looking for motivations, profiling the shooter and his victims. Looking to point fingers. Wendy Cukier of the Canadian Coalition for Gun Control will surely receive lots of opportunities to blast Stephen Harper for being soft on guns.

Grief counsellors have seldom received so much air time.
On talk radio "school shooting experts" (an actual phrase I heard this morning) are explaining how exclusion, bullying and anger lead to such events. Failing to note that this has a correlation of about one in infinity.
They are comparing and contrasting this tragedy with others; looking at how this sad event could have been and others can be prevented.

About forty years ago the first such event occurred - Charles Whitman in Texas. Back before CSI and when 'I Love Lucy' was all the rage on the tube. And there wasn't another similar event until the last decade. And there have been a handful since but observing the media leads one to believe spree murders are common.
What has happened in the last fifty years?

A few years before Whitman climbed the clocktower steps, Marshall McLuhan noticed that TV had the potential to dramatically change the way that people perceived things. He wondered what the effect of immediate access to information, in real time, around the globe would be, and his perception was that this effect would be highly destructive.

He used the phrase "Global Village" to describe this new age, and he did not perceive that it would involve people sitting around campfires singing kumbaya.

He warned of the risks, how "we shall at once move into a phase of panic terrors, exactly befitting a small world of tribal drums, total interdependence, and superimposed co-existence". He described how once we are electronically interdependent, totalitarianism would more likely find a home. He said we would be terrorized by things that that exist only in a virtual form and he intimated that we would have collective 'feelings' for things beyond our own realm of existence.

I have written before that grief is personal, and that all the outpouring of collective grief over the death of a princess or of students and professors at a university thousands of miles away cannot be real.

But media, as it is, has imposed on us an expectation that we must grieve for the victims of this shooting, we must show our compassion or we are somewhat less human.

But as McLuhan might suggest, seeing his percept from the sixties come to be a paradigm, we are less human for doing this.

There are many, many places very close to us that offer opportunities to show real compassion if we have the personal need to do so. Helping out single parents by looking after their kids for a few hours a week. Sharing time with older people or kids. Spending time in hospitals.

Leave false grief to those who are merchants of it - the media - and ignore them.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 16

Looks like both shows are delayed by the Virginia Tech shooting.
There is no need for anyone not directly effected by an event such as this to have any access to information on this. The only outcome will be the outpouring of fake grief by strangers to the victims, pointing of fingers at public officials who could have done nothing to stop this, and the encouragement of copycats to do it again.

There will be headlines like "A Nation Mourns with Virginia Tech" when only those left behind will be mourning. The media will be milking this for all it's worth for as long as they can. Politicians will be announcing new security measures. And the kids will still be dead.

Mountie Zac testifies - denies offensive allegations that he was engaged in the process of cover up. Says all steps were openly reported on and documented. (Does this mean that it's all in the hands of Landslide Annie?)
Deny, Deny, Deny . . . Ron Lewis says that Zac stonewalled - tied him in knots in trying to get information.

On Duff - Karen Redmond, Grit Whip, expresses her compassion for the victims and that if there a gun registry in the USA this would never happen and that we need it to avoid same. First to use the deaths of these kids for political purposes. Godin of the NDP is second to use deaths of kids for political purposes. Redman is just oozing fake compassion - I'm almost tearing up.

Bernie Lord on how to deal with a crisis like in VaTech - no fake compassion - just what to do. Macphail - USA has such a high concern with homeland security (for good reason)
. She really is one of the most balanced
guests on these shows. Gerrard Kennedy talks about security at schools - why is a candidate actively seeking election on these programs? Nothing of interest here.

On Newman - NDP calls for emergency debate on Afstan. Says foreign policy is synchronized with White House - needs more debate. When all is said and done, Jack will say more and do less. Even Newman says what would a debate accomplish? And Jack answers with bafflegab. He will agree to crime bill which means it passes - no election on that. Clean Air Act?? Jack will vote for the bill and take credit for it - we'll see if the Tories even bother bringing it out of committee - these guys just don't want an election.

Jed Chretien with Newman on Charter - I hate him a lot less than I used to - am getting soft, but then again he's not in my face all the time and isn't currently looting the treasury. JC on SSM -- was not even considered for the Charter - Brings out the Global Village line likely not having the slightest idea what HMM was talking about. About CPC dropping funding for Charter challenges - those that need to go to court will go to court - he's travelling the world (working for Mo Strong's friends) and everyone thinks he's very charming. Wants Harper to have a big charter party.

