Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dog Bites Man on CBC Morning

I apologize for referring to Canadian hero Roberta Bondar as a dog, and especially for referring to Andy Barrie as a man...
But, this morning Canadian astronaut, photographer and environmentalist (as described by Mr. Barrie) Bondar was on Barrie mostly to plug her photography exhibit on pictures from space.
But then, being as he is, Barrie moved the discussion into the "you are a nice smart person you must love Al Gore and David Suzuki" perspective.
Ms Bondar (who grew up in the Soo and therefore actually lived with nature) described how massive the world is, how huge it is relative to us. Barrie went on the Inconvenient Truth tack and how there is an overwhelming scientific consensus and peer review that there is global warming, but that 40-50% of media reports deny the obvious evidence.
Bondar explained how science is always subject to peer review and no one denies that the world is getting getting warmer. She explained how the debate is not about this, but about how much effect we are having on this.
Barrie almost spit up his granola, but retired gracefully.

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