Sunday, April 15, 2007

May All Over Map on Question Period

Lizzie May was out of control this morning with Taber - swearing and arguing with indignation.
First off - according to her there was no back room deal.
Okay, so they didn't meet in the bowels of the Press Club over cigars and brandy to noodle out how they were going to take over the world. But doesn't a series of phone calls amount to the same thing?
She said that the deal was for the big picture - "more than about just Central Nova", then backtracked when Taber caught her on this and admitted that
it was just symbolic and that there was no other national arrangement. She also admitted that it is probably illegal for one party to formally help another. Well?
She cursed out Jack Layton for not answering her phone calls - is she that naive that she doesn't understand that just taking a phone call has immense risk - why would Jack Layton take a call that would likely lead to her reporting that "I have held discussions with Jack Layton and he didn't call me an extremist anti-abortionist nutbar which means that talks are moving along nicely as far as he merging his party with mine."
She cursed out Ed Broadbent for reporting that she had asked Stephen Lewis (an old family friend) to broker an agreement. Does she think Lewis' first loyalty is to her?
Of course, Lewis reported this to the party because of the risk of her pulling a stunt like saying that "talks with high level NDP Leaders are . . ."
And she cursed out Stephen Harper for running a candidate against her in London, citing that it was Parliamentary tradition not to campaign against party leaders. Is she angry about the Grits running against her? The NDP?
Does this mean that she thinks that the government should allow the leader of the Communist Party Marxist Leninist or the Natural Law party should be unopposed?
She is the leader of a nothing party. One that has not earned the respect of electors, much less other federal party leaders.
If she went to work and did what she has to do at the grassroots level and in ten years or so actually got an MP, then she might have the right to make some sort of demand. Right now she's got nothing, no power, no constituency. Oh, except her moonbattedness.

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