Duff with Press - bad memories from Dawson College - they talked to students and those kids are grieving for the Va kids... Sure. Duff blames schools for not sucking up to outsiders do they dont kill their fellow students. Roger Smith says police should keep track of weirdos.
Newman asks Jed about Dion - says he heard same story about me, same story about Harper. Refers to Dion as when in Cabinet he was a very good man (not excellent ed.). Says about Jethro and Ellie May - that he tried to get merger with NDP. No big deal - but not exactly a glowing endorsement.
Duff says that Va murders will spark more debate over guns but that no one will want to get political right after the shooting (except Karen Redmond).
Show shortened by other events, muted in tone with the shadows of victims of mass murder.
Nothing new or interesting but 2/10 for getting Chretien back from meetings with foreign dictators.

Clinton Responsible for 911 Intelligence Breach

There has been no shortage of reportage that the CIA knew about 911 and refused to act on it.
Almost all have found a way of pointing this responsibility at GW Bush.
Here's the latest (whole story here) allegation.
The newspaper Le Monde first reported the story today as it published excerpts of 328 pages of classified documents from France's main foreign intelligence agency, the DGSE. One note, dated Jan. 5, 2001, reported that Al Qaeda was plotting a hijacking.
I will say that this whole conspiracy theory of how someone "knew" about the events to come on the fateful day is bogus. Whether they knew is one thing, whether they had evidence to act is another.
But the beauty of this one is that it fell under Bill Clinton's reign - GWB was not sworn in until January 20, 2001.
But it's still horsefeathers. The USA receives tips on about 200,000 so-called attacks on the nation a year. To check these out would have required about 2 million dedicated intelligence officers working full time. Plus, it would have required the complete abandonment of civil rights at a time when there was no real evidence that such an event would or could occur. So why is it news?

Gov Gen Gives Critical Speech on Charter and Canada

On the weekend I got into an interesting exchange with "Been Around the Block" about the possibility of Canada becoming a republic. At the end, we came to a consensus - Royals okay, hack GovGen not so good.
"But if I look at the risk of the Queen's authority being delegated to a former CBC reporter with separatist ties, and the constitutional ability for her (or another) to actually have a role in the outcome of a legislative issue (say in the event of a non-confidence vote - she could request a non-electoral alternative) I wonder."
Now - we get this in The Globe. It looks like she is positioning herself as the protector of the Charter of Rights. She even compares the risk of the Canadian Charter being diminished to the situation in Haiti.
Even as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is upheld as an example by the world, its spirit is threatened at home by apathy and intolerance, Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean said Monday.
To avoid the pitfalls of success and economic prosperity, Canadians must remain politically and civically engaged to promote the vision of a just society as it is enshrined in the Charter, Ms. Jean said.
“Now, 25 years later, we find ourselves at a crossroads,” Ms. Jean said at the University of Ottawa during celebratory events surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Charter.
“Even the very act of thinking critically, of questioning received beliefs, is being stifled as the glamour of commercial images and new sensations are bringing social fragmentation and atrophy right to our doorsteps. “More and more we are hearing alarm bells calling upon us to stay fast to our shared commitment to democracy, justice and freedom.”
Now who do you suppose that she might be pointing a finger at, in suggesting that the Charter is at risk?
Who does she think she is to even go there? A Supreme Court Justice?

Separated at Birth

Name the Loonies...
Green Party Candidates?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Liberal Party Accuses Media of Bias

Over the past year, numerous party members contacted the Party in regards to the type of coverage both the government and opposition receive. Many are particularly concerned with what they view as their local media outlets expressing the views of their owners and not providing balanced coverage of events. We encourage you to write or call to express your view on stories, columns, and general news coverage.
Below is a list of popular media outlets. Please take the time to read the writing tips below that will greatly increase the likelihood of your letter being published. If there are any media outlets that you would like to see added to the list, please contact us
But this is unfair...

