Friday, April 27, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 27

I know, I know - I was gonna take a Newman Duff break - but they had some new faces on - Iggy, Attaran, Pink Lloyd and Babs Mac. So I started taking notes...
What did Michael Corleone say? "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in..."
I never said never.

Iggy says Minister O'Connor doesn't have confidence of PM. From whence does this come from?
Duffy says deal struck by Grits less than other NATO participants. Why?
Babs MacDougall and Pink Lloyd on Newman. Babs says mission breaking new ground. All agree our people acting exemplary. Lloyd says we're the exception - lies and says that NATO mission was only to provide protection. Where did this come from? Why doesn't he blame his Grits for striking this deal to escalate war if that the case?
Lloyd says we're not protecting the civilians in Kandahar - lies and says we're not leaving anyone in the villages to save the teachers.
Babs slaps Lloyd on his watch in Kosovo, he makes half assed story to justify USA's unilateral action under Clinton. (which was a good move, just like Iraq is and killing Taliban is).
On Duff - frmr Canadian Colonel Pellerin informs that only 5 of the 30 prisoners interviewed by Globe and Mail were ever in Canadian hands.
DUFF reads Al Qaida Handbook instructions to lie about torture when captured...
Iggy loving Amir Attaran on DUFFY - Spin Speaking Islamic Lover.
Amir (using typical Grit spin) says that then if they are Taliban/AlQaida and have been released, the story is even worse.
Duff says pretty rich for Liberals to complain about deal when it was their deal. Amir says he doesn't want to be partisan (like he is ANYTHING ELSE BUT PARTISAN). Makes excuses for Grits and says Bill Graham had nothing to do with deal on observing prisoners - was Hillier (ohhh - so the Liberals gave UP citizen control of the military). Says how does Pellerin know only 5, says names were not released. Says he doesn't believe it. (Maybe he's not important enough - or trusted enough - to be told.)
Regular poli-mouthpieces on Duffy-- Ablonczy says legal process on Adscam still underway. Duffy got copy of letter from Taliban Jack to get Bill C-30 brought forward this week as private members bill. In this event we will be going to the polls - mid June.
Same story on Newman - Ellie May has her Liberal scarf on - must be using THEIR image consultants and hair dresser. Refers to legally binding treaty on Kyoto - there will be penalties she says by 2008. Yeah. Like we would pay them. Newman says, Ellie May - you and Jethro are tight - are you advising Jethro to get an election?
She wants Harper replaced now! Says she not a very good election strategist (first correct thing she's said).
She wants to be in on the discussions - who the heck does she think she is? I want Doug Henning in that huddle too. She's irritating. Click.
Dosanjh says that the Grits will review options on Bill C-30 - won't dismiss. Want to shame government into action. Diane A says - this from a party who did nothing.
Danny the Dick Williams calls PMSH "Steve" six times. Doesn't want more money - wants all the money. Good. Danny eff off and separate. Not Newfoundland just you. Partition Joe Batts Arm and live there. You're sure to have a great cable signal.
Powers with buzzcut. Scott equally clean cut - like him better looking like his raccoon self. More lies from Reid about Newfie deal.
Powers on allegations in Afstan. "We're at war and an irresponsible opposition is disparaging government." Reid says Martin sent troops to organize picnics and under PMSH Canadian soldiers are dying to suck up to GW Bush.
Newman Press Panel -Russo says nobody wants election (and I agree but the level of ugly debate in the House means an enema or an election).
Red Travers says more reasons for election than last time. Says parties should get together. Yeah. Sure.
Chris Hall of CBC says that the opps could get together and force an election. He might get his wish.
Weston says Tali Jack setting trap for Liberals - private members bill could cause defeat of CPC unless Dion votes against C-30.
Ol' Duke and Miss Jane on Duff - talks about Justie Trudeau. Taber says do you really think that the Grits will let him lose the nomination? Oliver says O'Connor has lost credibility - The General has more credibility than ALL the Grit MPs combined. Says Jay Hill will become Defense Minister. If, and I say, if the General does go, then Jay would be a great choice.

Glad I tuned in - great shows tonight - just when I least expected it.
solid 9/10

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