Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anyone Else Tired of CPC Commentators and Tight Control?

If I get disappointed, how about the rest of the CPC Nation?
I can understand the strategy of moving to the middle. Frankly, (even as a one time Reformer) the middle is the place to be. And those CPC members who won't accept any concessions whatsoever to the big lazy group of small l libs and small c cons are determined to let the Big S Socialists run our country. And thereby let the Grits rule in perpetuity.
My tipping point to be a critic of some of the stuff going on came with a refusal of the PM to revisit capping of the FedTax on gas. I was pissed off when the Grits wouldn't do it, and I'm pissed off that PMSH won't.
I can also understand the desire to control messaging. But the dumbo eruptions of Gallant, Thompson, Anders et al are in the past.
And the Facebook ban is plain dumb.
The Grits send out their A Team to represent their positions: Goodale, Hall Finlay, Rattard Kennedy, (even Raccoon Reid) et al.
We send out Van Loan, Norquay, Jiro, and Hill.
Jay is okay, but the rest are duds.
Our party looks like it's composed of cementheads.
Unless the PM wants to do all the public appearances himself (he IS our Gretzky) Helen Gorgeous, Jaffer and Powers should be front and centre.
Let's get some people in front of cameras that can make an impression and put up an argument, not just avoid embarrassment.

Eco-terrorist Crybaby

Poor little Eco-terrorist Crybaby
Cdn eco-terrorist sentenced to 37 months in a US jail. His girlfriend got 9 yrs.
This brave arsonist cried in court when sentenced. Wonder if he cried when he started fires that resulted in 40 million in damages.
ht Dust my Broom
Interesting - there was an episode of Criminal Minds on Tuesday night with a similar plot line. I assume this was the source of the plot.

Miller Makes Moves to Mug Metro Masses

There are no limits to the amount that David Miller will stretch the truth to take more in taxes to feed his socialist spending binge:
Fact: If the scheme were in place this year, the mayor would have been able to raise taxes 3.8 per cent plus an extra 2.8 per cent in "user fees" for garbage, for a total of 6.6 per cent. That would be an obvious violation of his election promise on taxes – but it would be hidden and he wouldn't be held responsible for the garbage tax portion.
Royson at The Star

Send Out The Legal Hounds!!!

The Opposition, like all Canadian political parties (except the NDP) is composed more of lawyers than any other line of work. And when your only tool is a hammer, all your problems look like nails.
The Grits are proceeding with legal suits to "protect their reputations".
First Gerard Kennedy who wants to nail Jon Kay and the National Post to a legal cross.
Although Dion, Bains and Alghabra have also been upset by such allegations, Kennedy says in the statement that he's in the best position to challenge the "unfounded and defamatory allegations" published in the Post article.
What's interesting about this (previous post) is that it has been alleged that Mssrs Bains and Alghabra were the ones working behind the scenes, not Kennedy. Gerrard is possibly in the best position to challenge the allegations because discovery will not be undertaken against any other parties.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miner Trapped in Sask

The CBC is reporting that a miner is trapped in a gold mine in Sask.
Apparently it happened yesterday. Rescue teams are on the scene.

How Did I Miss the Horton's Sign Story?

Yesterday I read our local paper and read the small item re the sign on a Tim Horton's window, in Lethbridge. I thought of posting on it and then figured it was a non story. Boy, was I wrong.
Today it is in the g&m.
A national boycott of Tim Hortons is being called for. Some of the comments are vicious. It was done as a joke, a very bad joke, by a teenager. Management has punished the guilty party and apologized to everyone that may have been insulted.
There is more outrage against this teenager than there is against the teens who murdered a student or stabbed a BC youth, or attacked a ref or killed a taxi driver.
I wouldn't be surprised to see it brought up in the House of Commons by the ndp as proof that Alberta is full of racists and evidence the govt will do nothing for the natives. Too bad the g&m didn't feel it was important to publicize all the evidence re the sponsorship and adscam scandals as it was developing, or to tell the truth re the algore scam or the liberals inaction for years on the kyoto scam.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lie by Gro Harlem Brundtland

We're used to environmentalists lying. They're congenital at it and are severely harming the human race by spewing their nonsense.
This morning on The Current on the Ceeb, Gro Harlem Brundtland went on and on about saving the world, trading facts and lies faster and more furiously than a three card monte player changes cards on Broadway.
I was getting numb until she got to: "and Global Warming is causing an explosion of tropical diseases."
Ooops. The most common and most deadly tropical disease is malaria, which was almost eradicated in the 60's through the use of DDT. Until dogooder environmentalists got their nasty teeth into it and saw this wonder-pesticide banned.
And since then millions upon millions of innocent people have contracted this most prevalent and dangerous tropical disease and millions have died.
All that is necessary for evil things to triumph is for do-gooders to do something.

I Bet She Hasn't Even Come Close


Tragedy in Texas

CNN-Breaking news. 3 children and a female adult, found hanging in a mobile home. One 8mos old baby found hanging but alive. Father located. Apparently the family was separated.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Ultimate Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

But I bet we are gonna hear again from this festering blister on the butt of America.

Evening Lemons Report Newman Duff May 28

Reporting from New Brunswick

Duff is back!! G8 Leaders - Fed Grits pushing CPC to sell our souls for the Dog Name Kyoto. Steffi wants them to work til June 22. Expect HOC to burn down if this happens.
Brawdcast - Speculation on perogue - Dog Named Kyoto - Libby Davies being loud. CIDA failure in Afstan

Newman - Beginning of the end of Parliament - Both Sides blaming the middle for standstill. Peter Van Loan, Ralphie Hedgehog, Michel, Libby. Libby nicely dressed - musta lent her mumu to Van Loan - complaining about how CPC is not bowing to their demands. Newman say closing down sooner not later - PVL says will wait til bills are passed - though trapped in committee. Nothing interesting here. Newman on Jay Hill's guide to managing committees - PVL says untrue - trying to get agenda through and the stalling tactics of the Grits that are stalling the platform bills. According to Separatist in a minority government the opposition decides what gets done, not the government. Newman disagrees and asked Ralphie - He bristles and says Gov Propose and Opp Depose. Says CPC has to suck up and do whatever they say.

Duff - pushing CPC Climate Change Plan (which doesn't require and will not go through Parliamentary approval). According to New Doctor Bruce Cockburn, the CPC recent conversion to saving the planet doesn't count because they weren't involved when it wasn't cool. The lefties wants everyone to convert to their fundamentalist religion and then still want to call them heretics.

Duff with Whips - Redman has finally coloured her hair - I guess image consultants are back in vogue. Jay Hill very neatly coiffed - says Redman's new dye job has caused the stalling in the House. Summary:

Goodbye Joe,
Me gotta go,
Mee-Oh My-Oh,
Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou.

This Pahtee's Ovah!!

Margi McDiarmid Official CBC Critic on the Environment - says too many loopholes in Fed Program, under-estimates growth of oilsands, says double counting initiatives. Good to see that a reporter is the best critic of the CPC that the Ceeb can get - likely means that it's a great program. All she is competent to do is read material from enviro lobbyists. Quotes Pembina Institute's Matthew Bramley (Pembina was paid lots of $ by Dion when they were in Govt - small wonder they want them back.)

Birdie getting sued by Friends of the Environment?? At least they're not using the Court Challenge Program. Baird says for the first time there is actually action instead of talk - they will use regulation instead of legislation which means action not more talk. Newman says that CPC can't get total consensus from Premiers. Surprise. These cats can't even chase the same mouse. More to come from PMSH at G-8 conference. NO MENTION of UPCC rep saying he understands and accepts Canada's need for targets as established (die to Grit delays).

Lorne Calvert on Duff - wants more money. No, really, wants more money. Says he doesn't but he wants more money. Not all of it, will settle for anything that the Newfie Doofie Danny doesn't get. Calvert is colouring his hair - wonder if he has image consultant. But it boils down to him wanting more money. Even a dollar, so he can say he won. I cannot believe Flatlanders voted for this guy - I have lived there, and generally they're a pretty bright, sophisticated group and know BS when they see it. What went wrong?
Lorne also on Newman - worse than one Lorne Calvert is Stereo Lorne.
I have no place to click to.

Lorne's hair is combed nicer on Newman - must have an image consultant. Needs dental work.
PEI Election on Duff - why the heck would anyone outside of Summerside want to watch this? Aha, of course, Duff is an Islander - started out on CKDH in Amherst.

