Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lemon: It's all because of Global Warming

Today a kitty fancier from the Toronto Humane Society was on Ontario Today in Toronto.
You might remember them for being taken over by nutbars and raiding research labs a few years ago and subsequently being discredited and losing their deal to deal with strays from the city.
Their speaker today seemed sincere and nice but he blamed the growth in number of found strays to, yes, GLOBAL WARMING!!!!
The time period he pointed to was March 2007 and how kittys thought this was May and canoodled like crazy.
If you don't remember the weather of March 2007, click here. Overall the weather was judged normal but I recall it, as well as Feb and 2/3 of Jan as being among the fiercest winters in my memory. The facts bare my memory out.
Maybe it's all about the exponential math of letting animals run wild in the city or having more people collect the strays.
But NOOOOOO, it's all about and because of Global Warming.
Bull feathers.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lemon: Richies Destroy Poories Dreams in Florida

I can see Julian, Ricky and Bubbles weeping now.

Lemon: Where's all the McCain Visit to Baghdad Critics Now??

I got a whole lotta criticsm over the Mike Ware giggle thing. Turns out that John McCain was right.
In Baghdad’s Ghazaliya neighborhood, which has seen some of the worst sectarian combat, we walked a street slowly coming back to life with stores and shoppers.
Source New York Times

Lemon: On Gunter On Liberal Patronage in Judgeships

Lorne Gunter reports today on how the Liberals almost exclusively appointed their friends to judicial positions when they were in power. He also revealed that these judges were often big contributors to Liberal Party coffers.

But there's an even darker side to all this commingling between elected officials (a large number of whom are lawyers), their fundraisers (who are very often lawyers) and, well, lawyers...

At one time this author worked for a Canadian Crown Corporation. One of my chums worked for a large law firm in the city that happened to also do our legal work.
Over a beer, my chum revealed that they had been ordered, by a Liberal appointed GOVERNOR GENERAL, to donate to the Liberal party, or lose our Crown Corp business.
Patronage in the legal community in favour of the LPOC is nothing new. It's the way they've always done their business.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lemon: My New Objet d'art

Lemon: Grits Is Their Name, Mischief is Their Game

The Post
"Once again, Stephane Dion's leadership is so inspiring that members of his caucus are dropping like flies," he said. "They are either resigning or quitting (the) Liberal party. The real question is why are the Liberals and the Bloc resigning their seats only 18 months after the last general election? Have they lost confidence in their party's leadership?"
Think for a sec...
The only statement that the PM has ever made about a general election is that it will be in 2009.
Not once has he ever hinted at anything different (although the mostly Grit pundits have beat him up for not pulling a Chretien and beating the opponents when they're down).
The mass, lemming-like, Grit group parachute jump can only be attributed to mischief - like all of their parliamentary acts since January 2006.
They have no interest but their own. To elect their acolytes, re-elect their toadies and regain power.

Lemon: Baseball is a Conservative Game

I have watched 45 World Series (1994 wasn't played because of unions). I played baseball for 17 years competitively.
Love of Baseball was a gift to me from my father.
I was taught how to dress, because you see, a baseball uniform was designed as it was for a reason.
Starting at the bottom, sanitary socks are worn up to the knee, pure white (unless you played for Charlie Finlay).
Then stirrup socks up over those knobs on your knees.
Pants pulled up and then folded back up over those knobs on your knees. This along with your socks provides a sliding pad and reduces the onset of "strawberries".
But big leaguers now pull their pants down to their ankles and may or may not wear stirrups or for that matter ever think about sliding.
It's the end of North American civilization, I tell you. The end.

