Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm coming back...

After 2000 blog posts, 490,000 words, over 3000 comments, I thought I was Lemoning out. Forever.
But forever never comes.
I had some really good Global Warming Disruptive Climate Change Content... And I'll repost. Soon as I figure out how...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scientists are Wrong on Global Warming

Thousands of scientists are on the record as concluding that AGW / Climate Change is caused by the actions of humans.

Thousands of other scientists are on the record as saying that this is horsefeathers - mostly that CO2 has never caused the climate to change and that variations are caused by the Sun.

One of these groups is wrong - they are not arguing semantics or minor items.

So scientists are wrong. Period.

In consideration of this, the scientific principal of "null hypothesis" needs to be brought to the table. Under this approach every theory is always considered unproven.
A theory can be "proven" a thousand times, but when a single tests proves wrong, then the theory needs to be discarded.

Since Man-created Co2 has risen faster than ever in history in the last 10 years, yet temperatures have slightly decreased or stayed the same (note there is no such thing as an average temperature) then the original theory is proven wrong.

Even commentators who support the man made Co2 theory have admitted as much by changing the whole theme to "Climate Change" from AGW.

One of the top IPCC experts is wavering, almost (Lorne Gunter):
But as Prof. Latif pointed out, the Atlantic, and particularly the North Atlantic, has been cooling instead. And it looks set to continue a cooling phase for 10 to 20 more years. "How much?" he wondered before the assembled delegates. "The jury is still out." (...)

While they deny it now, the facts to the contrary are staring them in the face: None of the alarmist drummers every predicted anything like a 30-year pause in their apocalyptic scenario.

Prof. Latif says he expects warming to resume in 2020 or 2030. "People will say this is global warming disappearing," he added. According to him, that is not the case. "I am not one of the skeptics," he insisted. "However, we have to ask the nasty questions ourselves or other people will do it."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This will save the world about as much as burying 150 pounds of raw meat...

Cobourg Union Cemetery has opened what is believed to be Ontario's first truly eco-friendly burial ground. Now people for whom environmental consciousness is a way of life can do their part to save the planet after death.
But I suppose if people don't want their descendants to find their gravestone and find out about the basketcase they're descended from, that's okay with me...


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Alarmist Predicting Catastrophes

Even Al Gore has toned down his severe weather / CO2 angle. Almost no one is saying that bad storms are tied to weather and almost no one is saying that anecdotes from today are related to Global Warming in the future.

We have not seen any weather affect from Global Warming because we have not experienced Global Warming - we're at about the same temps as a century ago - even the worst alarmists point to a very modest increase in temps. And they are careful to tell us that climate is not weather. So how can this commentator say with a straight face:
While storms of such severity are rare, one expert predicted that we should expect more extreme storms in the future.
"If you keep pushing the climate the way we're pushing it, don't think about getting `average' weather any more," said Queen's climatologist McCaughey.

Later in the paper there was this:

The average water temperature worldwide was 17 Celsius, according to the National Climatic Data Center, the branch of the U.S. government that keeps world weather records. June was only slightly cooler, while August could set another record, scientists say. The previous record was set in July 1998 during a powerful El Nino in the Pacific.

Meteorologists said there is a combination of forces at work: A natural El Nino weather pattern just getting started on top of worsening manmade global warming, and a dash of random weather variations. Already the resulting ocean heat is harming threatened coral reefs. It also could hasten the melting of Arctic sea ice and help hurricanes strengthen.

What is an average water temperature? Did they measure ever cubic foot of water? Or did they cherry pick places where they knew they would get data they could use? The oceans have a big effect on weather and climate because the Earth is mostly water.

And, again, there is no global warming (and even Al Gore isn't using that phrase any more).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One more time - there is no average global temperature - Turns out I was right...

Turns out I was right...

Batting average is simple - you take the total number of hits and divide it by the total number of at bats. You compare this years average with other years calculated in the same manner.
Global Climate average is not quite that simple to determine, in fact, it's impossible to find out, and its easy to fudge.
To have an accurate average global temperature, you would need to have the temperatures for every locality at exactly the same time using exactly the same measuring equipment in exactly the same way.
And to compare average temperatures, you would need to have studies for previous periods - preferrably over a long period of time.
Any other figure is imagined, or worse, more than likely taken from a selective sample of climate temperature record to "prove" a point.
I walk outside this summer, it is raining on 80% of the days, it is colder than I have ever seen it in my part of the world on this day. That's an observation. But that's about all we really got to go on.

And, one more time, the Climate Alarmists only have to be wrong once on the effect of CO2 in increasing temperatures. And they've been wrong for almost a decade - I encourage people to look back on my posts as far as their predictions and actuals. If the Alarmist predictors were paid according to their accuracy in predicting, they'd be a part of the starvation problem the world has, not a part of a Global Warming crisis that we don't.

Canaries in the Coal Mine or Bats in the Belfry?

Full Story Here
Researchers are pulling out all the stops to find whatever microscopic evidence they can to prove the world has a fever blister. Of course, they haven't discovered anything yet, and no they don't really have anything to compare their findings to, but that doesn't stop them from making the announcement:

So far, scientists haven't seen any plankton species go extinct, Nelson said from Barrow, Alaska, after a separate, two-week research voyage. But they are closely watching Pacific Ocean plankton found in the Arctic to see if they begin reproducing as sea temperatures rise.

"If a Pacific species was established in the Arctic, this would really be news," he says. "But we have not detected this yet. What could happen in this scenario is that, if the invader out-competes the native species, this could lead to fundamental changes in ecosystem function."

They're very creative, they've invented a net that traps the small beasties but lets the big ones go free. But the problem is, that we have had the same gradual change in climate that we have had for thousands of years. We haven't had any more global warming than normal. The Alarmists are talking about things maybe occuring over the NEXT 100 years.

If there isn't any warming, than what can they measure. Can they invent something else that can describe how these little monsters were affected with open waters in the arctic in the 50s?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Questions from A Climate Dummy - What if it IS about the Weather?

