Monday, April 16, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 16

Looks like both shows are delayed by the Virginia Tech shooting.
There is no need for anyone not directly effected by an event such as this to have any access to information on this. The only outcome will be the outpouring of fake grief by strangers to the victims, pointing of fingers at public officials who could have done nothing to stop this, and the encouragement of copycats to do it again.

There will be headlines like "A Nation Mourns with Virginia Tech" when only those left behind will be mourning. The media will be milking this for all it's worth for as long as they can. Politicians will be announcing new security measures. And the kids will still be dead.

Mountie Zac testifies - denies offensive allegations that he was engaged in the process of cover up. Says all steps were openly reported on and documented. (Does this mean that it's all in the hands of Landslide Annie?)
Deny, Deny, Deny . . . Ron Lewis says that Zac stonewalled - tied him in knots in trying to get information.

On Duff - Karen Redmond, Grit Whip, expresses her compassion for the victims and that if there a gun registry in the USA this would never happen and that we need it to avoid same. First to use the deaths of these kids for political purposes. Godin of the NDP is second to use deaths of kids for political purposes. Redman is just oozing fake compassion - I'm almost tearing up.

Bernie Lord on how to deal with a crisis like in VaTech - no fake compassion - just what to do. Macphail - USA has such a high concern with homeland security (for good reason)
. She really is one of the most balanced
guests on these shows. Gerrard Kennedy talks about security at schools - why is a candidate actively seeking election on these programs? Nothing of interest here.

On Newman - NDP calls for emergency debate on Afstan. Says foreign policy is synchronized with White House - needs more debate. When all is said and done, Jack will say more and do less. Even Newman says what would a debate accomplish? And Jack answers with bafflegab. He will agree to crime bill which means it passes - no election on that. Clean Air Act?? Jack will vote for the bill and take credit for it - we'll see if the Tories even bother bringing it out of committee - these guys just don't want an election.

Jed Chretien with Newman on Charter - I hate him a lot less than I used to - am getting soft, but then again he's not in my face all the time and isn't currently looting the treasury. JC on SSM -- was not even considered for the Charter - Brings out the Global Village line likely not having the slightest idea what HMM was talking about. About CPC dropping funding for Charter challenges - those that need to go to court will go to court - he's travelling the world (working for Mo Strong's friends) and everyone thinks he's very charming. Wants Harper to have a big charter party.

Duff with Press - bad memories from Dawson College - they talked to students and those kids are grieving for the Va kids... Sure. Duff blames schools for not sucking up to outsiders do they dont kill their fellow students. Roger Smith says police should keep track of weirdos.
Newman asks Jed about Dion - says he heard same story about me, same story about Harper. Refers to Dion as when in Cabinet he was a very good man (not excellent ed.). Says about Jethro and Ellie May - that he tried to get merger with NDP. No big deal - but not exactly a glowing endorsement.
Duff says that Va murders will spark more debate over guns but that no one will want to get political right after the shooting (except Karen Redmond).
Show shortened by other events, muted in tone with the shadows of victims of mass murder.
Nothing new or interesting but 2/10 for getting Chretien back from meetings with foreign dictators.

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