PMSH cheering on the Senators - both groups wear red, one of them actually get something done.
Official Afstan strategy critic for CBC, Norine Macdonald of Senlis, says that war is lost, peace is lost, CPC are fascists only in it for the big oil companies.

Duff with Journalists - Joel Denis and Rosie: scandal in Quebec on funding for Referendum in 1995. Anyone going to jail here? No. No story. Just fodder for the Pequistes.

Maybe I'm desensitized by all the yelling and screaming (not from the House but from my golf game) but this was a remarkably boring and non-descript program duo.
Shut down this house!

The Funniest Honourary Doctoral Speech. Ever.

Honourary degrees are commonly bestowed on either a Capitalist who has built a dining hall, a Communist who has become a Celebrity (in either order) who can bring attention to the school, or local folk who have done some good in the university's greater community.
Readers will need to stay tuned as neither the transcript nor the audio versions are yet available.
However, it involves a certain Canadian do-gooding college drop-out folksinger and a certain Eastern Canadian University.
But I promise you.
It is very, very funny.

Michael Moore, Cuba and Health Care

By now most of us have heard at least a rumour of Tubby Moore's latest fictional documentary.
In this one (Sicko) he "proves" that Cuban Health Care is better than that in the USA. He quotes longevity and infant mortality statistics to support his conclusion.
As the author of a book on Cuba I beg to differ (as always he selects his facts, prejudicially applies them and then comes up with a fallacious comparison).
The New York Times also takes a run at him:
Dr. Butler said some of Cuba’s shortcomings may actually improve its health profile. “Because they don’t have up-to-date cars, they tend to have to exercise more by walking,” he said. “And they may not have a surfeit of food, which keeps them from problems like obesity, but they’re not starving, either.”
So if only America banned cars (and perhaps even movement between cities like Fidel does) and starved their people they too could brag about their health care system.
“Actually there are three systems,” Dr. Cordova said, because Cuba has two: one is for party officials and foreigners like those Mr. Moore brought to Havana."
And there are a couple of other considerations that once again bring into disrepute Moore's conclusions.
One is that Moore isn't the only liar. Fidel and his apparatchiks certainly have little familiarity with the truth and as noted in the NYT story, the exflux of huge numbers of refugees results in counting births not deaths and the huge number of abortions brings down the infant mortality rate.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Star Reports Al Qaeda Torture Victims Rescued by Marines

BAGHDAD – American forces freed 42 kidnapped Iraqis – some of whom had been hung from ceilings and tortured for months – in a raid Sunday on an Al Qaeda hideout north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.[...]
Caldwell said some of the captives suffered broken bones, adding that some had been captive for as long as four months. One said he was just 14 years old, he added.
Should this be reported by the Grits / NDP / BQ to Human Rights Blotch, Amnesty Irrational or Irrational Society of the Red Dross for their immediate action?

Think Journalists Will Cover This Unbiased Media Release?


Post Birth Abortions

Another woman on the Prairies has abandoned her child, this time in a toilet.
Are abortions non-prosecutable post birth?
That would seem to be the only defence that can prevent this woman from being charged with at least reckless endangerment or attempt murder.
But I betcha (as BATB wrote in a previous post here) that there will be extenuating circumstances that will result in no criminal charges being laid.

Friday, May 25, 2007

George Jonas on Human Animation and Inanimation

My Grand-Dad said that life began when the kids left home and the dog died.
Jonas with HT to Joanne
Some put the question in terms of a woman's right to control her own body. That would be valid enough in the realm of smoking, diet, liposuction, or sex -- but abortion? Abortion means controlling someone else's body. (As a man, I have no authority to speak on the matter, I know, but I'm not speaking as a man. I'm speaking as an ex-fetus.)

The Saigon Sopranos? Update

When I heard the CasinoRama story, and being the cynic I am, especially when it comes to Indian Reserves and Money I wondered if there was any possible connection, particularly since we've heard in the past about cigarette, booze and gun smuggling.

"Targeted 18 casinos from Washington to Connecticut, 10 of them owned by Indian tribes. The Emerald Queen Casino owned and operated by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and the Nooksack River Casino in Whatcom County were among them."

Looks though, that it was an organized Vietnamese group.

It was a tough day for Vietnamese Gangstas everywhere.

Battling MSM Propaganda is Exhausting

Just got into work, listened to Ceeb Radio en route.
"The Voice" on The Current did a "Bush to impose pressure on Iran with Allies, should make it tough on Albania" thing. Of course, this is untrue, not very funny, and trite.
But there is a steady diet of this type of manipulation of public opinion in almost all media, all the time.
The public continually sees headlines like "Focus groups reject Tory spin". (The Star this morning). Every phrase, every headline, every story, every tone is directed toward making conservatives look bad.
This is more than continual. It's massive. Overwhelming to the point of exhaustion.
Then the MSM has their other propaganda line - that they are unbiased, that they present both sides of the stories. We know this isn't true, and that they manipulate sources and angles to feature only points of view acceptable to them. Look what the Ceeb did to Michael Coren.
The MSM have massive resources, their staff are paid in real dollars. We opponents on blogs do our stuff in our spare time and might make $1.40 / month from Google Ads.
But if we didn't do this, who would.
(Can't wait to get the comments back that the MSM isn't biased...)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Handguns are designed for one purpose only – to shoot people – and should have no place in Ontario or anywhere in Canada."

McGuinty is jumping on David Miller's fallacious and pretentious hand gun campaign and is taking political advantage of the death of a boy to do it.
Give your empty head a shake. Hand guns have been banned for 70 years. How many times would you like to see them banned? As far as stiffer penalties, why didn't you lobby your federal Liberal friends to support the CPC legislation that they stalled?
Using the death of this child to get attention for yourself is disgusting.
And you forget, Daltie, that handguns are also used for target shooting which is an Olympic sport. In the unlikely event that Toronto should win such an event (which won't happen with the City Council we have), would you ban the shooting event from taking place?

Evening Lemons Report Bonner Akin May 24

Akin in for Duffy, so MDL is a loss. Quebec budget. Foreign credentials. Usual Grit and NDP opinion makers plus Goofie Newfie Doofus Danny Williams. Disappointed that Harper cancelled dinner with Premiers. Why the hell would PMSH ever even have tea with Williams.
Bonner in for Newman.
Both of the old farts don't see any reason to show up for work today. So we have two smiling pleasant faces, one male and dark, one female and blonde, filling in for two old farts who know how to do their job.
It does define the difference between CBC and CTV, though: Blonde/Dark, Male/Female. The only thing the same is the bias.
Michael Bryant on hand gun ban on Bonner. Bryant explains how murder yesterday was a terrible tragedy but that gun crime is down. I'm sure this will provide great solace to the young dead guy's family and friends. More fake compassion used for personal benefit this time by a politician. Not Canadian to shoot kids, Bryant says. Deep.
This night might have some promise afterall, second string interviewers and interviewees might lead to some real stupid questions and even dumber answers.
Oops. Spoke too fast. Looks like the Ceeb at least is gonna go to the Toronto Police Chief's news conference.
Don't they know what this does to my early eve blogging? Don't they realize that satisfying my audience and attracting readers is far more important than them doing the same? They don't get it. This hour is about ME!!! Memememememe.
God, Doofus Danny is a turd...
Akin on the Quebec budget, Ceeb is on the news conference.
Does anyone here care about the Quebec budget? Me Not. Except for the portion that comes outta my pocket.
Notice the Ceeb refered to the "shooting" of Jordan Manners.
Wasn't the event the "murder" of Jordan Manners.
Would they have treated it differently if Jordan had been murdered by a knife or rope?
I suspect they would have. Bang is much more newsworthy than the others.
Ceeb ducks out to get back to the Brawdcast.
Bonner on with Van Load (sic), Dom Leblanc and Joe Cromartin.
Complete ban? Van Loan offers sympathy. Says don't know how murder took place. Bonner uses Miller and McGuinty as sources to get CPC to ban handguns. Peter says not the day to grandstand on this issue. Thats what M&M do best. grandstand.
Leblanc is an idiot - son of Romeo - the bagman from Shediac who gave up his seat to get Chretien a safe entry to the House and then was named House Speaker.
Jope Cromartin can't remember JANE CREBA's name. Who was killed 200 yards from my place on Boxing Day. With a banned hand gun.
Like Van Loan said how many times can you ban something.
Cormartin agrees that the guys who wanna ban hand guns are grandstanding.
Bonner is better than Akin, she at least seems like she has a feel for the to and fro. Akin only gets the fro.
Leblanc, Shediac's favorite son, is a buffoon, brewed in the bad breath of Gritism.
Alghabra, Chow and Kenney on Akin . . .
Never has there been such useless self-serving panelists on either of these shows as Chow and Alghabra (who reportedly raised $250000 for his Grit nomination) and Chow (who with her hubby Talitubby Jack) who I have heard uses the Island Airport after making nuclear level noise to try and shut it down.
I wonder what the real story was on Alghabra's nomination? Something like this was "a victory for Islam" comment from one of his chief supporters. Alghabra rambles on, Kenney looks on with a bemused smile, like he knows something he dare not say.
Chow Chow gives NDP credit for program to recognize foreign credentials. I wonder if she would have minded a doctor from Zimbabwe who finished last in hsi class doing her surgery, even in a private clinic?
Danny the Dimwit wants AFN (the natives) to have seat on the Council of the Federation. What about ME!!!! It's about ME!!! What about German Scots!!! Why don't WE (represented by ME) get a seat on the Council. Huh, Danny? Separate your island back into the stone age. I'll buy my fish somewhere else. What's that? Oh, you don't have any fish left? Too damn bad. I'll eat cake instead.
Akin got Joy, Reynolds and Hall Finlay (is her last name Hall or Finlay?)(Why does SHE get two last names? Is she special or just act like it?)
Wooo, topic is having one securities regulator across Canada. That'll get Akin a lot of viewers.
Lunn on foreign credentials on Bonner. All has been said. I wonder how Canadians would react given a choice, a Russian Certified Accountant? an English Dentist? A Namibian Architect? a Borneo trained Brain Surgeon? or a Canadian homebrew of any creed.
I've had enough for one evening.
Got a BBQ to fire up.
If you had the patience to get this far I honour you.