While I have read voluminously on Climate Change and AGW over the last 3 years or so, I remain a layman / dilettante.
I don't have a science education, nor the aptitude to really understand the science behind AGW, much less professional experience in the field.
I just have a BS detector the size of a funnel cloud, relatively good powers of observation and a more than middling level of curiosity.
So looking at the debate on "the biggest crisis in history" I mainly rely on whatever common sense my Mom gave me.
I believe in the power of anecdotes and observations, providing that they are put in context and considered for bias.
One observation that I have is that there are no valid temperature measurement data. Nothing is reliable over a longer term. Consistent technology to measure ice extension / contraction in the arctic is only 30 years old (although I know from pictures that the North Pole was liquid in the 50s and that Greenland was warm enough to raise sheep 1000 years ago and that the Thames was frozen a couple of centuries ago). I know that as many as 90% of surface temperature data are invalid thanks to Anthony Watts' research. And current sea temps are all based on new technology. And I think that surrogate data can be manipulated to prove any point. Furthermore, everyone insists on using "global average temperatures" which, of course, isn't a valid measurement (the entire earth cannot have an average temperature unless all temperatures in all places are taken all the time). Which is impossible and these data would still be skewed by time zones. And generally, the total amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is also a global figure, not a local one.
So all data having anything to do with Climate Change are compromised and useless as far as making policy.
Basically, my Spidey Senses reveal the following:
1. Big cities and urban areas are suffering the coldest summers in my lifetime as well as the worst winters
2. Remote areas (Northern Canada and Equatorial areas) are enjoying very hot summers
Consistently, both sides of this debate concentrate on "climate" rather than "weather". The Alarmist side (at least) do this, I think, to rebut observations that it is colder. They do not want to have "exceptions" (local coolness) direct public opinion rather than their "rule" - that the world is burning to a crisp.
I have read, that climate effects are based on "feedbacks" involving calculations that I am unable to understand. But the basic concept from the Realist side, I think from what I've read, is that increased CO2 leads to increased water vapour which results in cooler temperatures.
So, my question to experts, based upon my layman observation is this:
Might "the Weather" actually be more important to study than "the Climate"?
Is it possible that human caused CO2 has a greater effect on local areas (urban centres) where it is created and is most concentrated, than in areas where industrial activity and the release of CO2 emissions are nominal?
If my observations as a dummy are accurate (and I have no idea if they are valid), then the whole debate would change. CO2 would indeed become a pollution like NO2 that caused acid rain. And by putting the equivalent to catalytic converters in cars and scrubbers in chimneys this pollution can be eliminated in a few years.
What sayeth the Climate Experts out there.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lord Black Pipes in on Climate Liars from Jail Cell

No one has ever accused Conrad Black of being dumb, nor of being without opinion.
US courts found a way of throwing him in jail on criminal charges for what may still be determined by the US Supreme Court to be a mere tort, but he didn't get shut up.
Today in the National Post - which above all other national papers has taken on the challenge of rebutting the climate nonsense, Lord Black let everyone know that he may be jailed, but he has not been stifled:
It was at this point that I began to suffer glottal stops. Gaia is billed by its author as "a complex entity involving the Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system, which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet." This isn't a scientific formulation at all; it's just a cargo cult-level platitude counseling against excessive spoliation of resources.

Monday, June 22, 2009

US Open Proves Difficulty in Forecasting Weather

They even brought in Al Roker, the successor to the original Bozo the Clown Ronald McDonald (Willard Scott) as America's favorite weatherman.
All day long Thursday and Friday on NBC's US Open coverage consultation with the weatherman laureate was held to predict the chances of the tournament being completed.
The forecast was ghastly, Roker predicted waterfalls of rain for the entire weekend with only momentary absenses. He sounded like Noah in his pre-ark period.
All the punters changed their odds calculations to favour those hoary souls who came from northern climes like Sweden, Norway, Northern Island and Canada.
But guess what...
After that wild and wet first day, and an afternoon on Friday that saw a fair amount of drizzle, the weather has been terrific. And the players are carving up what was promised to be a monster.
And who's leading?? Guys from San Diego and South Texas.
With all the complexities of weather forecasting distilled down to looking at the radar maps to identify what the weather patterns were down wind from Bethpage Black, they still got it absolutely 100% wrong.
How can anyone take with a straight face forecasts of the climate or weather a hundred years or even one year from now?
Don't say that it is easier to forecast long term than hourly.
That defies common sense.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Australian Government Admits That Climate Models Wrong

From Climate Realists
"And regarding the accuracy of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's computer models, we were assured that better models were in the pipeline. So the minister's advisers apparently concede that the models that have guided preparation of the emissions trading scheme legislation are inadequate."
What more needs to be said.
Okay - I'll say it. A single government, locked by policy into following a carbon tax policy has admitted that they are making their drastic policy on the basis of a half-baked model that has been proven inaccurate in the past 10 years. This, alone, ought to give every one the shakes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Alarmists Manipulate the Media

Here's an outrageous email thread between a fascist environmental activist (Jo Abbess) and BBC environmental reporter, Roger Harrabin. Roger, you see, was daring to suggest that temperatures were not heating up fast enough to satisfy "Jo".

"Otherwise, I would have to conclude that you are insufficiently
educated to be able to know when you have been psychologically
manipulated. And that would make you an unreliable reporter.

I am about to send your comments to others for their contribution,
unless you request I do not. They are likely to want to post your
comments on forums/fora, so please indicate if you do not want this to
happen. You may appear in an unfavourable light because it could be
said that you have had your head turned by the sceptics."

Adjoining Towns With Drastic Temperature Differences

A comment on one of my posts introduced me to a brilliant new source of intelligent observation on the AGW fiasco, Grant Morton of Beijing. I've added his blog to my sidebar. To display the foolishness of the misuse of (bad) temperature data he compared average temperatures for towns a few miles apart and he discovered, (gasp) a four degree temp difference.
Somehow neither town has burned to a crisp, sunk into the ocean, or had any species disappear.

Credit: The Migrant Mind

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The AGW Debate is Over - Part Deux

The Truth is Out There
The Toronto Star is recognized as a left leaning (if not left toppled over) daily dedicated to all things that suck money out of one group of peoples' pockets and plunge it into the pockets of others.
They have never met a UN scheme they haven't liked and worship Gore and Suzuki as ancient Aztecs worshipped the sun.
In another case of unforeseen circumstances, overnight they published a story of how the Canadian Conservative government were paying lip service to climate change and they got an overwhelming response. COMMENTS
Here are a few samples:
With ice levels expanding rapidly and the number of scientists now poking more holes in Al Gore's theories than a sieve, why are we still talking about this. There is no Global Warming, in fact the earth stopped warming over a decade ago.

the ice caps on Mars are shrinking at a rate as great or greater than on earth (as documented by the European Space Organization and NASA), yet it would seem there aren't a lot of vehicles roaming the Martian surface.

ESA has studied the sun and has confirmed that a new cycle to warming temperatures began in 1850. Cycle lasts 500 years. Sunspot cycles are a 12 year cycle.

The climate is far too complex to make any ascertion that CO2 is the driver of climate. It's not. The sun is the primary driver of the climate.

