Tuesday, October 06, 2009

All Done Here

After 2000 blog posts, 490,000 words, over 3000 comments, I am Lemoning out. Forever.
There is just nothing more to say.
Thanks to all those who agreed (and disagreed) with my content.
I must admit that a lot of the positions I took were mischievious - just aimed at getting a rabid response. I apologize for occasionally getting people riled up. But - that's part of the fun.
But we did also collaborate on interesting topics.
Stage Left and I went hard after First Nations issues and I learned a great deal and actually adjusted my opinions. Zorph was occasionally not totally incorrect and Red Tory was sometimes wrong, but never in doubt.
I especially thank my CBL Golden Lemon award winners - Ranting Stan remains in my eyes one of the best out there. And the other blogs that I syndicated were great.

To you from failing fingers we throw the keyboard; be yours to hold it high.

/lemon off