Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Gore Solution to Kyoto Challenge

"Canada faces far greater obstacles in reaching its Kyoto Protocol commitments than the public has been told because its targets are much more stringent than commonly understood, according to experts on the treaty."
Canada is a lot like Al Gore.
We're the biggest country in the world, he is very close to the fattest politician in the world.
We have great aspirations (so far unachieved) and so does he.
We are huge consumers of energy and so is Al Gore.
We are also big "carbon emitters" and so is Albert Gore with his $30,000 power bill, daily flights, fleet of SUVs, etc.

Al Gore's solution was to start a "Carbon Credits" company to offset the incredible level of effluent he spews. Despite the fact that his company does not in the slightest do anything to offset Al's consumption, someone, somewhere, somehow has determined that it qualifies to relieve him of guilt (or at least as acceptable indulgences).

Well, why doen't Canada start it's own Carbon offsets company with exactly the same criteria as Al Gore applies to his. Every tree that is planted (I know that it has been decided to not do this but let's do it anyway - Al would), every time that any person in Canada promises to ever do anything good for the environment, every penny spent on anything associated with the environment would somehow be quantified, monetized and run through the "Clean Canadian Carbons Program" (CCCP).

If it's good enough for Al Gore, surely it should be good enough for a do-gooding country like Canada.

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