Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Liberals Announce New Virtual Campaign Nerve Centre!!

Does Cherniak Have a Job??
Referring to himself in third person recalls George Costanza.
The once proud Liberal Party of Canada has declined in credibility to the point where the best idea it has is to get a twenty-something sometime lawyer and fulltime blogger from Richmond Hill to craft and post half-assed videos on YouTube. See it here this site.
Gotta give JC credit for ambition - seems that this initiative is supposed to go head to head against the CPC Campaign Centre that he describes as "17,000 square feet and so expensive to maintain that the Tories will not even discuss the cost."
The poor and impoverished Grits, meanwhile, have to rely on "Liberal bloggers who make videos for free on their home computers."
Awww. The little party that wish they could. “The Liberal Party might not have enough money to spend on pre-election advertising, but that won't stop Liberal bloggers from fighting back."
I'm sure that the new service will be watched with deep interest by Tory observers.
Because evidently, this blog and this website are fully supported by the Leader of the Opposition, himself.
Thousands can't wait for the youthful admirer of WK to pop a wheelie and end up on his back like Robert McLelland did with the NDP.
Would any leader of any national party put their reputation in these hands?

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