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 13

Finally - a day with news...
Innovative thinking, they call it. Dion and May. Duff has a long list to talk about this fiasco. (Isn't fiasco what you yell when you want a new bottle?)
Comment on Bluenosers keeping their political party longer than their religion. Steff feels a lot of goodwill, says bring best things from right and left together - calls himself in third party "With Stephanne Dion as Prime Minister"
What about her opposition to abortion and her candidate that hates the west and policy that is anti free trade.
Eliz May done in a very simple and transparent way she says. STEFFI WENT AFTER HER!!! "Perhaps there's something I can do to help??" he said. Has anyone ever seen a picture of his wife?? IS there something here we should know as enquiring minds?
Whose party is Steffi a member of.
May - "Do something innovative and have other parties come along with us."
She spoke in Gaelic?? Even Gaels don't speak in Gaelic. Although there's one old bat in Cape Breton who supposedly speaks the purest Gaelic in the world. One of the riding executives in Central Nova (where are Eastern, Western and Southern Nova) wants to work on her campaign! SO - there are somewhere around 500 Liberal volunteers across the country who have moved to blue.
Over time she wants to earn respect of progressives in CPC, and Libs and NDPs. How much time does she think she has? She won't live long enough to "earn respect" after this trick. Okay, we respect her - as a sleezy manipulator from Connecticut.
Why didn't you run as a Liberal?
She says green to the core. She admires Steffi enormously, deep integrity, extraordinary character. Does not mean that she shares the views of Liberal Party. WTF is she saying? She only loves Steffi but not his parties policies?
Broadbent - preposterous, astounded, Dion leader of once national party. Says she tried to do a deal with NDP with Stephen Lewis - alliance among 3 parties. Self serving by both leaders that disenfranchises people in riding.
Newman - what about harmonization among the left. Ed rolled his eyes.
Layton on Duff - Canadians will rightly be upset about deal - he wants national drug plan - great idea, because our Health Care program only covers about 1/3 of the total costs and then most is spent in last 2 weeks of life. Needs an entire restructuring. Jack says he's gonna take it to Parliament and get it passed quick. Surrrrre, Jack.
Ed charges May with backroom deal.
Monty Solberg says Dion conceding defeat before an election - the once proud Liberal Party. "Would hope that a new party wouldn't start by cutting a backroom deal". Says he was a member of a new party one time and they started with the grassroots.
Newman is onto Climate Change - Baird in DC negotiating new cross border pollution - May and Dion?? Puzzled and stunned - great error in judgement. What is he endorsing - Enviro Plan - would be his seventh.
Is he that worried that he has to do a deal with the fifth party - just ahead of Rhinos and Marxist Leninists.
Canadians will have opportunity to look at Dion's words and Harper's actions. Baird is on message - lets see if he's more interesting on Duff.
Duff says a question of judgement - she loves big carbon tax - does he love fat carbon tax? Is this someone who has what it takes to be a strong leader, to be PM. Our party is truly a national government- will run candis in every riding in Canada. Behind closed door deal, must feel he needs help in own riding.
If he's so wonderful why did she seek leader job to run against him?
"Who knows next week he might come out with an eighth enviro plan." See Paul Wells at Macleans on this.
Baird says he was pleasantly surprised with US talks - they prepared to move quickly to reduce emissions.
Clean Air Act?? Grits looked to weaken clean air side of bill. NDP trying to write own campaign into bill.
Can't wait for Duff Strategists - Newfie Powers, Moonbat Reid and Ed Broadbent (back from the dead the NDP must feel fear.)
Country music ad on TV - where did those people get that hair?
Duff's strategists - - CPC dismissive of Dion May deal, NDP are angry. Ed - The would be Leader of Liberals - first such deal in Canadian history. Incredible. May who denigrates backroom politics was trying to work backroom deals. Oldest and most cynical backroom deal possible.
Reid - Bold risky and runs straight into the face of conventional wisdom. 10 years ago defied conventional wisdom with Clarity Act. Today he's right. Smart thing and right thing to do. Let's have political opponents try to cooperate.
Letter from Ray Heard old LPOC PR hack. Dion's deal is very last straw - denigrates tradition of Liberal party - kowtowing to reactionary party, can't speak for Canada anymore -both Iggy and Rae are eminently qualified to replace him before the next election.
Scott calls Ray a professional whiner. "Let's call him what he is." Okay let's, Scott - you're an idiot.
Tim calls it a bull manure move - both had conventions in last 6 months and there was no discussion of a deal - leaders have lost credibility over this. If such a great deal why are so many Scotian Grits saying this is terrible. Poor leadership.
Reid - You know you're on to something when your opponents hate it. Is a disastrous day for Jack Layton. (loud laughter). Eliz May has excited Canadians - more going on than just politics. (IS this a suggestion that Steffi and Lizzie have something happening?)
Ed B - Just astonished - reality is that the performance of Liberal Party - was piling up surpluses and did nothing about the environment. Why he went back into government. May said she's not a person on the left.
Isn't she doing backroom politics over the membership. Leaves out voters in riding.
Scott goes off and Ed takes a long drink of water. Takes a glycerin pill. Reid says Layton has helped CPC .
Powers, "If was so open why wasn't it on the table at the convention? How does Steffi reconcile with other Green Party policies - anti free trade, cut army in half."
Scott was actually clean cut, and smiling. I kinda liked him today.
Press is on Newman but talking about war. All has been already said on this.
Press on Duff - Blinky Oliver, Gloria Galloway - Dion and May - What about Green case to be included in debate? Doesn't this decision undercut argument with broadcasters?
Gloria says no. Says her kids are gonna vote Green. The rest of us might vote Green. Are her kids old enough to vote? Should we let someone who would vote green vote at all. Shouldn't there be a test of some sort before Green voters can vote?.
Argument will be should someone without a seat in the house have a seat in the debates says Blinky. Gloria sounds pissed off. Is the idea a good one - she says King did something similar. Duff says that the Grits and Tories paired off for Joe Who and Landslide Annie but was unofficial.
Dion says it may be a cunning move and like Joe Clark (that's a great tribute - not). Has been endorsed by an enviro freak. Why didnt she run for the Liberals? Craig - she doesnt agree on other issues. Another gain for Dion - up to now she had no chance in riding now she can compete. NDP can help defeat Mackay if rank and file in Central Nova can remove Mackay (and will see not one federal penny ever be spent there until they die).
Friday the 13th was GREAT!!!
Lot of passion, Old Ed the NDP Talking Horse was great, Duff was excited, Newman looked less corpselike.
9/10 - could have been improved if there was more nudity.

