Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Psycho-sociopath see, psycho-sociopath do

I posted on this earlier relative to Va Tech and after reading comments, came up with another thought.
I don't think there is any sense that can be made from this or any similar event.
Good parents, bad. Rich, Poor. Korean, Coloradan, Canadian.
Guns or Fertilizer Bombs or Poison.
Are we sensitized by violence virtually all around us?
Do we truly glorify violence?
Do we feel worse if similar violence happens in Montreal or Baghdad or in Lhasa?

There is one thing definitely in common among all such killings.
Those responsible for these murders were exposed to others doing the same.
Such actions were given notoriety and accepted as a way of acting out one's psychosis.
The superimposed coexistence of billions enabled by mass media showed that doing these actions would spread pain among millions.

Psycho See, Psycho Do.

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