Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I certainly hope that the USA is playing a guiding role

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There is a war against fundamentalist Islam in Somalia. Al Qaida is trying to infiltrate the local Islamists to build more support for their nefarious schemes. The United Nations have done nothing to help the brave Somalis out.
Then The Star reports on how Islamists are being interviewed by American security officials and includes the following paragraph:
But some U.S. allies have expressed consternation at the transfers to the prisons. One Western diplomat in Nairobi, who agreed to speak to AP only if not quoted to avoid angering U.S. officials, said he sees the United States as playing a guiding role in the operation.
The French and the Germans are too cowardly to do anything to stop Al Qaida. Neither of these cowardly nations give a flying fig if they piss off the Yanks.
The British are too cowardly to rescue their own kidnapped sailors.

So who's left. Maybe this was a Canadian (who else would worry about angering US officials?). Wouldn't bet against it.

Who are these "some U.S. allies" and who is this "Western diplomat"?
Why did The Star report such a serious statement without attribution?
Will the Government of Canada investigate this to see if indeed one of our representatives? We should. And send his ass to someplace he can do no harm. Maybe The Solomon Islands.

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