Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanna Know How Absolutely Whacky the United Nations is???

Click and see who they hired.
Tells you all you need to know about that obsolete collection of elitist socialist assholes.

Toronto Earth Hour Big Time Flop

Click to expand - Darker??? Only CN Tower. Everything else looks alit to me - saving the lives of hundreds of birds.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Star Reader Wants Secret Enviro Police

Sorta like they have in Cuba but with colder weather.
Perhaps we need to have neighbourhood wardens, like the air-raid wardens we had during World War II, who knocked on doors to remind offenders to shut off their lights.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toronto Star Features "Skeptic"

From the Man Bites Dog section...
At the core of the climate debate, Dyson says, is "a deeper disagreement about values" between those who think that "nature knows best" and that "any gross human disruption of the natural environment is evil," and "humanists" like himself who insist that protecting the existing biosphere is not as important as fighting more repugnant evils such as war, poverty and unemployment.
He cares little for the preservation of wilderness. Humans, he says, have a duty to restructure nature for their survival and must not apologize for doing so.
But maintains the hammer in the conclusion:
Humans can't keep increasing consumption and avert climate change. We must conserve and shift to low-carbon technologies, and help others – China included – do the same.
But consider the source.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frum Nails it....

David Frum in National Post
But for many environmentalists, the whole point of the exercise is to change those lifestyles, to supplant the culture of consumption with a Birkenstock republic. For them, the high cost of wind and solar power is a feature, not a bug.
For these environmentalists too, opposition to nuclear power — regardless of its practical merits — is a foundational ideological principle. (They do not much care for hydro either — it was the fight against the Hetchy Hatchie power dam that transformed John Muir’s Sierra Club from a ramblers’ society into a political lobby.)
Make no mistake, people. Environmentalism is a socialist movement aimed at taking your money and giving it to others.

On March 28, from 2030 to 2130 Celebrate Human Achievement

Look at what we have done by harnessing light and power:

ht Gore Lied, Credit Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Alarmists want us to sit in the dark.

Earth Hour - Bigger Joke Than the Leafs . . .

2009 Update - Bjorn Lomburg: Aussie's Water Down Requirement
In Australia last year, Earth Hour's organisers required participating businesses to pledge to reduce their emissions by 5 per cent during the following year. This year, that requirement has been dropped.
(That's maybe why the picture below doesn't actually show much by way of Darkness in Sydney Harbour - businesses actually had to make a commitment...)

And Malaysia??

From Last Year: How important does the Toronto Star think this "Earth Hour" thing is?
Important enough for FOUR front page stories...
And when I look at the picture of a dark Sydney Harbour, what do I see? Well, lights.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Greatness of Democracy - AGW Debate Won by Realists

It's been well said by others how eCotistical Civil Servant and AGW Alarmist, James Hansn regrets that we have a system of democracy which prevents him from chaining us all up in a gulag, to wit:
From Salt Lake Republic: "Hansen said "The democratic process doesn't quite seem to be working"."

Hansen knows that once Obama's Green Bill to Destroy All American Jobs is brought before Congress that it will be trimmed back to something like restricting children under the age of 16 from driving cars.
That Dawg not got no teeth...
He also knows that few congressmen, especially those facing re-election in a mid-term election in a year and a half, are going to put their name to a bill that will threaten jobs.

But, that's not a big deal. The Realists have won. The Alarmists have been defeated. Why?

Well, Gore did buy his bayside condo, and is spewing carbon dioxide like no body else in the world. And, no government in the world is actually DOING anything about Global Warming. If they don't take it seriously, why should anyone else? And as far as politicians:
They may be paying lip service, but they know a scam when they see one.

They are also at least as crafty as the Ecotistical Awarmists in knowing that there will be no consequence of their action in their term of office. They cannot be accused of the earth frying (as if it is going to), nor can they be held accountable when the climate has not catastophically changed in 100 years.

So we Win!!!!
And the world is far better for it.

Suzuki Propaganda Agency Funded by Proceeds of Illegal Activity

Desmog Blog is part of a highly organized and well financed public relations program to continue the money train for David Suzuki and his ideological brothers and sisters dedicated to the destruction of western economies. It's team of full time bloggers try to slander and take down every person or scientist who criticizes their specious theories.