AGW is a $50 BILLION hoax, the planet is NOT heating up, hasn't since 1998. Climate change is NORMAL with decadal and centennial cycles. Solar scientists have evidence that the sun is in a cooling phase for the next 20-30 years.
I would encourage CBL readers to contribute more facts, but they have shut down comments.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Global Warming Debate is Over

Just not the way that Al Gore and David Suzuki would like...
I find it hard to work up much high dudgeon about Anthropomorphic Global Warming / Climate Change anymore. There is just nothing left to say.
People who actually look at the facts come in only two categories: bought and paid for by money they make by trying to scare the bejeezus out of people about the climate, and those that say it's a load of hooey.
The most critical factor in the debate is the effect on man-made Carbon Dioxide on the climate. The supposition by the Alwarmists is that it leads to warmer temperatures. And all their formulae on future changes to the climate are based on higher levels of CO2 spewed by existing industrial economies and others that will soon join the club.
There is no evidence of this; it seems that historically CO2 did increase some centuries after warm periods, but not the other way around.
But the problem is that CO2 has increased steadily over the past decade, yet temperatures have not increased. Temps are at this moment almost exactly at the levels they were 100 years ago. There is no global warming, and any attempt to blame current famines or droughts on such a theory is disingenuous.
This means that all their fancy formulae are irrelevant and wrong.
Without that argument, they have nothing to say.
So it's over.
Polar Bears are doing fine, thank you. So well that they don't often come into town anymore to look for juicy pedestrians.The North Pole is frozen solid and surrounded by as much ice as ever been recorded. Even almost the entirety of two hot spots of focus on AGW (Antarctica and Greenland) are seeing the vast majority of their ice fields grow larger, not melting. And people in North America (the only ones that matter) have suffered through two consecutive bone numbingly cold winters and springs. I know - I saw You Think You Can Dance hopefuls in North Carolina, Memphis and Los Angeles wearing winter clothes when standing in line.
The leap away from logic is based on the belief that people are so stupid that they will trust Alwarmist rhetoric more than their lying eyes. But people are smart enough to know that having sun is good and not having sun is bad. Meanwhile, revelations on the expected economic costs of shelling out trillions to solve a problem that doesn't exist, will kill any real consensus that AGW exists and along with it any carbon taxing legislation.
So bye-bye Al Gore, David Suzuki and Jim Hansen.
You're no longer pulling any strings nor do you have any influence.
Good riddance. Take the tens of millions of bucks you fraudulently took from average people and get lost.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Global Warming Increases Winds AND Decreases Winds

Take your pick:

The wind, a favorite power source of the green energy movement, seems to be dying down across the United States. And the cause, ironically, may be global warming

As a result of stronger winds caused by global warming, seeds and pollen are being carried over longer distances.

Credit to Climate Skeptics

Monday, June 01, 2009

Society Now Victims of Barney the Dinosaur, Big Bird, Telitubbies and Peers

Remember about 20 years ago, young children's fascinations were turned away from activities that emphasized the importance of individuality and encouraged group think?
We used to play games that awarded the individual, from tag to hide and go seek, sports, war and even, (thought forbid) cowboys and indians (I liked playing in a feather head dress and being the underdog).
Then something that threatens our well being as a species occurred...
With demands from many hippie baby boomers for less war-mongering and more cooperation, Sesame Street and its ilk arrived on big media. Many of those hippie parents, fresh off protesting Vietnam, let their children be guided by foolish things that told them to cooperate and play nicely together with each other in the sand box.
About the same time, the children of many Baby Boomers entered the teaching fraternity, many of whom were made to feel guilty by being raised in privilege by their baby boomer parents.
End result, the entire paradigm shifted.
Many children became socialists (without even knowing who Karx Marx was, and not even being in the proletariat).
Now many of those kids are of voting age and and have reverted to being the hippies of their parents.
And these are the ones that are pushing the whole global warming fiasco that threatens to destroy western economies in the interest of following a bogus philosophy akin to a religion.
They have traded Barney the Dinosaur, for Al Gore the Bloated Buffoon and Big Bird for David Suzuki.
Can this status change?
When the Boomer Echo gets to age 40 or so, they will come to the realization that it is far more important to feed their families than to save the world.
But that might be another ten years down the road.
And then we'll see vast repudiation of all the global warming nonsense.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Toronto Sun Joins the Forces of Global Warming Scientific Fraud and Stupidity

Where the heck did this come from??
The "Special" is rife with inaccuracies, lies, overstatements and exaggeration.
Quick - Get Goldstein on the case.
Here's a few ridiculous statements:
"Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise."
-- If this is the case, then why are temperatures falling? Gore says that increases in CO2 results in temperature increases. This has never happened and is not happening now.
"Just a few years ago, scientists believed that the ice cap over the north pole would not disappear before 2075. But here too, reality is leapfrogging past models: Many now believe it may disappear by 2015."
-- The Ice Cap was liquid in the 1950's and there is now more ice at the pole than at any time since accurate measurements were taken (1979)
"Sea levels, already rising faster over the past decade, are expected to rise a meter by 2100. That's not catastrophic, of course, but it will create challenges for NB's coastal communities and those bordering river deltas - including Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John."
Only the most extreme alarmists talk in terms of a metre - The IPCC (extremist in itself) predicts between 7" and a foot - about the same as in the last 100 years. And Fredericton (which has had an annual flood of the SJ river as long as I've been alive, Moncton - which is 10 miles inland and has a river with a tidal bore - a daily 5 foot high increase in river depth and Saint John, which has a similar tidal effect are among the population centres least likely to suffer from increased sea levels. And Fredericton (which is near the author's home, is not on a "river delta" it's about 6o miles or so from the Bay of Fundy (which has tides as high as 50 feet).
"China is also getting serious about climate change."
Indeed... They're opening a coal fired generator plant every week for the next 10 years.

Carl Duivenvoorden is a graduate of a two year program at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, with a diploma in Farming Technology - hardly a credential that supports this article being published.

Unadulterated nonsense.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leftie Media Delusional

Just watching a doc called "Right America, Feeling Wronged". Helen Thomas, who was a cub reporter on Abe Lincoln's first Illinois state legislator campaign stated, "we still have never been told why George Bush invaded Iraq."
Actually, this is code for "George Bush still hasn't admitted that America invaded Iraq because his family and Ahmadinejad's family play croquet together and the Bushies got paid billions by the Iranis."
Actually, the reasons for invading Iraq were made clear to both Houses of Congress, both of which approved the event (including Hillary and Pelosi). It was to put into effect UN Security Council Resolution 1441, which called for Saddam to allow UN inspectors total freedom in looking for weapons of mass destruction.
I guess the old hearing hasn't worked so well since than Truman.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bush Attracts 6000 Fans and 100 Protestors

Despite promises of shutting Toronto down, only 100 pathetic protestors showed up at Toronto Convention Centre today to protest George Bush's conversation with Bill Clinton.
Link to News Story
The protestors are jokes. Calling Toronto Police criminals for not arresting the former President for war crimes.
Of course, GWB is guilty of nothing. He acted on a UN directive when the UN would not because it's filled with islamists and dictators. He acted exactly as Bill Clinton did in Bosnia. US actions in Iraq (including allegations of torture) were known by and approved by Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton among others. Bill Clinton committed the same "crime" in Bosnia. Obama is carrying forward almost all of Bushes foreign policy initiatives.
The anti-war protestors showed up by the dozen, the AWOL former US military cowards in the singles, a single antidisestablishmentarian was there, and of course, various and sundry Marxists and Communists some of whom are Toronto City Councillors.
It's good to see.
If only all these wastes of skin would always stay home the city and the world would be much better.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why is Global Warming Issue Divided Along Political Lines?

