Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Gorezuki Paradox

No - not a Ludlum novel coming to a Chapters near you, but a consideration on how Al "Fever Blister" Gore and David "Kooky" Suzuki are destined to never be held accountable for the devastation that they are trying to wreak on the planet.
Russian scientists are saying that we are in the early stages of a cooling period. Almost all the readers of this piece are likely to remember the 70's/80's when Suzuki archetypes were preaching the risks of a new ice age.
Almost certainly, all of you will remember when the death of the ozone level (caused by hairspray and deodorant) would require every golfer to wear a fireproof suit.
Well, these foretold disasters simply never happened. The ozone level is topped up again and the Gorezukis are convincing the weak minded that we are all gonna fry and die, not freeze.
Meanwhile, Al Gore is pocketing something like $25 million a year preaching that the world will end.
The paradox is that Gore and Suzuki and his ilk can NEVER be held responsible when they are proven wrong.
Both will have amassed vast fortunes for the benefit of their descendants by the time they will have been proven to be charlatans.
They can't lose.
Good scam if you can get it.

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