Friday, March 30, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 30

This may be the last Newman Duff Report until after the Easter Break. It's not as much fun without the old farts with extended bullshit antennae. Will see how it goes.
Potential Blockbuster Hint of a Story at the End
Duff - Dion national tour trying to break through a recognition barrier. Will Clean Air Act result in election? New Ads, New Pool. Ablonczy, McDonough and Ruby Dee - Angus Reid survey - Best PM 41% Harper, 17% SD. RUby says just wait til Canadians get to know him. I can't wait . . .
Alexa says Jack L had an outstanding municipal record - what planet was she on? Not planet Toronto. He was a complete disaster. WHOA - Ruby says that the CPC has set environment 10 years back - what? - she means back when the Grits were doing Sweet F A?
Now Dion says HE WILL fight back again the evil bully.
Newman - Clean Air Act going back to Commons. Ralphie Hedgehog. Paul Dewar. Bill will likely go late on order paper. End result is Opposition were playing silly buggers - using committee process to create a trap for PMSH.
Newman 0n Iran Hostages - Didn't something like this happen back in 1979 when another country had a weakass lame duck leader?... Tony Blair's walking like he's got a stick somewhere dark. Did Pete Mackay and James Moore wear the same shirt today? Moore and Jason Kenny must have the same barber. Why are Alberta CPCs so bloody 60ish buttoned-down. I mean they all look like collageus of Darin's from Bewitched.
Bobblehead Cullen says that there will be no provision to reduce layoffs in areas greatly affected by the bill. Goodbye Hamilton. Goodbye anywhere in Alberta. Goodbye Sudbury. Then we hear that it allows certain areas to be designated for exclusion (but they can be politically chosen).
Newman's Press Pundits - Not C-30 Clean Air Act. Again. What more can be said? Layton cuts a cake on TV (sure it was made with fair trade sugar). Layton TAKES the effin cake. Bairdo says he has real problems with revised bill.
Duff does Angus Reid Poll - 39/22 for CPC.
Canada not on right track? - falacious question - the NO vote can include those who are worried about the Kyoto effect effect on the economy and those concerned that it won't pass. So encompasses both sides of many similar issues.
Newman on Harper on Williams - Newfie polis keep lying and shouting. Travers blames Williams for problems.
Doesn't Scott Reid look like a moonie or something?
Norquay spanks Scott Reid when he tries to blame the Tories for covering up the RCMP scandal during Grit years in office. Norquay slaps him across the head - actually causes an echo - "It was during your watch, Scott" and "That's beneath contempt!" when Popcorn Reid accuses the CPC of hiding something. Frankly - I'm stunned. I mean Reid is an expert at obfuscation, but this is beyond the pale.
Newman with Pundits again on RCMP - no one has been held accountable.
Fife reveals that Zachardelli was a buddy of Chretien's not the CPC's and surprised that Scott Reid accused the Tories. Weston connects RCMP scandal to Adscam - that both were explained by Liberal supported RCMP leadership as "admnistrative issues". Then connected this to the politically charged raiding of BDC President Beaudoin's house. This is where this thing could go!!! Were the Grits directing RCMP to perform political tasks or tasks in a political way?
- Beaudoin who called a bad loan on a friend of Chretien's (on a property that Chretien may have had a financial interest in) had lis life ruined with an RCMP investigation
-- JC (either Chretien or his 'adopted' son Jean Carle - who subsequently took over the BDC) directed the RCMP to spray protesters at the APEC conference because there were taking to task dictator friends of Chretiens.
-- The lack of any substantive investigation by the RCMP of the HepC scandal that could have apportioned blame on key Liberals.
-- Very limited series of charges on Liberal sponsorship scandal.
I suspect with a little thought I can come up with others.
Was Scott Reid trying to push blame to the Tories as a smokescreen to try and make the independent RCMP investigation look political, to discourage any findings that might go to the heart of the Liberal influence trading.
Good ending to what started as a dreary program.

Catchay soon.

Unionized Childcare Advocate Given CBC Airtime

Pre-1973 levels of Childcare with CPC "cuts", says Unionized Childcare advocate on the Ceeb.
Host asks (rhetorically) what about $100/mo allowance and tax cuts? Of course, the response of the government controlled early education advocate related this to the cost of providing a spot in downtown Toronto. And emphasized how excited they were under the Liberal plan (from when they were offering anything to everybody to get their vote) to be getting 10,000 spots.
Ceeb again allows one side (theirs) to offer the public their propaganda.
Have they ever, even once, offered the same opportunity to home care supporters?
Do they understand that providing daycare spaces is the sole responsibility of the Provincial governments and that Dalton McGuinty can IMMEDIATELY provide these?

Arabs WARN Canada to Talk or Else!!!

Palestinians warn Canada of necessity for dialogue
Policy that bans meetings with officials risks isolation in Arab world, minister says
Canada risks isolation in the Arab world if it does not rescind its ban on meeting with members of the new coalition Palestinian government as the United States, United Nations and much of Europe have done, Palestinian Authority leaders caution.
The warning comes after Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and Prime Minister Stephen Harper both snubbed Mustafa Barghouti, the moderate new Palestinian Information Minister, who was in Ottawa this week.
If we don't love their violent, terrorist, anti-semitic asses, then they threaten to keeel us...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 29

Duff - RCMP Investigation, Danny Williams' emails
"Welcome to the brawdcast..." - RCMP Investigation, Clean Air Act
Both shows start with RCMP - I don't see how this is political - now Horsemen pepper spraying students at APEC by order of JJ Chretien - that's political. Duff spanks Landslide Annie for not taking action - "Were the Liberals involved in a coverup?" Now it's political.
Duff and Danny "The Muler" Williams
(Stratton and Baker) Baker says "(Williams) won't let global moneybags treat Nfld like a third world country." Isn't Danny Williams treating Nfld like a third world country? Huge neg emailbag to Duff on Williams. Two old farts rambling on.
Good to see John Williams back on Newman - "if more is uncovered we have to follow the trail" re Grit coverup. Still amazed John could both serve in the house and write that great Star Wars music.
Twenty eight minutes in and Newman still talking about RCMP.
Duff reveals Grit speech in morning caucus: Dion "going off to win the country". Can't you just see little Steffi on a broken down nag, a cracked lance, nearsightedly attacking windmills?
Duff Strategists (McPhail, Finlay, Reynolds) - Dion in caucus - all MPs and staffers gave ripsnortin' speech. Want them to go home for break as born again Liberals. "Will know who I am and what I stand for." Calls PMSH mean spirited.
Grits trying to rush through fixed E Day, "Canadians don't want to do that," Hall Finlay (have an election - code for Grits don't want an election).
Duff - If Grits have majority in Senate - why worry about Crime bill in Commons? I've grown to like Joy McPhail - most pleasant iNDeePer that gets airtime.
Newman on Clean Air Act - Rewrite is finished and has put Dion's carbon tax plan into Bill. I don't think this will wash - PMSH would love to run on campaign on basis of huge costs today for maybe enviro-benefits a hundred years from now and Dion bad record as EnvMin. Nathan Cullen does bobblehead impression.
Newman - Income Trust - critics remind me of Cuban-Exiles - the train has long left the station, give it up. Flaherty did the right thing. Period.
Duff and Blinky Oliver - RCMP Investigation. Not an issue unless it gets tracked back to polis. Duff pushes the possibility that Anne MacLellan might get nailed on this.
Among the most boring days of punditry in memory.
Til tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 28

