Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff & Newman April 24

Duff - Akin in for Duff - (Is he Mett as in Mett & Juff??)
Everybody's beating up PMSH in order to support the Al Qaida strategy to lie to journalists about being tortured when captured.
Newman announces that NDP to vote against Grit Feb 2009 surrender date. The NDP want us to surrender now.
Opps want to cancel the transfer of Taliban murderers to Afghan officials. I suggest they transfer them back here in care of the Member from Toronto Danforth. They'd fit in great there - despise western civilization and can get lamb and goat on the grill.
CBC quotes mysterious unknown "critics" about alleged "torture in Afstan". Could they be Stephen Staples and other Marxists? Members of the Grit caucus that are friendly to the Taliban? Guys who want to get let out of jail to behead a few more before they meet Allah? Usama Bin Laden's PR director?
Akin argues with Russ Heibert that Mom and Dad back in Canada are worried about getting sued by Taliban for getting tortured. He argues absolute lunacy!!! Never, ever let him have your job again, Duff. There is no effin way this could happen. The NDP and Grits are betraying our people and giving their support to lying rapists and murderers. Alexa Mc-Doh-na is so washed in NDP claptrap that I can lipsync her.
There ARE no NDP supporters in Afstan with the troops cause the NDP supporters are too cowardly or just don't have any belief system that they would ever risk their tie-dyes on.
Mc-Do-Nut says that WE ARE LOSING WAR!! She is losing her sanity.
iNDeepers are useless, incompetent, cowardly and lazy. There. That's my piece on them. Even the unions don't buy into their bullshit anymore.
Libby Davies, with a jacket designed by Omar the Tentmaker instead of a mumu. Van Loan (also a jacket no mumu) calls the Senate Wonderbra - it holds up legislation.
Akin feels it necessary to explain the Clean Air act and its left wing children mothered by the Grits and NDP.
Brit Minister of State says "Canada's reputation has never stood so high." Calls teh Taliban Philistines, murderers, rapists, parasites. And Steffi Dion wants to invite them over for brunch.
Newman says the cowardly nations won't stand up to fill in when we leave - my idea: let's get them to pick up the tab - say a billion a week to keep us there.
Akin is a waste - he wants to be interviewer and interviewee and the news itself. With Prentice on Marauding Mohawks - Minister directs charge of causing blockades to local shit disturber (Brant?) who is a convicted criminal. Local Band council opposed the blockade. Akin talks way too much. WHERE'S Duff - oh - off on some fundraiser doing some good. But Duff - WHAT about me!!!
Yippee get Parakeet Poulin up next on Duff. My pulse is racing. I click 26.
Back to Newman - voting in the House - Fixed Election Date - Government is gonna reject amended act. New Chief Electoral Officer on (first time) - he'd like fixed dates. Question is - what does he think about Burkhas? Newman describes all the iterations and confusing things the guy is facing. He looks like he wants to quit.
Was on Duff for 30 seconds - Poulin started chirping - had to switch back. Wait - McGrath comments that regardless of how many pets Dion wants to name Kyoto - his record still sucks. And doesn't Steffi even look like a doofus in the ad during what is supposed to be his greatest moment???
Akin brings up defense minister. Poulin "chirp, chirp, chirp" -- is really bothersome. Commie McGrath says that Defence Minister is a liability - this from the guys who want us to surrender and come home to pass out food rations to NDP supporters. Akin craps on Minister O'Connor. Poulin chirps again. Akin blames PMSH for causing loud debate int he House. He is an ass. I will
go wash my face in soiled diapers before I ever blog Duffy again with him on as host. Okay, single square of toilet paper.
Anderson and LeDrew on Newman - Tories gonna vote with Bloc on their motion on Kyoto, NDP with CPC for more war, people wearing brown belts and black shoes - it's insane up there!!!
Looks like Grit motion on Afstan will fail. Anderson says it completes the Grit pirouette. They're for the war, against the war, for the war. Like a Bette Davis movie - I hate you, no I love you, no I hate you, no I love you. Picture Steffi as Charles Boyer.
Anderson wondering wtf NDP are doing on 2009? So was Newman. So are they. Anderson says Greens gonna go to dinner on NDP's messed up position on 2009 surrender.
Bloc Kyoto movement passes unanimously.
Liberal motion on 2009 surrender is defeated 151-134.
Weston says the good thing is that the vote will confuse the Taliban. Weston says not sure if Grit ad an attack ad or a CPC spoof. Anderson explains that 2009 vote will help CPC in putting their position to the public and the NATO foreign minister's meeting in Ottawa this weekend.
Akin tries to compare PMSH political strength with that of Jethro Dion. Puhleeze.
Akin is akin to ...... Well, okay Akin is not akin to a good political moderator. One thing about the old farts is that they know everything is tongue in cheek and a little fun. Akin ain't there yet and may never be.
But, that being said, this was a steady hour of bloggin' with no real dead air. So it gets a solid 7/10.

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