Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bio-Fools Too Simplistic

Wanna talk simplistic? Talk Margot McDermaid tonite on Newman...
Sorry, I broke down and have the gaunt grey man on - tired of Obama/Billary sludge match.
According to Margot, and from her according to "experts" it's too simplistic to blame biofuels on the increasing food costs in the third world...
How stupid and simple minded does she think we are?
According to them, those experts, food prices in the third world are due to higher fuel prices...
And Global Warming is a major factor.
Like Fillipino rice farmers ship their rice thousands of miles by tractor trailor and because it's so effin hot they cool their shacks with air conditioning using diesel generators.
These fools are so simple they don't recognize their own contradictions.

Lemon Suffers Feedback From Last Week's Post???

My whole life was defined on a day much like today many, many years ago.
I was five.
I was enjoying the sun and being out in public, hand and hand with my older sister skipping down our main street to try and keep up.
Nothing could go wrong.
Or could it.
I was hoping for a chance to hang out with the big kids, and maybe in a perfect world, score a vanilla soft ice cream cone.
And then it happened.
The skies above opened up. A pigeon about four stories higher than we were, obviously with designs to ruin my plan for a perfect day, aimed carefully and unloaded smack dab on the top of my head.
I was devastated - can you imagine the bawling a a little 60 pound neon blond kid with about 8 ounces of green pigeon poop dripping into his ears can do? I did it. My perfect day was gone.
The bright side is that since, nothing has really seemed all that terrible.
Last week, most assuredly a grown up who has survived many storms, I did another one of my quarterly iconoclastic posts, just to hopefully wake people up from their comfort.
And yesterday. Again. I don't know if it was the same dammed bird or not. Maybe it was a black helicopter.
But I got hit square on top.
Don't know if the bird got instructions from CPC loyalists.
Probably not - they don't shoot that accurately.
But I got hit. And I didn't feel a lot better about it than I did that day so many years ago.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Just suppose, ya got two great ,well-balanced, successful kids.
Suppose one is keen in participating in an exchange program - trade places with a kid of the same age from somewhere in Quebec.
Great chance to learn how the other half lives, learn our other official language, and try and survive with strangers.
What a great program - think about it!
You're a teenager and you get a chance to live an entirely different life for a couple of months.

And then, the folks go through the counsellor interview.
Police report? No problem unless parking tickets are a deal-killer.
But then, "How would you deal with a child with different religious beliefs?"
"What would you do if the child had different dietary requirements such as Halal?"
--- Now exactly who is the subject of re-education here.
(Blessings to my K for dealing realistically with this).

And suppose that the younger was presented with the "pretend an egg is a baby" challenge. Try not to break it for a month.
But what if a child in the school has an "egg allergy"
Well, simple give them all a bag of salt (now how are they supposed to break that?)

Its an idiocy on top of a fallacy on top of a stupidity...

Is a bag of salt supposed to equal an egg equalling a baby?
Are 10 year old boys all of a sudden supposed to have new sentimentality toward babies? more appreciation for single parents? more respect for salt? Dont teachers have anything better to do?

Once the bag of salt breaks (as it surely will in the hands of 11 year old boys).
Is this saltslaughter?
Will the boys be forced to take sensitivity education?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Clinton Dirty Secrets

