Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Weatherbomb Snowpocalypse Snowmaggeden... not

East Coast SAVED by Global Warming Reducing Effect of Deadly Weather Caused by Global Warming.

In a previous weatherbomb in 2013 we played golf...

I thought it particularly funny to see everyone running around blaming "Global Warming Climate Change Crisis" when (a) the weather event was not significant even in recent times and (b) there were far worse storms during the 70s Global Cooling Crisis and (c) there were worse storms when weather patterns were ambient.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

You Can't Make This Up: Cause of Moose Deaths is Global Warming RESEARCHERS...

In response to the dramatic decline of moose in northeastern Minnesota, over 100 moose were equipped with radio-collars that could alert biologists to the moose’s impending death, allowing biologists to account for the deaths of 35 calves and 19 adults.
- 16 calves (46%) were killed by wolves
- 13 calves (37%) calves died due to mother abandonment.
+++ Eleven were caused when the mothers abandoned the calves during the act of attaching the collars, 2 were abandoned later.
- 4 calves (11%) were eaten by bears
- One calf drowned and 1 calf died of unknown causes.
- Of the 19 adults, 10 (53%) were killed directly or indirectly by wolves.

The biologists received a new $750,000 grant to study the effects of “global warming” on declining moose. I suspect it is politically more convenient to blame declining moose on global warming rather than to blame natural boom and busts, rebounding wolf populations, or researcher induced casualties. (or attaching collars to wild animals and having moms abandon them - blemon).

Monday, January 12, 2015

Back When it was tres chic to claim to have won a Nobel PEACE prize.... (Turns out - one still does - check comments)

I did this a few years ago and never followed through...
It was to be a database of all the faux-bel prize winners.
I suspect the links are all dead - but - it is worth a little tickle.

 Fauxbel Prize Winners

Checking out Michael Mann’s facebook page today, he seems quite miffed that EVERYONE is calling themselves a Nobel Prize winner, but they only attack ME!!!!

Well, I think it’s about time that the love was shared….

Henry Pollack

Richard Conant

Daniel Kammen

Grace Akumu

Mohan Munasinghe

Rolph Payet

CU-Boulder Research Faculty

Kevin Trenberth
David Karoly
 Bryson Bates
Neville Nichols

John Houghton

Andrew Weaver