Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lemon: Academic / Veteran Battle over War Museum Issue

The Theatre of Battle: CBC - The Current, today at 0840

The Topic: Whether rewording of a panel at the CWM was appropriate

The Combatants: Cliff Chadderton, Hero of Canadian Veterans and academic Margaret MacMillan

The Context: A display in the Canadian War Museum (that includes pictures of dead Germans) which describes the WW2 bombing of civilians as follows:
"The value and morality of the strategic bomber offensive against Germany remains bitterly contested. Bomber Command's aim was to crush civilian morale and force Germany to surrender by destroying its cities and industrial installations. Although Bomber Command and American attacks left 600,000 Germans dead and more than five million homeless, the raids resulted in only small reductions in German war production until late in the war."

The Ultimate Outcome:
Millions die. German butts handed to them. Freedom in Europe restored. French get back to eating baguettes, Brits to sipping tea and Germans to plotting global domination, but this time economically.

MacMillan's Thesis: That history can only be determined by historians and that as it's recorded it must be dispassionate. That the bombing of civilians of Germany was wrong and the War Museum should not have decided to change the panel because it hurt veteran's feelings.

Chadderton's Thesis: That the event cannot be judged in isolation - that the bombing was a key and successful strategy needed to defeat a terrible enemy.

Irritant Commentary: By some unknown "Magma" photographer who explained how photographers in Afghanistan were reliant on protection from military so were biased in their coverage toward the military. (With an impression left that if they ever dared photograph anything negative that they would be used as human shields).

Treatment of Guests: Chadderton - respectfully; MacMillan - fawningly

Loser of Battle: MacMillan when she described that the view on Dresden was undoubtedly effected by "the dubious and ambiguous current war in Afghanistan for which there has still been no serious national debate." She revealed her bias.

Lemon: Radical Tory Tour de Force on Being a PM

Another brilliant Bruce Stewart piece.

Lemon: Just Another Day in Our Unbiased Media

The Usual:
$1.2M went to Quebec Tories for ads
Conservatives cut back applicants in lawsuit
Tories backtrack from candidate as 'representative'
Stockbroker's rage at Flaherty fuelled by losses and a margarita
Alta. newcomers told to accept conservatism or leave

And, of course, another unattributed Liberal financial error
Millions wasted on Airbus upkeep, audit finds

And the normal puff pieces for the Grits from their PR department
Liberals eye economy as election issue
Liberals to come out swinging

Taken from National Newswatch

Lemon: Separated at Birth? - Bert & Ernie

Okay - Bert & Where's Waldo . . .

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lemon: My Daily Drive Through Parkdale Paradise

Every morning I drive the stretch of Parkdale from Dufferin to the Queensway.
When I'm not avoiding streetcars and dodging cyclists who are dodging potholes, I notce the city in which I live.
I take note of the dollar stores, leftist Councillor Gord Perk's constitutency office (located in a community centre of all places), and the people.
On every street corner there are generally a few panhandlers, about the same number of people living in socio-economic fall out and one prostitute.
It disturbs me greatly to see the human devastation that exists not far from my home; it is horrid that with the quarter billion dollars our city spends on housing, homeless and poverty that somehow so many of our residents don't fall through the cracks, but into crack.
The addicted women, reducing their human existence to the lowest possible level, offering their intimacy and dignity for a few dollars, make me wonder about our society.
Their physical and emotional condition cannot be attractive to anyone. I wondered this morning, what type of man would have sexual relations with these women?
I suspect only those that are not looking for a sensation or satisfaction but are looking to dominate and degrade another human being. Criminals acting out sociopathically.
Stress?? We know nothing about stress.
Article on Sex Workers

Lemon: Of Brave Canadians and Lily-Livered Champagne Socialists

Lily-Livered Rosedale (and Outremont) Champagne Socialists want to deny the right of young Canadians to do as they wish, often as their parents and grandparents did, by serving in a foreign war. Risking their lives but doing so for the purest of causes, to save the lives of others and the futures of their children.

The ultimate commentary on Layton / Dion / Duceppe and their ilk came well before their time; from Teddy Roosevelt some 130 years ago:
It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worth cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.
The Laytonites (and Dionistas and Doofceppes)
cannot accept the fact that there are Canadians who have fortitude and act otherwise than in self-interest. With their complete pursuit for personal comfort, they fail to appreciate that there ARE families who have members who are willing to die for their beliefs, for their causes or to put bread on their families' tables.