A couple of days ago I posted and fisked an MSNBC panel with two Congressmen moderated by Chris Matthews on Climate Change / Global Warming. I highlighted outright lies and mis-statements by Matthews and Democrat participant Jim Moran.

If you didn't check it out you can here.

One point on which Moran was most loud was that the reason California Republican Dana Rohrabacher was opposing the Man is Evil story is because it is GOP strategy.

This has become the standard for debate on the issue (which the Man is Evil group doesn't allow). Liberal/Democratic media (WashPost, CNN, NY Times) outlets preach the Gore Gospel while Republican media (small in number) reveal the lies (WashTimes, WSJ, FoxNews, Rush).

To determine the reasons why this takes place, all one has to do is look at the polar differences that exist between the two political camps.

Democrats believe in Government's supremacy and ability to solve all problems. conservatives believe that government is a hindrance to human growth and development that can only come from individual initiative.

Democrats believe that mankind is fundamentally weak, selfish and nasty and need a good spanking while conservatives think that if mankind is unfettered more good will result than bad.

PJ O'Rourke explained some time ago that everyone wants to save the world while no one wants to help Mom do the dishes.

Democrats believe themselves cheerful and nice and love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, and are largely humanist, without faith in a higher being. Democrats believe in fairy tales and Santa Claus. Conservatives believe in God and that he is mighty and serious and will show his wrath in the hereafter if we do wrong.

The thing is, as PJ O'Rourke put it, Santa doesn't really exist.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Why the "Scientific Consensus" of Thousands of Scientists is a Fraud

In 1996 the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Second Assessment Report was released, and I was listed as one of approximately 3000 “scientists” who agreed that there was a discernable human influence on climate.
I was an invited reviewer for a chapter dealing with the economic impact of sea level rise on small island nations. In keeping with IPCC procedures, the chapter was written and reviewed in isolation from the rest of the report, and I had no input into the process after my review of the chapter draft. I was not asked if I supported the view expressed in my name, and my understanding at the time was that no evidence of a discernable human influence on global climate existed.


How Good a Forecaster is the IPCC?

#2 in a series - If James Hansen doesn't but the IPCC does invite you to invest with them, run for your life.
IPCC temperature predictions against actuals.

From Jo Nova

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chris Matthews Smacked: Lies Like a Cheap Rug

Climate Realists today posted a video of once prospective Democratic Presidential Candidate & resident MSNBC loudmouth Chris Matthews and Virginia Congressman Jim Moran ganging up on California Representative Dana Rohrabacher on whether or not we humans are responsible for AGW, Climate Change or the Climate Crisis (whatever the Alarmists are calling it today).

Here's a link to the entire video. Matthews, not surprisingly, does an astoundingly partisan and biased job of "moderating" while rep. Moran spews lie after lie taken from the Alarmist prayer book. All comments made by the Alarmists are puff - statements without any supporting facts. They resort to portraying climate realists as science hating Christian republicans who are acting for political reasons. It serves well as a case study of the Alarmist message. The great news is that partisanship such as this has made Realists ramp up their responses with highly credible facts in response.

Following is my "fisked" version of the video revealing the lies that we are continually bombarded with in an attempt at discrediting facts.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick, Someone Tell Al Gore

The hottest May 17 on record was clocked in at 34.4C in 1962. The coldest was in 1983 when temperatures dipped to -1.6C.

Now Who Exactly Would the Environuts Prefer to Have Dominate the Planet?

... the Kingons? the Borg?? Dinosaurs?? Cockroaches?? Democrats??

Friday, May 15, 2009

How Suzuki, Gore and All Would Have US (not them) Live - and Freeze

Troy's celebrated solar house left in dark
Facility touted as next big thing still shut
Shawn D. Lewis / The Detroit News
Troy -- It was supposed to be a shining example of the green movement -- a completely independent solar-powered house with no gas or electrical hookups.
Seven months ago, officials gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the $900,000 house owned by the city of Troy that was to be used as an educational tool and meeting spot.
But it never opened to the public. And it remains closed.
Frozen pipes during the winter caused $16,000 in damage to floors, and city officials aren't sure when the house at the Troy Community Center will open.
"It's not safe right now, and there's no estimated opening time because it depends on when we can get funding," said Carol Anderson, director of the city's Parks and Recreation Department.
That surprised the Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Department, which advertised tours of the house for its Tuesday Oakland County Green Summit.
"No, I didn't know anything about it," said Steve Huber, spokesman for county planning.
Bret Rasegnan, planning supervisor for the department, said the solar tours have been removed from the finalized agenda for the summit.
"It is disappointing that we can't tour, but the summit will still be of great value. I don't think it's reflective of the technology."
Lawrence Technological University, with help from DTE, mostly paid for the building. Its students built the 800-square-foot home, which was supposed to be livable year-round, free from the grid and churn out enough solar power to support a home-based business and electric vehicle.
So what caused the flood?
The city says it was a mechanical problem. University officials heard it differently.
Jeff Biegler, superintendent of parks for the city, said the flooding occurred from a glitch in the heater.
"The system was designed to kick a heater on to keep water from freezing," Biegler said. "The heater drew all reserve power out of the battery causing the system to back down and the pipes froze."
Joe Veryser, an associate dean of architecture at the university, said he heard otherwise.
"What I heard repeatedly was that somebody turned off the breaker during the winter and forgot to turn it back on, which caused the pipes to freeze and then break."
Original Story Here
Hat Tip to Ron from Kelowna at SDA

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Good a Forecaster is NASA's James Hansen?

This graph is from a video available at Gore Lied.
It compares NASA Alarmist James Hansen's forecasts of temps in subsequent years made in 1988, to the actual temps.
If he ever invites you to invest with him on something, do the exact opposite.

New Re-Education Program for Weatherpeople Who Doubt the Alarmist Gospel

I read about this program (offered by a cutely named organization called "Comet") at this site
So I took the test - it is totally transparent with all questions leading to one answer which is based upon incorrect assumptions drawn from faulty data (ie the whole alarmist spiel.
More nonsense from the Alarmist Propagandists.
Here are my answers:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Long Would the Earth Survive if the Sun Went Dark?

The Alarmists make it their gospel that the Sun is not a key contributor to "Global Warming". Ergo, then Quad erat demonstratum,etc. then if the Sun were to disappear, we would live happily to a ripe old age as a species. No? Or is my logic bad...
Link. You're right. If the sun went out, the Earth would freeze over very quickly. However, human technology (warm clothes, houses, and burning things for heat) would probably keep many of us alive long enough to starve to death.

