Monday, April 16, 2007

Gov Gen Gives Critical Speech on Charter and Canada

On the weekend I got into an interesting exchange with "Been Around the Block" about the possibility of Canada becoming a republic. At the end, we came to a consensus - Royals okay, hack GovGen not so good.
"But if I look at the risk of the Queen's authority being delegated to a former CBC reporter with separatist ties, and the constitutional ability for her (or another) to actually have a role in the outcome of a legislative issue (say in the event of a non-confidence vote - she could request a non-electoral alternative) I wonder."
Now - we get this in The Globe. It looks like she is positioning herself as the protector of the Charter of Rights. She even compares the risk of the Canadian Charter being diminished to the situation in Haiti.
Even as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is upheld as an example by the world, its spirit is threatened at home by apathy and intolerance, Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean said Monday.
To avoid the pitfalls of success and economic prosperity, Canadians must remain politically and civically engaged to promote the vision of a just society as it is enshrined in the Charter, Ms. Jean said.
“Now, 25 years later, we find ourselves at a crossroads,” Ms. Jean said at the University of Ottawa during celebratory events surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Charter.
“Even the very act of thinking critically, of questioning received beliefs, is being stifled as the glamour of commercial images and new sensations are bringing social fragmentation and atrophy right to our doorsteps. “More and more we are hearing alarm bells calling upon us to stay fast to our shared commitment to democracy, justice and freedom.”
Now who do you suppose that she might be pointing a finger at, in suggesting that the Charter is at risk?
Who does she think she is to even go there? A Supreme Court Justice?

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