David Miller a Soft, Slow-moving Target

David has another BIG IDEA.
Right up there with all his other BIG IDEAS.
Mayor David Miller will announce this morning an ambitious initiative to convert hybrid vehicles in the city to "plug-in" models that can be charged from any wall socket and powered mostly from electricity, the Toronto Star has learned. Link
Dave - I know you're kinda thick when it comes to putting things into practice.
But there's a little problem - generating the electricity to charge the million or so batteries in these electric cars if this really catches on. (Unlikely because it is, after all, a Miller idea.)
Did you forget that you are also trying to cancel the new power station on the waterfront and that only a couple of years ago we had a massive power failure and that the costs of providing power are going through the roof and that the provision of power is one of those big CO2 spewing things that you hate so much.
And don't you remember how much you hate nuclear energy because your leftie friends tell you to?

David Miller Really, Really Hates Cars

Now he's installing devices to damage them.
I encountered these over the last few weeks.
Last night, alone, going 5 mph, I bottomed out.
Maybe should send him a bill for a new oil pan. But seeing as how his union garbage workers won't even pick up garbage, I doubt very much he'd do anything.
A mayor that doesn't provide decent roads, doesn't provide an acceptable transit system, doesn't pick up garbage, leaves the streets dirty and littered with pan handlers, doesn't provide housing for poor people, has sinkholes regularly appearing on roads, and wants to tax us to death and someone re-elects him in huge numbers.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman Akin May 23

This may be abbreviated. With Duff in Winnipeg, Newman bored and no one on the Hill (except Dawn Black and Denis Codere who get their ten minutes in the sun on these shows) it is very unlikely there will be anything useful said, much less worth writing about.
I will be very light in activity starting on Saturday for 6 days. Will be traveling. But will see if I can add some stuff when I run across it. Meanwhile MaryT will surely kick in when she gets back on Monday, and we will have another unique point of view joining Blue Lemons shortly.
Brawdcast - starts with school shooting at Keele & Weston Road.
MDL is also covering murder story. Kids killing kids in Toronto. What level of desperation must they live with? Where did they learn that it's okay to act out in such a violent way? Why does the media always insist on making these terrible events and their perpetrators so notorious? Kid was 14. He's dead. No junior high prom for him.
Newman on Manitoba Election. Leave comment to Darcey. Click.
Akin on PMSH in Afstan. Coderre and McDonough. Akin about to quote discredited poll written by Chretien's former communications advisor. Check out Kate at SDA on this.
CTV goes back to local coverage. It is important to them, I guess, to scare the crap out of as many parents as possible.
Our media, in their desperation to pull our eyeballs out of our skulls insist on (a) showing every detail on such horrible crimes that they can, (b) try and prove that they are compassionate and give a shit about the victim, and (c) speculate at length with so-called experts in the media.
To paraphrase from memory Andrew Klavan, a brilliant suspense writer, in "Hunting Down Amanda" talks about how at a crime scene the media interview the police, then they interview the friends and family and then they interview each other which they seem to like best of all.

My dear sigother told me the other day that two girls in her daughter's rural high school had a big fight, arranged in advance, with an audience that resulted in bloody noses, etc. Someone filmed and put it on YouTube. Everyone wants to be an actor or director. Might get to hang with J Lo.
We are awash with useless and harmful information and thirsty for knowledge. Why do people insist at slowing to watch car crash sites and crime events?

This is a wrap.
There is no way that normal politics can compete with media having a chance to glorify their false compassion. And no way that I can continue to report on this media ignorance.

Hard Health Care Decisions Needed

The following essay describes a couple of economic destroyers of the viability of our public health care system, and a solution - sure to be controversial and perhaps unacceptable for humanists. But hard decisions need to be made.

Our sacred cow of a health care system is leaking milk. Badly.

We all know that, and blame greedy doctors and nurses, crafty pharma companies, shifty administrators, unionized cleaners, and cowardly governments.

“But folks”, as Pogo said, “the enemy is us.”

The “Greatest Generation”, those parents of Baby Boomers, and the early stage boomers themselves are fully and wholly responsible for our health care crisis. Both in their age (which is their fault only by being born when they were) and their attitude (which humanistically believes that life is sacred.) Their descendants are also at fault.

A fact is that 90% of a person’s cause of health care expenditure occurs in their last two weeks of life.

Yes – that’s the figure. Hauling Pop off to hospital, keeping him in critical and then intensive care, the prescription of a pharmacy full of medicines, hauling in crash carts, settling him in a semi-private room and installing and removing catheters and respirators costs a bundle.

And reckless drivers, fit as fiddles, after a momentary lapse and a collision with a guardrail, all of a sudden need emergency surgery, and all of the after affects and treatments. Many die anyway.

Tens of thousands of dollars spent to extend a single life by a day, a week or a few months.

An interesting alternative statistic is that human beings that have been surveyed admit that the older they have gotten, the happier they have been; it is proven that people are not afraid to move along to their next existence. They even look forward to it: a reward for a life well lived.

I doubt that many, if any, of these deathly ill folks, in the event that they can think clearly, want the rest of their moments or days having their loved ones sit around the clock by their bedside praying.

So, why do we extend human pain of sick or injured people and the grief period of their loved ones?

Our society, in the last thirty years, has cast away the eternal spiritual philosophy in favour of the temporal humanist point of view. Most people in the western world, especially in the elite classes, eschew any real belief in a magnificent afterlife. So they, and their heirs, want them to hang on to the only form of existence in which they have faith. Hearts need to continue pumping so that we delay having to admit that we are now more alone.

And this costs society hugely.

It means that a sick little girl or boy can’t receive the optimum treatment to allow them to progress to adulthood. It means that funds are not available to offer better healthy lifestyle options, and that real progress can’t be made in helping people with addictions who might be turned around into productive citizens. That people with psychoses can’t be adequately housed and treated.

Our society needs to accept that a life well lived deserves a reward, and that reward is not to leave one's family with the last memories of Pop being of tubes leading from orifices, of scurrying hospital staff, and medicinal smells.

If pursuing options are necessary to retain any semblance of a public health care system, then surely one that needs exploring is to stop throwing good money after bad by extending lives for no other reason than to prove our humanistic belief in the sanctity of life. Life preserving treatments for those with little chance for long term health should be delisted, and if desired by heirs, then payable by them. People will say this is not compassionate, but I see nothing compassionate in extending the pain felt by those on the edge of death and the grief of those who have loved them.

From Lemon Favorites - Feb 20, 2006

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Latest Interesting Word Verification Graphic

Got this here as my word verification graphic. What made it interesting was that it was hospitals and health care. Sort of a Cockneyed spelling, though.