Lately, on Joanne Nova's Blog the old name John Lefebvre has again come up. There is another strong PR campaign out there protesting the smearing of Lefebvre. Well, telling the truth is not smearing. Lefebvre is recognized as a founding contributor of Desmog Blog and he pleaded guilty to getting his money illegally, to wit:

First - his blog work on Desmog:
Here is a collection of Blogs on Desmog Written by John Lefebvre

Second, Desmog Blog Confirms Receiving Funding From Lefebvre
Presumably, as Lefebvre doesn't have any other job except "conspiracy to conduct illegal gambling transactions", then Desmog Blog is at least partly financed by illegal activity.

Third, Lefebvre Pleads Guilty July 10, 2007
John Lefebvre, the co-founder of financial transaction service company Neteller, today plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to conduct illegal Internet gambling transactions. Lefebvre is the co-founder of Neteller along with friend, Stephen Lawrence. Lawrence was the first to plead guilty to the same charges last week.
Fourth. Macleans writes about him.
Evidently, still has lots of cash to invest in AGW propaganda
Both Lefebvre and Lawrence pleaded guilty in July 2007, avoiding further jail time. “I’m out on bail,” he says, his plea bargain contingent on assisting the FBI “to understand how the business works.” The company and its two founders were also hammered with substantial fines. “Between [Lawrence], myself and the company, we forfeited $240 million. My portion of that was $40 million,” says Lefebvre. “That’s a lot of given’ away money.” Asked if he’s still solvent, he chuckles. “I’m fine,” he says.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Climate Stupidity is as Climate Stupidity Does

They didn't figure on the old zooplankton ate my research study problem.
Climate scientists admit defeat in ocean experiment - Indian and German scientists have said that a controversial experiment has "dampened hopes" that dumping hundreds of tonnes of dissolved iron in the Southern Ocean can lessen global warming.
The experiment involved "fertilising" a 300-square-kilometre (115-sqare-mile) area of ocean inside the core of an eddy -- an immense rotating column of water -- with six tonnes of dissolved iron.
As expected, this stimulated growth of tiny planktonic algae or phytoplankton, which it was hoped would take out of the atmosphere carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas blamed for climate change, and absorb it.
However, the scientists from India's National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and Germany's Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) did not count on these phytoplankton being eaten by tiny crustacean zooplankton. (AFP)

ht to Junk Science

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lemon Registers New Word on Urban Dictionary

Ecotistical: (adj) when a person is so convinced they are right about Global Warming, that they refuse to consider other theories or debate the topic.
example: Al Gore is so ecotistical about his global warming theory that he won't listen to facts.

I will give up all worldly goods and devote my life to praising Mother Earth

... if only I never have to look at another picture of Elizabeth May.
Update - I was getting ill so reduced the size of the picture

Unintended Consequences - Note the comments - she doesn't seem to have too many supporters, even in the Red Star.

Meanwhile, she forgets something in her essay today, to wit:
Then former president George W. Bush took the U.S. out of the Kyoto process
She forgets that in 1995 Bill Clinton, in a speech in Philippines said:" Global Warming is a Hoax". And Clinton and his fat lapdog, Al Gore, didn't even bother trying to get Kyoto passed by Congress. And she forgets to mention that the USA reduced carbon emissions during GWB's years in office much more than Clinton Gore and way more than Canada.

Meanwhile, the Master of Ceremonies in Chief of the United States has another TV appearance.
I wonder who writes his material.

Hillary: The Movie & Free Speech

This is really, really rich.
The justices' review of the slashing documentary financed by longtime critics of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton could bring more than just a thumbs up or thumbs down. It may settle the question of whether the government can regulate a politically charged film as a campaign ad.
What is sauce for the chubby goose (Michael Moore and Fahrenhite 451) ) surely should be sauce for the gander (Republican film makers). But not for the US Supreme Court (I'm too lazy to see who appointed them).

G.W. Bush faced an unprecented barrage of individual and organizational films, shorts, parodies (think SNL) and various other slanders - including a TV show dedicated to make him look ridiculous.

If this decision is passed, the precedent will be set that Free Speech applies when used aby liberals against conservatives, but not the reverse.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Worst Smack Down of Suzuki's Propaganda Agency Ever

Whole Darn Butt Kickin is here: JoNova

Watch him (Suzuki Blogger set himself up for a ridiculous leap of logic:

“Though [Venus] shares several features in common with our planet, hence its sometimes being called Earth’s “sister planet,” it differs in one crucial aspect: the amount of CO2 in its atmosphere.”

Whoah. Differs in just the one aspect? One? Haul out the old world book encyclopedia and find out that Venus is also 40 million kilometers closer to the sun; it spins backwards; a day lasts longer than a year; it has an atmosphere 90 times denser than earth, and it’s hot enough to melt lead on the surface. All this, AND the clouds are made of sulphuric acid.