The Sun warms the Earth's atmosphere by about 15 degrees C per day. That amount is offset by infrared radiation, which cools the planet by the same amount. If the sun were to turn off, the cooling would continue, and the atmosphere would drop to freezing in just a few days.

However, the warm water of the oceans represents a very large storage of heat. As the atmosphere cools, the oceans would give up this heat. My calculations suggest it would take about three months for the oceans to begin to freeze.

In the meantime, the air over the oceans would be much warmer than the air over the land (since the oceans are giving up heat, but the land isn't). This means it would be warmer if you lived on a coast, but the temperature difference will create violent superstorms there.

Humanity has a few months' worth of oil and gas in storage: assuming the horrible weather prevented oil transportation, we could probably keep warm for a few months before freezing to death. Our reserves of food vary wildly depending on the country, but we generally keep more food around than fuel (because you can only harvest grain for a short time every year). So we're more likely to freeze to death than starve. The United States, with its large reserves of oil and food, its effective transportation system, and its temperate climate (most houses have heating systems), would probably last longer than most. However, billions worldwide would probably die in the first couple of weeks.

Good thing this will never happen!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greenhouse Gas Hypothesis Violates Fundamentals of Physics

hat tip to anonymous reader
by Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Thieme
The relationship between so-called greenhouse gases and atmospheric temperature is not yet well understood. So far, climatologists have hardly participated in serious scientific discussion of the basic energetic mechanisms of the atmosphere. Some of them, however, appear to be starting to realise that their greenhouse paradigm is fundamentally flawed, and already preparing to withdraw their theories about the climatic effects of CO2 and other trace gases.

At present, the climatological profession is chiefly engaged in promoting the restriction of CO2 emissions as a means of limiting atmospheric warming. But at the same time, they admit that the greenhouse effect - i.e. the influence of so-called greenhouse gases on near-surface temperature - is not yet absolutely proven (Grassl et al., see: http--www.dmg-ev.de-gesellschaft-aktivitaeten-pdf-treibhauseffekt.pdf ). In other words, there is as yet no incontrovertible proof either of the greenhouse effect, or its connection with alleged global warming.

This is no surprise, because in fact there is no such thing as the greenhouse effect: it is an impossibility. The statement that so-called greenhouse gases, especially CO2, contribute to near-surface atmospheric warming is in glaring contradiction to well-known physical laws relating to gas and vapour, as well as to general caloric theory.

The greenhouse theory proposed by the climatological fraternity runs as follows: Outgoing infra-red radiation from the earth’s surface is somehow re-radiated by molecules of CO2 (mainly) and also O3, NO2, CH4 in the atmosphere. This backradiation produces warming of the lower atmosphere. To convince the public of the greenhouse effect, composites of temperature measurements since the 19th century are exhibited that show a certain warming. Measurements of the CO2 content of the air also show a rise in recent decades (Note CO2). Climatologists then claim that the CO2 rise has caused the temperature rise (see: http://earth.agu.org/eos_elec/99148e.html).

A second source of misconceptions about the relation between temperature and the CO2 content of air arises from an erroneous explanation of conditions on the planet Venus. The Venutian atmosphere is 95% CO2, and its near-surface temperature is approximately 460oC (see also: http://www.uni-erlangen.de/docs/FAU/fakultaet/natIII/geol_appl/klima1.htm ). What climatologists overlook is that atmospheric pressure at the surface of Venus is 90 bar, and that it is this colossal pressure that determines the temperature.

Strict application of physical laws admits no possibility that tiny proportions of gases like CO2 in our atmosphere cause backradiation that could heat up the surface and the atmosphere near it:

Complete Report here

Monday, May 11, 2009

IPCC "Author" Says Politics Should Stay out of it... Sure...

Globe and Mail
University of Victoria climatologist Andrew Weaver, another lead author of past IPCC reports, said politics should be kept at a distance from these boards. He also said it is "very disturbing" that people who dispute global warming are making strategic decisions on scientific research.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Proof That Al Gore Doesn't Even Believe Himself . . .

There are lots of reports on how Al Gore acquired another residence - a condo in San Francisco.
Well, his Condo is at the St. Regis on 3rd between Mission and Minna.
I dug around a little bit and found an interactive tool that allows specific spots on the map to be evaluated for sea level effect due to Global Warming.
Want proof that Gore isn't too worried about his 20 foot sea level increase promise?
His building is in one of the areas he expects to be claimed by the sea.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just Another Day in the Life of Al Gore Battling Global Warming in A Cheap Tuxedo

fist tap to reader Marathon Man - way better title than mine

I know this is an oldie - but it's still a goodie that new readers should get to enjoy.

Alarmists Admit Defeat - Intro New Public Relations Strategy

Our UK friend Ranting Stan broke the story a couple of years ago about how the climate alarmists had an organized strategy to manipulate public opinion on climate change. Subsequently, CBL was able to connect this to Hoggan Public Relations/Desmog Blog and their conjoined twin, David Suzuki.

Now the New York Times has the updated communication plan, and as the Spinsters Eco-America reports, the Alarmists PR campaigners are admitting defeat:
The days of hunches and rough ideas on how to engage Americans on climate are slowly fading. We used to think that being climate agnostic was a state of ignorance. We now know it is a decision based on social norms and trust. And it’s not just mainstream Americans who are confused. From Bill Gates to Warren Buffett to Steve Jobs, many of America’s best and brightest leaders have other priorities. They are skeptical about the degree of the climate crisis and of proposed solutions. Many environmentalists, in turn, are skeptical about the necessity and even the potential of engaging them.
The Times describes the way that the Spinsters are looking to move the cheese - change the lexicon to avoid the tired old scaremongering banshee screeches of Gore, Suzuki, Hansen, et al. Here's a synopsis (with a little embellishment from CBL):

What they Used
to Say
What they want people
to say instead
What it Really Means
Global Warming Climate Change The cold weather is proving that Global Warming is bogus. Let's use a phrase that covers all possible weather outcomes.

Carbon Dioxide

Abandon the dirty fuels of the past.
Sheeple have come to the realization that CO2 is actually a benign and beneficial gas that has only a teeny affect on climate.
Carbon Dioxide Our deteriorating atmosphere.
Let's go back to the Pollution meme - it worked and we managed to close down hundreds of plants along the Great Lakes

None Shared American ideals, like freedom, prosperity, independence and self-sufficiency, Our ideals like control over others, more money in our pockets, wealth transfer and group think
Cap and Trade Cap and cash back We get their money and they think they're doing something good.

Cap and Trade Pollution reduction refund We get their money and they think they're saving the world.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Animation of Monthly Sea Ice - Last 30 Years

Yes - there is more now than then.
Aprils From 1979 to 2009

Another Feckless Forecast From The Far Side

It has become almost comedic to see those who are convinced (and are getting bloody rich in convincing others) that the world has "a fever" when everyone is freezing their extremities. One of the most hilarious comedy series on display is the Catlin Arctic Survey whose mission is to prove that the Arctic is melting. They are, and have been for more than a week, stuck living in their tents, in terrible freezing weather.