If It Says it Bleeds it Leads. . .

In case you have not visited Shogun, Kevin Steele is reporting the truth about this visit of the PM.
The issue of torture seemed to be a big one among my colleagues and why not--if it bleeds, it leads, and in the 24 hour news cycle, even if it says it bleeds, it leads. But I must confess it is not that big a deal for me. Just about every terrorism expert will tell you that all terrorist operatives are all taught to claim torture.
Kevin also quotes the Afstan PM who says Karzai sent his personal guarantee to the Canadian people that there was no torturing of prisoners in his country. Actually, he prefaced that remark by saying he there was some doubt about whether those who were making torture claims were even in the custody of Afghani authorities.
Gone till Monday the 28, and for 3 of those days I am in a retreat house, no tv, phone, radio, newspaper or net. I will survive, but will be anxious to read everything when I get back.

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Akin May 22

Yippee!!! Newsworld is gonna do the Manitoba election tonite. Can't wait.
Akin is in for Duffy- I tune in for Duff not under-informed and overly-opinionated talking head replacements. Click.
The Brawdcast - Harper in Afstan on Canadian Aid. Paul Hunter quotes poll "problems". I thinks polls ARE the problem. Karsai says that no evidence of any torture of detainees. Just the CPC government by Grits and Dippers looking to find something to complain about.
Pictures of PMSH with kids in orphan schools, visiting Tim's tomorrow and meeting troops. Might travel outside the wire - good, Ceeb, let's let the Taliban know that their chief Canadian opponent / leader is within rocket range.
Coderre not surprised PM there - says was a getaway with stylist girlfriend and to build up his airmiles. You remember Hezbollah Denis. He LOVES Islamic terrorists. He's an insult to the Liberal Party (and that says a lot). Dawn Black says clearly is not going great for government (like they're going great for the Dippers). If her political career doesn't work out she can go back to her old job, taking phone messages and counting paper clips. She does take a piece of Coderre. He on defensive.
Newman - What's wrong with seeing things for himself? Denis says, it's not that a PM is going, it's the himself. Should be me or Steffi Dion. Dawn wants PMSH to get his head cut off in a personal meeting with the Taliban.
The Grits have a Hezbollah supporter as defense critic and the Dippers a secretary. Very credible.
Newman shuts them up, when they speak over him, he shuts them down.
Akin does feature on pissed off Tin Hat conservatives. PMSH not right wing enough for them. Fine - they can vote Green or Grit. Gerry Nicholls also wants to go back to the days of splitting vote to let the Grits always win. Says that if this happens, it's Harper's advisors fault. Akin does have a good point that CPC can afford to lose support in Alberta.
So Harper is scary right wing to the Dippers and Grits and scary left wing to the ex-reformers.
Means he's probably right. I mean centre.
Ed Broadbent on electoral reform in Ontario. He likes it. I have written somewhere on this before - the proposed scheme is bogus. Newman says that unlikely people will vote for a different party and a different party candidate. Ed doesn't understand the formula. Stumbles. Then refers to the way it works in Germany. Does he know something we don't know - either he is talking out of school or doesn't know wtf he's saying. I say the latter. Broadbent says that he likes it because more Tories would be elected in Ottawa. No fool like an old NDP fool. Both old farts chatter about what it actually consists of. If they can't figure this out, how the heck will voters? Broadbutt won't let it go. He shoulda read up on it before the Newman show.
McGrath, Yaro and Steve MacMartin (kinnon) on Akin. Eastern Block is falling down. Falling down. Falling down.
Eastern Block is falling down, My Fair Belinda. On Committee Playbook - I was aghast. First that it would be written down, then leaked. What is it about Mackinnon's bangs? He desperately needs a makeover. Cue image consultant.
Rick Anderson with Senators shirt on - doesn't he know the senate buffet is not gonna be offered to non-elected former reformers?
Robin Sears agrees that it's time to call it quits to this sitting of Parliament. Expects big picture nationalistic messaging. Baldy LeDrew asks to respond to question whether gov is serious about governing. What the hell would this bankrupt buffoon know about serious?
Duff in Manitoba for Election. Looks rough. Stay in Ottawa Mike. Winnipeg is beautiful in the summer. Have a martini in the lounge at the Fort Geary Hotel.
Weston and Galloway on Akin. Gloria says she hears from her inside contacts that the Tories are right wing nuts who will vote Liberal so long as the Globe and Whail continues to slag Harper. Calls Stefi - Mr. Dion and Talitubby Jack: Mr. Layton. No bias there. Gloria is acting silly. Red faced and flopping around.
Still in Silly Season. Will be for the next three months or so.
Won't be blogging the shows tomorrow - life things to do.

Especially for shows like today which was 3/10.

The Assault on Reason

It sure is.
This book must be a diatribe against the Antropomorphic Global Warming Fraud. A screed against the desire of Democratic hacks to ruin America's reputation within and abroad. A criticism of the conspiracy theorists who believe that the nation's leaders are using Bond's Blofeld schemes to control mankind in its pursuit of world domination.
It's a book by the guy who is in the middle of all this nonsense and wants to be king.
A guy who thinks that kids still watch TV.
The author of The Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World loved it!!!!
Is there something bizarrely funny in this, or is it just me?

Hitchens and The Death of Neo-Liberalism

On GNN with Stephen Marshall from his new book, "Wolves in Sheeps Clothing".
Hitchens: "Liberalism was an attempt to drape capitalism with some kind of pious social conscience…It used to be preceded almost always with the term ‘wishy-washy."
"I think it’s a good thing that American national interests are present in, and can apparently be made congruent to, the spread of democracy. It doesn’t happen without people fighting for it. It’s not just objectively true. You have to fight to make it true, so that it becomes so."
Interview, fabulous. Comments, maybe not.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Anyone wanna buy a company. cheap?

h/t MaryT and Scrapple Face

Another Poll

The ctv and globe and mail are touting the results of another poll-Canadians support talks with Taliban. Again, do the math
1000 people polled
247 in Que
379 in Ont
279 the West
so the remaining 95 must have been in the Atlantic Provinces.
62% of 1000 =630 cdns want to have talks. Hardly a majority.
Poll done between May 14-17.

Who do these 630 cdns want to talk to. Maybe they could start by talking to all the wannabe suicide bombers in Calgary, that the Iman says he has tried to talk out of going to Afgan.

Breaking news.

PMSH has just arrived in Afghanistan. Second visit.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Michael Coren - Global Warming Special Monday Nite

THE MICHAEL COREN SHOW Week of May 21 Cable 36 (channel 9 in Toronto), Cable 25 (channel 32 in Ottawa),ExpressVu - 651/Star Choice - 355/Look - 19.
"MONDAY, May 21 - A repeat of our highly controversial Global Warming show."

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time for a Thank You

Thousands of Cdns and Americans are on the road to somewhere this long week end. But, many thousands of others are working. So, a Thank You to those that are taking care of business so the rest can have fun.
First and foremost-to our troops and their families.
To all the first responders who are there to help in case of accident or fire or illness. Let's hope they have a quiet week end.
To the members of the service industry, working to feed us, and clean our rooms etc. as we travel by.
To the clerks and salespeople in greenhouses and other garden and do it yourself stores.
To the customers of these stores, for making their yard beautiful for us to enjoy this summer as we drive by. For growing excess garden produce you will share with neighbors and food banks.
To all the staff in hospitals and emergency rooms.
To all of the above, and those I have missed, THANK YOU.

It is too nice a day to get serious or upset about anything. For a fun read, check our Steven Laurents in the Calgary Sun, re dating today and yesterday. Love his comment on a couple of today, telling their grandchildren on their 50th anniversay, how they met. Grandma, your grandfather grinded me on the dance floor and sparks flew.

A black bear got loose in Chicago (I think) and wondered the streets eventually ending up in front of a clinic. Went up to the automatic door and went in. Clinic evacuated, bear put down with a needle, and will be released in the wild. Video of it wandering around in the clinic.

Unless something urgent happens, that's it for today. Enjoy the week-end.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Everyone Must Buy an SUV by 2025

Indeed, one of the more interesting, if not alarming statements Patterson made before the Friends of Science luncheon is satellite data shows that by about the year 2020 the next solar cycle is going to be solar cycle 25 -- the weakest one since the Little Ice Age (that started in the 13th century and ended around 1860) a time when people living in London, England, used to walk on a frozen Thames River and food was scarcer.

