Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Clean Air Act - Were Tories Right the First Time?

Recent revelations regarding the IPCC Report (here) suggest the Tories might have been right by at first proposing a bill that would not restrict greenhouse gas emissions until 2020/2025. The CPC might just want to hold off on saying anything now, that might be proven wrong in the future, when they were right initially.
On the other hand, maybe the first version of the Clean Air Act was based on facts, instead of the lack of wisdom of the United Nations supporting masses which the media and politics are making them develop compliant policy on.
Because you see, scientists (not the political authors of the IPCC draft) are suggesting that by 2025, we will be entering a cooling period. (Here's a link from the Ruskies who know a thing or two about the cold.)
PEOPLE, we might need that extra CO2 to keep from freezing our asses off (not that CO2 has anything to do with global warming).
And I for one (among I suspect billions of others) would much prefer windsurfing in Hudson Bay to skating on Lake Okeebeechee.

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