Have to be out of here early so will likely miss the best part of the shows. I invite anyone to fill in the blanks in the comment section.
Newman - Danny Williams, Flaherty, Clean Air Act (on the other hand I might not miss anything at all...)
Newman was a flop yesterday anyway.
Duff - Danny Williams, John Reynolds on Ottawa Mayor's race, New Quebec / Dumont, New Poll
Danny is running a national campaign crapping on Harper. Does he honestly think that anyone outside of NFLD gives a flying fig ABOUT Newfoundland?? Why should we. We get our cod from Denmark anyway.
Leger Poll - 41/27 . All the polls are good (except Decima). But it's not today's poll that matters - it's the one on E-Day, so the magic comes from reading the tea leaves 60 days from now.
Dom Leblanc apologizes, says polls show a lot of volatility. Don't put a lot of stock . (What's Minister Day got to do with it). Duff says cleansing needed. Siksay says people don't want election (maybe because the Green's are looking to eat their lunch).
Kenny says Dominic whistling past the graveyard. Jason looks like hell - shave before you come on TV Jason. Oh, hairy guy. Nixonian.
Danny Williams is on Newman. Obnoxious as hell - Newman slaps him down - real deal is that he can keep the status quo if he wants. Does no good for NL. Has anything improved there since he got elected? If so I'm sure we would never hear the end of it. "My fellow Canadians" don't give a shit about NL and don't like you Danny. Give it up - you are making Newfoundland look like a province of professional platitudinous pissers and moaners. He's almost Garthonian for effs sake. If they can afford big ad campaigns maybe they don't need (or deserve) ANYTHING.
Duff says he's running scandal footage from the past week - COULD IT BE the Purloined Papers Scandal?
Flaherty on Newman on Income Trust and and Danny Williams Ads.
Flaherty spanks Danny. "He can take the Atlantic Accord and stop complaining." Fights off income trust ad accurately - that the companies can get money, borrow here or offshore (which is true - they can borrow money almost as cheaply as they can issue equity with the carrying costs.
Newman much better show tonight.
Maxi Bernier - pretty boring Minister of Industry stuff. He is one competent guy. Two anti-aging ads in a row on Newman. Suspect Don is in their target audience.
MPs on Newman - Clean Air Act - Jaffer: is a prority, but will have to look and see. Ruby Dee: Will be an election issue. Calls Harper a Denier. Says CPC will have no choice but to support amended bill. Looks like one is that the BQ arranged for QC to get special payments for being ahead of the other provs.
Just missed clip from QP - Duff says nasty. Found out Brad Lavigne had kid - iNPeePers breeding. Scary.
Don Moors of Grits -brings up Reynolds / Ottawa's Mayor's race. HOW STUPID IS THIS. Fed polis barely even notice Prov politics, much less city. Like, what could an Ottawa Mayor ever do for or against the CPC. Duff leading question - is this the Liberals getting even for the sponsorship scandal. (Duff says this was speculation, someone said - "I know John Reynolds, let's see if we can call him . . .")
Moors talks about purloined papers (Duff says they to talk about this.) Duff says it's so poisonous we have to have an election. Bill Matthews from NL called the PM a liar. Let the Newfies declare independence I say. Been there - cold, rainy and people drink a lot.
iNDeeper says we don't heckle as much as the other parties --- That's because you only got a handful of seats, Darling.
Duff on Wayne Easter and Wheat Board - 62% to get CWB out of barley - Question I have - how does this affect the BEER issue - cheaper or more expensive??
This is a great night on both shows. Gotta Go....
Lemon Out

Grits ADMIT LibLog Connection and Using Bloggers

The Grits have long accused the Blogging Tories of being a formal communications arm of the Conservative Party of Canada. From January 18th, 2006 - Eugene Parks and Carol Jamieson at work by trying to force Elections Canada to do, well, something.
The problem with this is that there is not and has never been any formal type of relationship between the BTs and any political party. It is purely a grass roots blogging movement by those that have felt that the MSM did not represent both sides in their coverage. Here's BT's Founder's Response

But now - Liberal Pipsqueak (Kinsella's pet talking monkey) ADMITS that Stephane Dion is organizing exactly the strategy that the Grit's were up in arms about a year ago. He even now disparages BT's lame attempts.
Even worse, perhaps, is that David Akin has chosen to PROMOTE the Grit effort.
Tuesday afternoon, the Liberal Party of Canada set up a conference call with a number of bloggers. The speakers included:
Mark Marissen - Campaign Co-Chair
Jamie Carroll - LPC National Director
Mike Girardin - LPC webmaster
Denise Brunsdon - YLC executive member
Kris Ade - OLO Strategic Communications
This whole thing is about opening up the campaign to some (although not a lot of) scrutiny. Contrast that to the Tory campaign, which might speak to Stephen Taylor but nobody else.

Call to Arms to BTers - Liberal Smears to be Revealed

We all know that the Grits get apoplectic and outragedly self-righteous whenever they perceive to have been hit with the slightest dispersion to their virginity.
We also all know that for the last three years, their cries of racist, nazi, fascist, etc., etc. have rung in the House of Commons louder than the bells.

I invite the BTers to start and continue a thread herein to database any and all examples of Grit smears aimed at PMSH and the CPC.

I'll start:
Alleging that the CPC will start Martial Law in Canada -- "Soldiers. In Our Cities. With Guns."

