Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 18

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Duff - Amicable QP today, Elected Senator, Preston Manning, Bryant Shooting at CPC, RCMP
Newman - Long Gun Reg, Grit Ada, Charest Cabinet, Elected Senator

Duff with Dominic Leblanc & Jason Kenney on Clean Air Act and Gun Registry. Just position statements. Nothing new.
Bryant with Newman. Ontario Grit position. Nothing new. Snore. Stock on - says not killing Gun Reg. Please, Stockwell - don't continue this boondoggle, or say you're "improving" it. The CPC are still unlikely to win any significant number of urban seats even if you promise to hang anyone who shoots bottles at a carnival with a cork gun. Shoot the registry - dead, dead, dead.

Pastor Preston on Duff. He's gone blond, what's this about? He encourages Senate elections in provincial elections. Education for training in electoral process.
Newman - on Bert Brown- Ruby D, Rahim, et al. iNDeeper Cullen looks wild eyed and bobbleheaded. Newman asks EDay question - obvious that opps don't want to have election. Cullen takes credit for NDP on Climate Act (reason enough not to bring the thing forward).
Mulroney says Harper doing great and next election will be about leadership.

Duff says heat is off in House: Norquay, Moors and Lavigne - New Grit Ads
Radio ad sounds silly. Geoff says May biggest danger to Liberals. Moor says they're positive while CPCs were negative (now let me get this straight - the Grits say "What is Stephen Harper Afraid of" and the CPC has Iggy say, "Stephane we just didn't get it done." and the Tory ads are negative).
Lavigne says that Grit TV ads show how weak Dion is - that he claims as an accomplishment attending a meeting.
Duff quotes Buzz Hargove - environmental insanity, CPC challenge is to bring in measures to clean environment while keeping jobs. Lavigne says the NDP can do this - sure, their great governing experience allows them to have this confidence. Duff asks how many jobs we will lose? Geoff says NDP amendments will sewer thusands of Canadian jobs. Moors says that Layton looking to take credit for revised Clean Air Act is like he's taking credit for the Internet. Funny.
Suzuki Foundation nitwit says don't cut GST, give billions to Kooky instead.
Newman discusses Quebec Cabinet. Not interested.
Duff with RCMP Accounts committee - Williams, Christopherson and Borys Alphabet from Etob Kingsway. Williams says deputy comm at RCMP deliberately misled committee. Borys says took months to get info and committee has blown the lid off. Says Dept of Justice may have been suppressing evidence. Finding conflicting testimony. Acting Comm Bussin sent out message that whistleblower act will be respected.
Duffy on stylist consultant - everybody has these for heavens sake. Except NDPers - they don't care if they look like bums - kinda fits their rep.
Duff denies he's wearing a thong and remembers Gabor Apor helping Uncle Jed. Bob Fife says all leaders have same. Speaking of which, Fife looks like he had a bleach job done today.
Says all committee members were pissed off at bafflegab from RCMP witnesses. Big heat coming down on the senior horsemen.
Newman - Travesty quotes David Miller on Guns - "let's just get all the handguns off the street." There goes any shred of credibility he had left. Handguns are banned. Period. The ones on the street are smuggled, often through reserves. Criminals are doing this, the guns don't sneak across the border and jump into a gunnies pocket. Easier to blame an inanimate object that people.
I'm pining for Scott Reid... His non-appearances make for very sorry 5 pm TV.
4/10 for revealing the anger exhibited at the Public Accounts Committee on the RCMP.

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