Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Justin Trudeau Revealed in Vimy Shoot

From Blue Lemons Commentator. Thank you, York Tory....
I was fortunate enough to be involved in the Montreal film shoot for the Great War, and I can tell you Trudeau was none too popular with the 150 re-enactors/descendants.

He was apparently invited to stay the night in the camp with the soldiers and share a few brews but he refused. I guess his own bed was more appealing than socializing with the TRUE stars of this documentary.

Funny story from the filming too. They were filming a battle scene where Trudeau gets shot and falls in the mud, and a few people suggested putting a mattress down so Trudeau didnt get covered in mud.

In response, one of the soldiers in the trenches (who had spent the whole day slogging around in the mud) yelled out "why don't you let him fall in the fucking mud like the rest of us!"
Much laughter of course ensued. :)
This guy obviously thinks he's a star. Canadians don't like star politicians much. He's not much of an actor. Maybe he better stick to saving the world and doing PR for dictators.

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