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 27

Newman was on Newsworld before schedule to talk about reaction to the QC election. Steffi said that the results will have no effect on the Federal Election. On NewsNet he said he's still waiting for an apology from PMSH.
Canadians don't want an election (which means Liberals don't want an election).
Steffi Dion, still Tinkerbelle in Neverneverland...
Duff - promises a big broadcast - picking up pieces in QC, voting on budget, promises new surprising poll.
Newman - promises analysis of results in QC, impact in Ottawa and not much else.
Polling pcts were almost exactly as indicated by polls before.
Duff Findings: Quebec wants more but no referendum. Calls for more decentralization. Both plays to CPC perspective. ADQ policies that hit home: Quebec's autonomy, a Quebec Constitution, fiscal imbalance fix, regional autonomy fund, allowance for children not attending subsidized daycare. This seems congruent with CPC policies.
Newman Findings from Michel Auger: No election for next year or so. Over time Dumont will pressure Charest to demand more autonomy. Charest safe for now.
Newman - PMSH says very encouraged by results in QC.
Question Period Repartee: The Iggy Voice of Doom "No way to hold this country together!" PMSH reminds Iggy of sponsorship program no way to hold the country together neither.
Maxie Bernier with Newman - Gets cut off by swifter ad... Open Federalism is working, lot of work to do. Maxie is boring - screw up and say something off message, just this one for me, Max.
MacCallum is on Duff, my ears are ringing and not from the bells. Painful.
Washadoshaleesalisa-leece agrees with MacCallum then slaps the Grits down for lack of action and bad action during their years.
Ablonczy, again very carefully spoken and very boring. Says nothing. Damnable media training.
MacCallum says "new stability in Quebec is good for economy. But that having been said, Stephen Harper is a racist nazi kitten eater for interfering in the Quebec election." Duff body slams MacCallum - "But the Liberals have been doing this for years!"
Marlene Jennings says that Canadians really wants its politicians to work together (but means that she wants people to stop bringing up the patronage appointment to her husband and her possible invalid citizenship.)
Back to Duff - Latest Decima Poll revealed - CPC 35% LPOC 31%
Where'd this 3% swing come from?? Maybe the bounce just unbounced.
Duceppe Secret To Be Revealed (PMSH whisper in ear)...
Reed Scowen on Newman - author of "Time to Leave" says he doesn't see anything that changes opinion that Quebecers don't consider themselves part of Canada. I think the old fart needs glasses.
Duff - it's about new ideas that gave Dumont the big edge. I wish Parakeet Poulin would get tossed from the Duff panel. She bothers me.
Duff picks up on Dion's denouncing Harper for downsizing Federal Government - that he wants to go back to days of Trudeau and Chretien. Parakeet Poulin says he was criticizing Harper for interfering in QC election. Duff chuckles at her for going off topic to go on message.
Roxie Benoit says Dion might have three different positions on this this week.
Has the NDP made a deal with Eliz May to not run a good candidate against her? NDPer Ann McGrath says she hopes not. WHich means even she believes it's possible.
Duffer picks up on nomination fix in Victoria - Para Poulin says this never happened. Duff says it was fixed!! Thank you Plonka for being able to do what every Poli Blogger dreams of!!!
Duff makes joke about Grits fixing all nominations in Alberta to get women candidates per his dumb promise.
Please, Please Duff, get rid of that Liberal birdwoman .... Between her and MacCallum I'll need to get hearing therapy.
Report that Tories about to get passing marks on Enviro stuff - would that give them another boost?
Duffs Press Panel - Weston of course in their usual knee jerk way say no election after looking at poll. Duff reveals schism between Iggy and Dion on de/centralization. Love in never really happened - three little parties in the Grits.
Outstanding Duff show tonite - Newman tended to over focus on Quebec and not get much good analysis.
Until tomorrow I remain,
Yours in Lemons

Monday, March 26, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Newman & Duff - March 26

Quebec Election?? Am only going there on issues that relate to the National Scene . Could be a short post.
Newman promises Quebec, Clean Air Act, Ireland (?).
Duffy seems surprised... YOU'RE ON AIR MIKE. Tonight does not look promising.
Duff talks about smears and counter smears. Opens with Quebec election. Guest says liberal support in Quebec is usually 2-3% higher than polls.
Newman on Clean Air Act targets - Warawa, McGuinty Too and Cullen. Same old. Same old. Yawn. Click.

Duff with the whips. Redman calls Quebecers ignorant for lack of tolerance (reasonable accommodation).
Mark Holland on found documents (discovered personnel evaluations and Stock Day's nomination when a Reformer) Is Holland digging through CPC garbage? Maybe the documents were lining his cage. Amazing these Liberal sluts - who as recently as the weekend promised a pay off for someone to drop out of a nomination in BC.

Duff - Terry Kilrea Ottawa Mayor claims he was offered a position on Parole Board by John Reynolds - Reynolds denies. Gerrard Kennedy, MacPhail and Bernie Lord - MacPhail says it was hearsay. Duff accuses Grits of raising dirt. Kennedy plays drive by smear card again, again and again. Still surprised that Kennedy is given a TV panel role instead of organizing an election campaign like he's supposed to. Lord smacks Kennedy on Liberal slime ads from last campaign. Kennedy uses Harper "Turban Card" against Harper again. Get's off hook as talks through remaining time for topic. God I'd love to see him get slapped.

Newman with Backroomers. Norquay runs through budget. Duffy (chemical salesman and Grit advisor) says PMSH will get burned if there is not a positive QC result. Dick Proctor thinks Harper will get off hook.
Duff with Press Gallery - all on Quebec.

Excruciatingly boring night on Newman Duff. About as much excitement and passion as a Leaf game. Okay, less.

Gore Bans Media from Events

What is Gore afraid of?
Montreal: "No working media will be permitted in the hall during his keynote address or during the honorary doctorate ceremony. "
Toronto: "But what went on in there was still a secret - with no media permitted."

Since he is asking for public funding in the amount of something like $3 Trillion, should he not be 100% accountable and transparent?
Is he afraid of being asked embarrassing questions like how he got to the event or how much money he was paid?
Are these questions rhetorical?
Gore is today's Elmer Gantry.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Question Period Points for March 25

Blinky Oliver's Question: "Is there any good news for Stephane Dion in the polls in Quebec?"
Jean Lapierre, former BQ and Liberal MP
(paraphrased): "I have visited 63 ridings in Quebec during this campaign and all those seats in the province that are going to the ADQ are available to Stephen Harper. . . If I were him I would pull the plug as soon as possible. . . The Liberals are unlikely to win seats outside of Montreal."
"Stephen Harper kept his word on Fiscal Imbalance and this has been noticed by Quebecers. They say he is a man of his word. He respects the separation of powers between province and fedal governments."
Ian Macdonald says that these results were obtained during 2006 election and that there is brand fatique for separatists, that they have been around for a long time and Quebecers are looking for a change.
Lowest vote for PQ since 1970 expected says LaPierre. Says Duceppe really wants to go to Quebec City.
Expects complete chaos in the separatist ranks.
Both say that devastation of separatists will make Harper a huge hero in rest of Canada.

Jean Lapierre's comments are HUGE. He has no sympathy whatsoever for the CPC, and a great deal for the BQ (was a co-founder) and LPOC. If he thinks Harper is onto winning ground in Quebec (say 30 seats) then the CPC is close to a majority even without picking up a seat anywhere else.

Gerrard Kennedy
(Dion's alleged powergiver, a candidate and chair of campaign readiness) on a boring Sunday morning panel, shows how concerned the Grits are with their position. He was at his punk best (or worst), interrupting, throwing out unbased insults, pointing and bullying while accusing the PM of being worse.

Blinky thinks Harper in great shape in QC - he has two cars in the race - lot of Charest and ADQ vote likely to go to CPC. Dion?

Weather Forecast for 2050

The Star, on Thursday promised us a weekend of +16C temperatures.
This morning it is +1C.
Here is their forecast for 2050:
So, what are we in for? What will Toronto look like over the next 50 years?
To get an idea, cast your mind back two summers, the hottest in the city's – and the country's – recorded history.
The mercury bubbled above 30 degrees on 38 days – 25 more than average. Factoring in the humidex, it surged above 35 degrees a record 44 times. There was no relief at night – it was hotter than 20 degrees for more than three weeks.
If they can't forecast TWO DAYS in advance, why would anyone believe them 14,000 days in advance?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman and Duff - March 23