Nuclear Power Dispelled on CBC Sunday Morning

Helen Caldicott admits to being a physician and pediatrician and this makes her, I guess, by definition, an expert on nuclear energy. David Suzuki doesn't admit that he's a geneticist and but does claim to be a climate expert. Why he was included on a debate on the use of Nuclear Power is unknown.
Both are opposed to the use of nuclear technology.
The Ceeb has stuff here
A few things stood out - noted rabble rouser Caldicott claiming that she could cause a meltdown at a Nuke Plant herself, and Suzuki admitting Nuke power is comparatively clean, but stating that he is sure that it is unsafe.
Fact... It is by far the cleanest way of providing large amounts of energy and is by far the safest way of doing this.
We're waiting for some ideas other than solar panels and windmills to keep our lights on.

May All Over Map on Question Period

Lizzie May was out of control this morning with Taber - swearing and arguing with indignation.
First off - according to her there was no back room deal.
Okay, so they didn't meet in the bowels of the Press Club over cigars and brandy to noodle out how they were going to take over the world. But doesn't a series of phone calls amount to the same thing?
She said that the deal was for the big picture - "more than about just Central Nova", then backtracked when Taber caught her on this and admitted that
it was just symbolic and that there was no other national arrangement. She also admitted that it is probably illegal for one party to formally help another. Well?
She cursed out Jack Layton for not answering her phone calls - is she that naive that she doesn't understand that just taking a phone call has immense risk - why would Jack Layton take a call that would likely lead to her reporting that "I have held discussions with Jack Layton and he didn't call me an extremist anti-abortionist nutbar which means that talks are moving along nicely as far as he merging his party with mine."
She cursed out Ed Broadbent for reporting that she had asked Stephen Lewis (an old family friend) to broker an agreement. Does she think Lewis' first loyalty is to her?
Of course, Lewis reported this to the party because of the risk of her pulling a stunt like saying that "talks with high level NDP Leaders are . . ."
And she cursed out Stephen Harper for running a candidate against her in London, citing that it was Parliamentary tradition not to campaign against party leaders. Is she angry about the Grits running against her? The NDP?
Does this mean that she thinks that the government should allow the leader of the Communist Party Marxist Leninist or the Natural Law party should be unopposed?
She is the leader of a nothing party. One that has not earned the respect of electors, much less other federal party leaders.
If she went to work and did what she has to do at the grassroots level and in ten years or so actually got an MP, then she might have the right to make some sort of demand. Right now she's got nothing, no power, no constituency. Oh, except her moonbattedness.