Chicago bankruptcy lawyer William Brandt Jr. pledged $1 million for the Clinton library in May 1999, at the same time the Justice Department was investigating whether he'd lied about a Clinton fundraising event. The Clinton DOJ cleared him a few months later.
Loral Space and Communications then-CEO, Bernard Schwartz, committed to $1 million in 2000, at the same time the firm was being investigated for improperly sending technology to China. Loral agreed to a $14 million fine during the Bush Administration.
A major investor in cellular firm NextWave – Bay Harbour Management – pledged $1 million in 1999, when NextWave was waiting to see if the Clinton FCC would allow it to keep its cellular licenses. NextWave didn't immediately get its licenses, and Bay Harbour never made good on its pledge.
And let's not forget the $450,000 contribution from Denise Rich, which was followed by Mr. Clinton's pardon of her fugitive husband, Marc Rich.
Were it not for some enterprising journalism by the New York Sun in 2004, for example, we might not know that notorious trial lawyer William Lerach had made a donation to Mr. Clinton's foundation. Lerach has since been indicted for, and pled guilty to, fraud. Would the Clinton Administration have pursued a similar fraud case?
Presidential candidates also aren't allowed to accept campaign checks from foreigners, but, again, no such restrictions apply to foundations. We know that donations to the Clinton Foundation have come from the Saudi royal family, the king of Morocco, and the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Brunei. Wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen have also given big.
Mr. Clinton has also accepted money from a Chinese Internet company, Alibaba, which aids the Beijing government in censoring the Web. Most recently, one of Alibaba's Chinese homepages posted a "most wanted" list of Tibetan rioters, with pictures and a phone number for informants to call. Mrs. Clinton has condemned the Chinese crackdown on Tibet, but her husband notably hasn't returned the Alibaba money.
No doubt all of these donors would say they gave their money without a single string attached, and Mr. Clinton rightly points out that other former Presidents keep their library donors under wraps. If Mr. Clinton were merely a former President building a library for history's sake, we might not worry. But he is a potential first husband whose spouse could influence countless decisions, foreign and domestic.
Mr. Clinton seems to understand the value of his mere association. Consider his relationship with Canadian financier Frank Giustra, who took Mr. Clinton on a trip to Kazakhstan in 2005, won a Kazakh mining concession, and then committed to donate more than $130 million to the Clinton Foundation. In a letter we recently published, Mr. Giustra insists his gift was entirely philanthropic and that he won the Kazakh concession on the merits.
More recently, we've also learned Mr. Clinton arranged for Mr. Giustra to meet with Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. A Canadian company that Mr. Giustra's firm was advising later acquired interests in Colombian oil fields. Some of the money Mr. Giustra has given the Clinton Foundation has been earmarked for development projects in Colombia.
How many favors has Mr. Clinton done for foreign donors? There's no way of knowing. The former President insists he's aware of no conflicts. Notably, however, donations to the Clinton Foundation soared as Mrs. Clinton neared a presidential run – to $135 million in 2006, 70% more than the year before. Somebody seems to think there is value in being generous to the Clintons.
Mrs. Clinton says the foundation is her husband's business, not hers. But as she has said in the past, a Clinton Presidency is two for the price of one. Americans deserve to know who has been donating to the Clinton Foundation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Latest Victim

Don't get me started.

Too Great A Comment Not to Post

Couldn't have said it better myself - Thanks Anon...
The Brenda Martin story has consumed many hours in the past few months of our government's time and the taxpayer's money that goes with it. The saga has a very sad tinge to it and nobody but nobody would want or wish to be in Brenda Martin's shoes.
However this is no excuse to provide anyone with an opportunity to lay blame where it doesn't belong or to accuse career people of not doing their job.
Dan McTeague, who has chosen to ride this story for partisan reasons, has the temerity and gall on the program Mike Duffy Live to blame Stephen Harper and the government for the fact that Brenda Martin was found guilty by a Mexican judge.
Members of the Canadian consular staff were accused by Brenda Martin and her supporters of doing nothing on her behalf, although officials had said, over a hundred interventions had been made by staff in regards to her case. McTeague chose not to inform himself of what was done but rather slammed the staff for inaction . When it was leaked of some of the efforts and work done on behalf of Martin by consular staff, which validated their declaration, McTeague's response was that an investigation and law suit should be launched for this breach of Martin's privacy - trying to secure the truth and facts in the case were of no consquence but it was more important that open season could be conducted on the integrity and efforts of consular staff, without the opportunity to defend themselves.

Canadians also would like to know what McTeague and Martin supporters thought the Canadian government should do with a sovereign nation like Mexico, to secure the release of Brenda Martin, in spite of the fact that her case was winding itself through the judicial system and she was not being mistreated in the jail. Should Canada storm the Mexican jail and free Brenda Martin? Should the Canadian government bar the travel of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians to Mexico every year who enjoy the hospitality of the Mexican people and the Mexican government, and the protection of the Mexican judicicial system while they are there? Should the Canadian government have recalled the thousands of Canadians that work in Mexico to come back to Canada for their own protection because they are in serious and imminent danger and can not expect any help or assistance from a lazy and incompetent consular staff?
When, on behalf of Canadians, Prime Minister Harper dispatched Jason Kenney, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, to Mexico to meet with Mexican officials and Brenda Martin, one would have expected this effort would have been appreciated. However rather than being gracious, Charles Rusnell reports that "Ms. Martin's supporters ,including her mother, had slammed the trip as nothing more than a photo opportunity."

We have heard for the past several months that Martin's defenders, which include Dan McTeague, their ace in the hole in Martin's defense was an affidavit from her former boss Alyn Waage, a convicted felon, swindler and con artist that she was innocent - what would give anyone reason to believe anything he would say and what defense lawyer worth his salt would put this crook in the witness box to help bolster his case.