Duff reveals Harper on cusp of Majority and that another poll shows Harper doing even better!
Quebec outlook for Charest is a little glim - three way tie. Almost certain Liberal minority.
Duff and Bill Johnston, Ian Macdonald and a prof on Fed/Prov relations in QC. Johnston reports that this campaign is the first in 37 years in QC that is not about separatism - is about more autonomy - in other words - Provincial Rights - which plays very well with PMSH strategy. Federals are riding at 2/3 of the vote - biggest since Rene L worked at CBC.
As a Cdn Nationalism major way back when (even met and was slightly scared by Levesque), this is an astounding change in QC.
Spin I'm looking for is where Fed Tories fit in with this trend. I gotta see it as the Liberal's iceberg - if a full third of the population has moved from the PQ to the ADQ for more autonomy but with laissez faire federalism this gotta be good for Harper.
Newman on Iranians capturing Brit sailors. We will see how this will roll out - will the Brits reinforce their Iraq commitment or pull a Spain? This could heat up in a hurry. Cannot be a bad thing, frankly. 80% of Iranians barely notice that Ahmedinejad even exists.
Peter Donolo (who works for my old buddy Al Gregg but worked for years for JJ Chretien after working for Barb Hall) is about to comment on the CPC dominant poll on Duff.
Pete says positive momentum and that Harp is in election territory. That budget pressed a lot of buttons.
Effective at growing base of support - every age group, everything but big cities but good movement there too. Still behind in women and immigrants. Says that ADQ strength is a good sign for CPC. Ontario - tied with Grits strength outside of 416/905 will see if this can be sustained.
Helena Gorgeous on message on poll as always, which means boring. Alexa agrees that bluenosers pissed off, but frankly they're ALWAYS pissed off, just as Alexa is ALWAYS self righteously outraged at the Tories. Remind me, how many NDP seats were there when she was NDP leader? 9 or something?
Zimbabwe / Mugabe?? Where the hell did this come from?
Ruby Dhalla is also on doing her best Angelina - talking fast, dressed nice - must be heading to a fundraiser. Alexa tries to beat up Helena on Canada not taking a leader role - gets slapped by Helena that Canada cannot do so - not in security council. Alexa was at one time an attractive leader - where'd she go bad.
Newman's all star print panel on budget. Prov Reps given airtime - all look like greedy idiots. Russo says he surprised more at lack of apoplexy by Premiers. Restreaming of FedFunds to Quebec tax break criticized as gratuitous by Delacourt. So?
Travers gets the primo opening relating budget to poll - he says need to wait to mean anything. So?
Travers - simplistic solutions to complex problems? Get real... Is his nose getting bigger? Click.
Reid and Powers go at it.
First on Stock Day paying off a guy who stepped down so he could run - of course with the Libs they used to just get a senate, judge, ambassador job to step down so a acolyte could run in a safe seat. Reform might have had to pay somebody cash. So?
Tim properly goes after Holland who is an absolute stunning idiot.
Reid looks clean and sober tonite - he's a smart guy and tough when he's on his way to Hy's not from Hy's.
I go back to my comment yesterday - why is it not political for the Grits to get the RCMP to investigate this case, but political for the NDP to go after Ralphie Hedgehog over the Income Trust mess? Huh?
New Poll promised.
Is Bertrand Bigras of the BQ a chicken that can talk? Bad hair Bertie...
NEW POLL - Ipsos Reid - 40% CPC -29% LPOC - More surge being seen. Get out the comfy shoes people.
Craig - we DID expect it. More seats in QC on the horizon.
Gloria thought the LPOC thought they had a good week. ooops. Could this be because Gloria sleeps with a Grit organizer?
Suggests Steffi be more active and vocal. (Best possible scenario for CPC I think). PMSH's dream is to have Steffi more active and vocal.
SK, NS and NL are anti CPC. So? What's the delta of them being pissed off - four seats?? They always tend to vote for the people in their least best interest anyway.
Gloria forgets the $1 Bill to farmers - think Sask farmers won't like this, Glo?
NS to sue feds?? Constitutional Right for equalization? So?
Craig SLAPS Paul Martin on deals with NS, SK and NL - says horrendous mistake.
Lotsa huge stuff here.
It's a less stinky fishwrap tonight.

More NDP Hypocrisy on Environment

Now it's well know that David Miller has his eyes on Howie Hampton's job, though I think he really wants to take Jack's. And that he LOVEs big city government and paying unions as much as possible in jobs for life without any performance measurement or sanctions.
Now his latest adventure outside of the terms of reference of city government is his Green City Plan.
Now how David Do-Good is going to separate our gases from Mississauga's gases, I don't know. But frankly, his plan sounds like Jack Layton's bid to make Toronto a Nuclear Free Zone. Anyway, I digress.

You know the NDP, doncha? Well, Davie is one and they are demanding stringent targets to reduce greenhouse gases and for them to take effect immediately to see results by 2012.

Given the NDP's strident demands for immediate action by the CPC Federal Government, shouldn't the largest NDP-run jurisdiction in Canada demand for itself what they demand from the Feds?

Well, no.
"The report doesn't list specific environmental targets, but Mayor David Miller on Thursday said he wanted to slash the city's greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2020 and a whopping 80 per cent by 2050."
By which times, I expect David will be (a) well out of office for the first target and (b) dead for the second and likely not held accountable for making Toronto a ghost town.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Most Important Speech of the 21st Century

Is Here
I read the book when it came out and passed it around to as many people as I could, not having any idea exactly how great the stakes would become.
They have become huge.
We have a responsibility to become heretics and face the inquisition with bravery, and distain for any tormentors we might face.
And we should distribute this link to as many people as we know.
ht to Biebs

Evening Lemons Report Newman and Duff - March 22

Duff reports that new poll shows Feds are on right track and that Steffi warns that PMSH to run on "Who's toughest on crime". Then he talks to IANA Min on water quality on reserves, says that water a lot better. Click.
Cullen, McGuinty and Warawa on 56
Grit amendments to the Clean Air Act. Boring. Click.
Duff with Rob Nicholson on law and order bill. Duff reports that Grit caucus decided to not hold up tough justice bill - this is news - THE ULTIMATE GRITFLIP. Election issue here? No hint from MinJus.
Newman is onto ON budget. Amazing, they have managed to balance the budget. What a surprise.
Duff, Murphy and Cromartin on crime bill: chat about crime triggering an election (some poetry there).
Sask Budget - even less interesting than Ontario's except they are not balancing their budget. Sure that this has nothing to do with union issues.
Joe Comuzzi on Duff appears as Independant MP for latest time. "Some people are less than thrilled to Mr Dion's style of management", Duff says. Joe says: "to be very kind, he could kind of live a little differently". Dude looks like Tony Bennett.
Mark Holand wants Stock Day to step down because a sitting MP was paid to relinquish his seat.
Holland should step down for partisan stupidity and being ugly. This story was old news 5 years ago. Why was it political interference when the NDP brought up Grit Income Trust leaks with the RCMP, but not when the Grits do the same.
PMSH hair burning episode from yesterday still burning. Fact is that the Grits will Really Really say anything to try and find an issue. Iggy was leading QP today - where's Steffi? Polish prince's never go stag hunting in October (reference requested). Best part of Iggy's tyrade was when Van Loan went back in his face about Iggy supporting torture.
Kelowna Accord given final reading last night by opposition resulting in a Paulie Martin sighting.
Martha Hall Finlay is outraged again. John Reynolds tells Martha to "grow up".
PMSH on only offering permanent fiscal imbalance fix for QC federalist government. Duceppe beats him up. Is there a budget accord breakup in the works for the BQ and CPC?
Radio guys on Duff talking about QC tax cuts - Provinces can't have it both ways - Fed control of transfer spending or hands off on what transfer spending is for.
Dave Rutherford has only great line of the night, on Dion "Dead Man Walking".
It's a fishwrap.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grits Choosing Blue

Story is out that CPC campaign managers across the country are being assailed by Grit campaigners, volunteers and even prospect candidates to exchange their red sweaters for blue.
There's a definite Norway Rat feeling around the Grits.
They're ex and im ploding.
Easy to see why, Steffi is proving to be not only unintelligible but inconsistent and incompetent.
And those three "i"s spell disaster for Canada's former natural governing party.
Meanwhile PMSH has carved out a big place in the middle, proven that he's only as scary as your boring uncle, eliminated the dumbo eruptions and shows that he knows how to run things and is going somewhere.
He's building a big tent that almost anyone can fit under.
If things go to plan:
-- The Feds will get out of the Provs business and allow them to finance and control the programs they priorize
-- The CPC will become the party of the philosophically middle 60%
-- SHPM may die in office at 80
I think the Grit party members actions are a leading indicator; they're sensing the new paradigm and want to be a part of it. The general population are likely to follow.
And moi, I think it's great. Most Liberals I know (who are most of the people I know) are great people.
They sure as hell are great campaigners and organizers.
And realistically, philosophically the difference between a CPC and LPOC member is less than a Hab and a Leaf fan. They like winners and know them when they see them.