Lemon: New to Video - Springhill Mining Disaster

For my Grandfather who worked there:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lemon: Public Funding of Religious Schools

There has been a lot of rhetoric tossed to and fro since John Tory announced he would allow any parochial school to be funded publicly.
Certainly, Catholics make up the largest contiguous denomination of people of faith in Ontario. But this just means that way more money goes to Catholic school boards than would go to, say, private Baptist schools.
There was a time, when we had a competent government (under Mike Harris) that a minuscule tax cut ($500) was allowed for any child who attended private schools. So our Montessori kid provided the family with a tax cut barely adequate to pay for pizza days.
Meanwhile, every day a greater number of Ontarians pull their kids out of the "heavy on social justice and frequently on strike" school system in favour of the "I'll pay whatever it takes to not have my kids' minds twisted by socialists" preference.
The glorious and always enforceable Charter does allow for education by any citizen in either official language, but where does it say that this relates to religion? Not in the Charter.
We do have a Toronto District French School Board that operates alongside the Toronto District School Board and a Toronto Catholic District School Board. This is fine - there is a Charter responsibility for the French portion.
New Brunswick - the only bilingual province in Canada - abandoned the idea of a Catholic board a generation ago - perhaps recognizing that being Catholic and being French in NB basically amounts to the same thing. Now English schools have portables while French schools are empty, but this provision for separate boards based upon language is enshrined in the Holy Charter so exists in NB.
Why Ontario?
John Tory's mentor, Bill Davis, in 1987, put in place Bill 30 which provided full funding for Catholic Schools.
I won't comment on the politics that might have been involved in at the time (what with Bob Rae and David Peterson ganging up on him and all).
This legislation was reviewed by the Supreme Court who judged that the Province could prejudicially provide funding to Catholic as such rights were included in the 1867 Constitution Act.
So, Bill 30 results in inequity in Ontario. If you're a Catholic, your religious education is covered off. If you're of any other faith forget it. The only way to solve the problem is to make it worse - offering funding to all.
Sort of reason ignored for the sake of sanity...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lemon: If MYjob depended on Americans Buying the Newprint From Which I Make My Living I Probably Wouldn't Take a Day Off to Throw Rocks At the POTUS

said Coles, president of the Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada.

Lemon: Radical Tory - Golden Lemon Award Winner - August 2007

Out of the blue (so to speak) from a comment on a post - I came across a miraculous blog. Radical Tory...
Bruce has perspective, opinion and the ability to express it very well.
I encourage all the Blogging Tories to visit Radical Tory often.
Congratulations, Bruce - you got the Golden Lemon for the month.
You have my permission to post the graphic above on your site to acknowledge publicly that at least one avid poli-blogger believes you do great work.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lemon: Pope Benedict AGAIN Shocks the World

Is there no end to the controversy he will cause??

hat tip to my Kate

Lemon: Campaign Causes New Fall Schedule on NBC

Campaign laws would allow the other candidates to demand equal time on NBC if Law & Order episodes including Mr. Thompson were aired while he was an official candidate. The campaign launch is now expected in the first week of September.
Rudy Giuliani as a brave, crime fighting mayor facing down terrorists in "Mission: 911";
John McCain raising escape attempts at a Commie prison in southeast Asia in "Mission: Liberty";
Mitt Romney raising a family in the middle of nowhere on "Mission: Little House".
Hilary in "Adam's Rib", Obama in "Barack X", John Edwards as a personal injury attorney in "I Stoop to Help the Poor".
They've already been done??

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lemon: Hurricane Dean Devastates Climate Doomsters

Despite wishes and hopes of Global Warming denial deniers, it appears that Hurricane Dean will turn out to be a tempest in the Caribbean teapot.
Narrowly missing Jamaica, although three deaths resulted (many fewer than are usually murdered in drug deals gone bad in Montego Bay during the same time period), it appears that the hurricane also has missed the Caymans. The denial deniers, however, are still hoping that Dean will do the lambada in Cancun.
Global Warming Denial Denier, Mo Bay (no relation) said that this was one more sign that the world has a fever blister. But he also commented that the protest actions to date by Global Warming Denial Deniers surely reduced the harm that would have been caused if they had remained silent.
He gave Al Gore credit for saving thousands of lives by staging a series of concerts to show the earth that we really care for it.
Global Warming Denial Deniers are still hoping that hurricanes this year will kill at least 2,000 people and cause more than $5 Billion in damage during this tropical storm season. They are currently 1,997 deaths and $4.99 billion in damages short of their plan year to date.

Lemon: The Canadian Heritage Myth of the Inukshuk

Darcy at Dust My Broom revealed today an ignorant piece in the Globe & Mail about the blight Inukshuks cause on the tundra -- how they were a form of frozen graffiti.
But the Ministry of Heritage and Nonsense had an even more insulting piece that we paid for them to air regularly a few years back. They represented these stone scarecrows as something mystical and spiritual for the Inuit people - that they were like physical manifestations of their connection to the land and eternal memorials to their existence on it.

