Monday, April 16, 2007

Clinton Responsible for 911 Intelligence Breach

There has been no shortage of reportage that the CIA knew about 911 and refused to act on it.
Almost all have found a way of pointing this responsibility at GW Bush.
Here's the latest (whole story here) allegation.
The newspaper Le Monde first reported the story today as it published excerpts of 328 pages of classified documents from France's main foreign intelligence agency, the DGSE. One note, dated Jan. 5, 2001, reported that Al Qaeda was plotting a hijacking.
I will say that this whole conspiracy theory of how someone "knew" about the events to come on the fateful day is bogus. Whether they knew is one thing, whether they had evidence to act is another.
But the beauty of this one is that it fell under Bill Clinton's reign - GWB was not sworn in until January 20, 2001.
But it's still horsefeathers. The USA receives tips on about 200,000 so-called attacks on the nation a year. To check these out would have required about 2 million dedicated intelligence officers working full time. Plus, it would have required the complete abandonment of civil rights at a time when there was no real evidence that such an event would or could occur. So why is it news?

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