Lemon: The New "Lone Gunmen" of Climate Change Debate

I suspect readers from all political subsets enjoyed X-Files and many even tuned into the "Lone Gunmen" spinoff.
These sorry souls, sorta looking like they oughta be in a Wayne's World episode, were convinced that there are global conspiracies at work, and huddled in basements lit only by monitor screens searched incessantly for evidence of wrong doing.
Many of you have likely enjoyed "Battlefield Earth" (the Hubbard Book not the Travolta movie) in which straggly humans from Colorado successfully battled heavy scientific aliens for survival. (If you haven't read B.E. I encourage you to do so - it may be the best read of the 20th Century).
I hope this isn't seen as diminishing, but Colorado climate scientists seem to elevate the standard of the Lone Gunmen and Jonny Goodboy.
In January I began reading Dr. Pielke's blog at Univ of Colorado and subsequently established it as a Golden Lemon award winner. Today I came across Fred's hurricane link to a report from researchers at Colorado State that establishes (again) that human climate change terrorists are afloat on dinghies.
Go You Buffalo. Go You Rams.

Lemon: The Last Cookie

We (BATB) had a point of view on cookies first that was supported by our other distaff contributor, MaryT, which was linked to far and wide. Read here.
Today The Star agrees with BATB's excellent point of view.
But this is after Tory poster boy Adam D. points at the Cookie Monster (Warren) and the way he operates - and according to the Adam, Warren would rip a Tory a new alimentary canal for saying something like he did.
I'm a foot soldier in the political warscape - try and help worthy (usually Tory but on one occasion even an NDP candidate) to move themselves forward. Not unlike Warren - I generally get paid to do it too.
And with all due and collegial respect for BATB and MaryT, I agree with Adam.
Politics is played for keeps. There is always only one winner and many losers.
I can remember my first campaign not quite a generation ago. Our advisor told us that if you have your foot on their throat you push down and hold.
I still ascribe to this theory (and repeat it to people I help out) and I suspect that Adam does as well and am fully convinced that Warren can also be a fairly efficient assassin.
Call me a wolf. Grrrr.
Warren (one of Dalton McGuinty's chief advisors) has said that in the coming campaign they will position John Tory as the illegitimate son of Mike Harris, fully committed to destroying western liberal society as we know it. But he has proven that it is Provincial Liberals who are misogynist women haters who indeed kill and eat kittens.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lemon: Ranting Stan on George Moonbat and AGW Nuts

Is there no end to the confusion of AGW Acolytes??

Lemon: Self Deluding Fools

Ranting Stan has a great piece on progressives and Jihad.

Lemon: Cherniak Not Official Spokesperson for Dion

In a previous post we reported that on Cherniak's blog he indicated that he has an official role as a co-chair of the Opposition Leader's blog campaign.
Today in Sing Tao, ht Janke, it was revealed that Cherniak has no official role in Dion's Liberal party.
Cherniak says on his blog that he is Dion's blog campaign co-chair and president of Richmond Hill Federal Liberal Riding Association. Dion's press secretary said that Cherniak is an independent blogger and does not speak for the Liberal Party.
We apologize for repeating his self-absorbed delusion of grandeur.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lemon: PMSH Political Compass

Very close to the point that the website placed him.
I basically responded to the extreme in positions where he has defined his positions through statements and policies. I shaded one way or the other according to my impressions.
Anyone care to plot out Jack Layton? Steffi Dion?
Thanks again to Stage Left

Lemon: I Betcha THIS will surprise some of our critics

I didnt scroll down the page all the way - revision results in me getting nudged a little diagonally.
Take the test yourself

ht StageLeft

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rocket Launcher found in N.J.

via Drudge: A woman going to work this a.m. saw something on her front lawn. It was a rocket launcher.

I saw this report - the item was an empty cartridge that can be purchased at any war surplus store. There was no evidence that it was ever used. The location did not seem to be one that would be valuable as a launching pad for an attract on an aircraft. so I didn't bother posting anything.

Lemon: Yup. Let's Negotiate With Them


Lemon: David Miller- Narcissist

Mr. Miller, who has the power to call a special council meeting, told reporters yesterday that councillors should have known what the stakes were on Monday when they put off his proposal.
Acting like a child, petulent, angry stamping his feet.

"The choices we face now are fairly serious ones, that's why the new revenue tools were needed," he said, sounding more like a spoiled child than the mayor of a $7.79-billion city.
"It's not a complicated thing ... this is not a game, it's the reality of the situation Toronto is in," he added, hinting that cuts to the police budget are next.