And Arctic ice is thicker than it has ever been (since satellite measurement began in 1979).

Meanwhile, it looks like all the Polar Bear Alarmists are on the run and not so confident that all the big white woolly beasts all drowning:
There remain only an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 Polar bears [note: they forget to mention that this is the greatest population of PBs in history} distributed around the north pole, in territories belonging to the U.S. (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Denmark (Greenland), and Norway.
The Polar bear needs sea ice to hunt for seals, and hence to survive (Derocher et al, 2004; Stirling & Parkinson, 2006). Dramatic reductions in sea ice coverage (IPCC,2007) are projected across the whole Arctic in the near future.
I had been led to believe by Al Gore et al, that they were all drowning and starving already...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Nicholas Stern on CBC - Not Sure the World Really Has a Plan

Link is corrected: Listen to the whole interview here...
But despite all the talk about cooperation and commitment, he's still not convinced that the world really has a plan. So he has come up with one himself. The result is a new book. It's called The Global Deal: Climate Change and The Creation of a New Era of Progress and Prosperity. And Nicholas Stern was in our Toronto studio this morning.
I'll let him in on a little secret...
The World - if "the world" is defined as a collection of nation states with rulers that actually have to make decisions that affect their peoples' well-being and their likelihood to take out pitchforks if things go bad - don't have a plan and won't have a plan.
Because they simply have no desire to blow the progress they have made over the last many hundred years on someone's lame brained scheme.

His lame brained scheme as revealed in his new book (which is already discounted by 1/3 on Amazon) and reported on CBC this morning, saving you another 2/3 of the price of the book is this - the western developed countries mucst reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 80%.

Came across this report today that describes what an 80% reduction in CO2 looks like. It looks like 1862:
The Civil War was raging. Nine of ten Americans were farmers (versus 2% today). The industrial revolution was in its infancy. Malaria halted construction on the Washington, DC aqueduct. Typhus and cholera killed thousands more every year. Life expectancy was 40 – half of what affordable hydrocarbon, hydroelectric and nuclear power helped make it today.
So no, Nick. Nobody's gonna do anything about it. They will let Al Gore make his billions and you your millions, but will do absolutely nothing. Cause they live in the real world, not in your wet dream.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Last Word on Gore Creating the Internet - pssst - he didn't

Just Came Across this in Wired from 1999 HE IS SUCH A LIAR!!!
Then came the kicker: "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Preliminary discussions of how the ARPANET would be designed began in 1967, and a request for proposals went out the following year. In 1969, the Defense Department commissioned the ARPANET.

Gore was 21-years-old at the time. He wasn't even done with law school at Vanderbilt University. It would be eight more years before Gore would be elected to the US House of Representatives as a freshman Democrat with scant experience in passing legislation, let alone ambitious proposals.

Al Gore is Such a Liar.... His "Carbon Offsets" not so Green

A lot of talk lately is wondering how Al Gore can have a net worth of 100 mill, yet claim to have donated all his profits from his ecotistical Global Warming campaign to non-profits. Everyone knows he's lying.
Lately, the story is how he buys his carbon offsets from a company he himself owns.
This is old news, posted in many places a year and a half ago.
But what we did when we first heard the story was check out the recipient and found out that regardless of what they claim to do, what they don't do is invest in green things.
We published the following in December of 2007.

The Chairman of Generation Investment Management is Al Gore. Others have reported how in essence, Al Gore is therefore buying Carbon Offsets from himself.

However, the other big story is that is that GIM is not in the Carbon Credits Business!!
Al Gore's Carbon Offsets are being invested in banks, manufacturers (even a few polluters in the bunch). His GIM is purely an investment company that owns shares in the following companies (not a green company in the bunch and none that plant trees or develop windpower sites).
Aflac Inc - Insurance
Aquantive Inc - Digital Marketing
Autodesk Inc - Cad Systems
Becton Dickinson - Medical Supplies
Blackbaud Inc - Fundraising Software
General Electric Co - Conglomerate
Greenhill & Co Inc - Investment Bank
Johnson Ctls Inc - Engineering
Laboratory Corp - Gene Testing
Metabolix Inc - Bio-Plastics
Northern Tr Corp - Bank
Nuveen Invts Inc - Investment Bank
Staples Inc - Office Products
Sysco Corp - Restaurant Food Products
Techne Corp - Biotech Testing Products
Ubs Ag - Bank
Vca Antech Inc - Animal Hospitals
Waters Corp - Lab Testing
Whole Foods Mkt Inc - Food Retailer

I was not surprised to learn this...

It Was Only a Matter of Time - Swine Flu Caused by Climate Change

According to Steven Sanderson, head of the Wildlife Conservation Society, “even minor (climate) disturbances can have far reaching consequences on diseases”. He added, “The term ‘climate change’ conjures images of melting ice caps and rising sea levels that threaten coastal cities and nations, but just as important is how increasing temperatures and fluctuating precipitation levels will change the distribution of dangerous pathogens”.
What is particularly special about this attribution is that both of these fearsome things are bogus. 160 deaths is a slow murder week in Mexico. And thousands of folks die every year from the Flu. What's special about this one. Last I heard, it's so mild it's hard to know if you even have it. And anyone with half a clue knows that the climate changes all the time (but not all that much to cause any harm).

I guess it can be added to the list of thousands of other things that are caused by AGW

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who's the Global Warming Expert - Ashley Judd or Fred Singer?

This morning I noted in the local Daily how Ashley Judd is fighting Global Warming because she had seen signs of same on her Tennessee farm. (This despite the fact that Global Warming has not occurred - it is only forecasted to be likely to occur).Temps have increased by less than 1% in the last 100 years.

I wondered if lithesome Ashley, best known for being cute got more or less attention for her statement about AGW then, say, one of the absolute experts on the topic. At the University of Kentucky, she majored in French and minored in anthropology, art history, theater and women's studies.

Fred Singer (note - can't use wikipedia for his Bio because his entry is corrupted by a Wiki editor who is with the Green Party.)
"Singer received a B.E.E in Electrical engineering from Ohio State University in 1943; an A.M. in physics from Princeton in 1944; and a Ph.D in physics from Princeton in 1948. [1] He received an honorary Doctorate of Science from Ohio State University in 1970. [3] "As a reviewer of IPCC reports, he shares the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore."

Guess who has received more "News" items associated with AGW.
I bet you already know.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dicaprio and Lenin Separated at Birth

Beyond the obvious likeness between the weakass actor who wants to be really rich while all of us are really poor and the weakass communist who murdered tens of millions of people . . . is this. He gets an award from a successor to Vladimir Ilich Lenin.
It's actually kinda funny.
Did he walk to the ceremony or take a private jet.

What is April 22nd?