It’s one hell of a ’sister’ with acid rain at 475 degrees. (Don’t park the Ford there, it’ll be gone tomorrow. Part gas. Part liquid.)

Jacquot ‘reasons’ (I’m feeling generous) that because the atmosphere on Venus is almost totally CO2 and the planet is hot, therefore, CO2 made it that way. But correlation is not causation, and sadly for the him this reason disappears faster than the interplanetary Ford. Let’s pick just one difference. With an atmosphere 90 times denser than Earth, Venus is ‘like’ the earth in the same sense that Bruichladdich Whiskey is ‘like’ water. They’re both clear liquids, but one will sterilize your bench top.

Joanne Nova on Myth of Global Warming

The Author of The Skeptics Handbook reports.
(Get your own copy for free here)

ht Pete'sPlace

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why All the Facts About Global Warming Trends are Nonsense

Here's a great article on how the collection of data on weather - temps, precip, winds, etc. are subject to massive deficiencies.
There are three major observations that I make to show the stupidity of much of the data presented to prove this or that about climate change.
1/ If it is imposssible to maintain consistently accurate weather records in a civilized place with dedicated recorders, then what are the chances of doing so anywhere?
2/ All long term climate change projections are within an allowance for error; a prediction of 5 degrees over 100 years has to have an error allowance of plus or minus 0 to 10 degrees, which makes any forecast meaningless.
3/ This method of collecting data is way more accurate on a current and historical basis than any other means such as tree rings or ice cores. If historical records are inaccurate than any forecast based on them will be inaccurate.

When the Proof You Provide Doesn't Prove Your Point Shut Down Your Proof

Dig this. The University of Illinois has posted for several years a utility to compare ice levels.
Now, all of a sudden, when the news is not so favourable - that arctic ice is actually at it's most robust in at least 30 years, there is a technical problem and the utility has to be shut down.
Looks pretty sketchy and shady to me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's be Clear - Kyoto is and was about Global Domination by Those We Don't Like

How would YOU like to be controlled by the UN??
Jacques Chirac (is he in jail yet) thinks it would be a great idea. He referred to Kyoto as:
the first component of an authentic global governance

American Free Press

Friday, March 13, 2009

George Bush Was Right on Gitmo Detainees

And Obama seems to be hedging on his plan to free the poor, innocent, brutally tortured prisoners

The Star
Obama still asserts the military's authority to hold detainees at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. But his Justice Department says that authority comes from Congress and the international laws of war, not from the president's own wartime power as Bush had argued.

The Obama administration's position came in response to a deadline by U.S. District Judge John Bates, who is overseeing lawsuits of detainees challenging their detention. Bates asked the administration to give its definition of whom the United States may hold as an "enemy combatant.''

The filing back's Bush's stance on the authority to hold detainees, even if they were not captured on the battlefield in the course of hostilities. In their lawsuits, detainees have argued that only those who directly participated in hostilities should be held.[...]

Attorney General Eric Holder also submitted a declaration to the court outlining President Barack Obama's efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year and determine where to place the 240 people held there. He said there could be ``further refinements" to the administration's position as that process goes on.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on Suzuki's PR Firm's Smear Campaigning

I published this two years ago on a tip from Ranting Sam. Today David Suzuki's Desmogblog posted a story on how the "Denialists" that's their latest sobriquet for those whom we refer to as us...

Note that Suzuki has a full time paid blogging team of I believe 6 people to influence public opinion and shred the reputations of anyone who disagrees with them.

I wonder - do donations to the Suzuki Foundation ever find their way Hoggan PR which is the Foundation's PR firm and publisher of Desmogblog??