Using Kookyzuki and Algorerhythm's logic, then the government must act in less that two decades to see that everyone MUST own an SUV.

Royson on Black Schools

I blogged the other day on Royson's opinion on the aborted Shabazz visit to Toronto.
Today, he's into the old "Black Focused Schools" theme.
The sentiment of many emails received was: Why can't they just get along, work hard, stay in schools, grow up to be responsible citizens? Why all this talk about separation and race? We should be pushing a colour-blind society.
Noble ideals, all.
My worldview is shaped by the Eurocentric world that dominates Western thought, philosophy and culture. Anizor and a large and growing number of Torontonians reject that view. They dub it "white supremacy," a provocative appellation that affects their credibility by engendering ill will where there might be cooperation. But, then again, that's my worldview.
Royson doesn't seem to mind the white supremacist sobriquet. Even though those white supremacists are almost exclusively simple, hard working, honest, friendly people. But he's okay to paint them with the same white supremacist brush.
So. What is it that these black leaders want? Don't want racial profiling, except when it serves their purpose. Don't want to be measured academically against all people in their age group. but only against themselves.
The ultimate racist in this article might be Royson himself. Because he suggests that all black young people are having the same societal problems. The fact is that almost all of them live the normal often trying lives of young people. Almost all of them never have a run-in with the police, aren't in gangs, and succeed in life.
And that won't be helped by Royson's "world view".

CP union members should do the math.

One report says the average wage of the CP maintenance workers 42,000/yr.
They want a 13% raise, over 3 years. So, after losing several days pay, should they win, they will get 47,460, after 3 yrs.
The company is offering 10%, over three years.= 46,200.
Let's break this down to a per day wage,
42,000 divided by 365 = 115.07 per day.
46,200. divided by 365= 126.58 per day company offer is a 4200.00 raise
47,460. divided by 365= 130.03 per day union wants is a 5460.00 raise.
So, the union is on strike for a maximum increase of 130.03-126.58= 3.45 per day.
Out of this amount they will face increased union dues and increased federal taxes of 22% on that raise.
But then again, these guys are paid to work, their union bosses are paid to manipulate.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Get Michael Coren on the Internet!!!

Got the following email from Mr. Coren in response to an email I sent:

Thanks so very much. We're actually very available in Ontario - on basic cable in almost the whole province. I'll send your note on the boss types at CTS. Thanks again.
Michael Coren

Let's get him on the internet!!!
Send your emails to

My email to Michael
All the best to you.I have a conservative blog (canadianbluelemons) and posted a plug for your show.
I got tremendous (for my little blog) positive response.
Conservatives (especially people of faith) are thirsty to see your program which they cannot now do. Do you have plans to stream it on the internet?
Thousands of Canadians would truly enjoy this.

Nightly, Michael Coren hosts the most balanced political opinion smack-down on Canadian TV.
Chances are it is easier for you to get Playboy TV than the Michael Coren Show, but if you can, I recommend tuning in.
Cable 36 (channel 9 in Toronto), ExpressVu-651/Star Choice-355/Look-19.
THURSDAY, May 17 - On The Hill. Federal politics with Gerrard Kennedy, Gerry Nicholls, Kevin Modeste and John Carmichael.
I wish I could check him out flattening Rattard Kennedy.
We would definitely have a spot for a guest author who might like to live blog some of his programs.

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 17

Duff - Income Trust Charges, Charges? Daily scraps.
Newman - Informal Committee Meeting - no Chair

Silly Season in the House...
On Newman
Red Julie on empty committee meeting. Liberal Hack Witnesses don't get chance to beg more money.
Attaran (Islam Iggy Lover) filibustered out of committee. Never has a filibuster been so well used. Aw, his nerves were frayed...
He can go and get sympathy from his patrone Iggy.
Jay Hill says opposition is acting like a coalition government and wants to have their way. Ralphie Hedgehog says Parliament going through rough patch... Master of the understatement was well as the under achievement.
Duff - Income Trust Investigation -- Of course the Grits say that the bulge post non-announcement was just good analysis on Bay Street. I will bet all my gains from the Income Trust scam that this was indeed a scam. Seeing as all those who know about it are likely to be charged, small wonder they're closing ranks. Millions of dollars were made on Bay Street by this leak. Dozens of rich people could go to jail.
Back to Newman - power struggle between unelected coalition and minority. Ralph and Jay scrapping hard - Jay - watch your ankles... The Hedgehog. Scary. Ankle-biter.
Libby barely gets a word in.
Much more active Newmanduff today and I gotta leave about 545.
Libby claims NDP are the only working caucus. Seeing as how they never actually have to ever do anything they probably are. Working hard on doing nothing. All they have is the power to do is screw things up.
Duff - George Baker calls someone a sookie baby. What the hell is a "sookie baby". That's before my time... Sounds kinda sexy. Is George Baker comparing some MPs to Eastern European immigrant stripper/hookers? It's humorous to see old washed up "no turbans in the RCMP" George Baker and cool low key westerner Terry Strattan going at it. Like a terrier trying to take a bite out of a sheepdog. Baker et al trying to nail Marjorie LeBreton. Don't tell Mr. LeBreton.
Complaints about summer school funding cuts. Given the non-existent unemployment rate, is there any need for a summer student program at all?? Why not do an analysis to prove that with a 5% unemployment rate we need the same funding as with a 15% unemployment rate? Know that in Ontario any student who wants a job can get one. Likely same in Alberta. New program is for those who genuinely have a problem getting jobs - rural, aboriginal, etc. Makes sense to me. Why not just eliminate all jobs and contribute funds to provinces to do with as they wish? Reduce tuition if desired. Hire needy Eastern Euro Strippers if the provincial MPPs prefer.
Committee Chaos on Duff - PMSH looks great in a nice suit. He tends to wear frumpy suits - improvement - thanks to image consultant?
Tom Lukiwiski bitches about the Liberal Senate - what happened to it being an advisory body? It was until the last 15 months. The Grits filled the old fart house with old used up hacks and they are now determining the legislative agenda. Fire all their old wrinkled asses. And Jimmy The K, who I believe exists purely with the support of Islamic nuts, is supporting the Senate. Throws dirt around on all Tories.
I feel like I'm live blogging a bar fight.
Martha Hall Finlay on Strat Session on Duff - no mention of whether nudity was involved with her sleep over. Joy is funny - I like her. For an NDPer she's cool. Reynolds, says Harper, tough, fair and honest. Forgets boring and controlling. Is anyone working on the uncalled election and tried to do anything locally?? Duff on Carroll, as soon as he got candid Iggy and Coderre demanding that he get fired. Blood on the street it's up to their ankles.
Gotta run.
Today was a 6/10 only 45 minutes in. Silly season in Ottawa is like the weather in November.

Any more bright ideas, Justin?

I'm sure Steffi will be glad to hear this...

CBC cameraman injured in bomb blast

Just heard a report on the cbc, that in the latest suicide attack in Afghan, (taliban taking responsibilty) that a cbc cameraman was injured. Also an Al Jezzera cameraman. Will the cbc now take this war seriously.
Will taliban jack demand all cbc employees leave Afghan and be brought home NOW.

The Brawl

Lots of coverage of a brawl in the HofC. Are they referring to the attack by Sheila Copps, when she crawled over the back benches to attack, physically and verbally, a govt minister named Crosbie. That was shown on cbc, years ago. The Liberal Rat Pack of the day were always causing trouble.

It's the Messenger, not the Message

I could, should I feel tired and weak, accept the message that there is a risk of (Wo)Man-Made Global Warming.
Personally, I think the real problems are water pollution and smog. These cause sickness now, and something could be done about them now.
I also think that we need to develop more sustainable energy sources (read this as nuclear).
These three areas of actions would have huge benefits to our world.
But, in a weak moment, I could buy into action that would at least theoretically reduce the risk of Global Warming.
But not when the main messengers are hypocrites and as close-minded as 15th century inquisitors.
Goldstein confirms another of Gore's ethical failings this morning. Kooky Suzuki has his own that should be known.
If someone truly acting personally on reducing their negative effect on the environment delivered the message, like, say George W. Bush, than I might even be convinced.

Is The Star Now Using Blogs as a Source?