Claire Hoy offers some sober and illuminating thought to this bizarre case when he wrote
"Yet we as Canadians, or at least many of us - along with most of the media - have recently adopted the position that if a Canadian is in jail outside the country there's automatically an injustice being done - to the Canadian.
Apparently, Canadians are all innocent as the driven snow and no foreign country really has a right to exercise their justice system against us. And, when they do, we tend to paint them as corrupt Third World despots."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Schlock Doctrine

Stole the following content from Damian, just to use the title. I started doing a youtube parody but ran out of energy and finally get a chance to use it. soon becomes clear that free- market ideologues, though genuflecting to Chicago, include virtually anyone who has expressed any doubts about central planning, state ownership, or any aspect of the regulation of modern economies. This no doubt adds vigour to the polemic, but it makes this book about as useful a guide to modern economics as a book on the state of contemporary religion written by an atheist for whom there is no real difference between Catholics, Quakers and Bible Belt fundamentalists.
Cherry-picking the evidence is particularly important for Klein's favoured strategy of guilt by association, when she implies, for instance, that since many torturers have been keen on free markets, free-market ideology leads intrinsically to the use of torture. It is not clear what, on this theory, explains the use of torture by Communist or otherwise anti-capitalist governments. Since she never mentions it, she may not be aware that it has ever happened.
Klein is not shy of moralizing. Amnesty International comes in for scorn for concentrating on torture in its 1976 report on Argentina and failing to see that the real problem was capitalism...She cannot quite pin the 2004 Asian tsunami on the Chicago School economists, but she implies that they must have greeted it with a round of applause. This is not, it should be understood, a book for those who like nuance.
There are moments of unintentional black comedy when, on her tour of the world's hot spots, Klein jets in to Baghdad to tell the inhabitants that their real problem is capitalism and finds, as the bombs explode around her, most of her interlocutors wishing they had a little more capitalism and a little less civil war...
Nowadays Naomi Klein's business is selling books, and she uses morality as a branding tool with a deft glibness that many corporate executives must envy. She has learned her trade well.

On Earth Day, we're just getting even with Mother Nature

Whole Video Here

And the Debate on Global Warming Hits Golf Courses....

The AGW Hooey from the May Edition of Golf Digest evokes strong response.
Ya don't wanna mess with middle-aged, slightly pudgy, rich white guys.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Whole Truth on IPCC Lies