From Feb 2007
In a previous post I brought to CBL readers' attention how the Suzuki Foundation's PR firm is running a blog (www.desmogblog.com) that is dedicated to smearing the reputations of scientists who disagree with the fantasy-based strategies of Suzuki and his ilk.
This smear campaign is being run by Hoggan Public Relations, whose principal, interestingly enough, wrote this article slamming PR firms for doing work for organizations that he refers to as skeptic-scammers (SS). I guess in his world, only one side of a debate (his) can ever be represented by his profession. Hypocrite,
because their side of the debate certainly is calling upon PR pros to manipulate public opinion (as revealed by Ranting Stan).
The duplicitous nature of this exercise is fascinating. They impugn the credentials of every person who draws a different conclusion from available data and go so far as to try and destroy lives for their nevarious cause.
Their enviro-cult is conducting an inquisition on a scale not before seen in the scientific community.
And who are the main inquisitors?
Well, these ones are journalists (who as a group have generally accomplished little more than smoke cigarettes, use up newsprint and eat lots of doughnuts).
The guy who is leading the smear campaign of this impressive group of climate scientists is Richard Littlemore (appropriately enough).
His CV reports on his 20 years working for various dailies and how he wrote the David Suzuki Foundation’s first public information package on climate change. Other than that he appears to have been a passingly successful pisser and moaner from the Enviro-bafflegab side of things. He certainly has no professional credentials that would lead one to think that he has any more ability to interpret the science of climate change than, say, high school drop outs like Babs Streisand or Richard Gere.
His ultimate achievement seems to be that he is "a parent to three teenage boys who... deserve to inherit a world uncompromised by climate change".
Guess that means his kids won't be getting convertibles for grad gifts.
But the closing statement of his CV reveals his lack of knowledge. Even the most vocal "skeptic-scammers" agree that there is climate change. Has always happened and will always happen. That's not what the "SS" is skeptical of. It's whether mankind has any significant role in this change, and whether any actions we take can affect it. And we, the SS (following on their "Denier" label) do not believe that our species has any significant effect on the climate, nor that anything we do can have any effect (unless we invent a means of darkening old Sol).

Now THIS Guy was a Martyr!!!

Look at cause of death

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Media Bias on Global Warming Conference?

CO2 Skeptic features a report on a presentation by Stanley Goldenberg of NOAA's Hurricane Research Division while speaking at the International Climate Change Conference which finishes today in NYC, quote:
“If you’re here from the media I’d be glad to argue with you from firsthand experience. I challenge anybody from a mainstream media source to take or print a positive report on this conference. They won’t get it past the editor. If they do, miracles do happen.”"
Well, I took Mr. Goldenberg's challenge on and Google News Searched the topic and found 279 news reports today, a dozen that actually mentioned the conference.

And there was ONE, yes ONE report that was published and was positive. So obviously Stanley is wrongly paranoid...

Pittsburgh Tribune Online Version
They're wrapping up the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change today in New York City. And, no, this isn't a gathering of the usual squawking Chicken Littles predicting global warming Armageddon.
Contrary to the "universal conclusion" that the debate over man-made global warming is "over," dozens of esteemed scientists have spent the last three days dissecting, digesting and reaffirming the real science.
Or as Dan Miller, a spokesman for the conference's sponsor, The Heartland Institute, put it, there's "plenty of room for disagreement" and "sound science shows that the Earth is not warming.
"For much of the latter part of the 20th century there's been a mild warming as we come out of an ice age," Mr. Miller notes, "but the planet today is much cooler than it was a thousand years ago."
This commonsense assessment comes amid some pretty good knee-slappers from The Crazy Sect. Chief among them, exhaling effectively contributes to global warming. (It's CO2, right?) Oh, and Britain's Prince Charles, in a speech to be delivered Thursday, is set to tell us we're all doomed in eight years.
Research presented at this week's Heartland conference shows no significant net planetary warming since 1940. And the data suggest insignificant warming over the next two centuries.
Now that's something to really squawk about.

Just When You Thought All Was Being Said and Nothing Being Done

They had to say more. How Worser and Worser is to be the Globe unless we don't give them all our money immediately. From Tom Nelson

Remember When Everyone (incl CBL) Thought That The IPCC Were Exaggerating BSing Greedy Idiots?

Turns out that people noticed that their extreme forecasts weren't that extreme after all. Turns out that their projected fever blister would only mean a lot more food growth, a lot less starvation and increased water levels about knee high to a new born wallaby (at worst).

So, knowing that the gig is up, a buncha looneywarmers had to make even more terrible unsubstanciated predictions.

But it turns out, that the IPCC had something to say about Ridiculous Over-Exaggeration on Climate back when they wrote their 2007 report:
Chapter 6; section 6-42
In general, the certainty with which this chapter presents our understanding of abrupt climate change is overstated. There is confusion between hypothesis and evidence throughout the chapter, and a great deal of confusion on the differences between an abrupt "climate change" and possible, hypothetical causes of such climate changes.

Monday, March 09, 2009

10 Words to Describe How the PCO Should Be Perceived in Order to Win

I posted the above question in comments, and received the following reply from guest "Steve"
What say others?

"Some words that come to mind:
Reasonable and realistic. Definitely conservative, but moderate. Suburban."

He has more ideas on comments on the previous post.

