Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman April 3

Regrets - won't be posting tomorrow night... Honest to God - I will never watch Corner Gas, no matter how many times I see the ad before Duff.

Big Hostage News - No not Iran and UK - NFLD and Feds.
Report is that Danny Williams was captured in a Zodiac while fishing turbot (or something like that).
Harper spanks Williams. Duffy the Islander talks with Danny the Bitcher. Danny Thanks Harper for Spanking. One alpha dog wins. And it wasn't the Newfie retriever.
Enough, already. Kiss and make up, bies. Go out for a few black 'orses.
Danny then calls Harper a Regressive Conservative. Oh, that will help...
We're back to telling Danny to look for a union with Greenland and Han Island.
Danny uses the old 'Can't buy the votes of the people of Canada' line that Taliban Jack applied to QC yesterday. Yeah. Sure. Can buy your support for a few hundred mill. Mine for considerably less.
So I reiterate - Anyone who ever thinks Canadians and Newfies can be bought with cash or lower booze costs will never be disappointed.
CBC again uses Stephen Staples avowed Marxist as an expert source on Military strategy... Do they never check their sources, or are they in agreement with the Polaris Institute (C0mmunist Party Marxist Leninist) in wishing to destroy the Canadian economy?
Party House Leaders - Nash, Ralphie Hedgehog and Van Loan. Duff quotes "Scott Popcorn Reid" on need for RCMP investigation. Ralphie wants perfect credentials for investigator: honesty, integrity, etc. - eliminates any liberals for consideration.
Re Fixed Election Date - Tories don't buy Grit Senate amendment - to subordinate timing for referendums. Sounds like fluff to me.
Blogger on Newman -- David Mark of politico.com - on how ads are released on blogs, internet and local channels. Allows Parties to bypass the MSM which removes personal bias of Press Corps. Yeah!!!!
Talks about narrowcasting campaigns - directly targeting to more and more local audiences. Says that's the way campaigning is going.
Peggy Nash is out of her dungarees for the TV appearance - getting ready for a tough campaign against G.K. that the CPC is hoping to come up the middle on. All of a sudden Peggy / NDP is worried about veterans. Too bad they're still trying their damnedest to negotiate with our enemies and harm our Afstan efforts.
Newman - Softwood squabble - Canada accused of breaking SW deal - won't be much squabbling for long with the Dems in power in US, destroying the economy and removing any growth in home building.
Duff and Party Hacks - McGrath, Parakeet Poulin and Roxanne Benoit. Benoit slaps Para with "liberals would know best the difference between what is said and what is done".
Duff: "if you guys mess with us on any of this stuff we're trying to do..."
McGrath agrees that Steffi is chomping at the bit for an election. Parakeet P "determined that in the best interest of Canadians we'd like to take over governing the country." WOW... When have Grits EVER acted in the best interests of Canadians? Best interest of their friends who happen to be
Canadian ...
Newman has Suzuki hack on - says doesn't want to scare people (surrrre) - IPCC Report to be released on Friday. Newman debates - Canada only 2% of emissions. Hack comes back with poverty of China necessary to succeed. And that China WILL comply. Sure they will. Why doesn't Kooky Suzuki get the Chinese to free the Falun Gong or leave the Tibetans be.
Back to Duff and the Strategy Women All agree not going to be an election.
Fife and Blinky Oliver coming up on Duff. Can't wait . . . They know no fear.
Charlotte's Web ad on. Shows cute little piggy in a trough. Too sweet.
LeDrew and Anderson on election. LeDrew knows all about elections - he polled 1.4% in the Toronto mayor's race. It's the eyebrows. Another verbose newfie. Gotta leave to go back to Duff.
NEWS - Gov gonna buy 20 new Leopard Tanks (Fife) on a lease to buy.
Anderson and LeDrew - Rick - PMSH can't look opportunist. The Opps would have to be foolishly reckless to force an election.
Craig convinced there will be an election because of PMSHs preparation. Has not denied. Fife if it quacks like a duck, however, won't call an election without a majority. Fife not sure he wants one - playing a game of chicked to get legislation through. Fife brings up Peterson
(calling election early and losing). Blinkybrings up Chretien (calling election early and winning). Fife comments, "yeah but that was against Stockwell Day".
Blinky chuckles, "I don't want to make that comparison." He wouldn't compare a notorious opp leader flop to Steffi now, would he.
Jack Layton on ad for selling computer training.
It's a wrap on a fairly entertaining show. 7/10

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