Stephane Dion's Future is Dim

Kirk West posted today on Steffi and the prospects of him not getting a chance to actually run against Stephen Harper.
I posted a few pieces that weren't picked up by aggregators - Here on the questionable wisdom of Dion and here on his foolishness.
One point I make is that Dion must be flying on his own on the Lizzie May union - that there is no possible way that he would have been advised to do this by Canada's smartest political minds.
In essence, he has become a rogue leader - out there on his own, acting out against the guidance of those who are the real heart and soul of the LPOC. Most of these are Chretienites and have been around the block for decades and seen it all and won a lot more elections than they have lost.
They never liked the Martin / Chretien feud but had to go along with it given the power of those two leaders and their ability to translate this into electoral victories.
They do not have to support this Dion gambit.
Dion has no large constituency in the party, especially among its sharpest minds. He wasn't even a consensus choice, but rather the beneficiary of a deal with another pipsqueak.
So what's in his future.
I have heard from LPOC organizers that a Harper majority in the election will result in Dion staying on for a leadership race in 3-4 years. My post in December describes this. A minority Harper win will result in his resignation immediately with a leadership race organized for the fall.
The knives are definitely out - Rae and Iggy are both aiming for a do over, and Finlay and Kennedy are looking for seats to boost their credibility.
But will this result in a replacement prior to a Spring 2008 vote?
Can't see it - the damage to LPOC credibility would be even greater than what Steffi has wrought.
They'll have to grin and bear it and accept that it will be at least 2011 or beyond before they get a chance to loot the treasury again.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons - Duff & Newman Report - April 12

Sorry about last night - I had meetings stacked up and missed whatever I missed. Maybe nothing...
More Leopards, extended amnesty, usual bafflegab on Duff.
The Brawdcast - more deaths, more tanks, Dutch opinion on Afstan, Mugabe.
All sad about loss of men in Ghanni.
Wandering around the web come across story that 24 with Keifer is looking at an FLQ scenario for next year.
Duceppe doesn't like this - they use referendums not rifles, he says. What if they offer him a bit part? Think of him in a cute little beret with a cute little beretta.
Dawn Black NDP and Denis Coderre asked to slam the Afstan commitment - says minister has no credibility - that he's a farce. Calls General O'Connor a former arms dealer (Is this slander?) As far as credibility - Coderre marches with Hezbollah - who's not credible? Black calls it an escalation in the war. Yeah - so. She says we tragically lost 8 men - she grieves along with the family. Bullshit - the NDP are happy about it - gives them air time and something to criticize. People in Afstan need help .... Right - let's send over the NDP caucus to build the electrical system and roads. The only war she knows how to fight is the one she's having with her sanity. Compares Canadians to Russians in Afstan!!!
Just learned Dawn Black lives in Vancouver - that explains a lot - Olympics, Ice Storms, Floods?? That's what she wants an armed forces for? She's another ideologically bankrupt socialist.
Coderre says that he doesn't think that people believe that tanks are the answer - who gives a shit what "people" think?
Coderre says wants best equipment for troops (Black - we all want that) but not if it means that we're there til 2015. What goofs.
Alexa is heartbroken and devastated by deaths in Afstan, but, time to reflect on first week of extended mission and the irresponsible and reprehensible decision by Harper. In other words she says the soldiers were wasting their time and died in vain. NDPers continue to try to do to Canada what their socialist buddy David Miller and his minions are doing to Toronto.
Keith Martin has all the answers to Afstan, expects the Taliban to sit idly by while the Afghanis grow safe, fat and well infrastructured thant to the CCOD (Canadian Corps of Do-Gooders). Sure, Keith.
Amnesty extension to long gun bans. Joe Cromartin the lone commentator with Duff on amnesty.
Duff has had three speakers on - 2 NDP and 1 Grit - not a single conservative. What's this?? Allowing only the opposition voices to speak is fair and balanced? Joe talks about Dawson College as an example of need for registry, even though a banned weapon was used.
Dutch Defense Minister on Newman - He offers respect for Canadian losses and Canadian saving of Holland.
No frustration among Dutch for Afstan.
Duff on Strategy - Eliz May and Steffi Dion in love affair - Martha, thinks it's great Eliz loves Steffi - why isn't she running as a Liberal? Joy MacPhail - completely unseemly - voters hate backroom deals. Says she too conservative to be a Liberal. Trying to cut her losses in a stupid decision. John Reynolds - Elizabeth May, May not. Martha - Eliz shows Steffi a great leader. Reynolds - Belinda probably doesn't agree with her - and (Macphail) every time she says she likes Steffi, his support goes down. but then again, everything that happens sees his support goes down.
Jason Kenny - courting the ethnic vote - bafflegab on multiculturalism. Newman comments on conservatives comments on lack of integration. Blah. Click.
Duff on Thibault defection from Bloc - sign of internal problems, more likely to support government. Joy Macphail makes me smile - comments on defecting MPs might have better jobs to go to.
Back to Jason - lays out Conservative credentials on multicult. They're impressive.
John Baird at the zoo in Washington. Looks right at home.
Roger and Brian with Duff - effect of losses on military community - Ontario ombusman is going to comment on lack of grief counselling at Petawawa.
Grits to focus on strategic voting (ie Eliz May) - sounds like desperate measures. What happens to Grits in Central Nova? High risk strategy for Liberals, Steffi will have a lotta splainin to do. Boag thinks that Canadians want Eliz May on debates. Roger - real cost to Steffi for free ride for May.
Worst show in memory - not a single thing new or interesting.
Bring the House back early. We need QP. The Phony Election War has turned into a Pathetic cocktail hour of political television.
0/10 - I recommend that you don't bother reading this post.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alberta Aardvark Oughta Like This One