Earth Day.
Lenin's Birthday.
Of course not - those who would have us give all our wealth to them like Lenin a lot.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Star Shows Purpose of Earth Day

They have an "Entertainment" Reporter covering the story:

Global Warming?? Where?

April is a key month for me.
I was born on April 8 and golf season has promise of actually starting.
Over the course of my fifty odd years (and reportedly cooling and warming periods) not once have I been able to play golf on my birthday.
Not even in 1998 when we were basking in the warmth of el Nino.
Although every year I look to be able to do so.
This tells me something simple - that climate hasn't significantly changed.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Does Obama Have Any Idea What He Is Doing Here?

Could you imagine Bush (either) smiling with Saddam, Clinton with Milosovic, Reagan with Khomeini, Carter with Arafat (okay they were buddies), Kennedy with Castro, Eisenhower with Kruschchev, Truman with Toto, Roosevelt with Hitler?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lush Saving Seals

Lush is one of those mall stores that you smell long before you see.
A toxic, loud cloying odor that would frighten away honey bees.
But my lovely girl really likes it for its "Bombs" (I rake the flower beds when she's soaking in it".
But blessing of all blessing she is.
At the Eaton Centre, we smell the store while about 1/4 mile and make the trek.
There's a big sign, "SAVE THE SEALS". Kate walks in, picks out her bomb and is asked by a young thing if "she would like to contribute to saving the seals?"
Kate scowled and said, "no, I came to buy cosmetics."
The poor young thing looked like a petard was hoisted right in front of her generous, but young nose. (I wondered how someone with such an untrained and prominent probiscus could work in such a smelly place.) My girl came back and said, "damn, I wish I had my fur coat."

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanna Know How Absolutely Whacky the United Nations is???

Click and see who they hired.
Tells you all you need to know about that obsolete collection of elitist socialist assholes.

Toronto Earth Hour Big Time Flop

Click to expand - Darker??? Only CN Tower. Everything else looks alit to me - saving the lives of hundreds of birds.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Star Reader Wants Secret Enviro Police

Sorta like they have in Cuba but with colder weather.
Perhaps we need to have neighbourhood wardens, like the air-raid wardens we had during World War II, who knocked on doors to remind offenders to shut off their lights.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toronto Star Features "Skeptic"

From the Man Bites Dog section...
At the core of the climate debate, Dyson says, is "a deeper disagreement about values" between those who think that "nature knows best" and that "any gross human disruption of the natural environment is evil," and "humanists" like himself who insist that protecting the existing biosphere is not as important as fighting more repugnant evils such as war, poverty and unemployment.
He cares little for the preservation of wilderness. Humans, he says, have a duty to restructure nature for their survival and must not apologize for doing so.
But maintains the hammer in the conclusion:
Humans can't keep increasing consumption and avert climate change. We must conserve and shift to low-carbon technologies, and help others – China included – do the same.
But consider the source.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frum Nails it....

David Frum in National Post
But for many environmentalists, the whole point of the exercise is to change those lifestyles, to supplant the culture of consumption with a Birkenstock republic. For them, the high cost of wind and solar power is a feature, not a bug.
For these environmentalists too, opposition to nuclear power — regardless of its practical merits — is a foundational ideological principle. (They do not much care for hydro either — it was the fight against the Hetchy Hatchie power dam that transformed John Muir’s Sierra Club from a ramblers’ society into a political lobby.)
Make no mistake, people. Environmentalism is a socialist movement aimed at taking your money and giving it to others.

On March 28, from 2030 to 2130 Celebrate Human Achievement

Look at what we have done by harnessing light and power:

ht Gore Lied, Credit Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Alarmists want us to sit in the dark.

Earth Hour - Bigger Joke Than the Leafs . . .

2009 Update - Bjorn Lomburg: Aussie's Water Down Requirement
In Australia last year, Earth Hour's organisers required participating businesses to pledge to reduce their emissions by 5 per cent during the following year. This year, that requirement has been dropped.
(That's maybe why the picture below doesn't actually show much by way of Darkness in Sydney Harbour - businesses actually had to make a commitment...)

And Malaysia??

From Last Year: How important does the Toronto Star think this "Earth Hour" thing is?
Important enough for FOUR front page stories...
And when I look at the picture of a dark Sydney Harbour, what do I see? Well, lights.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Greatness of Democracy - AGW Debate Won by Realists

It's been well said by others how eCotistical Civil Servant and AGW Alarmist, James Hansn regrets that we have a system of democracy which prevents him from chaining us all up in a gulag, to wit:
From Salt Lake Republic: "Hansen said "The democratic process doesn't quite seem to be working"."

Hansen knows that once Obama's Green Bill to Destroy All American Jobs is brought before Congress that it will be trimmed back to something like restricting children under the age of 16 from driving cars.
That Dawg not got no teeth...
He also knows that few congressmen, especially those facing re-election in a mid-term election in a year and a half, are going to put their name to a bill that will threaten jobs.

But, that's not a big deal. The Realists have won. The Alarmists have been defeated. Why?

Well, Gore did buy his bayside condo, and is spewing carbon dioxide like no body else in the world. And, no government in the world is actually DOING anything about Global Warming. If they don't take it seriously, why should anyone else? And as far as politicians:
They may be paying lip service, but they know a scam when they see one.

They are also at least as crafty as the Ecotistical Awarmists in knowing that there will be no consequence of their action in their term of office. They cannot be accused of the earth frying (as if it is going to), nor can they be held accountable when the climate has not catastophically changed in 100 years.

So we Win!!!!
And the world is far better for it.

Suzuki Propaganda Agency Funded by Proceeds of Illegal Activity

Desmog Blog is part of a highly organized and well financed public relations program to continue the money train for David Suzuki and his ideological brothers and sisters dedicated to the destruction of western economies. It's team of full time bloggers try to slander and take down every person or scientist who criticizes their specious theories.

Lately, on Joanne Nova's Blog the old name John Lefebvre has again come up. There is another strong PR campaign out there protesting the smearing of Lefebvre. Well, telling the truth is not smearing. Lefebvre is recognized as a founding contributor of Desmog Blog and he pleaded guilty to getting his money illegally, to wit:

First - his blog work on Desmog:
Here is a collection of Blogs on Desmog Written by John Lefebvre

Second, Desmog Blog Confirms Receiving Funding From Lefebvre
Presumably, as Lefebvre doesn't have any other job except "conspiracy to conduct illegal gambling transactions", then Desmog Blog is at least partly financed by illegal activity.