But as Darcy rightly reveals in his embedded link, the stone monuments were really used for survival, for more effectively killing caribou and pointing to water sources and the like.
For the Inuit about as spiritual as a sign pointing to a McDonalds is to us.

Lemon: When WalMart is Too Hoity Toity

Lemon: Bloody Scott on Not Rearing (so to speak) Pigs

Very, very well said.

Lemon: First XXX Post

Seriously, Snake Oil Baron found this

Lemon: Belgian Bi-Culturalism Break-Up?

The script sounds familiar as reported in Ranting Stan.

Lemon: Star Continues Poisoning Facts With Spin

The documents show officials downplayed comparisons between Khadr's case and that of child soldiers and, at times, blindly accepted assurances detention conditions at Guantanamo were humane.
Of course, Khadr is anything but an innocent little boy and Gitmo detainees have expressed how they lived better lives in the Cuban detainee centre than they did at home.

But facts don't matter, so long as there's a partisan political point to be made.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lemon: Michael Byers, Leftist Commentator du Jour

The Leftie media are always anxious to find a commentator who has credentials or at least a fancy title (i.e. Stephen Staples of the nebulous marxist leaning Rideau Institute) that they can use to push their agenda.
The latest is a western professor.
First off, "Stephen Harper's War"? How about Paul Martin and Bill Graham's War... They sent us in and then promoted us to a combat role.
Second, he thinks that our troops would be better off dying in Darfur and Lebanon. Why would this do "the world a lot more good"?
Third, are we really "pulling our punches" when we're in the vanguard in Afstan?
Fourth, "Canada has ceased to exist as an independent country".
According to Byers, these changes have "occurred slowly"...
I guess since January 26, 2006.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lemon: Miller & Monty & Money

Saw this 'separated at birth' last year and for a change intelligently saved it.
Story here.

I wanna know who's playing Homer in this movie...

HT forget.

Lemon: Judges Continue to Make Canada A Haven for Murderers

Whose side are these Left-Winged Turkeys on??

A typical follow up scenario is...
Murdering drug dealer in USA escapes police and comes to Canada.
He hears it's the best place to go - that the courts will protect him.
First thing he does in Canada is get a gun.
In a gunfight two Canadian police are killed before murderer is disarmed.
He stays in jail in Canada and never faces a death penalty that he would surely be convicted of in the USA.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lemon: China and an Olympic Boycott

Watching Michael Coren last night the issue of a boycott of the Beijing Games was brought up as a potential strategy to improve human rights in China.

Mark Warner, who's running against Bob Rae for a Toronto seat, came through perfectly in his response - basically that it would have little effect and that China isn't going anywhere, and that we have to deal with them. And he should know, his bio ( reveals that he spent many years working for the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation. So he knows his stuff as far as global economic issues go.

I remember back in the early 80's when the USA and Canada (among others) boycotted the Moscow Games. I even had several friends who were shut out of their Olympic participation by this. I've also worked on a couple of global scale sport bids so have certain sympathy for the real victims of a boycott - the athletes.
One thing stands out - Berry's World - a political comic strip - showed two Russians (with Sable hats and the Kremlin in the background) chatting. One said, "The way I heard it is that the American imperialists threatened to boycott the Olympics so we had to invade Afghanistan."

In any case, what was the outcome of this boycott of a games on the human rights violating nation?
Within ten years they lost their grip on Eastern Europe and the commies were given the boot.

Lemon: Of Obama and Hilary

Lots of folks have asked for my opinion on who the next POTUS will be, and as all know, everyone is entitled to my opinion.
First off, I don't think that the Democrats have it locked up at all. It's a long time til E-Day down south, the GOP are fierce and successful campaigners, the economy is in great shape and the situation in Iraq is improving.
And they have some pretty good candidates - notably Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, both of whom might not be much on content, but are great on TV.
Meanwhile, the best that the Democratic Party can up up with are Hilary and Obama.
Obama is too slick by half and lets his mouth work faster than his mind ("invade Pakistan", "President of Canada").
Hilary is an icicle with a complete inability to connect individually or to mass audiences.
Also, I know the US pretty well, and I recall a story told by Richard Pryor a generation ago, that is the elephant in the parlor:
"I asked God, 'Lord, will there ever be a female President?"
"God said, 'Not in your lifetime, Richard.'"
"Well, then, Lord, will there ever be a black President?"
"God said, 'Not in my lifetime, Richard.'"