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 21

Tonight has great promise - Comuzzi fired, a buncha Libs from QC threatening to vote for budget or at least abstain or get the flu. Harper with a crack to Dion that he should care for the soldiers as much as he does for the Taliban detainees. Harper lights Steffi's hair on fire. Dion lights up. Harper sits down.
Starts off with Comuzzi getting the boot - makes Steffi look like he's firing his grandpapa.
Dom Leblanc, Siksay and Kenny chat about Comuzzi on Duff. Nothing to report here. Click.
Jaffar, Dhalla, Cullen et al on Newman talk about Harper's match work on Steffi's head. No fireworks yet. Everyone calls everyone else flipfloppers. Eeeewww that's cruel. They bad.
Don agrees that everybody said that everybody else flipflopped. Consensus achieved.
Ruby refers to her conversations with "stakeholders". You know who the stakeholders are . . . They're the ones who carry the bags for the Libs when they're in power. Cullen looks wildeyed - too much caffeine, Nathan.
Jaffar quotes PMSH on how Dion should have read the budget.
Duff talks about airport insecurity. Blah. Means longer lineups. Click.
Newman on QC election. Maxi Bernier on. He's real good, right on message, which means nothing too interesting - surprised that DN didn't have counterpart on. Don't mind, though. Real nice not to have Judy Washalashlisalees shrieking, though. Bernier throws a dagger to the bulls eye as far as 2/3 voters in QC going for federalists but how the PQ grew when Libs were in. Maxi's bloody good.
Newfoundland ad on Newman - I suffered through those GD ads at least 8 times last week on Air Canada. Where's the rock getting all their money to pay for them? Transferred funds? Makes me wonder, if they got bucks to piss away on TV ads, how can Danny Greenbacks claim to be so poor?
Duff with strategists - Reads NDP sub-amendment on budget complaining about blah, blah, blah and even Duffy calls it blah, blah, blah. Brad rails on about tax cuts in budget - now that's a winner. Did Norquay go blonde while I was away?? Or am I crazy - no need to answer.
Newman on Anti-scab legislation which is pretty heated, between CFIB guy and Cdn Labour Congress hack but this dog don't hunt.
Back to Duff - question on QC Lib MPs - Don Moors describes consensus while Geoff slams Steffi for splitting his own party.
All day long the NDP (in QP and on the shows) have been slamming the Libs. What's up?
Lemon's give your head a shake - if the Drippers don't get some Lib votes they're dead as a doornail - they HAVE to go hard at the Grits to survive.
Duff is on Anti-Scab Leg. Redux.
Travers on Newman on NDP sub-amendment on blah, blah, blah. Only the NDP voted for their own bafflegab.
Got onto the hair lighting incident. Travers lack of decorum. How about a lack of nonpartisanship. They review the history of PMSH rudeness.
Duff with his press hacks... They beat up PMSH on his hair lighting too. Fife reports that Grits will support minimum penalties on gun crime - real interesting - Steffi might support - Talk about Flippers!!
Newman brings up Kelowna Accord private members bill - wow - that passed me by - what happens if this goes through?? Would be a $5B spend...
All in all, a disappointing day. No secrets revealed, but some real ideas for soon to be written blogs.
It's a fish wrap.

Al Gore Windbag "The Planet Has a Fever"

"The Planet has a fever, all right, Albert. And you're a mayor symptom."
Al sort of looks like a fever blister himself in this piece...
This is evidently his Goresome's 20th year of harping on Global Warming. Which sounds impressive until you think back and realize that 30 years ago the main hue and cry was about Global Cooling. So if you do the simple math, THANK GOD, twenty years ago we started a period of warming, otherwise we'd be freezing our asses off today. Actually, I'm freezing my ass off today anyway. They promised us +7 today and we got +1. If they can't predict 12 hours in advance . . .
No need to actually watch this - just look at how red and tubby the Goreity is...
Maybe he's the planet that he's worried about having a fever.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol Sucks

Okay, I promised my last ever post on American Idol a month or two ago. I lied.

I've been an Idol junky for years. Ruben. Fantasia. Carey. Taylor. All my early choices and all winners. Even went to a live show (and brought my little girl as a rationale).
Can't get off it. Tried talent show methadone equivalents to work it off (So you Think You Can Dance, Grease, Dance with the Stars) None of them worked. Tried Cold Turkey, but I always came back.

But this collection of pathetic losers has cleansed my veins of any desire to ever again self inject these two hours of misery.

Not one person on this show would have made a final 10 in any other year. Not one, from any single performance or any collection of performances. They're horrible, worse than my HS talent contests.

Simon isn't even any fun, cause it's too easy for him to find fault. He's just showing up cause he's got a big piece and it's cancellation will reduce his black tee shirt allowance.

Evening Lemons Report Newman and Duff - March 20

Back after a week sunbathing with Newman and Duffy on the French Riviera...
Both led with "the fallout" from the federal budget (do they share caption writers?)