All understand that Miller (who is going to decide on the cuts himself) will make those that seem to hurt the most. He will not touch his pampered union workforce to whom he gave jobs for life and an annual 3% wage increase after he was elected in 2003.
Also understand that David Miller (and Howard Moscoe and almost half of the current Council) are in the pockets of the city unions.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lemon: A World of Neo-Narcissists

The debate on these and other pages related to an incredibly disgusting post on a so-called "progressive" website led me to a thought. Nasty little narcissist creep I thought.
Where does someone come up with such negative and hateful thoughts and self-conviction of correctness?
So I wondered a little more about how society could spawn such a creep.
Our society has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. I won't argue whether for better or worse, but I will postulate on a few of the reasons for some of this.
We prolonged the me generation into it's third iteration, expanded it with an economy created on want and ended up with a large, maybe even dominant, group within our society that is childlike in their narcissism.
Narcissism is the pattern of characteristics and behaviors which involve infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and ambition.
Think... Madonna, Britney, Al Gore, Suzuki, Lohan and almost every mug that has ever had their picture on TV. Or some of our favorite bloggers.
As well as Cindy Sheehan - Damian posted on this today.
Where does this excessive approach to self interest come from?
Ask Freud. He's dead.
Okay Goggle it. I'll save you the trouble.
Narcissism is caused by parenting - over or under indulgence of a child from the moment it starts noticing that it is part of a larger group.
Think for a moment of how parenting has changed; ease of divorce, both parents working and children raised by strangers. Is there any wonder why everyone wants to be on a reality show, save the world/dolphins/polar bears, force everybody to march for peace or reduce their carbon footprint?
Don't blame them. They were raised this way.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lemon: Stop Smoking as a Health Solution?? Nah

The CBC on Respiratory Illness Among Inuit Children

On Havard Gould's report he sais the solution will cost $2 Billion.
How about Mom and Dad not smoking around kids?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lemon: IPCC Admits That Global Warming Prospects are Bogus

Thanks to the IPCC Itself...

This passage will not be widely enough distributed until every person in the western world has read it.

Chapter 6; section 6-42:
"In general, the certainty with which this chapter presents our understanding of abrupt climate change is overstated. There is confusion between hypothesis and evidence throughout the chapter, and a great deal of confusion on the differences between an abrupt "climate change" and possible, hypothetical causes of such climate changes."
Credit for find to Gay and Right

Lemon: Miller and Rose Coloured Glasses

The city needs new taxes to compete with big cities around the world, Miller said during the debate.
What colour is the sky in the City that David Miller lives in?
Who in their right mind thinks that Toronto competes in the ranks of even the top THIRTY cities in the world? Miller and his commie minions have driven Toronto down to the ranks of the Clevelands and Portlands. (Sorry Clevelanders and Portlandians)
In what way could Toronto ever be compared to a great city?
This Council can't even figure out how to balance a budget (think NYC think David Dinkins or send out invoices in the right amount for ice rental.
Thankfully, after the NDP gets thumped in the provincial election Miller will leave to take Howie Hampton's job. Bad news is we'll get Shelley Carroll as interim Mayor.
Buffoons, I tell you, Buffoons!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lemon: No Conflict Here. Nahhh

From Kate at SDA
Marlo – You are so full of crap. You have been proven wrong. The entire world has proven you wrong. You are the last guy on Earth to get it. Take this warning from me, Marlo. It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar. If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America. Go ahead, guy. Take me on.
Michael T. Eckhart
American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)


Michael Eckhart is President of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), co-chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), and a member of the Steering Committee of the REN 21 global policy network. Since its formation in 2001, ACORE has grown to have over 400 organizational members; producing three major national conferences per year on renewable energy business, finance and policy; and participating in international renewable energy policy affairs. Mr. Eckhart is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. He also works through Solar International Management, Inc. on the financing of solar energy (SolarBank), and on the development of a new international debt security called Global Development Bonds (GDB) for the financing of sustainable development in the developing countries. He has over 25 years of experience in renewable energy, power generation, high technology, and finance. Previously, he was CEO of the IPP development firm United Power Systems, Inc.; Vice President of the venture capital firm Areté Ventures, Inc.; Manager of Strategic Planning for the Power Systems Sector of General Electric Company; and a Principal of Booz, Allen & Hamilton’s energy practice. He served in the US Navy Submarine Service. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Lemon Editorial Comment
Michael - the climate changed today. It was sunny, rained somewhere, was warm, cool, and even got dark tonight. Ooooo. Scary.

