Monday, April 02, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman April 2

Duffy starts off - Political Battles in Ridings sez he. 3 FedMins in Afstan. Sez CPC formed new Aerospace program. Iside look at CPC bunker. New French ad.
Newman - new attack ad. Reports on CPC Command Centre in Vanier - home to war room. Bairdo - "Genuine desire to govern, but must be ready." Hmm, whatever he says.
Bernier in Montreal with big bucks for planes (which means Bombardier) - Newman says looks like election to him (looks like election to me, too) Maxi is very good, can't be tricked into peeing a drop.
Helen Gorgeous speaks from Afstan (even Duff called her Gorgeous not Guergis) - there to see progress being made, director of woman's affairs - predecessor was assassinated. Girls going to school - 5 million kids in school - 4.3 million more than under Taliban.
Click to Maxi - He's on both shows at once - what media trickery. Newman quizzes on why money not tax cuts. Max again is right (as always) on message.
New Tory ads in QC repeat Steffi comments about wanting election, return to power, etc.
Duff asks for sense for more CPC seats. Maxi going door to door for 2 weeks.
LaFleur and new sponsorship charges - political? Would be political if charges were laid against the politicians involved (and never investigated).
Scott Brison blabbing on new aerospace program - complains that new program is pissing away money but not pissing away enough. Newman kicks on Liberal giveaways - non payment by recipients. Bryson says Dave Emerson did a great job managing the program when they ran things. NDP hack complains about money being spent on big companies, not thinking that this will create union jobs.
Duff on the Harperbunker - Kenney (better shaven), McGuinty and Dewar. Usually chitchat, will be won't be, your fault, no your fault...
Taliban Jack on Newman. TJ looking for votes in SK. Says broken promise on equalization - which is an outright lie. Newman asks will Toronto Danforth go along with money going to SK when SK has more money that they do. Jack says yes. Newman, "You trying to zoom us, Jack?" Jack does the "what is it about politicians?" TJ - you've been in politics for 25 years - how have you managed to avoid being a politician?
McGuinty on their attack ads - not aired anytime soon.
Lafleur on the lam. Can't be found. I wonder if he's taken with him the bag of Liberal good ideas.
Him making all this money doesn't make sense without an equivalent somehow being streamed off to the organizers - why were there not any LPOQ representatives charged?
Gerrard Kennedy and Joy MacPhail on Duff - Kennedy - "Fear Factory"??? Like US Republicans. Manipulation. Opportunistic, Calculating, Attack Others, Muzzled, Intimidating. There were barely any conjunctions or preposition.
Joy thinks it will be effective (cynically). Bernie Lord - both voted non-confidence why criticize the CPC for being ready for an election? Lord well on message.
Kennedy - dollars aren't flowing, nothing done in Eastern provinces, Kennedy shouts over Bernie. Won't shut the fuck up.
Duff to air parts of ad: These ads quote Steffi directly on things that are anti-Quebec - floating Steffi head.
Kennedy - to play to soft nationalists / separatists, so-called national government. Will not let anyone else speak.
Bernie CPC believes in decentralizing and Grits in centralizing.
Kennedy, "Quebecers are smart enough to not be bought off by any amount of money."
What Quebec is Kennedy talking about?? The Quebec I know can be bought off for peanuts.
Newman - ready for election and blaming Liberals. McGuinty: "Fear Factory"; "Millions of dollars on attacking LOTO"; "Wants to defeat itself".
Scot Reid is replaced by Susan Smith (almost as dense and nasty) with Norquay and Proctor. Proctor says is the only party that wouldn't mind having an election.
Newman says saw Norquay salivating, Jeff - want to continue to government, quotes Steffi "Liberals need to get back in power as soon as possible". This centralized communications approach by the CPC has resulted in absolute solidarity in messaging. Very powerful (but very boring). Meanwhile, the Grits are trying to stay on message of Bully, Intimidating, etc.
Smith - CPC has "Fearmongering and Falsehoods" but no ideas. Standard LPOC boilerplate.
Lafleur donated 150k to LPOQ and spent money on QC Grits. Sponsorship is the CPC gift that keeps on giving. What if he comes back for election and gets his memory back and spills the beans?
Still $5 million owed by LPOC from sponsorship program.
RCMP from Rosie on Duff - start investigation and see where it leads, and public inquiry might be needed. Commissioner appointed by Prime Minister, political involvement, minefield. This RCMP thing could be huge!!! Question is whether this country will ever pursue bones hidden in a previous PM's closet.
All in all a pretty good night.
Nothing earth shattering (but then again Scottie Reid was muzzled).

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