Monday, May 28, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman Duff May 28

Reporting from New Brunswick

Duff is back!! G8 Leaders - Fed Grits pushing CPC to sell our souls for the Dog Name Kyoto. Steffi wants them to work til June 22. Expect HOC to burn down if this happens.
Brawdcast - Speculation on perogue - Dog Named Kyoto - Libby Davies being loud. CIDA failure in Afstan

Newman - Beginning of the end of Parliament - Both Sides blaming the middle for standstill. Peter Van Loan, Ralphie Hedgehog, Michel, Libby. Libby nicely dressed - musta lent her mumu to Van Loan - complaining about how CPC is not bowing to their demands. Newman say closing down sooner not later - PVL says will wait til bills are passed - though trapped in committee. Nothing interesting here. Newman on Jay Hill's guide to managing committees - PVL says untrue - trying to get agenda through and the stalling tactics of the Grits that are stalling the platform bills. According to Separatist in a minority government the opposition decides what gets done, not the government. Newman disagrees and asked Ralphie - He bristles and says Gov Propose and Opp Depose. Says CPC has to suck up and do whatever they say.

Duff - pushing CPC Climate Change Plan (which doesn't require and will not go through Parliamentary approval). According to New Doctor Bruce Cockburn, the CPC recent conversion to saving the planet doesn't count because they weren't involved when it wasn't cool. The lefties wants everyone to convert to their fundamentalist religion and then still want to call them heretics.

Duff with Whips - Redman has finally coloured her hair - I guess image consultants are back in vogue. Jay Hill very neatly coiffed - says Redman's new dye job has caused the stalling in the House. Summary:

Goodbye Joe,
Me gotta go,
Mee-Oh My-Oh,
Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou.

This Pahtee's Ovah!!

Margi McDiarmid Official CBC Critic on the Environment - says too many loopholes in Fed Program, under-estimates growth of oilsands, says double counting initiatives. Good to see that a reporter is the best critic of the CPC that the Ceeb can get - likely means that it's a great program. All she is competent to do is read material from enviro lobbyists. Quotes Pembina Institute's Matthew Bramley (Pembina was paid lots of $ by Dion when they were in Govt - small wonder they want them back.)

Birdie getting sued by Friends of the Environment?? At least they're not using the Court Challenge Program. Baird says for the first time there is actually action instead of talk - they will use regulation instead of legislation which means action not more talk. Newman says that CPC can't get total consensus from Premiers. Surprise. These cats can't even chase the same mouse. More to come from PMSH at G-8 conference. NO MENTION of UPCC rep saying he understands and accepts Canada's need for targets as established (die to Grit delays).

Lorne Calvert on Duff - wants more money. No, really, wants more money. Says he doesn't but he wants more money. Not all of it, will settle for anything that the Newfie Doofie Danny doesn't get. Calvert is colouring his hair - wonder if he has image consultant. But it boils down to him wanting more money. Even a dollar, so he can say he won. I cannot believe Flatlanders voted for this guy - I have lived there, and generally they're a pretty bright, sophisticated group and know BS when they see it. What went wrong?
Lorne also on Newman - worse than one Lorne Calvert is Stereo Lorne.
I have no place to click to.

Lorne's hair is combed nicer on Newman - must have an image consultant. Needs dental work.
PEI Election on Duff - why the heck would anyone outside of Summerside want to watch this? Aha, of course, Duff is an Islander - started out on CKDH in Amherst.

PMSH cheering on the Senators - both groups wear red, one of them actually get something done.
Official Afstan strategy critic for CBC, Norine Macdonald of Senlis, says that war is lost, peace is lost, CPC are fascists only in it for the big oil companies.

Duff with Journalists - Joel Denis and Rosie: scandal in Quebec on funding for Referendum in 1995. Anyone going to jail here? No. No story. Just fodder for the Pequistes.

Maybe I'm desensitized by all the yelling and screaming (not from the House but from my golf game) but this was a remarkably boring and non-descript program duo.
Shut down this house!