Lemon Rambles for No Good Reason

"Dave" is on the tube opposite Forbidden Planet. Dave is about a mean and nasty President who has a stroke while en flagrante delecto. A mime that looks a lot like the ex-POTUS and is brought in to replace him and is universally loved, even though he's an idiot who knows nothing and no one. But, even given these rather substantial flaws, he is able to rouse incredible feelings of patriotism among Americans.
Only in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, The Jays are playing in Beantown. Is it just me (who played competitive base(hard) ball for 17 years) but is Fenway Park more like a pinball machine than a ball park?

Had corn, imported from the USA, for dinner. Was delish. Even though I was supporting an imperial nation, but not the Empire in Europe.

I have been boycotting Starbucks since I learned that they charged FDNY for water on 911. I haven't forgiven them, but bought an oat bar tonight.

I want a cigarette - it's been five days.

I miss my girl.

Lemon: The Star, Driving Agendas? Nahhh

I expect that MSM should at least appear to report news, not promote causes.
Disclaimer: The undersigned has two cats from Annex Cat Rescue to whom I am their servant and for whom I am totally unworthy to be in their presence for they who rule do not get their bellies scratched nearly often enough.
But, look at the the finishing comments of this piece.
And I'm a self-confessed cat fancier.
I just don't think that the media should ever do more than report the facts and be careful to not be shills for anyone or any cause.
Even the protection of innocent animals (who generally eat better and live in more safety than about 2 billion humans).

Meanwhile, Why Cats are Better Than Ants.

Lemon: Bad Golf Played Poorly (tm)

Leslie Nielsen, great Canadian , born in Regina and raised in Whitehorse, once wrote a book called "Bad Golf My Way". I always remembered the title as that above and gave him credit, though googling same, I see it doesn't exist and thus, I take full credit.
I am certainly very qualified to write such a piece. If I could only write.
His brother was Mulroney's Finance Minister at one time. Erik was known as old velcro lips. But I digress. Which I do a lot.
On Turner Classic Movies, at this very moment, Leslie, Dr. Numack or Det. Frank Drebin if you prefer, is appearing in "Forbidden Planet".
I can't wait for OJ Simpson to make an appearance or Leslie to take a pratful.
Klatu call home!!

Lemon: Protest Suzuki Below Update

I decided to repost this to spread the word wider - Feel free to repost, copy or send to your friends.
I really resent Kooky treating us taxpayers as beer swilling, pot bellied gonads. (even when the shoe fits).
Canadianna has a great piece on this.
Protest this travesty.

Click here and leave a comment on your opinion of the David Suzuki Ads.

Obviously they moderate the posts.
The interesting thing is that we have provided more clicks to the site (over 40 and counting) than there have been suggestions by do gooding readers. (note I'm not against energy conservation - Im for itand practice same - I just don't like Suzuki's supercilious face on my TV telling peers that they're fat and stoopid).
We're making our point . . .

Lemon: The Elephant Out of the Parlor

Need RealPlayer

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lemon: The Star Needs a Dictionary

An epithet is a descriptive word or phrase that has become a fixed formula. It has various shades of meaning when applied to real or fictitious people, divinities, objects and biological nomenclature. It also means a derogatory word or phrase used to insult someone.

One should never use a word that has any possible negative connotation in providing a tribute to a great man such as Honest Ed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lemon: Black Trial Hung?

Just announced - Jury unable to come to a verdict at this time.

Lemon: City of Toronto Incompetent??

Beyond the ability of human beings to comprehend
Record numbers of riders and a higher than expected demand for weekly and monthly passes mean the Toronto Transit Commission will need $6.7 million more from the city next year, says chief general manager Gary Webster.

