Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Steve Janke Tracks Down Dion Pay Offs to Eco-Nuts

Steve Janke Tracks Down Dion Pay Offs to Environmental Lobbyists:
Angry is becoming a legend for uncovering the Grits tendency to buy their friends.
And the Eco-Nuts are nutty like... foxes?
You know these guys - they're regulars on Duffy, Newman and other polihack shows.
Well, those serious environmentalists who promise man-made earthly fire and brimstone if the environment is entrusted to Harper / Baird were bought and paid for by Stephane Dion when he was Environment Minister. Here's Jankes record of the goodies that Dion passed out for their friendship:
--- Pembina Institute: $403,240
--- Sage Foundation: $107,000
--- Climate Action Network: $1,783,769
Another reason why they hate Harper? Janke reveals the plans to audit gifts such as these.