Learned from Duff that at least one Liberal is gonna support the budget- will see how tough Steffi really is on this one, because it's a confidence motion, the Libs are opposing and a vote for it is a vote against Dion.
Newman reveals Charest wasted no time touting the new transfer to his credit. He will lower taxes - quick - cancel the cheque, Steve. If they don't need the money why give it to them?? Ohhhh, It's about the Election, Stupid.
Duff leads off with Ralphie Hedgehog and Libby who whined about not getting any more money for their provinces but dont make note that they dont need any more money (especially Sask which is bleeding people and have a lower need for services funding every day at the same time that resource revs are revving and before you write nasty notes I'm an ex-pat Saskabusher).
Support of the NDP, Libby? Why the Hell would PMSH ever need or want the support of the feckless and generally overall useless, dickless and drying up quick dripping oil dippers??
Duff chat with les pundits Montrealais - reveals power of the budget in Quebec - clear winner supported by all three party leaders there.
John Williamson from CTPF, of course, against the higher spending and lack of big enough tax cuts - I agree - the Liberals would have promised to spend more and tax less, but they'd never get around to doing it. These CPCs are pesky - keeping promises the way they do. Damn them. Williamson praises Chretien - quick - get the crashcart. "Elithabeth, I'm comin home baby, I feel the big one comin on..." (Tribute to Redd)
Gerry Nicholls from PMSH's old posse, the NCC, criticizes budget (who else they gonna vote for??) Tasha Keirrhden young conservative writer supportive says it's a political winner - says the basis is good conservative (not libertarian) policy. Good point.
O'Connor under fire for Red Cross Afstan detainee bollocks on Newman - was a screw up but the worst thing that would happen to them is better than living in caves with Usama's pals and herds of goats, for chrissie's sake. These are our bloody enemies priase Allah (SBUH). Coderre and the NDP Peace Activist get to fire bullets without CPC response. Denis Dogood manages to squeeze in a "we support the troops". NDP Peacenik is so outright outraged that her hair is messy, so far hasn't been able to slip in a "we support the troops". Forgot, NDPers don't fix their hair - that's a capitalist thing that no self respecting socialist would ever do.
Joe Comuzzi announces on Duffy that at least he (if not a bunch of Quebecers) is supporting the government on the budget. Comuzzi blocks Duff cam - dont look for him back.
The strategists are on Duff who quotes CD Howe Institute on Provincial transfers "$190 Billion sunk in a bottomless pit of ingratitude". Good stuff, Duff.
McPhail and Bernie, both laud budget and Marie Poulin continues to look like a puffed up parakeet - says nothing except that PMSH thinks that Canadians can be bought (puhleeze, this from a Liberal?) Bernie catches Steffi on his denial that the Fiscal Imbalance existed. Para Poulin babbles about future investments in productivity (she's a waste of air time - Ralphie is more to the point and he's a blunt instrument). Ends with a mini hissy fit between Joy and Para Poulin. Para says something about how we are in the same family and can disagree and Macphail with a glint in her eye has the last word "that's ridiculous".
Got the "Wouldn't That Be Nice" ad instead of Charmin, haven't decided the significance of this yet but there's something there.
Anderson has a great point on the bucks to Quebec results in a tax cut subsidy from the rest of the provinces is in a good one. His counterpart reveals that maybe there's trouble in Quebec - Harper is probably sensing he needs to help Charest out for a bigger political win for himself by securing a federalist win.
Weston, Taber and Duff about who's voting for and who's not showing up. Duff specs that the NDP are crestfallen. Didn't know they had a crest left to fall.
Taber wraps up with comment that if he wanted support from Quebec, he'll get that.
It's a wrap.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Greatest Motivational Speech Ever...

WESTMORELAND. O that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those men in England
That do no work to-day!

KING. What's he that wishes so?
My cousin Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin;
If we are mark'd to die, we are enow
To do our country loss; and if to live,
The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
God's will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.
By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
But if it be a sin to covet honour,
I am the most offending soul alive.
No, faith, my coz, wish not a man from England.
God's peace! I would not lose so great an honour
As one man more methinks would share from me
For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!
Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
We would not die in that man's company
That fears his fellowship to die with us.
This day is call'd the feast of Crispian.
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam'd,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispian.'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say 'These wounds I had on Crispian's day.'
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman March 8

First off - an exclusive. Steffi Dion was in Toronto last nite for a real big fundraiser. He attracted hundreds of empty seats. Organizers were calling everyone who had even thought about voting liberal to fill up seats.

Tuning in a couple of minutes late.
What's infwastructure?... Dion is on (or off) We not go directly, we go other way around. Re women. Positive thing for women to make women compete. Need to win nomination (Gerrard?) last I heard he was awarded PDHP. Lots of women don't need his help?? Then why the promise? (Wow he is one confused guy.)
People working hard since a year, now continuing to work hard. something something grasswoots. Listing to Steffi is depressing. I want to play the high road. Wow, glad it's over.
Preston has blonde/red hair. Is he dying now or was he dying then?
Chief Economist of the TD (who used to be Paul Martin's flunky at Finance - is there anything political here?) wants polluters to have the greece squeezed out of them. Still think this smells fishy - banks shouldn't hire people who could be seen as conflicted.
McGuinty Too is on Duff at odds with his brother about transit money from PMSH. One McGuinty is too many.
Yawn. Empty partisan blah.
Back to Paul's Peon Pet Banker, he wants to invoke tough enviro taxes. Sue Bonner says this is political suicide. Why didn't he recommend this to Paul Martin? Charmin ad. Good work, CTV.
Ceeb repeats attact ads!! Yahoo. Free space. Doe Dion really think Canadians want to invest in the long term future instead of short term gratification as he says?? No Canadians I know. We'd run up our mother's credit card if we could.
Can't stand to listen to John MacCallum. He was PREVIOUSLY chief economist of TD Bank. Is there something going on between the TD Bank and the Liberal Party??
Rosie talks about elected House of Lords. Got that doofus George Baker, Senator (Lib) on. Waste of air. Accuses CPCs of playing politics on Senate reform. Terry Stratton seems like a nice man, but a bluenose politician will browbeat with bluster a Manitoban every time. Senate reform will affect mostly Liberals so natch it's bad.
On the Ceeb Dystra seems to have been talking since I clicked 4 minutes ago - he was awesome, minimized MacCallum's squeaks and was right on message (though had a little headlight-eyed deer look).
Martha Hall Finlay - natural question on Willowdale. She begs off except for praising Dave Peterson's brother. Effusively. Sue Bonner catches up on Steffi's promise on women- how can MHF be on both shows at the same time? Cheap tv tech tricks. Helen (Someday Half the Blue Jays Will be Women) Churley demands more vis-avis Rae and Kennedy bumping women. Boring. Bernie Lord. Boring. This "on message" stuff is great politics but shitty TV. Churley is upset for not getting equal time. She's only 4 foot 10. She doesn't DESERVE equal time.
Mini Second String Press Panel on CTV... Roger says was no news at Dion's speech at Canadian Club, is getting lost in the shuffle. Catches Steffi on his promise to take the high road - said just wait til the Grits go negative...
Brian says hes trying to form some kind of impression with the left side of the spectrum. Says Libs will swallow themself whole to avoid an election and get a chance to go back to school. Rogers says Grit's scared of election with untested leader.
Lemon is off until the budget.
If there is chronographer (is that a watch or soemone who records?) wants to fill in until then, be my guest.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 7

Have to leave soon, quick summary - Bobby Rae was on with Rosie while his Liberal opponent for the nomination was on with Sue Bonner. Bobby was pompous and self important and insisted on fighting Steffis fight for him (swinging at Harper). Looks like he's not running for the nomination (figgers it's in the bag) nor the seat (figgers it's in the bag). Looked like he's constipated.
Meanwhile his Lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that) Liberal opponent Meri Cartwright was on the Ceeb but got cut off. No equal time for the CPC candidate, nor the non-nominated iNDeePer, but since we're not having an election, I guess it doesn't matter.
Interlude while Ceeb covers a carcrash in BC and Duff sub covers the tax system crash.
Big News FINALLY - Revenue Canada went DOWN on us.
Cartwright is back ... She looks slightly stunned but has the semi -obligatory Liberal woman scarf (maybe to hide hickeys). Comment on getting women nominated, looks really stunned. Willing to accept a fair and open nomination process, as if this meets Steffi's affirmative action promise to get women to run.
Bill Siksay on CTV repeats the lie that "we" don't know what our mission is. iNDeePrs just don't effin listen (or havecollective ADD). Jason Kenney continues to lose weight - helped him get a CabMin job I bet.
Another toilet paper ad on after Rae and Cartwright were on - another case of excellent product placement.
Announcement that there is vacancy at Millhaven Spa since the security certificate terrorists were released by the SCOC . Siksay makes the assinine comment that the one remaining terrorist should be released because he's in slitary confinement... Puhleeze. Why don't they release them to Siksays house.

