Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Should Bad Thoughts Be Illegal? What About Emos?

The recent events in Blacksburg reveal a murderer who was clearly anti-social and obviously seriously troubled. The killer's room mate this morning revealed a person who would not respond in any way to human interaction. I have come across posts on the web that link his personality to that of "Emos" - the latest sweeping fad of millions of teenagers to establish their individuality. I encourage parents of teens to learn more about this trend - it involves much more that dress or style.

There is an undercurrent of debate that something more should have been done to stop the murderer before he acted out what seemed to be his fantasy.

I would like to know how this could possibly have been done. For better or worse, under the law, even diagnosed and evidenced psychotic sociopaths have exactly the same rights as everyone else.

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