We'll see if Jason Cherniak makes hay on and takes credit for this Delacourt story.
The other option would be, I suppose, that The Star just used the same level of close relationship they have with Grit organizers that Jason does.
Canwest Global admitted their blog source.
Neither had the courtesy to at least give Jason the credit.
I guess the bigger question is why, like a dog walking on hind legs, was this even attempted?
Dr. Kriebel-Dion does not by definition have any political role.
If she is not a political activist, than why would local Liberal organizers try and arrange such a meeting? And then broadcast the news of the refusal for such as a political story?
If she was acting as a private individual (who happens to be a war professor on sabbatical), than this should be a non-story.
Or, is she just a tool of the Liberal Leader and Liberal organizers?
This meeting could be nothing but a political event.
She visits and the LOOO shows this as evidence of his love for soldiers. If she finds anything approaching a negative story, the LOOO announces this to much noise in the House. If she is refused, the CPC are bullies.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 16

The Brawdcast - Clean Air Act - NDP motion will not get debated until Friday - Libby is pissy about this - says Pete Van Loan is mean spirited and CPC are bullies. PVL says NDP missed chance last Friday. Libby tries to shout over Newman - bad move. Libby wasn't told that opposition day had changed. Click.
Duff - Grit MP said CPC MP crossed floor to pound him into putty, Ban on Foreigner Peelers
Phil Fontaine says a summer of unrest unless we fold and give them all our cash. Senate thinks this is a great idea providing none of the cash is their's. Let's start a new bureaucracy to manage (perhaps staffed with Senators who have served their 8 years?) Neville (LPOC) and Crowder (NDP) - says problem in Native community is delays in Land Claims and lack of hope. Some people - including many FN people - work and study to create hope.
Minister Prentice - needs to reform system. 60 years of discussion on Senate idea to have new bureaucracy.
Duff shocked that FN people can't use Human Rights Act. CPC wants to change this - Opps will not allow this to pass - undermined by their "leaders" who want to keep "their people" under their thumb. The Indian Poverty Pimps at work.
Newman - Bill delay on Kyoto Targets - Sen Tkachuk says Grits rushed through bill in an abusive way. Grits says Tories held it up.
So far tonight is deserving to be place on the do not watch list. Boooorrrring. Where is the Foreign Peelers debate?
Julie the Red on Campaign Life using GOC logo. Newman's Bobblehead panel. Nothing issue. Nothing worth commenting on.
Duff with
Dom Leblanc, Jason K and Bill Siksay on dust-up in HOC - D.McGuinty and Royal Galipeau Orleans CPC member believed he was insulted for his race by McGeewhiz.
STRIPPERS!!! No more import of same. Suggested by NDP that senators booted out after 8 years apply for the openings.
Paul Dewar on Ottawa Senators - never knew the NDP were big on competition - thought that they always figured this was bad and all people should be entitled to share the Stanley Cup.
Even the Stripper story can't save this night's shows. The Alpaca commercial is way more stimulating. ALPACA stands for Allied Liberal Protesters Against Conservative Achievement.
Air India on Newman - turns out Air India were too cheap to pay the tab. How are we at fault for this?
Duff - Brad, Moors, Jaro all hope the Senators win. NDP hurt by change of Opp day. Ndpers angry cause means they have to work on Friday. Threaten to go on strike and put up pickets.
This program is depressing me. Looking for needles to stick in my eyes.
Duff smacks Moors for holding up Human Rights for Indians. Moors argues back. Never responds.
Lessard and Travesty on Newman.
Official Languages - Lessard says nothing happening on Committee so they act like kids. Downhill since Shane Doan - Grits and Dippers went too far. Newman says problem due to lack of experience by Tories.
Fife on Duff - Harper is right on rights for FN. Fife says leaders won't take responsibility - refuse audits, fair elections, against equal rights for women. Native leaders have to carry the can. Duff calls the FN Pimps "the Aeroplan Class". McCharles on Stock's security measures - needs to deport terror suspects.
If you PVRed the shows, erase. Do not bother reading this piece. Please.
This was the worst night ever. The first goose egg since I started doing this. 0/10

Arrest made in Cold Case

An arrest has been made in the Candace Derksen murder, in 1986.
Mark Edward Grant, 43, of Winnipeg has been arrested.
Grant was the subject of a community public notification in December 2005. Police said he was a risk to all adult females and children, both male and female.

Ebony & Ivory Media Response to Shabazz Smackdown

"Right. Right, Right. When one group is in control, and the other is not, they can write the story. His-story. Not ours. Is that so strange? What, we don't have any history of this? Groups subjecting another group and rewriting the history to suit their purposes; or taking scripture to suit what they want to do?"
Royson James at The Star has a strong article on the black organizer's media conference of the turning back of
Malik Zulu Shabazz at Pearson yesterday. According to Royson, '26-year-old Nkem Anizor basically had the press for lunch'. I can picture Royson at the event; likely leaning against a wall or pillar, notebook in hand, bemused smile, admiring the young woman's guts and passion. As a black man, he sees far too little of such commitment and celebrates it. I can understand this.

Joe Warmington, at The Sun saw a different movie:
"It's a "Jewish conspiracy," was one of the many anti-Semitic slurs. It's the result of "white supremacy," was another common theme. They are "enslaved by the enslavers' children" and "to hell with diversity." Do you want to hear more nonsense from a group claiming to be running an Education not Incarceration campaign?"
Me? I attend a Jamaican church and am a very tiny white minority there. I see the work done by the members of the congregation and the pastor and elders. They don't scream anti-white and anti-semitic slogans. I have dozens and dozens of friends there that have survived difficult upbringings, avoided gangs and dealt with overt racism to succeed in their lives. The pastor does not get huge media attention because he is just a good shepherd, not one who yells loudly to attract wolves.

The so-called "black community" does need as much leadership as it can get (what community doesn't?). But not the kind that imagines hatred everywhere and responds with the literal form.

David Miller Wows Empty Seats in New York at Green City Shindig

David Miller wants all his people who adore him to manage their "carbon footprint" by using a "pretty cool" website.
Zerofootprint Toronto was announced at an environmental summit hosted by former U.S. president Bill Clinton and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with mayors and local leaders from more than 30 major world cities in attendance.
“Where national governments can’t or won’t lead, cities will,” Toronto Mayor David Miller said. He challenged the other leaders at the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit to adopt the new model in their cities.
I'm sure he was a smashing success and Bubba Clinton, Red Ken Livingston and Michael Bloomberg are just as adoring as Miller's millions of minions in Toronto. Not.

No one showed up.
While fellow politicians packed Mr. Livingstone's seminar on "beating congestion and surviving your next election," none attended the concurrent session where Toronto Mayor David Miller introduced his plan for a Web-based program to encourage individuals to reduce personal emissions.
Poor Big Hat No Cattle Dave. The mayors of real cities don't think his dumb ideas are worth listening to.

I apologize to other Blogigng Tories for accidentally posting this at a time 12 hours in the future - I started drafting this last nite and changed the date but not the time this morning. Should be cleaned up with next refresh of BT.


The look of a pain in the butt...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gitmo Torture Techniques

Majid Khan an Al Qaida "suspect" was severely tortured in Gitmo.
My heart goes out to him and all those other poor souls who are deprived of their human rights in this hell hole.
His torture included:
he complained that he was only given cheap unscented soap and shampoo, and that in the recreation room there is "no weight lifting machine, no toilet, no sink, ho hoops, and even balls them self have little air in them; they hardly bounce."
U.S. intelligence also says Khan's cousin and uncle, who were both members of Al Qaeda, introduced Khan to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, who in a similar hearing at Guantanamo Bay depicted himself as Al Qaeda's most prolific planner.

Clueless in Alberta re Carbon Credits, MaryT

I have received a 4 page pamphlet, from the Prairie Policy Center titled Carbon Credit Trading.
This is basically for farmers. Did you know that Canada has no federally approved carbon credit market?
Table of Contents:
Carbon Credits: What does it all mean? page 1
Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
What does carbon trading accomplish page 2
What is happening in the United States
What is happening in Canada
Page 3, too many topics to list. but this is interesting and something everyone is very anxious to know (lol) The currency at the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is a Carbon Financial Instrument contract (CFI) One CFI contract is equal to 100 metric tonnes of CO2 (one tonne of carbon = 3.667 tonnes of CO2 equivalent gas) as of November 2006.
Page 4- Rules, Risks & Options-
Go to and get this pamphlet.
There are so many experts out there spouting words like Kyoto, Carbon Credits, CO2 emissions and I am positive that most of them haven't a clue what they are talking about. I have read this pamphlet, and I am more clueless than before. But, from now on, when I go to meetings etc on this, I will ask the speaker questions like, what is CFI (no it is not a tv series)
or CCX, and what is the minimum carbon credits one can buy-answer 10,000 tonnes of carbon (equal to about 75,000 acres). How many farmers have that many acres which are over 100 sections of land. Imagine the emissions from farming all that land.