Remember when Toronto Hydro offered a rebate program for people who reduced energy consumption and then had to raise rates to make up for a shortfall in revenues?

Larry, Mo and Curly Miller

Lemon: When the bugs crawling over every inch of your decimated body means that you can't make it to the Needle Exchange

They'll deliver.

Lemon: Big Stone in Meadville

From SDA - Life Imitates Hanna-Barbera
The real neat thing about this??
Meadville, PA is the home of Sharon Stone!!!

CBL Gets Link in the Tellie


Lemon: Brilliant Spin Dictionary by Stage Left

I can only wish I thought of it.
I hope he won't mind me being a borrower of its content.

Lemon: This will surely help Inter-Denominational Relations...


Lemon: ESTHER, YOU'RE PAST YOUR BEST BEFORE DATE, go do your Kabbalah rituals and go to bed with a warm glass of milk.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lemon: Snow Caused by Global Warming Reduces Attendance at Concert

In Joberg
You need to read the comments for the full effect.
Hat tip

Lemon: Snake Oil Baron on Islamism and World Safety

No Snake Oil Here...
I can answer with a list of examples like Darfur, or Rwanda or the Congo or many others but the simple answer is that democracies need to do this because no one else will. There is no international policeman and the body that is supposed to represent international law is made up mostly of nations that have no interest in stability, liberty or accountability.

Lemon: Pielke on IPCC Report Overselling of Fear

From the Ultimate Source of Truth on Human Caused Climate Change
There are new admissions on the limitations of the models that were used in the preparation of the 2007 IPCC WG1 Report (also see). This new information clearly documents that the confidence in the predictions of the multi-decadal global climate models has been oversold, which is a theme that is emphasized in our book.

Lemon: More Gore Lore

From Bloody Scott
I can’t take it any more, Mr Gore.

You’re a bigger liar than ‘Fatso’ Michael Moore.
When you’re on my TV screen,
I get spasms in my spleen.
You’re a clapped-out, high-class whore, Mr Gore.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lemon: British Dhmmis in Control

Melanie Phillips is one of a kind and her post yesterday must be read:
Yet while former Islamist extremists such as Hassan Butt and Ed Husain are urgently telling us the truth, Gordon Brown’s new administration is shutting its ears and embarking on a suicidally stupid and cowardly strategy.
And for the first time in memory, CBC's The Current this morning actually presented a viewpoint not congruent to the Ceeb's normally pro-Islam stance. (not yet posted here). Their guest was the above noted Hassan Butt, previously extreme Jihadist who now reveals that Islamism is indeed a religious fanatical movement and has little (if anything) to do with poverty or the war fought against them.

If Butt is not rebutted with other evidence (sorry had to do this) there may be a day when fanatical Islamist will be broken. A very small number of Muslims follow their course of thought.
I encourage you to stay current with The Current to listen if you did not. Kudos to The Current.
I wonder if this change in content has anything to do with a change at the top of News division on June 19th.
And no, I don't necessarily believe that this post by BATB on June 6, 2007 that suggested he resign had anything to do with it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lemon: And Then There Were 5 ...

Though CTV still promotes 7

Lemon: McGuinty as Walken

Just Imagine . . .
Go to Joan Tintor, then watch this and imagine . . .

Lemon: CBL's Best Showcased on Liblog

Awesome - a Liberal Troll is Showcasing Our Best Stuff!!

More trouble for Live Earth

The free concert in Rio has been cancelled due to security reasons.
Organizers are trying to overturn the governments decision to ban the concert.
Poor algore, tickets not moving, sites changed, concerts cancelled, and his son out of
jail on bail.

Lemon: This Should Finish PMSH "Born Again Fanatic" Debate

From Lawrence Martin of the Globe:
Our own Stephen Harper, no stranger to ideology, is a man who takes his religion (Presbyterianism) seriously. But, while much has been said about his comfort level with the religious right, there is nothing to suggest he feels that J. C. is co-authoring his playbook.

