Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is CTV Trying to Suggest Something?

Everybody in Canada knows Stephen Harper to be a loyal husband and a fantastic father. He exudes wholesomeness and never once has there ever been even a hint of suggestion of of anything else. When you don't have something bad to say about someone - make it up - I guess. This morning he and his wife will wake up to this (check out the parsing):
OTTAWA -- When Stephen Harper travels, there's a trusted woman by his side making sure his suit is lint-free, his tie is on straight and his coif is in place.[...]
No, not his wife Laureen.
Muntean remains the only person he tolerates tips from. Over the years she has become a cheerful fixture in his entourage, a vivacious blonde that stands out among the tense handlers that surround him.[...}
Muntean eventually struck off on her own as a private consultant, and began a relationship with Harper during the Conservative leadership race.
Every Grit MP in modern history has had a "body person" to make sure they don't have soup stains on their tie. Every politician should. It's close to slander.

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