Run out and get yours now to avoid having to use those stupid light bulbs.

Jerry Falwell Dies.

Breaking news. Falwell was found unconcious in his office earlier today and rushed to hospital.

Does This Sound Like a Distraught & Traumatized Person to You?

Paris Hilton issued the following statement through attorney Richard Hutton on May 10:
"After reading the media's coverage of my court hearing, I feel the need to correct what I believe are misperceptions about me. I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should -- no matter how slightly.
I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation.
No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse."
Sounds very mature and sincere, doesn't it? Doesn't sound like someone traumatized and unable to function. Except, the new story on her other pending legal trouble is:
Paris Hilton is too "emotionally distraught and traumatised" by her impending 45-day jail sentence to testify in a court case, according to her psychiatrist.
Dr Charles Sophy has spoken several times to the 26-year-old socialite since her recent hearing for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.
So which is it? Is she mature and accepting or distraught and traumatized.
Of course the truth is that her lawyer's established both of these positions. Let's hope that her judge on the civil matter reads the paper. I'm sure she would want this because, "I do not expect to betreated better than anyone else."

Great Morning for Short Snappers

So Contract Workers who get few of the benefits of being a civil servant (including wages) feel dissed. Unionist NDPers want them unionized. Surprise. (As an aside it looks like Sandra Bullock is on Lavalife looking for a date).

NDPers want to force an election to pick up support from disaffected Newfies and Bluenosers. Want to pick up all those poor huddled pissed off eastern masses. Will Danny the Dolt vote for them?

On another disaffected Canadian front, of course he will...

Unnatural musculature? ROCKY!!!

The natives are still restless... I'm sure this strategy will attract massive public support.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I think this is a must read,

Jack's Newswatch has an excellent post re Graham and the liberals on supporting our troops, and the death of the butcher. He says what we have all been trying to say.
I really thought Graham, as angry as he was today, was going to have a heart attack or something. Why are the liberals so angry when they are accused of not supporting our troops and the mission. Who got us into this? ARe the insecure about it - best defence s a good offence. They learned that from the army (and football).

In Search of One Honest School Board Trustee

Here, in BC of all places.

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 14

The Brawdcast - The Separatist Duceppe-tion, Flaherty backs down
Duff - Flipflop Flaherty? Passport for US travel, Phoney Cash

Flaherty bores Toronto Board of Trade - they want to continue to write off interest in Canada as well as in tax havens. One of the tax haven countries might be Vanuatu - Paul Martin's Tax Haven. (Check this link - I think it's kinda funny). Don't know if the former and forgotten PM used this dodge or not.

Ambassador Wilkens on Duff on using passports. I've met Ambassador Wilkens and he seems to be a golly gee Carolinian. It's a facade - he's tough as old burned BBQ. Buy one now.

Don Drummond comments on Flaherty's tax changes. Generally agrees that his latest move was a good one. Now that Martin is on his way out of the LPOC, he seems more balanced in his to and fro.

More on Flaherty on Newman. Remember the old Downchild Blues Band song?
(Picture Chuck Jackson)
Flip Flop & Flaherty
Here's a little clarity
Flip Flop & Flaherty
I just had fact disparity
No more bigbiz charity.
Don't you dig temerity.

Just couldn't resist the bad poetry, guys - I love Minister Flaherty - he's doing a great job and he did need to correct the budget and he had cojones enough to swallow his pride and do it.

Washy silly-Least, Booboo Bryson and Pallister comment on Flaherty move - perfect synchronization of size: tall, medium and short. Look like the three bears sitting there, too hot for little Judy, too cold for Booboo and just right for big Brian.

No Fly List and Stock Day. Stock says only known terrorists, convicted or serious crimes related to aviation. Only those a clear danger. What about the flatulent? Will they be able to fly? They can be very deadly indeed.

Newman on Afstan. Former Vice-Chancellor of Germany. What do Germans think? Afstan underfunded with not enough troops. Problem in Pakistan not only in Afstan but with India. Newman - what about German's doing safe work in North and avoiding heavy lifting. V-C: Has been some German troops killed. Have to apply for a vote in Parliament for escalation, tough to do in that socialist hell hole that once was important to the world and where no one works anymore. US and NATO need to address Pakistan - they need to be pressured to clean up their act.

Bernie, new NDipper (former Grit CabMin) and Rattard Kennedy. NDPer says PQ has passed its best before date - was a protest movement. Rattard tries to get heard. Keeps interrupting. "To be fair" when is he ever fair? Every time he talks with the pseudo-sincere smirk and won't shut up I almost have to buy a new TV. Thankfully I have nothing heavy to throw. (I think he secretly wants me to do this... He is talking directly to me. To me alone. Only to me. I am hypmotized.)

Duff Journalists - Rosie and Joel Denis. Reviewed QP comments on Duceppe - Iggy says he an opportunist - Iggy well knows opportunism (first hand). Talitubby Jack (who's never worked a day in his life - Dad and Grand Dad both rich politicians) says it does nothing for the working people in Quebec.

Martha Hall Finlay had a sleep over near Stornaway... Anyone get pictures??

Weak-ass backroom panel on Newman, Richard Marceau, Susan Smith, Dick Proctor and Yaroslav Baran
on the Duceppe-tion. Marceau says his arms fell off when he heard. He feels bad, can't give Gilles a hug when he comes back to the fold. Susan thinks we will see a new softer Gilles.
Last chat on tax havens. Last chance to click on the Vanatu / Paul Martin tax haven link.

Pretty good night - lotsa chances for snide and nasty comments. 7/10

Wishful Thinking from CNN

Great find from Guest Contributor MaryT

He's Not an Anarchist and I'm Not Fat

I seriously think I'm slim. I also think I'm handsome and incredibly smart.
And because I think so therefore I am.
This is the type of PR claptrap that we are way too used to getting. Relativism. Unless I can't fit through a door, I will not allow myself to be referred to as obese. And unless I'm planting bombs in airport lockers, I'm not an anarchist.
But if Stephen Harper ever says something that could even be interpreted, with a wild leap of logic, to be a slight to a person wearing a toga or a turban, he is a racist nazi.
For edification, I'm actually not very fat at all. Seriously.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Funniest. Gore Statement. Ever.

How are they supposed to get there, Albert?
By sailboat?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Muslim Canadian Suicide Bomber Wannabe

From the Globe and Mail. The Muslim Canadian, arrested in Afgan on charges of planning a suicide attack, is from Calgary. This man wanted to be a suicide bomber, to copy his brother who had successfully killed himself and many children and women some time ago.
At that time, his identity had never been published.
But, his father said he had tried to talk his son out of going and doing this.
His Iman also said he had intervened to stop him. Both failed.

My question is, if the father and Iman both knew of his intentions, why did they not inform the RCMP, airlines, CSIS or somebody to have his passport taken away, or put on a no fly list.
The Iman says he has talked several others out of this. Has he really. Is Calgary full of wannabe suicide bombers. If they can't go to Afghan, will they attack in Canada. Should any of these Muslims from Calgary ever successful go to meet Allah and meet his 72 virgins, and kill women, children and others, the blame can be put directly on the Iman and fathers of said idiots.

Are not these the same people complaining no one did anything to stop Air India.

How many of these wannabes are sending money to the taliban. How many voted Liberal and urged Dion to vote against the Anti Terrorist Act?

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Don't Like Being a Cynic When it Involves a Death

Canadian Man Dies in Cancun
I have been in Cancun and I recommend that no one under 40 or over 42 ever go. And no one at any age ever allow themselves to be overserved. I have seen northern girls carried out of bars on men's shoulders.
The link describes the events leading up to and following the death of another Canadian in our favorite resort destination. I have no idea whether the official story is true or not.
The statistics within are bogus - there is no relative context; we likely have more assaults in Mexico because we have more travellers there.
Cancun is an over-imbibers paradise. There is an endless opportunity to (a) fall down stairs or off balconies, (b) stumble in front of a car, or (c) piss off a jealous boyfriend or husband or get in a different situation of honour.
If you go, enjoy the sun and the beach, but go to bed early. You'll get home safely. Use your head. It is not Wasaga Beach.

