Friday, April 20, 2007

Evening Lemons Report - Duff & Newman - April 19

Am on late - had friend drop in
Susie Bonner in for Newman- like going into the garage and finding a jag instead of a rattletrap. Likely means there's no story today.
Ralphie Hedgehog can find nothing but bad in the CPC government record. Yup. Bad, bad government - even my hippy neighbour likes Harper. Libby Davies is in her mu-mu. Peter Van Loan should be in a mu-mu.
Alexa admits she doesn't know anything about politics.
Ralphie talks about massive bogus lie - he would know one . . .
Canadian Leadership to Meet the Challenge? I know that Steffi is off Broadway (without a neatness aide) learning how to lead and inspire. But really....
Duff - Jack Layton having party to celebrate new Liberal star candidate.
Doesn't look like much of a star to me. Duff reports odor of maryjane. Seems to have a silly grin for rest of show.
Always wondered what NDPers were smoking.
Newman/Bonner on French Elections - Wine Good -- Politics irrelevant.
Duff - the opps have finally found something - that PMSH has someone who keeps him looking neat.
Has image consultant on - good idea - Cdns expect PM to look neat. Michelle is hardly a babe - she has to be competent - why did CTV suggest she was vivacious and hot?
Duffy admits to using makeup. The Thong Theory comes back into play. Other thought is that if he's this white WITH makeup, he must be like Moby Dick without.
Tim & Scott --- finally - potential fireworks.
Scott uses the Jojo The Psychic line - does Gov pick up the tab?
Powers admits to mustard on his shirt - wtf is on his face?
These guys are way too friendly. Somethings wrong - must be spring.
Scott asks if Bairdo's report means that eventually gorillas will run government. Tim says the gorillas already ran government - when Paul Martin was PM.
"You don't need a stylist you just need a better rhetoritician, (sic)" says Tim. ???
Press on Bonner - Elected Senator playing to base says Weston.
Travers says that PMSH is tinkering, gorrillas will run government with elected Senate. Says you have to abolish or reform - in other words, Travers wants Constitution reopened. Why does The Star get TWO people on the panel? None of them pro-Harper.
Kyoto Bill on Bonner - Travers says that testators that Bairdo chose was strong message. Canadians don't think that government isn't moving fast enough. Really? I don't think that Canadians give a flying fig if they gotta pay $2/litre for gas - numbers are over $1000 / family / year. Once Canadians know this, forget Kyoto - Suzuki would get linched. Susan D says SH not bringing forward C-30.
Back to Dash Riprock Duff - with Ol' Duke and Gloria - Duke says Tim Horton's dad can't be seen as having a personal hairdresser, but don't need to hire someone. EVERONE has one, ie senior politicians with someone to brush off the dandruff. Always has. Shows You Tube video of Steve looking hot and bad.
Deal on Trudeau in Papineau - looks like he's not getting the nomination.
God Bless the sensibility of Quebecers.
Gloria says NDP is a party with no place to go.
Gloria says new poll - not good news for Liberals - 39 to 29 - Ipsos Reid.

There will not be an election. Period.
Tonight was among the best 2 shows in April. Big news on Poll and Justin T getting a lotta whoop ass.
Good on em and Newman wasn't missed. 7/10.
Nudity not necessary.

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