Got letter from our friend JR 2020

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri Chairman Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change c/o World Meteorological Organization 7bis Avenue de la Paix
C.P. 2300 CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
14 April 2008
Dear Dr. Pachauri and others associated with IPCC
We are writing to you and others associated with the IPCC position – that man’s CO2 is a driver of global warming and climate change – to ask that you now in view of the evidence retract support from the current IPCC position [as in footnote 1] and admit that there is no observational evidence in measured data going back 22,000 years or even millions of years that CO2 levels (whether from man or nature) have driven or are driving world temperatures or climate change.
If you believe there is evidence of the CO2 driver theory in the available data please present a graph of it.
We draw your attention to three observational refutations of the IPCC position (and note there are more). Ice-core data from the ACIA (Arctic Climate Impact Assessment) shows that temperatures have fallen since around 4,000 years ago (the Bronze Age Climate Optimum) while CO2 levels have risen, yet this graphical data was not included in the IPCC Summary for Policymakers (Fig. SPM1 Feb07) which graphed the CO2 rise.
More recent data shows that in the opposite sense to IPCC predictions world temperatures have not risen and indeed have fallen over the past 10 years while CO2 levels have risen dramatically.
The up-dated temperature measurements have been released by the NASA’s Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU)
[1] as well as by the UK’s Hadley Climate Research Unit (Temperature v. 3, variance adjusted -Hadley CRUT3v) [2]. In parallel, readings of atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have been released by the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii [3]. They have been combined in graphical form by Joe D’Aleo [4], and are shown below.
These latest temperature readings represent averages of records obtained from standardized meteorological stations from around the planet, located in both urban as well as rural settings. They are augmented by satellite data, now generally accepted as ultimately authoritative, since they have a global footprint and are not easily vulnerable to manipulation nor observer error. What is also clear from the graphs is that average global temperatures have been in stasis for almost a decade and may now even be falling.
A third important observation is that contrary to the CO2 driver theory, temperatures in the upper troposphere (where most jets fly) have fallen over the past two decades. [Footnote 2]
IPCC policy is already leading to economic and unintended environmental damage. Specifically the policy of burning food – maize as biofuel – has contributed to sharp rises in food prices which are causing great hardship in many countries and is also now leading to increased deforestation in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Togo, Cambodia, Nigeria, Burundi, Sri Lanka, Benin and Uganda for cultivation of crops [5].
Given the economic devastation that is already happening and which is now widely recognised will continue to flow from this policy, what possible justification can there be for its retention?
We ask you and all those whose names are associated with IPCC policy to accept the scientific observations and renounce current IPCC policy.
Yours sincerely,
Cc: IPCC’s Tim Yeo MP (Chairman Environmental Audit Committee) Lord Martin Rees (President Royal Society) Gordon Brown MP David Cameron MP Nick Glegg MP
Footnote 1: Two heavily publicised quotations which emerged from your organisation, respectively in February and December last year, are:
Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic GHG concentrations. It is likely that there has been significant anthropogenic warming over the past 50 years averaged over each continent (except Antarctica) (Figure SPM.4).{2.4} [6] and
The 2007 IPCC report, compiled by several hundred climate scientists, has unequivocally concluded that our climate is warming rapidly, and that we are now at least 90% certain that this is mostly due to human activities. The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now far exceeds the natural range of the past 650,000 years, and it is rising very quickly due to human activity. If this trend is not halted soon, many millions of people will be at risk from extreme events such as heat waves, drought, floods and storms, our coasts and cities will be threatened by rising sea levels, and many ecosystems, plants and animal species will be in serious danger of extinction. (Summary statement, Bali Conference.) [7].
Footnote 2: “Data over the past two decades indicates that temperatures have actually declined in the upper troposphere, even though there has been some minor upward trends in temperature at sea level and lower altitudes. This completely contradicts conventional global warming models. Before we radically rearrange the political economy of the world because some scientists claim anthropogenic CO2 is the cause of climate change, it might be worthwhile for anyone taking a position on the topic to consider whether or not this is indeed “well settled science.” Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT, March 2008.
4. Joseph D’Aleo, Certified Consultant Meteorologist, Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), Executive Director

Carter; Hamas Ready to Talk

Doc Roy has an update - Carter lied...

Jimmy - I'm ready to talk too.
You're a freedom and democracy hating, self loathing American who adores despots and dictators because they actually do get things done (unlike you as President who accomplished nothing and are generally considered the worst President in USA history) even though the despots and dictators accomplishments mainly consist of enslaving and keeping in poverty their people.
I'm done.

For now.
The Star


My enmity for the Leafs is well known, my adoration of les glorieux, not so much. I admit it here now, that, for me, hockey season has always ended when les canadiens went on vacation.
Yes I had the Canadiens #9 and my brother the Leafs #10.
Tonight, in the moments before opening face off, the Ceeb showed the Habs braintrust, Guy Charbonneau, Kirk Muller and Dougie Jarvis, all with Cup rings, all with resolved game faces as they enter the arena.
A cameo of Le Gros Bill....
Les Canadiens sont la!
They just scored the opening goal.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lore Weaver Wins Find That Political Party as a Group of Animals Contest

Yes, Lore Weaver of The Atheist Conservative correctly noticed that:
The Green Party, like Magpies, should be identified as 'a tittering, tiding or gulp' of Green Party Members.
She barely beat out our friend Reid of "Right from Alberta" who correctly noticed that like guinea fowl, NDPers should be identified as a 'confusion' of NDPers', and anonymous who was correct that, like curs, a collection of Liberals might be identified as a 'cowardice of Liberals'.
Lore won out by finding an accidental, unplanned connection in that, like elephants, members of the Rhino party might be identified as a "crash of Rhinos".
Lore is entitled now for a link to a rant of her choice (with a synopsis) on the top left of CBL for one month. The prizes by visiting this blog never end.
More info on the contest and the winners can be found here.
Thanks to all for participating, I encourage all to visit CBL for a last chance at the poll, "what kind of knob is David Miller".
Now THIS is why I blog.

