Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 17

Duff - To speak with Jed Chretien. New Poll. RCMP Testimony.
Newman, CN Rail Strike. New Poll. RCMP. Jethro Dion's Leadership Challenges.

Both shows start with update at Blacksburg, VA.
Jethro offered his condolences to victims' families in French.
Henry Champ says people want to know why. Ignores obvious - that the killer was paranoid and sociopathic.
Profs had alerted authorities that he was psychotic - nothing was done. Of course psychotic maniacs have rights to not have their psychosis revealed to authorities, so people die because of the power of courts.
Chretien on Duffy on Charter. Chretien, by taking credit for Charter must also take the blame - passed on too much power to SCOC, couldn't strike a deal with Quebec, built in an amendment clause that no one dares uses, empowered flakes. Yes, Mme Governor General - it is I, Brian Lemon, that places the Charter at Risk.
Now that he doesn't have the ability to loot the treasury, I'd like to have a beer with Jed C. My Grit buddies have always said that he's a great guy, seems like it on Duffy.
Says that Charter should change according to modern democratic society - but placed it in SCOC's hands - why not leave it to elected MPs?
Jed on Jethro - "leader of party that says a leader of another party should be leader". Doesn't mention that the party leader supporting Jethro has about the same %age of support as Canadians who have multiple pairs of birkenstocks. Makes crack about how Paul Martin wanted a 60 day campaign to show more about Harper and ended up showing more about himself.
Act to end CN Rail Strike on Newman. Peggy Nash on panel?? The closest she comes to a railroad is when the trains run through Parkdale.
Jed is much more interesting. Says Bill Clinton doesn't cheat. At golf.
Newman to Blacksburg update. Duff on Charter with Tom Flanagan - former Harper advisor - says Charter has opened ways to go around Parliament.
They shift to Blacksburg update. This is none of our business unless we are related to the Canadian woman who died. What difference does it make if one more politician says this has been a terrible tragedy and his heart goes out to the victims? Why can't I get coverage saying that I don't know these people and have less sympathy for them than I do for the parents of the little boy who died on the 400 in an auto accident last week? And much, much less sympathy than for my friend who lost his wife a few weeks ago. Turn off sound. I have suffered much grief in my life, but I don't care about this. To say different would be a lie.
Turn on sound. Governor says "this is not for a campaign or a fundraiser, those who say different can take their comments elsewhere". Of course he is lying and it is about his re-election and he dare not show less compassion than everyone else. Says grief affecting the entire world. Doesn't mention that the part of the world living in caves in Pakistan and Afstan wish there had been 33,000 people killed.
You might be able to sense that I despise this entire reportage and the way that people are using the deaths of these poor people for their own demonstration of compassion for their own benefit. You would be correct. I am a self admitted cynic, especially on media issues.
Even Newman says that he doesn't know what it really means. Means that Governor has an election in a year and a half.
Anderson on Newman says not time to risk an election, Larue says Canadians not warming for this government. But Steve - they're at 34% and you were at 1.8%? Steve must be chilled to the bone. To Robin Sears on challenge to Dion's leadership - says Jethro's situation can only get worse.
Back to Tom Flanagan on Duff on election - PMSH has always said that he doesn't want one. Says tour of the Harper Bunker was just a show of force - sort of a fly over with B52s. Duff says Gun registry and tough on crime not compatible. Flanagan replies with no evidence that registration has ever had any effect on long guns.
LeDrew says Ellie May / Jethro marriage no big deal. Happens all the time. Newman says, but not in general elections. LeDrew misses obvious - that the Green Party is only a figment - not a real party. What about Doug Henning? Shouldn't HE have a free seat in the house?
Weston says Canadians like gun control on Duff, Decima Poll. Miss Jane says majority not in play, Duff says that Harper won't jump into empty swimming pool like Joe Clark. Worries about Vandoos in Afstan. We don't need to worry about Royal 22nd - they are blood thirsty killers - it's the Taliban that needs to worry about the 22s.
Shows held great potential but were deflated by interruptions from Blacksburg.
Nothing new or loud. 3/10.
More nudity required - think - Duff in a thong.

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