Gore Says Over-representation is Okay.

I think the answer to that depends on where your audience's head is. In the United States of America, unfortunately we still live in a bubble of unreality. And the Category 5 denial is an enormous obstacle to any discussion of solutions. Nobody is interested in solutions if they don't think there's a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.
Full Interview

Okay, then Al. I think that you're fatter than a hippo and a bigger liar and fraud than Madoff.

More on the Ontario Tories

Earlier we posted on how the PCO faces a real challenge to regain its position as the natural ruling party of Ontario.

A major factor is that in the 416 and 905 the provincial party is paying for the sins of the federal party which is seen as being anti-city and particularly anti-Toronto.

In reviewing the punditry of the last few days, the general consensus seems to be that the party is going to move dramatically to the right, likely under the stewardship of Tim Hudak, Randy Hiller or Christine Elliot (Flaherty).

But I don't see the PCO returning to government any time soon, especially if it polarizes and gives up the middle.

It's unlikely that McGuinty can be pushed onto ground currently occupied by the NDP and their new leader. And since the middle is where Ontario is at, a move to the right can only further separate the PCs from the mainstream preference of the electorate.

The party braintrust has got to know that they need to rebuild in Toronto et al, and this will not be done overnight. And, to get a friendly hearing from the big middle means separating itself from the Federal party, not getting closer. Really, what have the Federal Tories done for Toronto lately?

Rushing to fill the top job any time soon (ie June in Hamilton) would be disastrous, I think, and accomplish nothing except carve in stone the current negative consensus opinion of the party.

There's over 2 years until another election. Use the next 18 months in getting the prospective leaders to commit to rebuilding the party; raising money, recruiting members and differentiating the PCO from the CPC. Then we'll see who the new leader needs to be; he or she will prove themselves.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Laugh, Chortle and Guffaw With George Will on AGW

Click Here Credit Tip to Gore Lied

Why The Global Awarmists Are Getting Away With It

How Digital Media Has Allowed Global Warming to be Embraced

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity of introducing and listening to a futurist, Dr. Stan Davis from MIT. His theme was based on his best seller of the time "Blur"
The BIG IDEA that I left with was his comment on the "Value of the Virtual". His belief, which has largely been proven, is that the imagined value of something would be worth more from a currency perspective (and as it works out philosophically) than the actual obvious economic value of something.
He described a world in which an online TV Guide would be worth more than the combined value of the TV networks (which provide the content for TV Guide). As it works out, the online TV listings has made TV Guide redundent, but for many years Dr. Stan was bang on.
He described a world where a 13 year old prospective Michael Jordan would sell a share of his potential future earnings.

So how does this lead to my theme?

Well, our society mostly exists in the unreal. The world of digital entertainment, virtual social networks, on-line gaming. The BIG Billionaires have made their fortunes on such. Not on trains or logging or mining or real businesses.

It is much easier for people who grew up in the digital age (say 1980+) who have never lived without video games to accept a concept such as a world about to burn, and ignore the obvious - that our climate has not changed in well over 100 years. And there are many oldsters who, I think, wanna date hippy chicks who pretend to buy in as well.

But real old timers - those who are old enough to remember Logan's Run (which is being remade)- almost always have bullshit detectors. Except, of course, those who are making bucks from the fraud.

Which is what it is. The bottom line is that today's climate is almost identical to that of 100 years ago, and the IPCC predicts a future climate a hundred years from now to be almost exactly the same.

Al Gore Admits Global Warming a Hoax

Tip from Gore Lied

Following the "God Made Me Do It" Defense

Is the "I Had a Bad Dream Defense"

Which will, I am sure, be followed by the "I had a Bad Hair Day Defense"
and after that the "My Dog Ate My Defense Defense"

After Vincent Li, everyone can claim deep emotional problems

Friday, March 06, 2009

What (Who's) Next for Ontario Tories

What irresistible poetry it was - a guy named Tory running a party named the Tories...
And what a shame that due to bad luck, judgment, thinking off message out loud or the wisdom of the masses, that John Tory never became Premier.

I see a few things in Jt's trouncing that threatens the entire future of the PCO:

1/ There are no safe seats. Rural Ontarians will not be taken for granted.

2/ There is a definite schism between red and blue Tories in Ontario. Hardliners are at war with urban dogooders for the heart, soul and moneybags of the PCO.

3/ Ontario Tories are not "taking a rest" at the invite of Ontario taxpayers, as JT said in his leadership campaigning days. They are asleep. Without total renewal, the Grits will run Ontario as long as the Tories did before 1985.