For Animal Lovers -- See if You Can Find the Political Angle

Anon gets Point One of Three.
Winner gets to post a rant (within reasonable terms of suitability) on CBL and, if a blogger, a link on the top left corner of CBL


How the City of Toronto (Illegally?) Does Their Job

The Toronto Sun
I asked Crognale yesterday if Kawaguchi will get interest on the $5,106.54 the city has had in its possession for nearly a year. "No he's not ... it is not our policy to tack on interest," he said. (note: it's my policy to not pay twice the face amount of a parking ticket if I'm eight days late, but I digress...)
Asked how he found the new overbilled amount, Crognale said upon reviewing the invoice and the file, he noted the contractor was overpaid by nearly $5,000. (I'm sure this was just an oversight, and that it has never happened any other time.)
He explained that the contractor's unit cost was supposed to include the mark-up and the "payroll burden" for time and materials typically included in such a job -- but was added on instead.
"There were a number of people involved on the project from the technical staff that originally did the estimate which was improper, to inspection staff to supervisory staff that approved the payments eventually," he said. "There were a number of people and they overlooked errors along the way." (Which is city-code for we try our damnedest to rip off our residents and visitors every chance we get and absolutely hate it when we get caught.)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Annual Ambrose Bierce Post

Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary" celebrated its centennial of completion in 2006. A lot of what he wrote in the twenty years prior to then still earns a nod or a chuckle today.

AMBASSADOR, n. A wealthy person exiled to an alien land for the purpose of throwing parties, presumably with the hope of extracting government secrets from tipsy natives.

CONSERVATIVE, n. A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.

CONSUL, n. In American politics, a person who having failed to secure and office from the people is given one by the Administration on condition that he leave the country.

DICTATOR, n. The chief of a nation that prefers the pestilence of despotism to the plague of anarchy.

DIPLOMACY, n. The patriotic art of lying for one's country.

ELECTOR, n. One who enjoys the sacred privilege of voting for the man of another man's choice.

HISTORY, n. An account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools.

HONORABLE, adj. Afflicted with an impediment in one's reach. In legislative bodies it is customary to mention all members as honorable; as, "the honorable gentleman is a scurvy cur."

IMMIGRANT, n. An unenlightened person who thinks one country better than another.

KILT, n. A costume sometimes worn by Scotchmen in America and Americans in Scotland.

LIBERAL, n. One who tolerates all beliefs and opinions except those with which he disagrees; a benevolent soul who advocates progressive measures for the sake of people with whom he would never associate.

PEACE, n. In international affairs, a period of cheating between two periods of fighting.

PHILOSOPHY, n. A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.

POLITICS, n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

QUEEN, n. A woman by whom the realm is ruled when there is not a king, and through whom it is ruled when there is.

REVOLUTION, n. In politics, an abrupt change in the form of misgovernment.

ULTIMATUM, n. In diplomacy, a last demand before resorting to concessions

I'm Proud of the Evil United States

Khadr is getting a defence worthy of the murderers, rapists and scumbags that Eddie Greenspan defends. And the military lawyers aren't getting paid big bucks to do it.

“This is an example of them selectively applying the law when it suits them,” said defence lawyer Lt.-Cmdr. William Kuebler.The government is definitely afraid of regular courts looking at this until they can put on some trials and create some convictions.”
Yet Do-Gooders accuse the USA of a failure in their form of justice.
Exactly where else would an accused war criminal receive a defence like this?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How Far the Pathetic Have Fallen

Remember the Toronto Make Believes?
The team that until recently didn't have a hockey staffer who was even alive when they last won a Stanley Cup? (when almost octogenarian Cliff Fletcher was hired to clean up the blue and white imposter hockey team was alive in 1967 but might not remember back that far).
Well, the Toronto Star thinks it's embarrassing that the Canadiens won in a manner that would have been beneath the Maple Losers, that is, if they had made the playoffs.
I'm sure Davey Keon would cry in the end blues (if he wasn't still boycotting the team).

Monday, April 07, 2008

Leafs & Foreclosure Site - Too Sweet

Did whomever came up with this website name think for a second? Is it for homeowners who never make the playoffs? For eternal losers? For people who make way too much money and never share the wealth with family members and friends?
PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This year, homeowners across the country will be faced with difficult decisions regarding the possibility of foreclosure. In addition to worrying about mounting bills and credit card debt, they will be facing the negative financial effects of foreclosing on their mortgages. However, now thanks to the launch of an innovative online community,, the possibility of preventing foreclosure may become a reality.
This begs the question; can one company bring about the end of foreclosures? The answer simply, is no, but is more than a stand-alone company—it is the next generation of online portal created to connect homeowners facing foreclosure with companies handling pre-foreclosure services.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Sickness of Our Society

I'm borrowing here.
100 years ago our society had to face tuberculous and cholera.
And the survivors built the greatest civilization ever known.
Now, with all our wealth and education our biggest medical hazards are depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.
What's that say about us?
Extra points for my source.