Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman April 4

Weather has got me back doing my daily 5 pm thing.

Duff - Wait times, RCMP Pension Plan, MP Pensions
Newman - Wait Times - CPC has now fulfilled all election promises. Each province seems to have a different form of surgery to deliver. Makes a lot of sense if you think of it - Assembly Line Heart Surgery. I like it.
Tony Clement on both shows at once. Doesn't look his best in stereo.
Guests drone on, and on, and on. I think I need an ennuiological cyst excised.
Jack Layton does his computer training ad sideline thing on CTV.
RCMP on Duff - Why take from Sep 2006 to deal with now. Boris W from Etobicoke Kingsway on to blame the CPC for "blocking the Liberal ability to blow the lid off this". The Grits are trying to pin this on the Tories, Won't stick.
Newman - Ruby Dee, Steve Fletcher, Ruby once again gives the Grit Mantra "Canadians don't want an election, Canadians don't want an election..."
Penny Priddy (irritating as heck) am clicking before my head explodes.
Back to Duff - James Moore, Bill Siksay and Dom Leblanc.
NDP wants full judicial enquiry on RCMP. Me bored. Click.
Ruby lies on Childcare - Tories are sending $250 Mill. Went off message, made a list of about 10 things that the election will be about - official line is Environment, Economy and Social Justice - Read your notes Ruby.
Duff talks about MP pensions - Tom Wappell will be getting $113k/annum pension starting at 55. Lot lower than it would have been a dozen years ago.
What is Nancy Pelosi doing on my TV. My place is a Pelosi Free zone. Appears without hijab. She says that Israel will negotiate!!!! Does Israel know this??
Strategists again without Scotty Popcorn. Norquay and the first cute looking NDPer ever.
Still on RCMP. DUFFY mentions the Cherniak Train Wreck!!!!
NDP hack says that the videos talk more about the Jason than about Dion.
Now that Iggy has moved ahead of Dion, is Cherniak looking to do the same?
Newman has feature on Manitoba Election (yoohoo) - Syria to Manitoba - Truly global show.
Lessard and Travers on Newman - nothing much there.
Fife and MacCharles on Duff - Will see if youtube has any effect - maybe motivates workers. Fife calls liblog ads ridiculous, says Libs so broke that they get a buncha kids to put up crappy ads.
Reviews of Liblog stuff is mixed - somewhere between crappy and ridiculous.
Lessard says CPC are at 15 to 25 seats in QC.

Fife beats up Tories for voting at committee against RCMP officers appearing. Calls hypocrites. Duff says instructions came from above.
That's it. Among the worse nites in history.
A single point for Fife's review of Liblogs 1/10.

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