Thursday, April 05, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman April 5

Masters Alert . . . No not playing, watching. Just Quick Hits on Good Stuff...
CPC definitely in Majority Territory - Decima Poll - Has picked up strength in all age groups, all regions (except Ontario - down a couple), Urban voters and women.
Grits doing negative Radio ads in Quebec to run against Tory TV spots.
Isn't this like taking a knive to a gun fight?
Steffi on recruiting Women candidates - don't have exact number - says he knows they're making progress.
Looks like a doofus. Yeah - like dropping Bob Rae into Toronto Centre and pushing Meridith Cartwright out (likely with a surrender award). Newman asks Grit spokeswomen - are the candidates going to be tokens? She denies. Probably true.
Duffy on IPCC and Climate Change - Still hammering out wording on final report - looks like they want to make it sound scarier. Prof. Andrew Weaver from Victoria - sound gremlins at work . Ain't me.
Look for the final report Recommendations to be edited to say - Shut Gore The Fuck Up!!!
Newman and Press Gallery - Delacourt, Chris Hall, Travers and Russo: Russo - says Liberal Party ran ads on UTube - Interesting - suggests LPOC is responsible for content - like the one where PMSH wants to kill soldiers.
Delacourt says CPC not subtle by showing their power - Russo says CPC not showing everything, "we got a bulldozer to crush you." Travers thinks CPC making a big mistake because they're not letting him filter their news. Both Delacourt and Travers look threatened - comparing CPC media campaign to Soviets, threaten to hit back.
McPhail, Hall Finlay talk with Duff about poll and women. Gerry Nicholls xNCC on election - no burning desire, says once an election starts all bets are off. Says Harper has huge advantage. Martha says attack ads won't work. Nicholls says Grits ran most vicious ad campaign in history - GET THIS GUY A RIDING TO RUN IN - knocks Martha around the ring. Nicholls comes out VERY positive on Harper - surprising after his public hanging yesterday. Better and more animated than has ever been when with NCC.
Duff with Media - Everybody tired of the phoney war.
Duff does Elvis" "a little less conversation a little more action, please".
Growth in women, Ontario and Urban vote - people getting comfortable with Harper, budget worked.
Me - back to Augusta
Basic show - no fireworks, nothing new except strong performance by Gerry Nicholls. 2/10

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