Lemon: Colle & Cricket - Liberalism at It's Most Typical

Mike Colle, is a decent guy washed in the blood of the Liberal Party, which means finding ways of giving public money to their friends.
He's now on the back benches after his un-uniquely Ontarian version of Adscam.
You all know that Colle directed a fund that provided millions of cultural organization without application or accountability.
One beneficiary, the Ontario Cricket Association received a million bucks and only asked for $150 k.
Now the OCA won't give it back.
And why should they?
But if they got it without asking one needs to ask why.
It's not as if there is a huge demand - there are only 12,000 cricket players in all of Canada compared to 920,000 basketball players in Ontario, alone.
Could it be because the greatest numbers of the cricketeers are from South Asia?
Maybe. Wouldn't surprise.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lemon: Evolution, Schmevolution


Lemon: Afghanada on CBC

I haven't seen this picked up on BTs, probably because most of us eschew anything CBCish. Certainly I am most often a strong critic of the Ceeb (but occasionally credit the Radio division for producing world class content in a way that CBC-TV never would).
Coming back from the lake on Monday I listened to the first episode of Afghanada - a serial of the lives of four Canucknuckleheads in Canada's democracy building exercise in Afstan.
You must try and catch this series.

Meanwhile, perhaps best of all, it really pisses off the lefties. Check this.
Now, even THEY hate the CBC...
Note the way they ban the sole critic on the site. Marxists are like that.

Lemon: Another Day At The Unbiased News Office

PM plots overhaul of cabinet
Income trust move still dogs the Tories
Natives skeptical of PM's plan
Tories name top aide as head of environment advisory group
Cabinet needs more than a shuffle
Jack Layton challenges Conservative leadership
Oda's ouster would not be mourned
Harper 'not above the law' on CWB: Liberals

And that's just until 7 am

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lemon: Now THIS Would Make Economic Sense

$700 million divided by 950 people works out to $736,000 per person
Lets say that each of these 950 people make one return trip per year for 20 years = $19,400/trip
Why not just buy them a fleet of Gulfstreams?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lemon: Pricewaterhousecoopers Ad for the Birds

They stole the "Herding Cats" idea for one, now they look totally stupid trying to do the birds.

Lemon: Pay More, Work Less

Unions at Work

Sunday, August 05, 2007

BATB: Toxic Multiculturalism

“Ah, the joys of mass immigration and multiculturalism,” notes a commenter at Angry in the Great White North, concerning the death of Constable Robert Plunkett, apparently at the hands of Nadeem Jiwa and Baseer Mohammed Yousafzai, both out on bail for prior infractions of the law—and Jiwa now out on bail again. (
What a fools’ game when we allow our culture of law and order to be compromised by misplaced altruism in the form of “multiculturalism.” To think that we can make our society more “open, tolerant, and diverse” by ignoring the rule of law when a growing number of immigrants, seemingly with impunity, consistently break our laws can come to no good end. In three recent cases, involving Nadeem Jiwa, Baseer Mohammed Yousafzai, Naumin Nusrat, Prabhjit Multani, Alexander Ryazanov, and Wang-Piao Dumani Ross, the lives of three innocent victims have been taken: Constable Robert Plunkett, David Virgoe, and Tahir Khan.
When law-abiding citizens are treated with contempt by a legal system that is lenient on the sentencing of immigrants who break the law, in order to make them feel--what?--more welcome?, in order that they not call us “racist”?; when a limp-wristed judiciary turns a blind eye to gross infractions of our laws and consistently grants bail to inveterate law-breakers; when lawyers, judges, members of the media, and educators are cowed and crippled by political correctness, which leads them to observe a discreet silence when it comes to the growing problem of criminal behaviour in a number of immigrant groups, we are, ironically, creating a Canada of arbitrary measures from which most immigrants left their homelands to escape.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lemon: The Voice of Reason on Global Warming

“This is normal life and weather in Central Canada, but it still is tough to deal with... from both a health and from a comfort point of view. It’s not climate change, it’s something that we’ve always had to deal with.”
Dave Phillips in
The Star
Dave is wise. I remember playing golf on January 10 and seeing the weather when I got home and Dave saying, "I think we can expect in a week or so things will be back to normal. And three days later we had a blizzard from hell.

Lemon: Just Another Day in Unbiased Media Reportage

Tories lack consistent message

The Harper government rejected opposition calls yesterday to give Elections Canada new tools to detect multiple donations to a political party's riding associations

Despite controlling the government benches for the past 18 months, Stephen Harper's Conservatives are still failing to improve their support among the electorate

It seems strange that Ontario and Quebec have managed to quickly reach a deal with Ottawa to develop a central Canadian gateway, while Nova Scotia has been struggling without success

Suspicions that the Foreign Affairs Minister can't handle his portfolio rise as Peter MacKay skips out on an important multilateral meeting, sending his deputy in his place.