Anteater attacks zookeeper . . .
Shoulda left her chocolate covered ants in her locker.

Human Rights Watch on CBC

Audio will be available here tomorrow.

Quote 1
"Just because you are fighting a war on terror doesn't mean you can ignore human rights."

This statement by the HRW representative on The Current this morning will certainly go unchallenged (at least by the Ceeb). But the implications of this are immense. They include:
-- Freedom of Information: Any person who is subject to investigation for terrorist connections (even UBL) could demand that all files be released to them and they be notified any time investigation is conducted.
-- Freedom of Movement: Any person who has not been charged or convicted of a crime could demand that they have exactly the same rights of a passport as any 'innocent' person.
-- Habeas Corpus: Any person found in the act of conspiring to launch a terrorist event (911 sequel) could demand that he/she be immediately be given counsel and receive all accompanying rights.
I'm sure there are other examples.
While rights were designed to protect the innocent, they are being used as a tool of terrorists. They will take our strengths as a society and use them against us. Expect them to hire our countries' top constitutional lawyers to represent them.

I wonder if the HRW representative would agree if she had lost anyone in the World Trade Center?

Quote 2
"No one knows how much pressure is being applied (in Ethiopia) by the United States.
So, where's the story here. There is none unless the US is proven to be applying pressure.
Somalia is a new desired breeding ground for Al Qaida, after being booted out of Afstan and Iraq as training grounds. Should we wait until they're fully imbedded before taking action? I WANT my nation to work actively against those who are conspiring to chop off my head. Good on them, if it's true.

What Justin Trudeau Won't Do for Positive Attention

Seriously, while I am a partisan critic, I wish him the best with this act of humanity.

Martin's Pollsters to be Probed

Probed - I'd stay sitting down if I were them
The Star
OTTAWA–The Conservative government will launch an investigation today into alleged Liberal-era irregularities in taxpayer-funded opinion polling.[...]
... sources suggest it will have a narrow focus on the relationship between the Liberals and Earnscliffe Strategy Group, an Ottawa-based government relations and communications firm that had close links to former prime minister Paul Martin when he was finance minister.
This could be as noisy as Adscam.

