Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Human Rights Watch on CBC

Audio will be available here tomorrow.

Quote 1
"Just because you are fighting a war on terror doesn't mean you can ignore human rights."

This statement by the HRW representative on The Current this morning will certainly go unchallenged (at least by the Ceeb). But the implications of this are immense. They include:
-- Freedom of Information: Any person who is subject to investigation for terrorist connections (even UBL) could demand that all files be released to them and they be notified any time investigation is conducted.
-- Freedom of Movement: Any person who has not been charged or convicted of a crime could demand that they have exactly the same rights of a passport as any 'innocent' person.
-- Habeas Corpus: Any person found in the act of conspiring to launch a terrorist event (911 sequel) could demand that he/she be immediately be given counsel and receive all accompanying rights.
I'm sure there are other examples.
While rights were designed to protect the innocent, they are being used as a tool of terrorists. They will take our strengths as a society and use them against us. Expect them to hire our countries' top constitutional lawyers to represent them.

I wonder if the HRW representative would agree if she had lost anyone in the World Trade Center?

Quote 2
"No one knows how much pressure is being applied (in Ethiopia) by the United States.
So, where's the story here. There is none unless the US is proven to be applying pressure.
Somalia is a new desired breeding ground for Al Qaida, after being booted out of Afstan and Iraq as training grounds. Should we wait until they're fully imbedded before taking action? I WANT my nation to work actively against those who are conspiring to chop off my head. Good on them, if it's true.

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