Monday, April 30, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman Duff April 30

Liberals and NDP Announce New Anti-War Coalition

Since the Friday show was definitely among the best since I'm been live blogging the shows, I'm back at it. Will be interested to see how they deal with the Afstan prisoner thing since it was discovered that it was actually Paul Martin who struck the deal with the Afghanis.
I think O'Connor deserves a break anyway (even some BT's have been tough on him). Think for a sec. He takes over the Defence Ministry in the middle of a war, responsible for a toothless armed forces that the previous administration had let decay, looking toward a much more ambitious response to defeat the enemy, in a minority government, and he is tortured by the opposition and media for not getting around to worrying about terrorist prisoners?

Duff - Tali-prisoners, NDP steals another document, Mackay in China, Justie T, BQ got new idea on separation
Newman - Tali-Jack on Afstan, Battle for Agenda
On Duff Lisa LaFlamme says that Kandahar leader says Canucks now allowed in to see detainees.
On Newman - Opps pushing to bring Clean Air Act to the floor of the House. Gun Bill gutted by Liberals, CPC to restore intent. Ralphie Hedgehog says CPC are nazi dictators who hate Canadians. Says Opp will focus on Harper not apologizing to aboriginals for behaviour in residential schools during years of Liberal leadership.
LaFlamme says Afghanis all know everything going on and glad that Canada did not vote to leave in 2009.
James Appathurai of NATO at meeting -- says NATO wants investigation, says the Afghans trying to apply human rights. Afghan is a country being built from scratch and have come so far in last 5-6 years. Lot of work to do - hard building justice system and jails.
Taliban Jack releases document on detainees in Persian Gulf. ONCE MORE THE NDP REVEALS PRIVATE DOCUMENTS IMPORTANT TO NATIONAL SECURITY.
NDP to sign off on Gun Bill to embarrass Grits. Ralphie says they are stinking communists and are moving amendments that will allow them to take credit for more things they never did and wouldn't do if in power.
When did Tali-Jack speak to Karsai when he explained how Canadians would surrender in an orderly manner? Oh yeah, when he was hanging up his coat in the check room when Karsai visited PMSH. Jack can't figure out why none of the other parties ever agree with him. Jack, maybe it's because you're a fool leading an incompetent party...
Newman has his Bobble-head Clean Air Act Panel on. These guys collectively don't have the charisma of PMSH. Enough said.
Newman spanks Jack Bad (but it's good) on Jack's sincerity and how he's faking it on Bill C-30 -- Crack, Smash, Crunch - Noise as Newman crushes Layton's credibility.
Whips on Duff -- NDP war motion being ignored (deservedly) by other opp parties. Redman hasn't coloured her hair for the last week or so. Why? Too busy? Too flustered? Have the Grits fired their image consultants and hair-dressers so as not to appear hypocritical? NDP dude can't figure out why no one agrees with them. Dude - it's because you're in an incompetent party with a fool for a leader.
"We did not do nothing" Bad grammar, Redman. Why didn't you do anything?
Newman on the Dauphin in Papineau. Duceppe says people are stuck with their family reputations.
PMSH beat up for delivering a federalist speech in Quebec.
Boisclair doesn't want a leadership review in 2008. Don't blame him, although knowing that he will lose it gives him a whole year to party around naked in the Assemble
Nationale .
Strategists on Duff -- Joy, Bernie and Gerrard Kennedy (caught in traffic YAHOO).
Joy says Gerrard should get a bicycle (do we know if he can ride one?)
Advice for the Dauphin - Joy says it will be interesting to see the opinion of ordinary Quebecers. Bernie says Dauphin will cause Steffi problems in rest of Quebec. Not a lot of French speaking Quebecers at Trudeau nomination - mostly new Canadians.
Damn. Gerrard is back. Gerrard gets congrats from Duff for stomping over a 3 time Grit winner in Sam Bulte and thereby do his part to spit on Steffi's promise to have 30% female candidates and thereby improve his chances of winning the leadership in 2008.
Newman Backroom Panel: Marceau, Smith, Norquay, Proctor. Newman is great, asks Proctor, "Do you think that the NDP motion will have any effect or do you think that Canadians aren't raving marxist lunatics and realize that Afstan is a war zone and barely out of the stone age." Norquay great - emphasizes that the CPC got stuck with agreement negotiated by Bill Graham. Emphasizes that we will not do what Steffi Dion suggested and bring the Taliban over here to open shishkabab houses.
Duff with Fife and Bellevance -- Battle of Quebec is between CPC and BQ with the CPC holding the upperhand. Fife says Harper has to get new Canadians and Women. Duff says "he's got a whole building full of people trying to figure out how to do that. Bellevance says Jewish community organizing in Outrement for CPC BIG NEWS - GRIT SEAT AT RISK.
Fife says that Jean Lapierre's seat could have been won by the Grits if they ran a fencepost. Duff says that, "some people say that they did." Way ya go, Duff.
Not a bad day - Newman was absolutely vicious on Layton for being a phony. Duff did the whole show with a glint in his eye and had a number of zingers.
The old guys did great.

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