Monday, April 09, 2007

A Shining Star in the First Nations' Firmament

This is leadership from November 24, 2004
Martin (certainly not Paul) comes to mind.
Why isn't Manny Jules leading an Aboriginal renewal like Martin Luther King did?
Is his star being hidden behind the cloudy skies of First Nations politics and Government of Canada fear?
I hope that in 10 years' time there is an option other than the Indian Act, that it has been replaced with First Nations-led legislation.
I hope that in 10 years there is no need for the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, that it has been replaced by First Nations institutions.
I hope that we are full participants in the Canadian economy, and our children have the same opportunities as other Canadian children.
I hope that we are no longer considered a social problem that costs all governments an extra $3.5 billion, and costs the economy $5 billion in lost productivity.
I hope we are part of the solution to rising health care costs.
I hope we can replace the lost productivity of an aging population.
I hope we can generate enough revenues from our economies to pay for our services.
I hope my children do not go cap in hand to another government for clean water, safe roads and good schools.
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