Gotta run - this show has great promise - maybe someone can update me in the comments.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 6

Rosie is filling in again for Duff and Sue Bonner for Newman. First was PMSHs transit announcement in Toronto on both shows. Lawrence Cannon was in studio. Along with subway to York U is a series of rapid transit in the 905 border towns. Surly Toronto Mayor sure to become even surlier as nothing for downtown. Wasn't even invited to the announcement though Dalton Doolittle was. And Dalton and the PM sure looked buddy-buddy and so did Flaherty and Greg Sorbara (ON FinMin).
Lot's of comment on both shows on how the transit routes serve Liberal MP areas - hints that this is an initiative to spend money to grab Grit seats. God, they must hate this.
Thinkaboutit - QC and ON Grit premiers in love affair with a Tory PM - Steffi must be fuming. 15 minutes and clock running on this lead story.
Rosie with House Leaders while Ceeb still on Subway. House heads quizzed on PMSH announcement - now up to 20 mins of solid pro-Tory reportage - not a discouraging word yet. Ralphie the Hedgehog takes credit for Tory announcement "was in previous Liberal Framework" (too bad they never did it...) Cromartin craps on Ralphie for announcing but not delivering.
Maureen Jennings on with Bonner on Spanky Bryant's criticism of Liberal criminal justice policy disaster. Click.
Ralphie is suffering from fake nostalgia - waxing poetic about the $12 Billion that the Grits almost spent on infrastructure. All sorts of transfer payments, all sorts of transit money. Isn't waving his arms - maybe he's wearing that new strait jacket that Duffy made as a requirement of Ralph being on show. He must have worn lots of hair gel tonite too.
Bonner on Quebec: Charest and Dumont. Charest, with Boisclair dead in the water is now tackling ADQ. Death of Boisclair: Melissa Manchester song comes to mind "Don't Cry Out Loud", Frankie Valli's "Big Girls Don't Cry..."
Party Strategists on at CTV - More on GTA Transit announcement. Grit Senator again takes credit for $ (more fake nostalgia). ROSIE HITS HOME RUN - "Why didn't the Liberals do it?" Neil Macdonald is on Ceeb talking about Libby's conviction - Osama Bin Laden and Yasser Arafat weren't available.
Rosie goes to CPC Ads - Grit senator responds that Canadians don't want this. McGrath from Dips explains how they support a minority government (small wonder it's the only time they're relevant).
Stephen LeDrew on CBC is one Steve too many. Buffoon. Click.
Press Gallery on Duff. More on Transit. Weston says shot right into Grits not shot over bow. Taber confirms that Dion needs to support budget. So does Weston. Agree that no election on this. Taber almost effusive on giving credit to Harper.
Weston criticizes Dream Team strategy. Dion disappeared into the night on national trip. Taber disagrees. Taber explains how CPC has much more $ and how Leadership siphoned out a lot of Grit cash.
Taber wonders what Dion could announce in major speech tomorrow in Ottawa. Weston sorta spun wool on what Dion could actually do or say.

All in all - a 60 minute ad for Stephen Harper's Conservative Party of Canada.

A View of Our Socialist Toronto Future

Here in Toronto it is well known that the current City Council (which is 2/3 NDP) thinks that cars are a scourge. And considerably more than half the people who vote in civic elections agree (why needs to be the subject of another battle in another year).
The past ten days have revealed what our transportation future looks like under socialist rule. Gas yesterday was $1.02/l, when a few weeks ago it was $0.82. A shortage of gas as a result of the perfect storm of a fire at a refinery, heavy snowstorms and a CN Rail strike meant that there was a shortage of auto fuel in Toronto.
In other words, for city socialists, it was nirvana - drivers were severely inconvenienced.
Today the Gardiner expressway was closed due to ice (ain't global warming great) and a tragic accident, so traffic was rerouted onto Lakeshore and then onto the Queensway, King St. (which was also closed in a section), Queen St. and even Dundas. It was bumper to bumper going west all the way to Kipling. A twenty minute trip took over an hour.
Miller's Minion's proposals are designed to make this scenario permanent. They want to raise taxes on gasoline, charge congestion taxes downtown, and close two lanes to cars on all major thoroughfares for dedicated streetcar lanes. This without providing mass transit that will actually move people around the GTA.
Get used to this morning, people, coz when David Miller continues to get his way, this will become the future state of transportation in Toronto.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Evening Lemons Report on Newman and Duff - March 5

Rosemary Thompson sitting in for Duff. Not a good start...
Susan Bonner in for Newman. Worse start... Suppose the old farts are out having beers??
Bank Fees!! Flaherty starts out of the gate on both shows promises to save voters $1.50 a day. That and the GST cut buys my coffee.
Wascylisa-Leis and Redman both seem to say it's a great idea, and Judy trys to take credit. Wonder if the NDP wants to collect all the Bank Fees to pay Rob't Maclelland to shut him up.
Story goes on far too long. My God, it's a buck and a half, people . . .
Redman takes opening from Rosie to punch Flaherty in his income trusts and Judy WL beats up Gord Nixon for making gazillion as CEO of Royal Bank.
Assinine lead story, making a mountain out of a mote (look it up) - we're 11 minutes into the show. I'm dying here. CTV has an incredibly irritating fiddle ad about Nfld which is way less irritating than the Ceeb continuing the ATM debate with Paul Dewar and John Mackay.
NEXT BIG NEWS!!! On Duff, Rosie announces that Big City Mayors want money. David Miller is on. Am gonna write a chapter of my book until it's over. God, Miller is a goof, an absolute doofus. The "if only" Mayor.
Thankfully, Bonner is on to Air India over at NW. I am studying my walls, looking at places that I have to touch up and wondering if I can match the paint. Terry Milewski, finally out of JJC exile all these years later, can't even make this interesting. (Spanish Olive Green I think with Taupe moldings).
Chantal Hebert is coming up on CTV - CBC has lost me am gonna watch ads on CTV. Glad to see that our major Media ain't about to give up the Anti Global Warming SUV advertising, nor stop encouraging our parents from taking out CHIPS and spending our collective inheritances.
Hebert well describes separation between Feds and Pros and Harper's plan to respect this and win Quebec by doing it. Also importance of Going Green to Quebec and Cities. Wow, poll reveals Beauclair as a loser and value to Harper. (How come PMSH gets all the credit when all we minions in the ridings get none...) Says Mario Dumont to act as weathervane for Harper depending on his level of support. Chantal says Quebecers like Dion on environment but he's flunking on unity. Says signs that Harper and Quebec is not a one nite stand.
Miller takes his boringness self onto CBC. Asks for money. Bonner asks tougher question, Miller's collar looks tight. Blahblahblah. Switch.
Bernie Lord and Gerry Kennedy on CTV. Am gonna snooze until something interesting is said and done here. Maybe Rose doing a slow strip tease. Ah. No. How about Duff doing a slow. . . don't wanna go there. Switch.
Switch... Switch... Rosey points out to Joy McPhail how much the Tories have spent pre-election - maybe $100 million she says. That's tip money for the Liberals. Eco-this. Eco-that. Eco-blah. Eeeeeek.
Lord needs an image advisor. Bad hair. Gerry K. Blah. Blah. Switch. Charmin toilet paper ad. Have never seen product ever placed better. Kennedy talks about Tories "buying their good will". As a Liberal he would know and he outshouts Bernie and doesnt give Joy a chance to
Ceeb with Backroom (although I don't think any of these saps are ever allowed within a block of a realbackroom). Talk about Bank Fees. Again. Much doodoo about nothing. John Duffy not asked about his lobbying for a hazardous material company. Says that consensus on bank fees is proof that an election not necessary. Can't wait til the show ends.
How many Corner Gas ads can one person endure.
Press Gallery on Duff. Reports that Dion cancelled meeting at industrial park - blames Tories. Fife says "Liberals Scared Stiff!!" Good to know that the Libs can still get stiff. Suggestion that Libs will abstain on Budget vote. Fife says the Libs will jump thru hoops to avoid election and suggests some of the prospect leaders want Dion to get big whoop ass. This is a no Garth zone, but Fife did make fun of him.
Finish with Bank Fees. Enough.
It's over. for Monday. Finally.

