Friday, April 20, 2007

Cut Off Their Money

The Mohawk 'nation' denies that they are Canadians and that they are not bound by Canadian law and that they have a right to shut down CN lines between Toronto and Montreal / Ottawa.
The blockade is associated with their claim of a quarry and condo site in nearby Desoronto. Interesting that the land they always claim has been developed by others into property of value. And that these protests are held on nice sunny weekends.
These acts of terrorism continue to almost eliminate any chance of any form of useful discussion between them and non-natives and our governments. Their actions harm the condition of ordinary people, in a manner much like Hamas and Palestinians.
Yet they continue to accept money from all levels of government - the budget of Indian and North Affairs averages out to over $35,000 per household.
Meanwhile a cowardly provincial government continues to selectively apply (actually not apply) the laws of Canada equally.
Clearly relations between them and us (they claim no affiliation with 'us') have broken down to a point where we (who they claim no affiliation with) should immediately cancel all planned or in process payments to any member or band of the Six Nations. Many of these terrorists are likely not born in Canada and do not live here.
Why should we fund an organization and membership that regularly commits terrorist acts against us?

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