Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nuclear Power Dispelled on CBC Sunday Morning

Helen Caldicott admits to being a physician and pediatrician and this makes her, I guess, by definition, an expert on nuclear energy. David Suzuki doesn't admit that he's a geneticist and but does claim to be a climate expert. Why he was included on a debate on the use of Nuclear Power is unknown.
Both are opposed to the use of nuclear technology.
The Ceeb has stuff here
A few things stood out - noted rabble rouser Caldicott claiming that she could cause a meltdown at a Nuke Plant herself, and Suzuki admitting Nuke power is comparatively clean, but stating that he is sure that it is unsafe.
Fact... It is by far the cleanest way of providing large amounts of energy and is by far the safest way of doing this.
We're waiting for some ideas other than solar panels and windmills to keep our lights on.

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