Mr. Mulroney, if there's nothing to hide, why hide it?

Stephen Harper has all but exhausted his policy agenda and his government is adrift.

Tory charms may come up short in Atlantic region

Lemon: Of Cave Dwellers & Bankers

A little while ago I had an interesting chat with an artist friend of mine about the state of the world. I find as often as not we who wear ties and they who wear black clothing can get along fine in discussions, providing we understand that our glasses are often different colours.
In this case we were in a trendy bar surrounded by bright young enormously wealthy kids (say under 30) wearing
TD Securities name badges (as if being stuck in black suits on a hot patio isn't irritating enough).
I revealed what I knew about these kids. First off, they come in two forms. One form is a first generation kid from away (typically China and India) who pressed their academic performance to levels beyond the interest of poor white multi-generational Canadians. The second form are the often befuddled sons of other bankers. Banking bred in the bone as the legacy of having a father securities trader. Nepotism is huge in banking as it is in law and medicine.
The second thing I revealed is that these kids make immense amounts of money. I had a hoop friend (from India) who got a BMW as a signing bonus. Starting out they make hundreds of k a year and once they're settled in, seven figures.
And, boy, are they treated well. Their escapes are not in the Caledon Hills, they're in places like Pebble Beach.
For what?? Doing a little math, running some financial models, and passing around pieces of paper.
I compared these scions to artists and got an admission from my friend that those of the paint smeared dungarees know what they're getting into (and not) when they choose their vocation. They don't do it for the money.
The discussion progressed into how much turmoil there is in the world, at least partly because of money and what can be done with it. I mentioned how McLuhan had prospected that the Global Village would be a terrible thing as technologically advanced economically dominant cultures began spreading into relatively primitive societies. And how there would be a push back from cultural traditionalists in those poorer states.
She brought forward the point that agrarian, simple societies are sustainable in perpetuity.
I thought for a sec and responded that I don't think that these "primitive" societies are sustainable at all. Because my belief is that mankind (especially young male members of mankind) thirst for change. That left alone to think for a while, they would dream up a way of making water come to them, of having light inside a tent when it's dark outside, of finding a way to meet girls outside the village.
And the end result is what we have now - the most safe, peaceful, well-fed, educated and housed global population in history.
But this 'progress' has not come without cost. I've read that cave dwellers only hunted and gathered about 20 hours a week compared to the forty or sixty that these bankers work.
I wonder though, what did they do with their spare time when they didn't have golf to spend it on?

Lemon: What if Barry Bonds Quit?

Or for that matter, was injured, just one home run behind Hank Aaron?
Would anyone care, because they sure seem to care now.
I have written before about my love of baseball as a legacy from my Dad, and how this legacy had been defiled by Bud Selig and his gang of bad-smelling moneyans.
Since I was a Jays season ticket holder in 1994, I have attended a few games but have not paid for a single ticket.
Because, you see, Bud had made sure that the Expos never won their world series and were starved to death afterward so his buddy Jeff Loria could sell them to MLB for about $200 million and use this to buy the Florida team and move the Expos to DC.
Now that Bonds is on the fringe of matching Hank Aaron's home run record he is going through what Roger Maris and Hammerin Hank did. He is despised by almost all observers. Even though he did nothing illegal. Maybe unethical, but not illegal.
But I suspect that Bud and his buds would love to see Bonds drop out of the race, whatever the cause.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lemon: July 2007 Golden Lemon Award

July, for yours truly, was a desolate month for blogging.
Without Grit tomfoolery, antics, hi jinks and dirty tricks (because no one was paying attention) there was little to scribe about - by anyone.
But there was one very special perspective discovered - Patrick Ross of Nexus of Assholery (Patty - you need to work on that - there is nothing assholey about your blog) writes original opinion and has still not pandered to the need for readership that most of us almost psychotically have.
He doesn't post links to get clicks, nor does he add his blog to blogrolls to get Technorati and other credits.
For depth and breadth of thought and expression, for clearness in perspective, Canadian Blue Lemons is proud to appoint Patrick Ross as our Golden Lemon Award winner for July 2007.
He joins the ranks of stellar others such as Ranting Stan, Dr. Roger Pielke, Bloody Scot and Snake.
He is allowed and encouraged to post this award somewhere discretely or not, somewhere on his blog.
Congratulations, Patrick. Keep up the great work.