Thursday, April 05, 2007

Toronto Garbage Brownshirts in Action

I think most (likely all) of the BTs have very little desire to ever have to trust socialist politicians.
At best, in all cases they have proven to be incompetent. At worst, almost all totalitarian governments in history have claimed to be socialist - "peoples'" republic, national "socialists" etc.
Socialists want to control your lives in every possible way and give them all your money. Tell you what to drive, how to live, how to act, what to eat.

In Toronto, we have a garbage crisis. But rather than come up with a solution that takes into account the nature, needs and preferences of human beings, the socialists in control of the City of Toronto want to force residents to follow their commands on how things must be done. (Quotes from here).
"The city hopes to improve the numbers through education programs, but the report said that as a last resort bylaw enforcement officers (brownshirts ed.) could be given the power to issue tickets to people who don't recycle."
The old fascist solution - "re-educate", then "penalize".

Now what are Torontonians doing exactly?
Why, they're putting garbage in garbage cans.
But, you see, People are TOO Stupid to do what the socialists want them to do:
"We find, for example, that people relate to visual references more than words" on the recycling bins, he said.
They're even putting dog crap in garbage cans (where else would they wish it to be put)?
Dog droppings also are a major problem at city parks. One large, steel trash bin at Humber Bay Shores Park was found to have 7.2 kilograms of dog feces.
But, they have a solution for this, too...
It also says the city could require park users to carry pet waste out of the park with them.
So the best idea that the city socialists have for dog shit is to have dog owners fill their pockets with it until they get home.

For this, they're raising our property taxes by what they call "the inflation rate".
But, not the REAL inflation rate - that's about 1.8%
But by THEIR inflation rate - 3.8%.
Because you see their costs go up higher and faster than everyone elses.
So they need more of our money.
Because they are incompetent socialists.

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