Recently, in a chat with friends, a comment was made that PMSH was a fanatical 'born-again Christian' who wanted to criminalize abortion and ban same sex marriage.
I corrected her and explained that he wasn't - that this was a strategy by his opponents to tie him to the evil US President, to make him seem scary and ideological, and to connect him to the US fundamentalist right. I explained that yes, he was a practicing Christian (like almost every Prime Minister in history) but that he never let his faith affect his politics.
This has been proven in his actions and policies.

People's faith is between two, not everyone's business. It is fair to look to a political leader's faith as it might affect his/her decisions and actions. It is not fair to invent and attribute a fictional faith practice, and slander said leader and his faith for political purposes.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lemon: Global Warming Cause of Al Gore III Drug Issues?

"Al Gore III, 24, was driving a blue Toyota Prius about 160 kilometres an hour on the San Diego Freeway when he was pulled over by sheriff's deputies who said they smelled marijuana, said Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino.
The deputies searched the car and found less than an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana along with Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and Adderall, which is used for attention deficit disorder, Amormino said.

Lemon: More Facts for Miller to Ignore - Tory Needs to Step In

The Star: ..."the number of cars leaving Toronto's core in the morning rush hour has grown 38 per cent since 1985 while the amount of inbound traffic is virtually unchanged."

Meanwhile, Miller is committed to building dedicated streetcar row's along the city's main thoroughfares, and has never attended a Greater Toronto Transportation Authority meeting.

McGuinty has pledged to spend several gazillion dollars over the next 1000 years or so to boost transit in the GTA.

I got a better idea... (is the PC campaign team reading?)
The Province should step in and take ownership and management of all the GTA transit systems and merge same with GO. A GTA wide transportation study should be undertaken and executed that integrates transit, roads and cycling.

The Milleristas of course will scream bloody murder at losing ownership of this powerful service, but they have proven incompetent in it's management.

The other benefit is that the City of Toronto taxpayers will no longer be on the hook for covering the deficit incurred by the system. Also, one transit agency means 4 fewer transit CEOs and 4 fewer senior management teams.

Lemon: Think You're Oppressed? Forming an Anti-Oppression Group?

Step by Step Guide

Lemon: What Have The Romans Ever Done for Us?

In response to The Star's Comparing the USA to Rome...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why do liberals have such hate?

Some of you may have clicked a link in a post a few days ago from a frequent commenter on Blogging Tories blogs from a guy named Jeff Davidson. Lemon, as CBL editor, has been always polite with Mr. Davidson in Davidson's sometimes trollish comments.

Ever since I read the post and comments on Jeff Davidson's blog, I have reviewed of other lefty blogs. Never posted or commented on any of them, but read what was there. I can not believe the hate and vitrol from commentators, directed towards PMSH or conservative bloggers in general. Who are these people? What do they do? Why are they so angry?

I have never come across a conservative blogger who has decided to spend their time going thru these non-Tory blogs and posting links and then ridiculing them for their values, beliefs, thoughts or likes and dislikes. They condemn anything and everything conservative, and ignore the broken promises, corruption, lies, lack of action on kyoto, trusts, and all the deficiencies of liberal govts or liberal mps. These libs continually mention, or brag, that over 60% of cdns did not vote for the conservatives, but conveniently forget that more than that didn't vote liberal either, in both elections with Paul Martin as leader. They seem to think that everything bad that has happened in Canada has happened since PMSH was elected. Of course they also blame Bush for all teh trouble in the world also.

How do they get away with it, must be because we don't visit their rubbish, but they sure visit the Blogging Tories. Maybe we have to start exposing them, one at a time. Go thru the comments and recognize the names. When they post on BT sites I am sure most of them are anonymous. Sort of like all the hooded terrorists out there, afraid to come out in the open, proving they are ashamed of themselves. The really scary thing about them is that they have the right to vote. Guess we should be thankful for small favors as they have no access to the PM's bathroom or they would complain on whether he does or doesn't put the seat down.

Best of CBL: US Should Pull Out of Memphis Feb 28/06

Originally Posted February 28, 2006
If the logic of Dems in the USA (and other America Haters around the world) were followed through with, then the US should pull out of at least 9 US cities. A Tabular Perspective of "violent" death rates in Iraq, the USA and Canada.