Green is Good, but GREED is Better!

Charles Adler writes a nice, but somehow unfufilling, piece at the above link with a nice little remembrance of Gord Gekko and Wall Street.
To expand on Charles' work, I'd comment that Greed ain't only GOOD, or BETTER, but it is EVERYTHING!
With the exception of guilt and sexual fulfillment, the only motivation in the world is greed.
Every man and womanjack in the world acts in their own best interest every moment of their lives. Sure enough some of that required self-slaking involves doing something harmful to themselves, but that is usually a factor of chemical addiction or psychological affliction.
But, ladies and gentlemen, and even you liberals and socialists, we all (members of humanity) only do things because we are greedy. We want more money, bigger homes, more women/men, more children, more righteousness, more respect, more mojo, more control over the lives and actions of others, more (did I mention women?).
The last true altruist was crucified and even He requested our immortal souls.
Face it, we are all greedy to an absolute perfect fault. It it is the only thing that makes the world go around.

"It is incumbent upon us to proceed down a path of least risk to humanity"

The title above is taken from here in a posting by someone with the name of "Don B". He concludes that there are four options and that the only alternative that will really allow satisfaction of this post's title is "3."

His alternative courses of action (which are logically self evident) are:
1. The "Al Gore" camp is wrong and the world does nothing.
2. The "Al Gore" camp is wrong but the world assumes the opposite and does something.
3. The "Al Gore" camp is right and the world agrees and does something.
4. The "Al Gore" camp is right and the world does nothing.

The result of 1 is STATUS QUO.
The result of 3 is a BETTER FUTURE and MILLIONS of LIVES SAVED.

But his logic which seems to appear in his identification of alternative courses of action doesn't follow.

1. To assume that the world (I guess he really means people) will do nothing is ridiculous. Humans have survived longer than the wooly mammoth because of our ability to adapt. Whether through invention or mobility, mankind has managed to survive tremendous upheaval. We would adapt.

2. and 3. Assumes that "doing something" is simple to the point of being simple-minded. It assumes that there is no net cost to "doing something". It does not consider that the economic disruption of "doing something" might result in the starvation of billions if food cannot be produced or distributed.

4. Assumes that there are no possible beneficial effects of "doing nothing" such as, for example, fewer people starving as a result of a greater ability to produce food in a warmer climate.

The title as it is borrowed from "Don B" is also fallacious in its point made. We accept risks as a species all the time because the costs of some safety measures are prohibitive. We could legislate for safety reasons, as an example, that all people never leave their homes because of the risk of getting hit by a car. A real example in history is the well publicized effect of saving people in Africa by ending the use of DDT, which has resulted in millions dying from malaria.

We should not quickly accept statements of attempted logic as having any validity, because as often as not, something that sounds rational, is not.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Layton is Trolling - Where did THIS come from

Got an email from Layton - but why. Trust me I didn't ask to be put on his mailing list. I've never, ever given Jack my email (oh, wait a sec, I had drinks with him and Olivia a year and half ago. Probably was my stalker that Zorph troll playing a practical joke.

Thank you for sharing your concern for Canada's performance on protecting our environment.
(Yup, Jack, I'm concerned about the environment. I'm concerned about fruitcakes like you and Olivia making Canada "a wealth free zone" like you made Toronto a "nuke free zone".
After so many years of federal inaction, everyday Canadians say the environment is their #1 priority, and New Democrats are listening. (Jeez, I'm a Canadian and the Environment ain't in my top 10 (though those do gooder eco-fearmongers that want to take all my money is.)
The NDP has a comprehensive plan to improve our environment and fight climate change. (The only thing comprehensive about the NDP, Jack, is their futility.)
Our action plan includes:
- Meeting Canada's commitments under the Kyoto protocol (Jeez, Jack ya lost me on this one, will you pick up my piece of the commitment for me?)
- Developing a national sustainability plan (Whatever TF that means.)
- Significantly increasing the responsibility of large industries to reduce emissions (and eliminate employment here to go tocountries not covered by Kyoto).
- Legislating a mandatory fuel efficiency standard that meets or exceeds leading North American jurisdictions. (You do like rules, Jack. At least the rules you like, not the ones that you don't like i.e. those that don't protect union jobs.)
- Ending subsidies to polluting industries. (How about ending subsidies to David Suzuki?)
I appreciate your efforts to register your views with me. I hope I can count on your support to make Parliament work on behalf of all Canadians. (Nope. But thanks for the note.)
All the best.
Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada's New Democrats

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman - March 2

Delacourt said tonite on Newman that she "wondered why I go to the House of Commons." (Fine, Susie, get a cooking show.) Then accuses PCs as "surrounding themselves with victims". (No mention of Iggy calling them a slideshow. )

Kookie Suzuki is on Duffy.
Duff asks Suzuki if he should lose his charitable status.
The Kook says only if he's partisan.
He denied that he preached don't vote conservative in a classroom.
Does anyone have video?

Delacourt says Dion is "working for the long term". Does she really think that Dion HAS a long term?

Alghabra demands to know who is being accused as an extremist who supports the legalization of Hamas and Hezbollah. (Omar - it's you baby - you're on the record for this.)

Weston complains about decorum in the house. (Ever go to The Keg, Greg?)

Scott Reid again looks like a raccoon. Powers reverts to Newfie accent to gain an edge (Howling winds of outrage particularly musical). Lot of talk about busts. Reid finishes with an apparently lipsticked hand puppet. (Were was that hand?)

Delacourt drops the King Lear "Sound and Fury" line. Gives Tories a pass on attack ads. Describes Libs as hostages and CPCs as confident and happy. Says Libs playing into CPCs poor leadership thing. (This tends to confirm that the ads worked if Delacourt changed her mind.) Weston admits Liberals really in trouble and that Sunday's poll will reveal that Quebecers are steadily gaining acceptance and receptiveness to Harper.

Is it just me, but does Nelly Furtado look like she's wearing a bad wig.

Craig Oliver says Dion not selling - says not being seen as a natural leader (more proof of power of attack ads).
Says Dion going left and might lose the centre.

Duff quoted Kookie to conclude that "if Canada's biggest environmentalist is believing that Harper's finally got it. . .".

It's in the air and on the air. Tension, unstated excitement. Expect an election call before the daffodils sprout.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What AGW Really Stands For

Anthropogenic Global Warming

Al Gore Windbag

Against George W.

Any others??