Saturday, April 07, 2007

One Person's Thoughts at Easter

I believe that George Bush is an American leader of heroic and historic proportions, battling those from outside and from within who would destroy the country that he swore to protect. Heroes don't always win, and he may not, but by keeping America's enemies in a war in the Middle East and increasing security at home he has saved the lives of countless Americans. Which is his first and most important job.

I believe that almost all Europeans and many, many Canadians and many Americans are envious of Americans and continually reveal their hatred of themselves.

I believe that Stephen Harper is the most effective and honest leader that Canada has enjoyed since Mike Harris.

I believe that my generation (born +/- 1960) was the last to have the system instill a love and commitment in the Canadian nation, its flag, its traditions and its values. I believe that younger Canadians who feel this pride and patriotism were mentored to do so by individuals.

I believe that radical Islamists are dedicated to the destruction of western values and the assimilation of western people under their control. I believe that non-radical Muslims are not making adequate effort to protest against this.

I believe that Canada would be stronger if government emphasized the commonalities of our people instead of our differences.

I believe that we Canadians do a horrible job in helping fellow Canadians who need food, housing, and self respect. I believe that the situation of Canadian aboriginals is one of the world's greatest failures of government.

I believe that Western society is far too distracted by celebrities and their vacuous opinions and is far too critical of those who strive for excellence in areas that matter.

I believe that socialism has been proven in every case to be an ineffectual and harmful political philosophy.

I belief that governments, in pursuit of the provision of equality, has created disparity, a victims class, and discouraged the pursuit of opportunity.

I believe that Jesus was born a man as the son of God, died for our sins, and was resurrected.

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