Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Duff & Newman Report - April 10

The Old Boys are Back
Looks like the same dam "news" they been giving us for 10 days. Election? Now? Later?
Duff opens with return of soldiers from Ghanni. "Have reopened the discussion". Denis Coderre - public supporter of terrorists - well qualified to speak on this. For the enemy.
Libby Davies says that some wars were worthwhile but not others. Only those that save the lives of Socialists, Libby? "Our thoughts go out to the families" . . . pshaw. The NDP morally bankrupt on this - playing anti-war but supporting the soldiers. Horseshit.
How many Canadians dead - 51. How many Jihad Yokels - about 2,000. Who's winning this war? We effin are. And no thanks to you Libby. You are a traitor to the memories of those men. They WANTED to be there. Who the hell are you and Taliban Jack to tell them their mission is futile and wrong?
The NDP want Canada to be as useless and gutless as the French and Germans.
So Denis was with some families of the troops in New Brunswick? On which side. Hezbollah?
Libby wants to jump in. She always wants to jump in. Opposition and growing skepticism. NDP IS irresponsible, to quote Coderre. They are truly useless. Very important questions, Libby? Yes. Why do we have an NDP party - even the unions have dumped you because you're so incompetent. They will continue to oppose mission. Peacedicks.
Newman has peacenik Michael Byers from LIU Institute - he says Iraq war's not lost yet but not looking good. Check out my "Black and Right" post for great commentary on this.
Political Agenda - MacCallum and Libby Davies - can't stand 5 more minutes of her and any more of him. Click.
Stephen Staples - Renowned Communist on Duffy. Why do they get this guy who has dedicated himself to destroying our society and economy on major media outlets.
MacCallum and Davies suggest that the Tories might declare passage of the amended Clean Air Act a lost vote of confidence if it is passed - that's a new one. But I predicted a month or two ago that this might happen - the governing party vote against a money bill.
Nik Nanos on Duffy - doesn't have anything new to say.
Margaret MacDermott reports on IPCC in Wonderland - Says a lot of talk about water rising, drought, bad storms, etc. Proof? No, but a lot of talk. www.charlesadler.com got a great report from some new voices.
Gonna be less research done because THIS government is cutting funding (emphasis hers).
So the scientists have their funding cut and are really angry
so they're changing their forecasts for the end of the world
from 100 years from now to 2008.

I'm scared.
Should we spend $20 million on more science on global climate warming change research or on AIDS research or on food for starving people? The CBC will be the last to drop this line of bizarro world thinking.
Gerrard Kennedy on Duffy with Benoit and Ndip McGrath - Vimy and Ghanni compared - McGrath says Vimy Party fantastic but Ghanni deaths horrible. Deep.
Kennedy got his hair cut - much more low key and less partisan than in past. He musta been gotten to. Kennedy mentions a Dutch guy bringing a gift every year to thank Canada (likely Chretien's invisible homeless guy). Does Gerrard think the a million Tulips in Ottawa grow on trees.
Sensitivation?? Gerrard just invented a word.
Newman talking about US primaries - I guess even HE is bored with Canadian politics these days.
Little bit of chatter about an election.
LaRue back on Newman - now there's a politician for ya - got the boot from the LPOC and got 1.8% of votes for Toronto Mayor. Robin Sears and Rick Anderson. Election . . . How much can be said about so little.
Duff with Weston and Taber. Weston - Dion numbers really hurt. (I'm starting to feel sorry for the little guy - maybe that's his strategy.) Dion melting in every wage group for PM job - was number 2 in every other party. Dead heat in Green Party between Eliz May and Stephen Harper. Liberal unlikely to get any drift from any other party. Grits say Steffi is out on the road getting better known. Maybe that's why he's at 14%.
Did bad stories on Steffi Dion (Air Canada and Dion using Martin advisors) come from inside Grit party?
Could Martin advisors be Scott Reid and David Herle?
Why are loyal Liberals leaking to journalists? Have they given up hope?
Was no great merger of supporters at the Grit Convention - has to win back own party.
I got pissed off at Libby Davies - just am tired of their pissing, moaning and mewling. She's just the messenger and I don't really blame her. Okay, a little (lot).
I enjoyed the shows as had a little 4 day withdrawal.
But still, not much new and nothing great. 3/10

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