Monday, April 23, 2007

What if the Torture Reports are Bullshit?

Canadian media and all the opposition Members of Parliament (and especially the CBC) are all atwitter about the Globe and Mail report on Taliban captives being tortured after being handed off to the Afghani government officials. Since this report is published by an esteemed media outlet, obviously it must be true...

The Globe and Mail published interviews Monday with 30 men who say they were beaten, starved, frozen and choked after they were handed over to Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security, a notorious intelligence police force.
No one, not even the CPC Government of Canada, has even hinted that there is a possibility of falsehood in the words of witnesses and self-declared torture victims. Not even considering that they might have just a little bit of vested interest being as they are - captured combatants who caught were trying to kill Canadians.

And no one has even made a peep reporting the fact that the Islamists have learned how to use our western squeamishness against us. The Washington Times did.
An al Qaeda handbook preaches to operatives to level charges of torture once captured, a training regime that administration officials say explains some of the charges of abuse at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.
As is the case in the US, the leftie media and the opposition parties are prepared to lose this war that we are fighting for the United Nations, to ruin our international reputation, and to advance the interests of those who are trying to kill us and the Afghan people under our charge.
Just to try and embarrass the government.
And their best ideas? 1/ Bring them back to Canada (yeah sure, Steffi, they can open schwarma shops); 2/ Build our own prison camps (that would likely not be completed in time before they are demanding we leave the theatre of operations), or, 3/ a better idea (which they don't have.
Meanwhile, they want to execute our soldiers as being war criminals.

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