Thursday, April 12, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons - Duff & Newman Report - April 12

Sorry about last night - I had meetings stacked up and missed whatever I missed. Maybe nothing...
More Leopards, extended amnesty, usual bafflegab on Duff.
The Brawdcast - more deaths, more tanks, Dutch opinion on Afstan, Mugabe.
All sad about loss of men in Ghanni.
Wandering around the web come across story that 24 with Keifer is looking at an FLQ scenario for next year.
Duceppe doesn't like this - they use referendums not rifles, he says. What if they offer him a bit part? Think of him in a cute little beret with a cute little beretta.
Dawn Black NDP and Denis Coderre asked to slam the Afstan commitment - says minister has no credibility - that he's a farce. Calls General O'Connor a former arms dealer (Is this slander?) As far as credibility - Coderre marches with Hezbollah - who's not credible? Black calls it an escalation in the war. Yeah - so. She says we tragically lost 8 men - she grieves along with the family. Bullshit - the NDP are happy about it - gives them air time and something to criticize. People in Afstan need help .... Right - let's send over the NDP caucus to build the electrical system and roads. The only war she knows how to fight is the one she's having with her sanity. Compares Canadians to Russians in Afstan!!!
Just learned Dawn Black lives in Vancouver - that explains a lot - Olympics, Ice Storms, Floods?? That's what she wants an armed forces for? She's another ideologically bankrupt socialist.
Coderre says that he doesn't think that people believe that tanks are the answer - who gives a shit what "people" think?
Coderre says wants best equipment for troops (Black - we all want that) but not if it means that we're there til 2015. What goofs.
Alexa is heartbroken and devastated by deaths in Afstan, but, time to reflect on first week of extended mission and the irresponsible and reprehensible decision by Harper. In other words she says the soldiers were wasting their time and died in vain. NDPers continue to try to do to Canada what their socialist buddy David Miller and his minions are doing to Toronto.
Keith Martin has all the answers to Afstan, expects the Taliban to sit idly by while the Afghanis grow safe, fat and well infrastructured thant to the CCOD (Canadian Corps of Do-Gooders). Sure, Keith.
Amnesty extension to long gun bans. Joe Cromartin the lone commentator with Duff on amnesty.
Duff has had three speakers on - 2 NDP and 1 Grit - not a single conservative. What's this?? Allowing only the opposition voices to speak is fair and balanced? Joe talks about Dawson College as an example of need for registry, even though a banned weapon was used.
Dutch Defense Minister on Newman - He offers respect for Canadian losses and Canadian saving of Holland.
No frustration among Dutch for Afstan.
Duff on Strategy - Eliz May and Steffi Dion in love affair - Martha, thinks it's great Eliz loves Steffi - why isn't she running as a Liberal? Joy MacPhail - completely unseemly - voters hate backroom deals. Says she too conservative to be a Liberal. Trying to cut her losses in a stupid decision. John Reynolds - Elizabeth May, May not. Martha - Eliz shows Steffi a great leader. Reynolds - Belinda probably doesn't agree with her - and (Macphail) every time she says she likes Steffi, his support goes down. but then again, everything that happens sees his support goes down.
Jason Kenny - courting the ethnic vote - bafflegab on multiculturalism. Newman comments on conservatives comments on lack of integration. Blah. Click.
Duff on Thibault defection from Bloc - sign of internal problems, more likely to support government. Joy Macphail makes me smile - comments on defecting MPs might have better jobs to go to.
Back to Jason - lays out Conservative credentials on multicult. They're impressive.
John Baird at the zoo in Washington. Looks right at home.
Roger and Brian with Duff - effect of losses on military community - Ontario ombusman is going to comment on lack of grief counselling at Petawawa.
Grits to focus on strategic voting (ie Eliz May) - sounds like desperate measures. What happens to Grits in Central Nova? High risk strategy for Liberals, Steffi will have a lotta splainin to do. Boag thinks that Canadians want Eliz May on debates. Roger - real cost to Steffi for free ride for May.
Worst show in memory - not a single thing new or interesting.
Bring the House back early. We need QP. The Phony Election War has turned into a Pathetic cocktail hour of political television.
0/10 - I recommend that you don't bother reading this post.

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