Best Find by A Reader Ever on CBL - Great Advice for CPC

Thanks to Wilson.
Globe carried a CP story, May 9/07:
'The report from Save the Children, based in London, has Canada dropping over the past year to 25th place from fifth on the Children's Index.' This story was not picked up by many (Dippers?), because, the data covered 2004-2005, when the Liberals in charge...
Why did Canada drop so dramatically? I don't ask this as a Liberal bashing cue.
What can Canada's government do to reverse the downward trend?
Are (we) Conservatives not taking the Save the Childrens report seriously? If not, why not?
If Conservatives don't get a handle on this, and get front and center, next year we could have another 'Afghan detainee' type explosion, when the data isn't from Liberal times, and will be used as proof that Cons have killed social programs.

This is great advice for the CPC. It takes a while for any organization to get on top of communications, to have positions established in advance on every possible scenario, to have a machine to anticipate what might come up and need instant response, and to have a response ready.
The risk that Wilson identifies is bang on, and the CPC should have a position and move on it now. The article certainly has a tone that seems biased against the CPC - notwithstanding that it relates to a period when Canada was ruled by the Grits. It can be expected, however, that the Grits will get on top of this and demand and answer why the CPC has not acted. After all they've had 15 months to fix the problem.
Realy simple. Announce a program that addresses the reasons for this problem - and much relates to family breakdown (even though the commentator blames a deficit in early childhood education).
We should get on top of this.

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 11

Newman - Duceppe to run, more seats for big provinces, absolutely unadulterated nothingness else except for a few digs to make the CPC look like a bunch of fascist incompetents that happen to be the government that supports the great secret neo-nazi-zionist conspiracy that is backed by the jooos to tie up everybody but themselves and tickle them until they die laughing.

Duff - Duceppe, good riddance, more seats for big provinces.
Van Loan on more seats for Big P's. Gives invite to Duff for birthday party for senate reform. Old Grit farts don't want to be fired again, years after most of them were fired by the electorate. (concept credit to Ambrose Bierce) Duff asks Van Loan when will it end, the delay of legislation, the spitting in the shoes, the pissing in the orange juice (original joke available on request). Says Big P's have 21,000 mre people per riding and rep by pop principle has been ignored, will be restored.

Newman on PQ leader race... Who cares? They will elect some doofus to lead the party who thinks he can steal more money by being leader of a small country than he can steal by being part of a big one. Revealed that Duceppe was an avid Marxist/Maoist when young. We can't have a marxist in our government can we?? (Jack Layton) I mean there's no way that we would ever elect a commie in this wealthy capitalist country? (Dawn Black). This is impossible! (Olivia Chow). Susan Bonner admits that there is someone is smarter than her. CBC first.

Duff - Harper rallying the troops. PMSH at his very best in Petawawa. TaliTubby Alexa and Ruby D. They lay huge credit and support to the soldiers. Despite the fact that they want to send soldiers to war crime trials, they entirely support them. Alexa says that PMSH crediting the soldiers is "boosterism". She says Afstan senate says we should "stop the insurgency". Alexa - ain't that what we're trying to do? Or ain't you been listening.

Duff - New no-fly list in Canada. Fantastic. I hope that smelly guy I had to sit next to en route to Vancouver is on it. Alexa says this is a terrific idea, hope they do it so then we can criticize it. Says Haroon Saddiqui is an enormously well respected journalist? Yeah sure - by Al Qaida.

Scott Reid (the honest, handsome and quiet-spoken CPC MP) on Newman along with Karen Redman on committees, which are all like dysfunctional Addam's families. Her hair totally grey - continues to eschew image consultant further to Dion dictum "we must never allow our 'air to look well or our scent to be too well, neither, or we too will be charged by media for being fancy boys and girls and not with substantive."

Does Steffi have what it takes? Duff to Linda Diebel of the Red Star. She says, yes, if a party wants to be run like the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has this in spades. She says it was Aline not Jean C that really liked him. But then again, Aline married Jean Chretien, maybe not the best judge... Why is he hated by the Liberal leadership? - from Duff. Finally looked up and noticed her hair and lips - does Diebel have an image consultant? Some work done there. Hated because he was the loser that defeated the winners who ran. She uses the Lemon line, he is "incomprehensible in English".

Scottie and Timmie on Duff - wait all week for this. Talk on leaker. Story of young anarchist by nite and archivist by day. Powers says there is an oath taken, police looking into. Duff says he looks like he wanted to be elected. Scott says it's okay to break the law. Scott drops the George Bush line, says Nixonian purge of enemies. Ever been a civil servant handcuffed by Liberals? No, of course not, they're all Liberals. Crocker Whistle Blower on Senate Liberals trying to get to Afstan. Powers says we will see. Scott admits to breaking laws, Powers denies he ever did. Chat descends into stupidity on both sides. Duff comments on how the little orphan anarchy cleaned himself up for his media conference. Duff on Iggy's 60th borrows Clinton line - "Too young to retire and too old to remember you're married."

Newman's Press Pundits - Weston says that a good chance that a lot of PQ voters will move to CPC. Newman says this is stupid and naive. Travesty says this is stupid that Quebecers are cowards and socialists so will never vote CPC when guys they've never met from Valcartier start dying in the thousands in Afstan. Delacourt not on damn shame. Bozo the Anarchist statement featured. The RCMP has become a rogue force on its own. CBC Chris Hall says CPC and RCMP are fascists. Are there any journalists in Canada that don't hate the CPC? Travesty says that a definite crime, waht's his name is now a celebrity and good for his band.

Duff's press gang. LaPierre makes surprise visit, with Galloway and Joel Denis Bellevance. So. Refer back to previous point on PQ thievery. Consensus is that condom head will have tight race. Duceppe not all that popular and will be between Marois, Lapieere surprised that he's running. JD says poll will show that he would lose. Iggy will be quoted tomorrow that we should not allow the LPOC to be taken over by environmental lobbyist. Lapierre on Dion - says a lot of work to do - 4 by elections in Quebec - and will be rough ride for him. DION WAS GIVING AWAY TICKETS TO A FUNDRAISER IN MONTREAL. Same thing happened last month in Toronto.

All in all a better than even show. Friday seems to be the best nite for the Newman Duff hour - maybe because everyone has either had, or can't wait to have, an adult cocktail. 7/10

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why Are We So GD Partisan?

Lately blogs in general and BT Blogs in particular have come under much closer scrutiny from MSM commentators (not to mention the ubiquitous troll tribe). CEOs of huge media companies have argued against the veracity and value of blogs to the public forum. Journalists have taken to sending comments to blogs that dare to criticize them or question their motives.
Overall they refuse to accept the Status Went of the business they're in.
Why are they so irritated and why do we so delight in pissing them off?

The sheer growth of media messaging and noise in all media over the last five years has compounded many times. There are billions and billions of media messages (including blogs) broad and narrow casted every day. The sheer volume of communications has led to every messenger needing to develop a very specific point of view to be noticed. And this has resulted in polarization on every topic.

The MSM has almost never been fair and balanced - it's editorial owners have always had a conflict or an axe to grind. With the concentration of big media, this conflict has most often resulted in a singular commitment - to get eyeballs. And this has as often as not resulted in the most valuable persons in their newsrooms being their headline and caption writers - not their fact finders, checkers or copy writers.

In a world where facts are expensive and opinions are cheap, business managers have reached for the bottom in a rush to get the most noise at the least cost. At all costs.

So MSM developed the star system: more and more opinion writers with stronger and stronger opinions. Making the hosts of programs and writers of stories the news not the events themselves. Imus being most recently prominent, Geraldo in years past, Carroll & Oakley in Toronto, the Red Star Gang, the list goes on in every media market. People don't learn anything from these self-described journalists, but they do listen and read. News has become the equivalent of Reality TV; Cheap, tawdry and popular.

So we come to the BTs. We too are a media aggregator. We also have a common point of view. We also want readers. We have to be part of the noise to receive attention. Although I cannot speak for all of us, I think we greatly resent how the big media with big budgets and big audiences dominate the noise with positions that we vehemently disagree with. We are not shrinking violets and we stand on our principles.

We need to maintain our place in the public forum until our MSM philosophical opponents offer a balanced perspective that is purely based upon reporting the facts and not pushing their own conflicted positions at the expense of the public interest. I'm not holding my breath - I think we'll be around for a long time.