Third, Lefebvre Pleads Guilty July 10, 2007
John Lefebvre, the co-founder of financial transaction service company Neteller, today plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to conduct illegal Internet gambling transactions. Lefebvre is the co-founder of Neteller along with friend, Stephen Lawrence. Lawrence was the first to plead guilty to the same charges last week.
Fourth. Macleans writes about him.
Evidently, still has lots of cash to invest in AGW propaganda
Both Lefebvre and Lawrence pleaded guilty in July 2007, avoiding further jail time. “I’m out on bail,” he says, his plea bargain contingent on assisting the FBI “to understand how the business works.” The company and its two founders were also hammered with substantial fines. “Between [Lawrence], myself and the company, we forfeited $240 million. My portion of that was $40 million,” says Lefebvre. “That’s a lot of given’ away money.” Asked if he’s still solvent, he chuckles. “I’m fine,” he says.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Climate Stupidity is as Climate Stupidity Does

They didn't figure on the old zooplankton ate my research study problem.
Climate scientists admit defeat in ocean experiment - Indian and German scientists have said that a controversial experiment has "dampened hopes" that dumping hundreds of tonnes of dissolved iron in the Southern Ocean can lessen global warming.
The experiment involved "fertilising" a 300-square-kilometre (115-sqare-mile) area of ocean inside the core of an eddy -- an immense rotating column of water -- with six tonnes of dissolved iron.
As expected, this stimulated growth of tiny planktonic algae or phytoplankton, which it was hoped would take out of the atmosphere carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas blamed for climate change, and absorb it.
However, the scientists from India's National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and Germany's Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) did not count on these phytoplankton being eaten by tiny crustacean zooplankton. (AFP)

ht to Junk Science

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lemon Registers New Word on Urban Dictionary

Ecotistical: (adj) when a person is so convinced they are right about Global Warming, that they refuse to consider other theories or debate the topic.
example: Al Gore is so ecotistical about his global warming theory that he won't listen to facts.

I will give up all worldly goods and devote my life to praising Mother Earth

... if only I never have to look at another picture of Elizabeth May.
Update - I was getting ill so reduced the size of the picture

Unintended Consequences - Note the comments - she doesn't seem to have too many supporters, even in the Red Star.

Meanwhile, she forgets something in her essay today, to wit:
Then former president George W. Bush took the U.S. out of the Kyoto process
She forgets that in 1995 Bill Clinton, in a speech in Philippines said:" Global Warming is a Hoax". And Clinton and his fat lapdog, Al Gore, didn't even bother trying to get Kyoto passed by Congress. And she forgets to mention that the USA reduced carbon emissions during GWB's years in office much more than Clinton Gore and way more than Canada.

Meanwhile, the Master of Ceremonies in Chief of the United States has another TV appearance.
I wonder who writes his material.

Hillary: The Movie & Free Speech

This is really, really rich.
The justices' review of the slashing documentary financed by longtime critics of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton could bring more than just a thumbs up or thumbs down. It may settle the question of whether the government can regulate a politically charged film as a campaign ad.
What is sauce for the chubby goose (Michael Moore and Fahrenhite 451) ) surely should be sauce for the gander (Republican film makers). But not for the US Supreme Court (I'm too lazy to see who appointed them).

G.W. Bush faced an unprecented barrage of individual and organizational films, shorts, parodies (think SNL) and various other slanders - including a TV show dedicated to make him look ridiculous.

If this decision is passed, the precedent will be set that Free Speech applies when used aby liberals against conservatives, but not the reverse.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Worst Smack Down of Suzuki's Propaganda Agency Ever

Whole Darn Butt Kickin is here: JoNova

Watch him (Suzuki Blogger set himself up for a ridiculous leap of logic:

“Though [Venus] shares several features in common with our planet, hence its sometimes being called Earth’s “sister planet,” it differs in one crucial aspect: the amount of CO2 in its atmosphere.”

Whoah. Differs in just the one aspect? One? Haul out the old world book encyclopedia and find out that Venus is also 40 million kilometers closer to the sun; it spins backwards; a day lasts longer than a year; it has an atmosphere 90 times denser than earth, and it’s hot enough to melt lead on the surface. All this, AND the clouds are made of sulphuric acid.

It’s one hell of a ’sister’ with acid rain at 475 degrees. (Don’t park the Ford there, it’ll be gone tomorrow. Part gas. Part liquid.)

Jacquot ‘reasons’ (I’m feeling generous) that because the atmosphere on Venus is almost totally CO2 and the planet is hot, therefore, CO2 made it that way. But correlation is not causation, and sadly for the him this reason disappears faster than the interplanetary Ford. Let’s pick just one difference. With an atmosphere 90 times denser than Earth, Venus is ‘like’ the earth in the same sense that Bruichladdich Whiskey is ‘like’ water. They’re both clear liquids, but one will sterilize your bench top.

Joanne Nova on Myth of Global Warming

The Author of The Skeptics Handbook reports.
(Get your own copy for free here)

ht Pete'sPlace

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why All the Facts About Global Warming Trends are Nonsense

Here's a great article on how the collection of data on weather - temps, precip, winds, etc. are subject to massive deficiencies.
There are three major observations that I make to show the stupidity of much of the data presented to prove this or that about climate change.
1/ If it is imposssible to maintain consistently accurate weather records in a civilized place with dedicated recorders, then what are the chances of doing so anywhere?
2/ All long term climate change projections are within an allowance for error; a prediction of 5 degrees over 100 years has to have an error allowance of plus or minus 0 to 10 degrees, which makes any forecast meaningless.
3/ This method of collecting data is way more accurate on a current and historical basis than any other means such as tree rings or ice cores. If historical records are inaccurate than any forecast based on them will be inaccurate.

When the Proof You Provide Doesn't Prove Your Point Shut Down Your Proof

Dig this. The University of Illinois has posted for several years a utility to compare ice levels.
Now, all of a sudden, when the news is not so favourable - that arctic ice is actually at it's most robust in at least 30 years, there is a technical problem and the utility has to be shut down.
Looks pretty sketchy and shady to me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's be Clear - Kyoto is and was about Global Domination by Those We Don't Like

How would YOU like to be controlled by the UN??
Jacques Chirac (is he in jail yet) thinks it would be a great idea. He referred to Kyoto as:
the first component of an authentic global governance

American Free Press

Friday, March 13, 2009

George Bush Was Right on Gitmo Detainees

And Obama seems to be hedging on his plan to free the poor, innocent, brutally tortured prisoners

The Star
Obama still asserts the military's authority to hold detainees at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. But his Justice Department says that authority comes from Congress and the international laws of war, not from the president's own wartime power as Bush had argued.

The Obama administration's position came in response to a deadline by U.S. District Judge John Bates, who is overseeing lawsuits of detainees challenging their detention. Bates asked the administration to give its definition of whom the United States may hold as an "enemy combatant.''

The filing back's Bush's stance on the authority to hold detainees, even if they were not captured on the battlefield in the course of hostilities. In their lawsuits, detainees have argued that only those who directly participated in hostilities should be held.[...]

Attorney General Eric Holder also submitted a declaration to the court outlining President Barack Obama's efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year and determine where to place the 240 people held there. He said there could be ``further refinements" to the administration's position as that process goes on.