Monday, April 23, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 23

Dion wants to bring Taliban Terrorists Prisoners to Canada!!!
What is this turkey smoking?
Amnesty International and Prof. Michael Byers wants to hold Canadian soliders accountable as war criminals since Afstan captors doesn't follow Rules of Queensbury. (Must be cause they may not be protected under the Geneva Convention.) Click Here for followup on how Al Quaida teaches their people to lie.
You know Amnesty International don't you, they are the ones who demand that abortions be declared a human right. They have long passed their inital mandate and been taken over by Marxist Leninists and their ilk. Why don't they have any stance against cutting off heads? Why doesn't Jack Layton go as ballistic when Taliban irregulars kill children.
Rarely have the NDP mouthpieces been so loud and obnoxious.
AND STEFFI DION WANTS THEM TO BE RETURNED TO CANADA and maybe fast-tracked with citizenship and set up with schwarma shops along Bank St.
Wasn't Steffi's benchmate famous for saying that torture is sometimes necessary? Guess he can be pretty confident that they'll vote Liberal. That is until they actually get to know him. Oh, the Humanity.
The Whips on Duffy - Motion on committing to leave Afstan by Feb 2009. Karen Redman wants to make sure that the Taliban know for sure that they'll only need to hide out for two more years before they can take over Afghanistan again after the Canadians leave. She says that Dion doesn't know WTF he's saying about solving the torture of Taliban thing.
Lot of coverage on Yeltsin - announcement that Stoli is gonna come out with a new brand in his honour.
Susie Bonner has enviro-nut John Bennet on who describes "Kyoto as International Law". Slams likely GOC regulations without seeing them. Doesn't see any value in reducing the growth of emissions (personally with all this bullshit, I'm beginning to like the idea of higher emissions - we should work toward air the quality of Habana's. Of course, post-Kyoto we'd live like Cubans anyway so may as well have their air.)
The Strategists on Duffy - Bernie, Joy & Gerrard - Duff on Steffi on taking in Taliban? Gerrard speaks in tongues and doesn't respond.
Duff quotes - "We may bring them in Canada" - Gerrard uses the "Steffi can't speak English defense".
Joy, "There isn't a Canadian amongst us that believed we will lose so many men (and women)". Well, I'm one. And there's lots of others, including those young people who volunteered to go over there and risk their lives.
The NDPers are for the Taliban and Against Freedom for Afstanis. Period.
They gotta feel kinship to these lonely anti-establishment souls who live in huts and wear sandals. Sort of like the population of Salt Spring Island.
Kennedy pisses me off - he is a two faced, despicable, political whore and shows it every time he yaps his gob.
Uses up all the time so Bernie can't respond to his pathetic false accusations.
Grannie Clampett MacLellan and Reg Alcorn in the Public Accounts Committee - Chair Shawn Murphy helps her obfuscate - she's talking like she knows all the crap and is gonna talk loud and shrill until people stop listening. Looks to me like the Liberal Chair is trying to control the process.
She does the same on Duffy (no government members on panel) talks loud and says nothing. Alcorn says that "they" are partisan but the Grits are not. Annie says that she barely ever met the Commissioner, her predecessor did every week. (See no Evil, Annie?) They both agree that Annie is right and the status quo of promoting from within is the right way.
GG is tired out and her tough job is straining her. Duff shows film of her in Haiti. Too many cocktail parties. Akin says she gets very said and feels emotional over people dying.
Does her theoretical boss, QEII ever miss an event because she's sad?
Norquay is on Bonner - informs CBC that Afstan is a tough place and not like Rosedale or even the Glebe.
The NDP seem to want to have us set up a Gitmo East. At what cost? With who staffing? Will the prison be built by 2009 when they expect us out. I suggest a different solution - not take any prisoners...
Even Akin says Steffi is a loonie.
Duff quotes break ups in the Grit / Steffi love affair. Bellevance says that big probs with Quebec caucus.
Akin filling in for Duff tomorrow - good - I can do other things. Newman will be back.
Good show to start the week Really got my blood boiling over the Afstan mis-representation. Never saw Norquay so loud nor Susie Smith so quiet, nor Dion say anything so stupid. And that's saying a lot.
9/10 from the Russian Judge

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