This Gotta Be Left Over from April 1

The Star
Deputy city manager Richard Butts told committee members that pet waste can technically go into green bins, although there's an "outrageous amount of plastic and a limited amount of product" in most bags of
dog droppings
He should know.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Video from Baghdad

In case you didn't click the link on Joan Tintor

Evening Blue Lemons Duff & Newman Report - April 10

The Old Boys are Back
Looks like the same dam "news" they been giving us for 10 days. Election? Now? Later?
Duff opens with return of soldiers from Ghanni. "Have reopened the discussion". Denis Coderre - public supporter of terrorists - well qualified to speak on this. For the enemy.
Libby Davies says that some wars were worthwhile but not others. Only those that save the lives of Socialists, Libby? "Our thoughts go out to the families" . . . pshaw. The NDP morally bankrupt on this - playing anti-war but supporting the soldiers. Horseshit.
How many Canadians dead - 51. How many Jihad Yokels - about 2,000. Who's winning this war? We effin are. And no thanks to you Libby. You are a traitor to the memories of those men. They WANTED to be there. Who the hell are you and Taliban Jack to tell them their mission is futile and wrong?
The NDP want Canada to be as useless and gutless as the French and Germans.
So Denis was with some families of the troops in New Brunswick? On which side. Hezbollah?
Libby wants to jump in. She always wants to jump in. Opposition and growing skepticism. NDP IS irresponsible, to quote Coderre. They are truly useless. Very important questions, Libby? Yes. Why do we have an NDP party - even the unions have dumped you because you're so incompetent. They will continue to oppose mission. Peacedicks.
Newman has peacenik Michael Byers from LIU Institute - he says Iraq war's not lost yet but not looking good. Check out my "Black and Right" post for great commentary on this.
Political Agenda - MacCallum and Libby Davies - can't stand 5 more minutes of her and any more of him. Click.
Stephen Staples - Renowned Communist on Duffy. Why do they get this guy who has dedicated himself to destroying our society and economy on major media outlets.
MacCallum and Davies suggest that the Tories might declare passage of the amended Clean Air Act a lost vote of confidence if it is passed - that's a new one. But I predicted a month or two ago that this might happen - the governing party vote against a money bill.
Nik Nanos on Duffy - doesn't have anything new to say.
Margaret MacDermott reports on IPCC in Wonderland - Says a lot of talk about water rising, drought, bad storms, etc. Proof? No, but a lot of talk. got a great report from some new voices.
Gonna be less research done because THIS government is cutting funding (emphasis hers).
So the scientists have their funding cut and are really angry
so they're changing their forecasts for the end of the world
from 100 years from now to 2008.

I'm scared.
Should we spend $20 million on more science on global climate warming change research or on AIDS research or on food for starving people? The CBC will be the last to drop this line of bizarro world thinking.
Gerrard Kennedy on Duffy with Benoit and Ndip McGrath - Vimy and Ghanni compared - McGrath says Vimy Party fantastic but Ghanni deaths horrible. Deep.
Kennedy got his hair cut - much more low key and less partisan than in past. He musta been gotten to. Kennedy mentions a Dutch guy bringing a gift every year to thank Canada (likely Chretien's invisible homeless guy). Does Gerrard think the a million Tulips in Ottawa grow on trees.
Sensitivation?? Gerrard just invented a word.
Newman talking about US primaries - I guess even HE is bored with Canadian politics these days.
Little bit of chatter about an election.
LaRue back on Newman - now there's a politician for ya - got the boot from the LPOC and got 1.8% of votes for Toronto Mayor. Robin Sears and Rick Anderson. Election . . . How much can be said about so little.
Duff with Weston and Taber. Weston - Dion numbers really hurt. (I'm starting to feel sorry for the little guy - maybe that's his strategy.) Dion melting in every wage group for PM job - was number 2 in every other party. Dead heat in Green Party between Eliz May and Stephen Harper. Liberal unlikely to get any drift from any other party. Grits say Steffi is out on the road getting better known. Maybe that's why he's at 14%.
Did bad stories on Steffi Dion (Air Canada and Dion using Martin advisors) come from inside Grit party?
Could Martin advisors be Scott Reid and David Herle?
Why are loyal Liberals leaking to journalists? Have they given up hope?
Was no great merger of supporters at the Grit Convention - has to win back own party.
I got pissed off at Libby Davies - just am tired of their pissing, moaning and mewling. She's just the messenger and I don't really blame her. Okay, a little (lot).
I enjoyed the shows as had a little 4 day withdrawal.
But still, not much new and nothing great. 3/10