Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toronto Birkenstockers and Anti-Americanism

Updated Link - Couldn't find this when I needed it.
We all know that walking among us are virulent haters of America and Americans. Evidence is presented on every thread of every possible story in The Globe.
The latest evidence of these self-loathing do-nothings I found today in Kensington Market - home to surely 80% of all Birkie wearers in Canada.
I bought some corn - looked normal to me. Was a treat obviously not being grown within 100 miles of Toronto.
Didn't think much about it until I got home and found a little sticker that said "US".
I thought why would they bother, these merchants in this little kiosk, labelling place of origin on something as necessary as food.
Then it came to me - they got tired of hundreds of people a day asking them where this piece of produce was from, wanting to make sure that they didn't spend their $1.99 to support the Bush Governments World Domination Plan.
If George Bush was going to dominate the world, wouldn't he start with Canada? Hell - half our people would shut their doors and cower under their desks per their school learning.

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