There are lots of old Harris horses out there that I'm sure are
all chatting with their campaigners today: Klees (whose denial sounds halfhearted), Runciman, Witmer, Wilson. And Christine Elliot (Flaherty) will almost surely be unable to resist.

ho are some of the unlikelies looking to get in at the top. Garth Turner is always up for anything that involves him having to do nothing for a living except nod and blog.

But who actually has a chance to rebuild and refresh a Tory corpus that is flabby and stuck in the status went?

Peter Shurman is interesting for his communication skills.

I noticed John Tory's protege, Mark Beckles from up Brampton way (Bill Davis-land) in the last election as being someone new to the scene who has a lot of years ahead of him
available to rebuild the big blue machine. I think I could get behind him.

What say others??

Dammit!!! Climate Change Has Not Occurred!!!!

This morning, it was about penguins who left their antarctic islands to go to South Africa to complain about President Zuma's corrupt government loss of fish stocks. (Sorta sound like Newfies but much cuter).
And what is this blamed on?
Global Warming, of course.

(if ever), or for that matter, ANY SIGNIFICANT CLIMATE CHANGE.

The climate - and the weather - is pretty much as it has been for a couple of hundred years, give or take a degree or two of temperature here or there. Sure, there is not the same level of ice in some places and more in others. But we are basically where we have been climate wise since before Penguins were discovered.

So enough already you Warming idiots. We are not that stupid. You cannot say that every little hot climate event is because of Global Warming but every frozen tushy in London is not due to not experiencing global warming.
Weeee donnnnn't heaaaarrr youuuu.....

Here's a link to 500 other things that the climate nuts blame on Global Warming, EVEN THOUGH WE DO NOT HAVE GLOBAL WARMING.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Prosecutor Laughs and Calls Murder Victim "Tim" --- UPDATE

One more case in which lawyers place themselves above human respect and emotions. The prosecutor - Joyce Dalmyn - in the case has the audacity to call the murdered and eaten victim "Tim" and to laugh on camera. Fire. Her.
According to this defender of innocent carnival workers: "I had an obligation to bring that to the court's attention and the family understand and respect that."
Sure. Dirtbag. Say that the devastated family understands that no one is responsible for killing heir boy. How they will understand why the public needs to allow someone to murder their boy and eat pieces of him without punshment.

Then the defender of the murdering cannibal spouts off:

"Mr. Li will get help," said his lawyer, Alan Libman. "The Canadian public can be assured that the review board will take into consideration the protection of the public. Mr. Li advised me after court that he's going to work with his treatment team because it's his desire to get better."
Of course this monster wants to get better - then he'll be able to be released and do it again.

CBC Report Here
Case after case of those who should never be in public allowed to walk free because it's his right, and slaughter another human being.
And No, Nancy Wilson. This murderer was not "accused" he cut off a young man's head in public. He really, really did it. He massacred a young man in the most cruel way and will pay no penalty.

And when Vincent Li applies for a job he will not be required to divulge his act, because he has no criminal record.

Whenever I see a case like this, or Greenspan get another scumbag off, I hope that they someday get to experience that same role of loved one of a victim and break down in public.

The Gore Effect

We were early in noticing this - but maybe not first . . .
Washington Times: Critics claim the Gore Effect is mere coincidence, though one could also argue that coincidence is also the basis for the anthropogenic theory of climate change. Alternative theories, e.g., citing the influence of sun spot activity, have gained increasing credence as scientists have noted global warming in recent years on other planets, which presumably have been human-free. Significant data issues have also arisen, such as the recent discovery of a chunk of Arctic sea ice the size of California that satellites had missed (but which in all probability had been known to polar bears).
Credit to Klockar at Al Gore Lies

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Global Awarmists Murder 30 million People in 2008

From comments in Doc Pielke's Blog

To follow the (un)logic cast about by the Goreists, the following statement should be accepted as a huge reason to embrace global warming - 30 million x 100 years = 3 billion.

In 2007 and 2008 there were riots in at least 2 dozen cities around the world over the rising price of food commodities that was at least partly to blame on diversion of food crops to biofuels.
The high price of these commodities also limited the amount of food that could be purchased to provide nutritional supplements to famine prone regions.
It is estimated that 30 million more people starved as a result. For some reason, the human toll and the environmental impact of “renewable” fuel and “green” solutions just gets a pass.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Separated At Birth

One of these is a female walrus, another is a fictional secretary of defense, and a third is really a secretary of state. Which is which?