Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Va Tech Tragedy Shows Power of Weblogs

Kinsella had a piece in The Post today about citizen media; about how people on the scene became news gatherers and distributors.
A couple of months ago, I wrote on the future of the blog, to the disadvantage of traditional media, particularly when bloggers on the scene became a source of news.
Less than two years ago a friend of mine said in a conference that "opinions are cheap, facts are expensive".
Well, now facts are getting cheap, as more and more people are in some form acting as both reporters and publishers. And opinion is free.
I haven't bought a newspaper or newsmagazine in over a year...
And look at the reportage (facts and opinion) on the events of the last two days...
I know the comparison is biased - comparing the entire blog universe to just the New York Times. But, there is perspective here - the largest print medium outlet on the globe is dwarfed by ordinary citizens.

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