Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The 2013 Boston Globe Version of Willie Soon's Public Flogging

HT to R. Pielke Jr. Here's story in 2013
Boston Globe

Meanwhile, the line I like best from Science Mag is:
"The New York Times and other outlets reported that Soon has received extensive financial support over the past decade from fossil fuel companies and others opposed to government regulation of greenhouse gas emissions."

Is it a crime against humanity to oppose a government policy - especially one that will have a huge effect on our economic sustainability - global catastrophe or not?

Meanwhile, if I understand it properly, the Smithsonian's position is that they hired Willie Soon to do a study that proved that the Sun had no effect on climate. And they were shocked, I tell, you, shocked that he falsely reported something else!

Sounds like pure science to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Pedophile Who Travelled the World Counselling on Educating Children

Ontario Deputy Education Minister Benjamin Levin

I have to wonder.. in all these travels in places such as China and Norway... did he pursue his perversion? A Google Search and Country name might reveal his speaking locations...

There is a climate angle to this....

This same government contracted with Samsung and paid them $9 Billion to build windmills. Which will never provide 3% of Ontario's energy, but which we will be each paying $250/year until we die.

The Death of "Experts"...

The Niagara Non-Falls

We are going through a period in the media that may well - happily - bring to an end the age of "Experts".
For the last decade or so, in desperation to gain eyeballs, news outlets have resorted to publishing and broadcasting "climate porn", translating it into the scariest story possible - that humans were causing it - backed up by those whose livelihood depends on commenting on (a) the climate catastrophe and (b) human guilt as a result of using fossil fuels (even though the use of these is the largest difference between developed and undeveloped populations).
But natural events tend to not watch CNN. While the alarmist "experts" were predicting "global warming" the globe started cooling off, or at least not warming any more. Been almost 20 years with only one blip in 1998.
So they tried to change the story; that the frigid temperatures are caused by ... wait now.... global warming (which hasn't taken place).
So the "experts" shifted their tall tales to "climate change". And heads along Fifth Avenue and Penn Ave in DC and Toronto's Annex, started nodding up and down.
But this is a ridiculous conclusion. Climates have always changed this is not either the hottest or coldest period on earth that has sustained mammalian life.
So anyone who backs these experts has been deluded by them and should never listen to them again. Beware of false prophets.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Man Causes Blizzards, Floods and Droughts and Vaccines Cause Autism

"Q: Are there broader lessons here about how bad information can become so pervasive?
S.M.: There was a University of Michigan study a couple years ago where subjects were given a list of 20 statements about the flu vaccine, 10 of which they were told [were] true, 10 of which they were told were false. Ten minutes later they could identify which were true with a high degree of accuracy, but that went down precipitously with time. So the results would seem to indicate that merely hearing something, even in the context of hearing it isn't true, that concept gets introduced into your mental framework in a way that lends you to give that idea more credence. You can see this with all sorts of urban myths."

Science Magazine