Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lemon's Update on Newman Duff Report

There will be no election this spring and the phony war that has been fought has been called a draw. Thus it's time now to turn the swords back into ploughshares and begin to farm new fields, rather than harvest fruits of political fancy and place them on the digital shelves. (tad flowery, I know)

Also, with the final onset of spring, a man's fancy turns to.... golf. So often at around Duff hour, a time or so a week, I'll be on the links swearing at the vagaries of a tragic game rather than at the duplicity and hypocrisy of socialists.

With Parliament as it is - jammed up with jousting and pointing lances at the same issues day after day, interminably, day after day, I have discovered that I could write the Newman Duff report without ever having even seen the shows. The same guests saying the same things, with the same beginning, middle and end and with the same fake outrage and self-righteousness.

The shows have become Groundhog Day, with Newman starring as Bill Murray. (Duff as Andie MacDowell??)

As such, I'm gonna wind down the daily dose of Duff and Newman in favour of reports on issues as they occur. This will allow me to put a little more sauce on the grains of food offered by the guests.

I might post a weekly highlights show and live blog the odd show when there is something interesting to say, but for now, I'm going to direct my critical observations on specific issues.

I'll pick up Newman & Duff again when things get interesting.

Thanks to those of you who have tuned in and added to the stories with your comments.

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